NHL Rumors – January 31, 2012.

The latest on Tim Thomas and Zach Parise, and an update on the Vancouver Canucks and NY Rangers.


Bruins GM shoots down Thomas trade speculation.

TSN.CA: Boston Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli shot down the recent rumors suggesting Tim Thomas’ decision not to attend the White House ceremony honoring the team’s Stanley Cup championship could be the first step in moving the goalie.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The notion the Bruins would move their top goalie was ludicrous.

NEW YORK POST: Mark Everson reports sources are saying GMs inquiring into the availability of New Jersey Devils captain Zach Parise are being told he’s not going to be dealt at the trade deadline. It’s believed if the Devils aren’t able to re-sign him by June, they’ll shop his rights to a team that wants a shot at signing him prior to July 1st, when he becomes eligible for UFA status.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Which I’ve been saying for months.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Gordon McIntyre believes the Canucks need another top-four defenseman and more grit up front, believing GM Mike Gillis will be looking to address those needs by the trade deadline. One target could be Montreal forward Travis Moen, while Phoenix defenseman Adrian Aucoin could be an insurance defenseman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wait, what? You mean the Canucks aren’t trading for Corey Perry? Seriously, I could see the Canucks pursuing Moen if the Habs become sellers at the trade deadline, but I’m not sure the Coyotes will move Aucoin as long as they remain in the playoff chase.

NEW YORK TIMES: Chris Botta reports the Rangers have too many forwards, speculating Wojtek Wolski and Erik Christensen could be shopped, though they wouldn’t bring back much of a return. Botta also suggested forward Sean Avery, currently in the minors, could be shopped for a mid-round draft pick.


  1. Would hate to give him up with the season he is having, and wouldn’t if the re-sign were cheap enough, but Moen would be a great addition to Vancouver. He has plenty of what they lack.

  2. All this talk of Travis Moen to the Canucks because of what he can bring to the table for them. If he is what they lack, why the hell would the Habs trade him when they are already one of the softest teams in the league.

  3. I think it would be awesome for a playoff team to take a gamble on Avery. Let’s be honest you don’t need him to do much but come out and agitate and keep the other teams top players off their game … nobody does that better.

  4. Canucks do need a guy like Moen or Clarkson and another D man, maybe Andy Sutton or a guy like that.
    I don’t think they need a guy like Aucoin.

  5. That Perry rumor was ridiculous. As a long time Canucks fan I don’t see that one happening either before the trade deadline or after it. I can see Schneider being dealt after the season and fetching a big return though. Teams like Tampa, Columbus, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto could all use an upgrade in goal.

  6. Let me start by saying that Perry is the Ducks player I dislike most. With that said, if I were the Ducks I wouldn’t trade Perry for both Sedins and their pockets stuffed full of cash. It’s nice that the Sedins can put up all of those points, but they’re soft.

    If Vancouver wants to add toughness, I’d look at Tom Kostopoulos from Calgary. I always liked him when he was with the Kings. He puts up a few points and he hits and fights. I’m not sure if he’s available but I thought I’d throw his name out there.

  7. Torres back to Vancouver?

  8. Agree with Scotty B that the Habs shouldn’t trade Moen for all the reasons why Vancouver should acquire him… but the Habs need to just start selling. Package him together with a defenseman (Hall Gill maybe) and see if you can get a higher end prospect (not Hodgson, obvioulsy).

    Vancouver should go after a defenseman rom the Leafs to help their depth. Komisarek would be a good fit becasue he doenst have to log big minutes, but he is tough, hard to play against and is a big body who can clear the front of the net (just don’t let Lucic near him!)

    JD- I love Corey Perry, but if you could trade him for both Sedins that is a no-brainer, lets be realistic. If their goalie could have stopped a blimp from getting behind him in Boston they wouldhave been Cup Champions.

    Other guys Vancouver should look at:
    F- Clarke Macarthur, Colby Armstrong, Ales Hemsky, Brian Gionta, Dominic Moore, Paul Gasutad, J. Ruutu,
    D- Johnny Oduya, Joni Pitkanen, Carl Gunnarson, Cody Franson,

  9. @NikK – With those options you propose, keep in mind that the Canucks had half their roster injured by the SC final and really don’t want to be in the same situation twice. Armstrong, Hemsky, and Pitkanen are all major injury worries (Armstrong and Pitkanen are currently injured). Gionta would be great but it’s highly unlikely the Habs let him go for cheap, if at all. Moore’s a C and we’re full in that position. Gaustad could be an option, Ruutu would be great but his asking price is now likely overvalued given the amount of interest.

    If the Canucks really are looking for a top 4 D man to log big playoff minutes, Oduya, Gunnarsson, and Franson wouldn’t fit the bill.

  10. Avery should never play in the NHL again! His classless brand, cheap shots, and inability to fight make him an unwanted nuisance.
    Id love to see Moen land in Toronto. Adds some needed veteran leadership, grit, and penalty kill skills!

  11. maybe the Predators are planning to trade both Weber and Suter, can you imagine what they could get for them in the way of top flight young talent? any way you look at Nashville hanging onto Suter it will be a major financial commitment from a team that by all accounts is near the bottom of the league in revenues and attendance. the Predators have already signed Rinne to a $7 million annual deal and it would take at least that to ink Weber for one more year with another $4 to $5 million to sign Suter, based on those numbers 3 players would take 40% of the payroll for the current team and they’re all on the defensive side.
    last year Nashville advanced beyond the 1st round of the playoffs for the first time in franchise history only to lose to Vancouver because neither their offense or defense was good enough. in the offseason the Predators lost more players than they picked up including their leading scorer in the playoffs Joel Ward who scored at least TWICE the amount of goals than all but one player (Legwand) on the rest of the Nashville roster.
    based on what’s already been written the Predators need to change the way things are heading if they hope to be more than a “one and done” playoff team. they have enough depth in the organization to sustain losing either Suter or Weber to UFA (i know Weber is an RFA but he will be a UFA at the end of next year) for nothing but it would be a major blow to lose them both. Suter has already fired a shot across the bow by saying he wouldn’t negotiate until after the season because he wanted to focus on hockey but that he would be watching to see if Nashville was willing to commit to winning by spending the money to get the players needed to win. i’m sure if Suter leaves for greener pastures then Weber won’t stick around.
    there’s already been a rumor floated of Weber to Vancouver for Edler, Raymond, and a draft pick so people are talking and since Gretzky was traded no one is off limits.

  12. A guy like Travis Moen is a little more realistic for vancouver. As far as a defenceman, I hope they stay away from Andy Sutton. Hal Gill seems to be a very poised and inteligent player. We all saw him in Pittsburg when they won the cup and also during Montreal’s great playoff run a couple years ago. He’s a great shot blocker and big enough to keep forewards honest and he has the playoff experience.

  13. Why would Montreal trade Travis Moen and/or Hal Gill? They play the way the current coach wants. Aren’t they more likely to move skill guys?

  14. Moen and Gill could be traded because they are the type of players that fill gaps in a line up when you are thinking Cup run. Montreal does now have gaps, they have holes. The fact is, over the summer they will be able to get guys to play roles similar to those two. They have value now because the non selling playoff hopeful teams will keep these types and there are not many quality guys of this type on the selling teams. We’ll see in the next few games which side Montreal is on. If they sell, those two are gone. If they are buyers, they stay.

  15. Oh, and I still stand by the idea that Montreal could get a conditional 1st for Moen. No, I am not over valueing him. May have guessed he fits better for a second. Well, if say, Vancouver makes it to the Cup, they pick 29th at worst…which is a glorified 2nd masquerading as a first. A Vancouver 2nd is basically a 3rd which I think is too low unless you throw in a decent prospect. Same with Gill. Gauthier has already stated that first rounders after the top ten might as well be seconds as gap in skill level at that point is not very drastic. A team like Vancouver is going to get a pick in the bottom ten of the first. At least, that is how I am looking at it.

  16. @ habsfan
    I like Moen, but he is not worth a 2nd round pick. I could see a 3rd or 4th round coming in from a team that wants a gritty PKer though.

  17. Since he is injured, I will have to say the Habs might be lucky to get even that. At most instance I would agree GPG but I did include trade deadline inflation.


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