NHL Rumors – January 12, 2012.

Is Mike Cammalleri hoping to be dealt?… Of Jeff Carter, Bobby Ryan, Ales Hemsky or Derek Roy, who’s more likely to be moved at the trade deadline?…. Pierre-Marc Bouchard’s concussion could force the Wild into the trade market…Capitals’ Jeff Schultz could be moving on…The latest on Sean Avery.


Cammalleri angling for a trade?

LA PRESSE: Francois Gagnon reported Mike Cammalleri’s “read between the lines” comments in a recent interview suggests the unhappy Canadiens winger might welcome a trade. Gagnon acknowledged Cammalleri’s poor play this season and expensive contract could make him hard to move, he doesn’t consider it impossible, suggesting a team seeking scoring punch, like the San Jose Sharks, might be interested.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree it’s not impossible to trade Cammalleri, but it’s extremely difficult, especially at this point in the season. I doubt the Sharks would have interest in him. It would be a surprising move if the Habs can move Cammalleri before the trade deadline, but if it’s possible, it might be worthwhile to consider it. The Canadiens are slowly sinking, the playoffs appear a growing long shot by the day, and it’s time for this team to shed itself of some expensive veteran contracts and work toward rebuilding around their younger nucleus.

TSN.CA: Hockey analysts Bob McKenzie, Marc Crawford and Aaron Ward were asked which of the following players – Jeff Carter, Bobby Ryan, Ales Hemsky or Derek Roy – were most likely to be moved at the trade deadline. Ward and Crawford voted for Hemsky, while McKenzie went with Ryan.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I also vote for Hemsky. Don’t really believe the Ducks will move Ryan, at least, not during the trade deadline. If they were to trade Ryan, it’ll be most likely around the June entry draft, when there are teams with more available cap space and willingness to invest in expensive, big name players.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo reports the latest concussion injury to winger Pierre-Marc Bouchard puts more pressure on Wild management to bolster their offense. GM Chuck Fletcher acknowledged he’s got lots of cap space to make a deal.”If we can add some skill … and it’s not a crazy short-term deal where you’re giving up a lot of assets for a rental, then I think we’ll look at anything at this point”, said Fletcher.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Fletcher has shown a willingness in the off-season to make bold moves for long-term acquisitions. It’ll be interesting to see if he can do the same thing in the coming weeks.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley reports Capitals defenseman Jeff Schultz, a healthy scratch for 14 straight games, is expecting to be dealt or demoted. Despite being in the second year of a four-year, $11 million contract, it’s possible he no longer fits into their plans. Schultz said he hasn’t requested a trade but wants to play somewhere.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Say hello to the Capitals best “trade bait”. If they go shopping leading up to the trade deadline, and they will, it’ll be Schultz, not Alexander Semin, who will be offered around the league, especially to clubs seeking blueline depth.

NEW YORK POST:Larry Brooks reports a rival team wants the Rangers to place Sean Avery on re-entry waivers, but GM Glen Sather would prefer to move Avery via a minor league trade, thereby removing the possibility of the Rangers having to pick up half of Avery’s remaining salary (or in this case, their half of the half of Avery’s salary they go when they claimed him off re-entry waiver a few years ago from Dallas).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No word on who this other team is, but they might not be willing to make such a trade, especially when they’d have to place him on re-entry waivers to recall him, where he could become a more affordable target for a team seeking depth at forward.


  1. MInnesota
    How about Saku Koivu. He has a NTC but he is in last year of contact, won’t make the playoffs in Anaheim
    and may waive his ntc to play with his brother. Not big numbers but does a lot of things well

  2. Teddy Purcell to the Wild?

  3. It will be extremely difficult for the Sabres to make a trade to improve their club for a playoff run. They are at the cap limit, any club would have to take back some serious salary

  4. Probably the Islanders that want Avery, and they shouldn’t worry about another team picking him up on re-entry waivers if they make the minor league trade to get him as he is not a player anybody wants.

  5. alforducks Koivu to the Wild would make a ton of sense for both teams.

  6. The Wild have Dmen and a goalie to trade and the Wild need help scoring. Can S. Koivu stay healthy? Can Purcell? Kind of a big deal here in Minnesota with people staying healthy.

  7. Sheepdogged
    He has been out a bit but nothing major.
    His contract is not big and ends this season.
    Won’t get a lot of goals ( had a hat trick last game) but plays defense well, kills penalties,
    2nd center on power play, decent set up man.

  8. PMB is injured, and he plays for Minnesota, sounds like a perfect match for Doug Wilson and the Sharks Wilson loves injury prone players so I could see a trade for PMB by Wilson. He won’t go after Cammalleri because he does not meet Wilson trade criteria.

    1. UFA at end of year == Rental Player
    2. Marginal player
    3. Has not played and does not play for Carolina.
    4. Often Injured
    5. Is not a physical player ***He somewhat meets this criteria***
    6. Is inconsistent as Hell.

  9. A friend of mine nicknamed Cammalleri The GLFG (Greedy Little F…..g Gnome) when he was in the contract dispute with the Kings. Then when he was traded to Calgary at the draft he took a back-handed shot at the Kings by suggesting it was nice to play in a place that cared about hockey. I just looked on Capgeek. $6M for the next three seasons. Good luck with that. I guess in Montreal you can call him Le GLFG.

  10. JDBGiGC..Thats funny cause I am a huge Kings fan and I hated Cammy when he was there because I knew he was a greedy little *%#!. This is exactly what he does, when the tough gets going Cammalleri takes his money and runs. He has ZERO heart and I think the Habs may have a tough time trading him with that cap hit. They proabably will be able to but not much quality will be coming back in return.

  11. Cammy’s words were distorted and twisted…He didn’t shoot his mouth off about any of his teammates and he wasn’t whining to the media about anything..

    He simply stated that the team is playing with a losing mentality and he is frustrated with his play…

    Montreal media making something out of nothing, yet again..Some people love drama in their lives and should be hit with slander charges..*cough* Francois Gagnon

  12. Cammelleri played awesome during the Habs’ improbable run to the conference finals. The tough got going then and he came through shining. Since then, of course, has been a different story but it’s not as if the Habs are loaded with quality center. I’m not getting on my soapbox preaching about all things Cammelleri but I do think he’s got some spark in him that could help a team with a quality center.

  13. If what Canadian King says is true. Then Cammalleri sounds like perfect Sharks material. He would fit in well with “no hearts” Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau.

  14. Dom; I agree with the idea that the Sabres are in tough.
    I also think that looking at Darcy’s history he sits tight on what he has and makes minor moves in the off season. No big splashes. No hockey trades. Hockey heaven has not been established to a point were they can attract a big name.
    There obviously needs to be some changes but where to start. Coaching??? Goaltending??? Forwards??? There are too many guys who have been getting by without any physical presence on the ice. Time to switch it up just like Philly did.

  15. Cammalleri – Not difficult to move; Plekanec, Pacioretty, and Desharnais are the only competent offense on the Canadiens with PK Subban and stints from Diaz and Weber to contribute on that end? Did everyone suddenly forget how many goals he scored in Calgary? He’s a sniper, but he needs to play with a decent playmaker, and I’m not so sure I call Pleks a playmaker while Desharnais does the job with Pacioretty. He needs the right chemistry; when he goes to another team, he’ll strive. He’s a winner. But I don’t see it as a trade demand.

    In the Quiz on TSN, I figured none of the four would get moved. Hemsky is underachieving and currently has “no set value” so he’s impossible to deal; right now he’s worth a 2nd round pick, maybe, and Tambellini hasn’t dealt him so far, so why is he suddenly going to get dealt now? Carter and Wisniewski are just victims of a bad year… I wouldn’t hurry either of them out. Roy is currently 1.02 at my coefficient, down from the 1.07 he was at last year, so he’s undervalued right now, but I what is Buffalo really looking for? Ryan has the best chance to get dealt, but I don’t think he will be. I believe if Anaheim was dealing one of those big three, they’d have done it by now.

    To me, it makes no sense for Minnesota to make a trade midseason; they have no abundance and are still “building”. Yeah, they went on a tear, but they’re now playing like they should be. They overachieved up until this point. If they try to “fix” this overachieving, they’ll hurt their squad next year and the year after.

    When I watch tradecenter, I’m real eager to see where Schultz will go… yeah…

    Sean Avery to Toronto? Wow, what a good fit that would be!

  16. I am a huge Sabres fan and I’d like for them to take Avery. He is the physical spark that they need. Ever since that Lucic hit on Miller the Sabres have completely crumbled and they lack any sort of physical presence

  17. just throwing out thoughts,

    Hemski for Shultz? and pieces either way
    Cammi to Detroit for .. not sure who, maybe Hudler and other pieces.
    Carter to Leafs makes good sense for both teams. CBJ would get some young players already with some NHL development since CBJ doesn’t seem to be able to do it.
    The Pens are dropping like a stone in the standings due to injuries, do they make a trade to plug the holes?
    I remember a few years back when the Koivu bros had a chance to play together, Miku stated that he has no interest in playing with his older brother. Maybe things have changed since then.

  18. If I’m shero, I wouldn’t look to add any pieces this year, unless by the deadline Crosby and letang are back. Just write it off to shitty luck, and hope for a healthy line up next year, and especially a healthy Crosby.

    Last year with kovalev for what a 5th round pick was good, but it’s not like it got them anywhere.

  19. If Fletcher is keen to make a bold move, longer-term, and some hockey people say the Wild believe they have a lot of defencemen, perhaps they should move one of their young D-men Montreal’s way for Cammalleri, who is clearly not happy with his ice time in Montreal, and would be a lock to play on Minnesota’s top line.

  20. I think Cammalleri would be of interest to a team looking for second line scoring for a serious cup run. I actually could see semin being offered for Cammalleri as numbers and salary are comparable and Semin has a bad history in the playoffs. For Montreal is it a salary dump of sorts,as Semin is a UFA at seasons end, and might be worth a re-sign for less.

  21. He may have just been dealt. He was pulled from the game and it was not because of an injury.

  22. Sounds like a Cammalleri trade is in the process of going down right now (per various TSN Twitter accounts).

  23. Cammi back to Calgary…anyword who’s going the other way…hopefully Bourque

  24. McKenzie: MTL trades Cammalleri, goalie Karri Ramo and 5th rder to CGY for Rene Bourque, Patrick Holland and 2nd rd pick in 2013

  25. I love it. Two hours ago I read that Cammalleri’s comments were taken out of context. Now he’s traded to Calgary. So apparently somebody forgot to tell Montreal.

  26. Analyzing Deal

    Last year: 1.05 (1st/2nd line coefficient),, +1 –> This year: 1.02 (2nd/3rd line coefficient), -6

    Last year: 1.03 (2nd/3rd liner), -19 —> This year: 0.99 (3rd/4th liner due to lack of assists), -3