NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere – Thursday, September 8, 2011.

Are the Kings and Drew Doughty close to reaching a deal? Could Zach Parise and Jarome Iginla be shopped?  Get the latest making the rounds in the blogosphere. Enjoy!

SURLY & SCRIBE/HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: both reported yesterday from sources claiming the LA Kings and Drew Doughty may have reached an agreement on a new contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Having been burned once before, both blogs, especially Surly and Scribe, appear to be reluctantly passing this one along, leaving it up to us to believe it. I will give Surly & Scribe credit, they forewarn us not to read it any further if we’re weary of Doughty rumors.  I would think if there was an agreement, it would’ve been announced by now. Wait and see, I guess..

GATHER.COM: Larry Seely claims “the latest rumor” has the LA Kings shipping draft picks and prospects to the New Jersey Devils for Zach Parise, while another the Calgary Flames shipping Jarome Iginla and Rene Bourque to the Pittsburgh Penguins for Jordan Staal, Eric Tangradi and draft picks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I hope I don’t have to explain why these trades won’t happen. I’ll leave it to you, gentle readers, to offer up your opinions. I’m filing these two rumors under “Snowball’s Chance in Hell”.


  1. Of the two, I would say that the Parise deal would be the more likely deal (though I’m not buying it, just saying…). As for the Pens-Flames deal, I believe there is some really bad acid going around!

  2. i have to agree,those trades wont happen,but the calgary trade would be interesting for both teams,i wonder if calgary is done with the small shakeup,i wonder if iginla has ever asked to be traded.how much longer does he have on his current contract.he must look around the team and wonder whos gonna play center with him.i just think calgary needs to blow that roster up and restart.as for doughty rumours i believe none until its official.and theres no way parise is going to the kings for picks and prospects.

  3. Unless the Penguins fall into the bottom 10 teams in the league they will never make a trade to “shake up” the entire organization. Fleury, Staal, Malkin, Crosby, and Letang are all virtually untouchable. Also, why would the Flames send out 70goals/year for Staal? Tangradi is HORRIBLE; A lock NOT to make the team this year.

  4. Hi Spector,
    I’m a long time reader who really appreciates the work you do. I also like the new format including the blogosphere.
    The one thing I’m noticing though is that all of a sudden you’ve become a “gateway” on forums that only allow “legitimate sources”. You, of course, are considered legitimate, but now people can start threads like “Doughty to Phoenix” and link it to you.
    On our Canucks forum we currently have about 30 pages of people raging over the idea that Pronger might be headed our way!

    • I’m sorry to hear that, talk about unintended consequences! I hope folks realize that those blogosphere rumors are being originated by me, and that in most cases I’m dismissing them.

  5. “Could Zach Parise and Jarome Iginla be shopped?”

    Answer: No.

  6. Parise will be a Bruin next year they have plenty of money and he wants to be there.

  7. Given what happened yesterday in Russia, I could easily believe that Doughty signed and they’re waiting to announce it.

    I don’t see Iginla being traded. They could have traded him earlier when his value was higher and they didn’t. Iginla is getting older and his value can’t be going up.

    As for Parise, I FULLY believe that trade could happen. Parise is a UFA at the end of the season. I’m sure the Devils have been pushing to get Parise re-signed. If Parise has indicated that he does not want to sign an extension then the Devils have no choice. If Lou Lamoriello waits until the deadline and the Devils are in a playoff hunt, he’s going to have a real problem.

    I’ve been saying for a year that the Kings and Devils are natural trading partners. I actually posted on this site maybe a year ago and some clown suggested that I’d get “torn up” if I posted that kind of stuff on Ecklund’s site. Bernier for Parise seems pretty reasonable at this point.

  8. I don’t believe either trade has a chance of happening. Iginla isn’t going anywhere. Parise on the otherhand will be the talk of the league this year. If the Devils second half surge up the standing last year was a fluke then let the rumors start flying. If it wasn’t a fluke and they come out strong and look like contenders, I feel that there is a good chance he will wnt to stay and a deal will be done before the year is over.

  9. Since we’re talking rumor, let’s speculate on the Parise to LA thing for a minute. Let’s just assume that New Jersey can’t sign him, it’s late January and they’re well out of the playoff picture. Personally don’t think any of these three things will occur, but I think a lot of things.

    Anyway, it’s January 28 and Lamoriello’s shopping him. The Kings are interested, and Lombardi offers him Bernier. But it’s going to take more than that. They’re going to have to offer a pick, at least second round if not first. And if they offer a second rounder, they’re going to need a prospect or two.

    I mean here’s the thing about the Devils. When Brodeur retires, the best player on the team becomes Parise. If you’re going to trade for a team’s best player, you’re going to have to offer up a pretty incredible package, especially if it could potentially be a playoff rental. See also: Ilya Kovalchuk, Marian Hossa.

  10. First off, none of the Parise & Iginla deals will happen. BUT… Had Crosby been healthy, the deal with Calgary would have been great for Pittsburgh. Granted, with Crosby out, Staal takes a very important role in the team. But with Crosby in, Pittsburgh would be getting the wingers they’ve been yearning for, equipping Crosby and Malkin with top-tier scoring wingers. Ehh, one can dream no?

  11. As a Sharks fan, if the Kings got Parise too, I would be very pissed

  12. I think Parise was signed to a one year deal is to see how he does coming back from his torn meniscus and to buy NJ time. It seems to me NJ has some old players and if they could get two guys through a trade for Parise it may be doable.

  13. Note: I’m not suggesting that I have some inside source Parise will be traded (as is the case on other rumor websites). I’m only suggesting that at this poitn in time it’s a reasonable possibility. It is also equally resonable that Parise will sign a 10 year contract extension and that will be the end of the discussion.

  14. Sure, the Devils are going to trade Parise for the Kings backup goalie. Let’s get real, folks!

  15. @Obe1, can we count on that as much as your Richards will be a Bruin next year guarantee from a few months ago?

  16. I gotta say…that Iggy/ Bourque rumour is one of the most idiotic things I have heard in a LONG time. Yeah- maybe for Malkin~… wow.- I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  17. @ Matariel- It doesnt matter if Crosby is healthy or not my friend. You think loosing Staal in favor of Iginla and Bourque would be bad ? do you watch hockey ?

  18. @ Grizzledbear

    I think you undersell the value of Bernier. He was a top goalie in the AHL. He was on the Canadian Olympic team. He’s not just a low level backup. He’s as good an NHL prospect as you could reasonably hope to get with the exception of Schneider in Vancouver. The Devils need a goalie to replace Brodeur and Bernier looks like a franchise goalie.

    The other reason why it’s doable is that Parise is coming off an injury and is a UFA at the end of the season. Does New Jersey really want to risk losing him for nothing?

    I think it’s very reasonable that Bernier may be traded. The idea of him going to the Kings was my own suggestion. Perhaps New Jersey can find a better deal elsewhere. I personally think Vancouver should try to pull it off.

  19. Not going to happen but Parise to Vancouver for Schnieder, one of the young defensemen, and a forward, maybe a little more for cap reasons would look good. Parise and Kesler as the foundation of the second line would be pretty sweet.

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