NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere – September 4, 2011.

Speculation the Kings might make a trade before re-signing Drew Doughty, and a list of players invited to NHL training camps.

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” claims a “trusted source” said the Kings could re-sign Doughty soon, but a trade has to happen first. He claimed the Kings were talking to Buffalo, Carolina and Toronto. Kings blogger Matthew Barry claims his source told him Kings defenseman Rob Scuderi was on the block.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Kings currently have over $9.343 million in available cap space, so unless they’re planning to sign Doughty to a $9 million or more per season salary (which I don’t believe they will), they’re not under any pressure to dump salary right now. If they sign Doughty to between $7-$7.5 million, they’d still have more than enough cap space to begin the year. Barry suggested Buffalo, Carolina and Toronto would love to have Scuderi’s experience on their blueline,  but the Sabres need to shed salary, the Hurricanes are trying to keep payroll as low as possible, while the Maple Leafs appear set with their current defense corps. I also suspect Leafs GM Brian Burke wants to evaluate his blueline corps in pre-season before deciding to spend any cap space on defense, especially given the questions over the health of centers Tim Connolly and Matthew Lombardi.

HOCKEYLEAKS.COM: posted a list of players who’ve been invited to various NHL training camps this month. Among the notable: Michael Nylander (Philadelphia), Steve Begin  and Owen Nolan (Vancouver), Fabian Brunnstrom (Detroit), and David Aebischer (Winnipeg).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: You can also add Jay Pandolfo (NY Islanders).




  1. you forgot to mention The oilers as possibley wanting Scuderri ..they need a little more help on the back end and the Kings and Oil having been VERY GOOD trading partners as of late 😎 ( i am suprised Ek didnt put that out there )

  2. I can see Scuderi being a good fit in Edmonton too. But because Ek said he’s “on the block” means he’s definitely NOT. Lol!

    The Leafs are set on defence, I believe they’re on of the deepest teams at that position. Phanuef, Schenn, Liles, Aulie, Franson, Komi and Gunner are all fighting for playing time, and with Blacker, Gardiner, Mikus, Lashoff, Finger, Holzer and Gysbers filling out the Marlies. Any of those players could fill in for injuries if need be and not look out of place. I highly doubt Burke will alter the lineup.

  3. They had been good trade good trade partners but after being dealt “damaged goods” in the ryan smyth deal I doubt murray would be willing to deal with tambellini

  4. The islanders desperately need a experienced D man too

  5. The Sabres are pretty set at D – Reghr, Erhoff, Leopold, Myers, Weber, Gragnani and Sekera. We also have Morrisson that we need to trade or send to Rochester and then we have a great corps of future D – Pysyk, McNabb, Brennen, Schiestel and Crawford to name a few. So I don’t think a trade is plauable.

  6. i cant see buffalo trading for anotherd man there pretty set and salary cap issues,the kings and oilers making any trades is unlikely,toronto maybe depends if they umlosd komisariks contract,so maybe the islanders,dallas,carolina maybe but doubt that.i was thinking maybe ottawa but i have no idea where there cap is at.and if doughty gets 7 mill a year i hope they at least sign him long term so,they dont have to go through this again.why are some of these players taking so long to sign,schenn ,marchand do they think they have leverage.if they dont sign they dont play.yes it would hurt there teams but it would hurt the players also.why dont gms learn to say this is our offer take it or dont play.these players are good but cmon really one good year and they think they deserve the world.

  7. Good point loyal2oil.

  8. The trade partners don’t even make sense. If he had mentioned a team trying to get to the floor, maybe. And Toronto rumours usually aren’t credible due to the fact that Burke tells people nothing.