NHL Rumors – January 15, 2012.

The latest on the Rangers, Flyers, Bruins, Sharks and Lightning.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the Rangers are “monitoring the situation” regarding the status of Ryan Suter and Shea Weber in Nashville and Shane Doan in Phoenix, though it’s unknown if the latter has any interest in moving or if he did, moving to Manhattan.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Once again, as long as the Predators and Coyotes remain in playoff contention, Suter, Weber and Doan won’t be going anywhere.

van Riemsdyk injury should scuttle trade rumors.

TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby wonders if a recent concussion injury to Flyers forward James van Riemsdyk ends speculation he could be coming to Toronto.


BOSTON HERALD: Steve Conroy reports Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli has the cap space to add a forward and defenseman, but doesn’t want to upset his team chemistry. He’s willing to move his first round pick and” any prospect presumably not named Dougie Hamilton”. Tim Gleason could be available if Chiarelli seeks a defenseman, while Conroy suggests Coyotes forward Ray Whitney would be a good fit up front.

BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa reports Gleason could be on Chiarelli’s radar.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gleason could probably be had for a second round pick. As for Whitney, see above for what I wrote about Doan.

MERCURYNEWS.COM: David Pollak reports Sharks goalie Antero Niittymaki continues to be frustrated that he’s yet to get in a game, even as a backup. GM Doug Wilson and head coach Todd McLellan dismissed the idea of Niittymaki getting a start if only to showcase him for a trade. Pollak also noted via Twitter several teams were scouting last night’s Sharks-Blue Jackets game.

TBO.COM: Erik Erlendsson reports it’s not time for the Lightning to make a deal for a goaltender.

“Some want a trade now to help fix the leakiest hole on a sinking ship. Bring in Evgeni Nabokov, Antero Niittymaki or any other available player with an expiring contract to stabilize the position, much the way Roloson did last season after coming over from the New York Islanders.

But the playoffs seem like a long shot at this point, so ask yourself if it would be worthwhile to give up an asset, such as a draft pick or prospect, for a rental player when reaching the postseason would take a near historic second half run.”

Erlendsson also doesn’t believe this is the right time to call up Dustin Tokarski, while the off-season would be the better time to either pursue a long-term solution like Vancouver’s Cory Schneider or LA’s Jonathan Bernier (though such a move could cost a valuable asset in return), or pursue a free agent option like the Wild’s Josh Harding or the Blues Brian Elliott.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Lightning were going to make a move for a goaltending upgrade, it would’ve happened by now. With their playoff hopes fading for this season, waiting for the off-season to address the goalie issue is the best bet, where there will be better options available.


  1. The same people that were calling Yzerman the best GM and now saying he’s the worst. Yzerman said it was going to take time to reach the point that he believe the club should be. As frustrating as it is to watch and listen to Lightning hockey I believe Yzerman is doing the right thing and not throwing our future out the window on some temporary measure for a few loud “fans” that want results now. Detroit is a club SOOOOOO deep that if you mixed them with there AHL affiliate they would still be most teams in the NHL. That’s what Yzerman wants to do here and I for one will wait for it.

  2. Correct. No sence in throwing away a pick of prospect on a wing and a prayer of making the playoffs. I always found Yzerman to be a bit overrated as a GM given his limited experience. Just because he was successful as a GM of team Canada where you get to cherry pick some of the best talent in the world doesn’t mean you will have instant success in the highly competitive NHL. The fact he came into the bolts organization at the time he did with all that unbelievable talent ready and waiting to go and has currently hit a road block only shows his inexperience. He will need a good 3 or 4 years before the jury will have a verdict on him as a GM. In the mean time a coaching change may be in order??

  3. No way is it time for Guy to go. Our problems lie solely on Defense and goaltending. Our offense can’t play with confedence if they think that everytime the puck goes to our end it’s in the net.

  4. Setting expectations based on last year’s miracle is unrealistic. The Lightning can make it back with 3-4 off season moves, but still would have to stay healthy as organizational depth is lacking. Stevie Y has a 2-3 year Window for a run with 4 stars (Lecavalier, St Louis, Stamkos, & Hedmon) but more important is building an organization that will compete year after year — & a franchise goalie with an “A” backup is a requirement for that! If it takes an asset like Malone to get one so be it — I’d take deal like that for a Schneider trade deadline or summer. Free agent deals often leave teams cap strapped…better to swap assets and use the cash for depth development.

  5. MSL for Ray Emery Solve 2 problems with 1 trade

  6. @dabber. NOT A HOPE IN HELL!!!!!!!!!

  7. I know Boston says Hamilton isn’t going anywhere, but it doesn’t mean it’s true, they really don’t “need” him. His best value is a trade chip right now, where’s his brother play? Maybe timid Tambi sends a Hemsky out east and some brothers are reunited in copper and blue.. Never know

  8. Doan isn’t going anywhere via trade if its anywhere it will be offseason. Its already been made clear that if a new owner comes into Phoenix then Doan is extended, if one doesn’t then Doan will be a free agent and will get to choose to play where he wants to play. Suter or Weber I still think could be shopped, but I would be nearly anything that the Coyotes could fall to last place and they still won’t move Doan.

  9. Nobody really wants Hemsky right now. Might be takers at the end of February if he’s healthy.

    I don’t believe for a minute the Rangers are waiting with baited breath to make a trade for Weber or Sutter. The former is an RFA who will likely not be available in the off-season, the latter could be available as a free agent if they wait until July. Beyond that, they have no availability and Brooks is just writing for the sake of writing.

  10. Bolts can send Vinny up to Montreal and probably get Weber, Campoli, Kaberle and Gill in return with an option on Gomez and Pierre Gauthier but I think the Bolts would have to agree to take R. Cunneyworth as well which I am sure is the deal-breaker ….

  11. I agree with Chiarelli Hamilton is untouchable.
    He can’t help now and isn’t needed now but in 3 years he is a top two d-man.
    When Marchand returns from suspension our lineup is set.
    Not much need to do anything.
    All 6 d-men are good and our 4 lines are the best in hockey.

  12. I know that no one cares about phx but don’t think they will be parting ways with any key players especially done or Whitney , only players is see being traded from coyotes will be defenseman and guys down on the farm in portland

  13. I find it interesting how people conjur up trades without thinking about cap hits. There are lots of players who would possibly get move if it were not for their fat contracts and teams that don’t have enough cap space. Hockey trades are as much about business finances as their are about talent nowadays. The GM’s who did not cap out to start the season and have their teams in the mix now + cap room are looking pretty savvy.

    St. Louis could possibly be moved to a contender but 5.6 for 3 more years for a 36 yr old is risky . Lecavalier is virtually untradeable with 8 yrs left @ 7.7 cap hit. Malone might draw some attraction but he too is overpaid @4.5 ( but I he would look good in a Boston uniform ). Yzerman inherited alot of bad contracts with Tampa Bay. ( ie Lecav , Malone , Ohlund ). Best bet for TBay , sell what you can , get a solid goalie and rebuild around Stamkos and Hedman.
    The big change in TBay could see coach Guy Boucher turfed at season end which would very likely result in the Habs knocking on his door.

  14. agree with ya fergy tampa has too many big contracts that’s hurting the rest of the team.
    It will be hard to move most of those guys.

  15. Guy Boucher isn’t going anywhere.

  16. The Bolts problems are so numerous right now. Our goaltending is hideous. Our defense is missing our top 2 defensive players in Hedman and Ohlund (with Ohlund not having played a single game this season, and I’m hearing rumors that he’s done for his career) and Brewer clearly playing hurt. Up in our forwards, we don’t have enough muscle and our 3rd and 4th liners are playing like they’re ready to play in the AHL next year with all the effort they’re putting out. In short, too many wrong things are happening even for a team with Stamkos, Lecavalier, St. Louis, and Malone. (Connelly is promising, but too green still to mention.)

    The problem is, watching the games recently has been painful. Stevie Y has to give the fans a reason to watch even when we’re losing. Sometimes, the simple act of stirring the mix gives the opportunity for hope. Trade off one or two of those underperforming 3rd or 4th liners (even if for a draft pick, something that might develop) and bring up a few minor leaguers. Someone hungry to prove that they belong in the NHL, and give a bit of effort.

    Aside from a goalie, the Bolts could also use a new veteran voice in the locker room. There are only so many times the young guys can hear Marty St.Louis rant and scream at them, they need to hear it from some other players, too. I think that was one of the intangibles that Simon Gagne brought to the team last year.