NHL Rumors – July 20, 2012.

A list of the top remaining unsigned RFA players, Flyers signing Shea Weber could might provide Blue Jackets with leverage regarding Rick Nash, another denial of “Boyle-for-Gaborik” trade rumor, and Alexei Yashin plans NHL comeback.


Could Benn be a tempting target for an offer sheet?

NHL.COM: In the wake of Shea Weber inking an offer sheet with the Philadelphia Flyers, Corey Masisak lists Winnipeg’s Evander Kane, Colorado’s Ryan O’Reilly, Montreal’s P.K. Subban, Buffalo’s Tyler Ennis, Washington’s John Carlson and Dallas’ Jamie Benn as the best currently unsigned restricted free agents who might prove tempting offer sheet targets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Flyers should successfully sign away Weber, it could prompt other NHL teams to consider pitching offer sheets to those players, but it’s by no means a certainty. Weber is a superstar, while the above are promising talents who’ve yet to reach their true potential, meaning whatever offers they receive could be quickly matched by their respective clubs.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports Columbus Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson could use the Flyers “impending acquisition” of Shea Weber as leverage against the NY Rangers in trade talks regarding Rick Nash, but Blueshirts GM Glen Sather refuses to include Derek Stepan in the return for Nash.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: And if the Predators match the Flyers offer, bang goes that leverage.

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS: David Pollak reports a source in the know dismisses a rumored swap of Sharks defenseman Dan Boyle to the NY Rangers for Marian Gaborik, calling it total fabrication.

KUKLA’S KORNER: cites a SovSports report claiming former NHL player Alexei Yashin, who’s spent the past several seasons in the KHL, is preparing for an NHL comeback. His agent claims he’s had “one concrete offer” from an NHL team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Maybe there was a problem in translation, and the actual report was an NHL team wants to bury Yashin in concrete? I kid, I kid, just a joke, relax!  And yes, the NY Islanders are still paying off his buyout.


  1. Is it possiblem for the islanders to sign a guy they have previously bought out?

    • Yeah, but do you want to?

    • I believe the rule is one year. You can’t buy out and resign a player in the same season.

  2. Subban or Benn would look great in a Red Wing uniform!!!!

    • My grandmother wuld look good in a Redwings uniform!

      What’s your point?

      Those guys are not going anywhere via offer sheet. Not unless they get singed to a $100M contract… and in which case, you can have him.

  3. i am wondering what if the Preds trade Shea Webber’s rights before they have to match the offer sheet. is that allowed ?

    • No, Joey, it’s not. Once a player signs an offer sheet, he cannot be traded for one full calendar year.

  4. Agreed Nikk, at least in the case of Subban.
    Lyle: Good one about Yashin! :)

  5. Hey Slap

    Funny how Burke is desperately trying to build a winner and wasn’t one of the teams Weber talked to about an offer sheet. Burke can’t write and offer sheet because he cried like a baby a few years back when it happened to him and he can’t offer up a front loaded long term contract because he has publically stated his discust with these contracts. So every other top team in the NHL is willing to write and offer sheet or give out a front loaded long term contract because it is within the CBA and at the end of the day it’s just business EXCEPT for Burke. Burke somehow feels this is personal… Where does that leave the Leafs competing for talant? At the bottom of the pack with Pheonix, and Winnipeg even though the Leafs are the highest grossing franchise in the league. Bizzare, just plain bizzare.

  6. what kinda of offer would it take the pens to get benn

    • or kane

      • Ain’t going to happen. Weber is a unique situation. He is the best d man in the game and the contract Philly offered was designed to be so big the Predators couldn’t match.

        That is not going to happen for another player of a lower stature. Their offers wouldn’t be as ludicrous. They would likely be matched. Weber is entering his prime. The guys you mention while young and promising, are still a ways off.

  7. I had poste dlast week to a very disgrumtled Philly fan that Paul Holmgren was very pissed off that he did not land the Dynamic Duo Parise Suter ..and to just sit and wait as he would throw a killer offer sheet to Weber and that he should not worry so much that they didnt get a chance to do anything big!
    This is a great play by Holmgren …he knows now that he has a 99% perfect team for the next 5 years on his top 2 lines and that that can not get any better so there is no need for first rounders anymore because they wont crack the line up …there biggest holes are the Stud D man
    ( Weber ) and in goal …and mark my words …Holmgren is not done yet …and dont be surprised as Ive been posting for the last 7 months if you see a new starting goalie in town IF he lands Weber …I dont think he feels comfortable in his present state …plus he needs to dump cash to eventaully sign Weber and complete the roster so someone has to go ..maybe Voracek as well ….

    My last posting here was the day after Suter signed and I posted that Poille was in big time trouble and that he needed to get Weber an offer ASAP and see where he stood because he should trade him right away as he said if Suter didnt sign he most likely would not resign with Nashville ….Iam amazed on how emotinaly attached David Poille has gotten with his players and just ASSUMED that they would be lifers in Nashville …the first rounders are great for the Offer sheet but now you have lost out on two of the premeier players in the game that you could have traded staright up for players that would impact right now a chance for a cup run …and he screwed up BIG TIME…he has got squat when he should have goten almost two lines out of 2 guys if he traded them when he had a chance …I mean Bobby Ryan and Rick Nash are commanding insane trade talks and players coming back that you could have gotten 2 top 6 a d man and at least one first rounder and top prospect for both Suter and Weber….sure the 4 first rounders are great ..BUT they are a hit and mis especially if you are always drafting at the mid to end of the draft in the first round and not in the top 3 for every one of those drafts ….I really cant believe the miss management of this whole situation and how bad this puts back the franchise ….now you have an elite Goalie that will struggle to keep this team alive all on his own and Rinne will be stuck on a team that has only draft picks to count on and an aging core to play infront of for the next 4 – 5 years with no hope of being an elite top contending team for the cup …

    In regards to offer sheets for some of the other players mentioned …I really dont see it happening as Philly was one of the only teams in the league to have there team exactly where they need it to be to add a high calibre player such as Weber to complete there team as all of there forwards are set on the top 3 lines and draft picks to Philly arent a high priority as they wont cracjk the team anyways …this is not the case with other teams …almost every other team in the league really needs there top top 1st rounders moving forward ….and dont want to fall in the Toronto Maple leaf categorie of mistakes for just ONE PLAYER….I would say that the Burke aquisition of Kessel will and does make most GMs a little shy about making an offer.


    Howson is playing a very risky game here and he may have lucked out twice as no players were involved in aquiring either Parise… Suter and Weber which has left all the players intact to make a trade for Nash …LUCKY STIFF !!!
    However I really dont see Weber being a marker on this one …Weber is the 2nd best player in the game next to # 87 and Nash is no where near the impact player Weber is to Nashville as Nash is to the Blue Jackets …not even close!

    Howson has screwed everybody over on this one I wouldnt be suprised if he has little interest at this point …however if Phlliy ends up with Weber …the Rangers really need to look at making an impact …or they wont be able to get out of the first round of the playoffs and Philly instantly becoems the Confrence bullies …this puts preasure on Sather to make a bold move to improve and keep pace with Philly and Pittsburgh for that matter if they get Doan ….Sather is on the hot seat here !!!

    • Weber is undoubtably a great player but ‘2nd best in the game next to #87’? You may have stirred the pot a little bit there Slap & shot

    • If only there was something worth reading…sigh.

    • Slap and Shot
      No way in hell the Flyers get a new goalie. People act like Bryz stinks dude had a bad year. Yet they forget he carried the yotes on his back two years straight. Also he was a vezina finalist.Does mike Smith stink? NO where was he the year before he lost his job to a 41 year old and was put in the AHL. It was the inconsistant team D in front of him. When Grossman came and helped out he was player of the month. Weber come to Philly that it was you will see from Bryz. Who would take Bryz in the First Place? Who would they get?

      • Oh and on 87 being the best player in the nhl how about stay healthy for a year before we continue that claim. And 28 Giroux will have something to say about that like he showed him in the playoffs

        • Giroux is no where near Crosby thats a pipe dream put out there by a coach

          • +1

    • Please take your right hand, put it behind your neck and give yourself a great big pat on the back …

    • Just throwing this out there! What if Nashville trades Rinne to MapleLeafs for a first pick in 2013 and a couple young players. (no names cause i dont no the team well enough, but know burke wants a goalie). Then flip the 4 first picks from Philly to Canucks for Luongo. You get a stud goalie, a higher 1st pick, some young players and lots of cash to sign semin and an offer sheet for Evander Kane. Obviously im not serious that this could happen and there are alot of trade clauses involved, but its fun to play GM for a minute.

  8. Yashin centring Jagr in Dallas?

    • Remember when Yashin was traded for Chara and Spezza? Sweet deal for the NYI

      • Millbury, wasn’t it? Still don’t know how he got that job. His only claim to fame is going into the stands to beat a guy with his own shoe.

        He set that team back years in which they are finally starting to recover.


    You are correct ….but if you actaully see how muych money Burke has wated on terrible players and aquisitions ….it is terrible so Iam not sure what his problem is on long term contracts and big signings ….as he has wasted a TON of money on crappy players that have done nothing ….which could have gone towards a player that really deserved it!!!

    Burke has 10 fingers in the dyke at this point ….hes finished my friend …he has nothing left to help improve the the Leafs as all his vast improvemenst are for the Marlies ….and most of thos eplayers will never be good enough to play in the NHL ….they are at best all minor league players and Lifers of the AHL and East coast league ….its called smoke and mirrors and he is now exposed ….hes got shit!!!!!

    • “10 fingers” in the ‘dyke”?

      So Burke has polydactyly and an unusual sex life?

      Don’t see why this would be a matter for speculation in the social media, it’s all good, no?

      Shirley you mean “8 fingers” in the “dike”?


      Lyle, how aout a limit on how long posts can dronre on?
      Wouldn’t 500 words be enough. given one says on specific topic?

      • People will then just make mutipls posts…..

  10. Come on Burke, do something, JvR can’t be the best you can do! Move on from your so called views and beliefs, and do what other GM’s are doing…which is SIGNING players. Submit some offer sheets, and get on with the show.

    – Benn, 15 yr, $110M, $6M cap hit = $20M in signing bonuses
    – E.Kane, 15 yr, $95M, $5M cap hit = $20M in signing bonuses

    Benn can play Center, E.Kane is a LW…like JvR, but JvR can also play Center.

    Lupul – Benn – Kessel
    E.Kane – JvR – CMac
    Kulemin – Bozak – Frattin
    Hamilton – Steckel – Ashton
    Extra: Brown

    Then the likes of Kadri, Grabovski, Connolly, Lombardi can be expendable for whom ever.

    • Burke won’t do it because he will look like a huge hypocrite ass. He made his own bed with his big mouth.

    • I know you’re just saying that in jest, but for the record even if Burke swallowed his pride and put offer sheets out he would only be able to do Benn or Kane, not both. As soon as one was signed the Leafs would be giving up their next four 1st rounds picks to the other team. I personally hope Burke wouldn’t do something like that, as I think these 10+ year deals are a joke and a huge risk. Weber is a special case because he is elite, but it’s still a risky contract.

    • He could only sign one because the compensation would be a 1st and 3rd for Kane and a 1st, 2nd, 3rd for Benn. Or maybe higher for both. You can’t give offer sheets if you don’t have the proper compensation and if one player signed the sheet, the other couldn’t because the compensation would be on hold. Having said that they would have to agree to the contract. And what if they just don’t want to play in Toronto?

      • wow totally skipped of LeafsNationUS. yeah what you said lol

  11. I am calling Sam Gagner to the Habs as the next big news trade. (mostly just to stir up conversation) I think the Habs have enough depth at defence (something Edmonton needs)that they could offer something reasonable in exchange for Gagner (who just locked in to a one year deal to avoid arbitration).

    • Chicago.

    • the Habs have 3 second line centres in Desharnais, Eller and Pleky (depending if you consider Pleky a borderline #1, but I see him as a solid two way #2). Why in the blue hell would they want another 2nd line centre? Where is your logic? Gagner hasn’t even done anything special or even note worthy in his numerous years in Edmonton.

      • he’s only 22 and he averages around 45 points playing on a crap team for the last 5 years… he has potential for 60+ points but wont get the opportunity here in edmonton with all the 1st rounders her now and they need a big center

  12. Jrd18 says:

    July 20, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    Is it possiblem for the islanders to sign a guy they have previously bought out?

    If anyone would it would be the Islanders.
    They are looking at a 15 year deal !

    • I believe it is possible. if I remember correctly the Sens did that with Alfie ro re-work his contract of while ago, but I could be wrong on that…

  13. It would be hilarious if Yashin signed in Toronto or Montreal, but I doubt they’re the teams.

    • Haha maybe Yashin is the number #1 center Burke is looking for lol

  14. 1) The Islanders should sign Semin and Yashin to help make up the ‘Apathy Line’
    2) Anyone who signs Yashin should be immeadiatly urine/blood tested and given a brain scan!

  15. If Philly lands Weber, aren’t they set up to be in huge salary trouble soon? Within the next 2 years they’ll need to pay Giroux, Hartnell, Schenn, Simmonds, Coutourier, Read, Voracek, Timmonen, and Meszaros.

    They would be forced to let some of these guys go, and would potentially be a dominant team for the next 2 years, but if they don’t win the cup in that time it might prove to be a risky move.

    And this is all assuming a salary cap of 70 mil which may or may not maintain.

    I’m sure they can put Pronger on LTIR to free up some space. Just interesting how aggressive they are in terms of the cap, whereas most GM’s are very cautious and calculated.

    • I would trade many a combination of those guys minus Giroux for Weber. At some point, yes, Holmgren is going to have trade someone to alleviate the cash crunch. The trade will bring back the picks (similar, in a round about way) that he gave away to Nashville.

      Guys like Weber do not come around often. When they do you try to grab hold and figure the rest out later.

      From the last say 20 years Weber, Chara, Leetch, Lidstrom, Niedermayer, Pronger, Bourque, & Chelios all fit this bill. (I sure I have missed someone). Point being, if you have the chance to get one of these guys you do it. Especially if they are 26 years old.

  16. Maybe the Flyers now persue Luongo as Bryzgalov is their weak link now. Being a ‘rich team’ they will just bury Bryzgalov in the minors… unless that is another cap-circumventing loophole that is closed in the new CBA — as it only benefits the rich teams who can bury their mistakes in the AHL.

    The Flyers won’t win with Bryzgalov and Weber will find out very quickly he is no Pekka Rinne.

    There is about 2 teams left for Nash… Boston & Pitts. Howson won’t trade him to Detroit. Rangers won’t give up Kreider.. SJ won’t give up Couture. Philly now has no room (about 5 mil cap hit left). They will leave Pronger on LTIR as if he retired his cap hit will be on the team cap. since it’s a 35+ contract.

    Be interesting to see in 2 yrs when Giroux, Couturier & B Schenn all become RFA’s and looking for big raises.. I hope some team or teams offer sheets them so Philly can’t match.. It’s called Karma Mr. Holmgren… it bit Pronger.. now it will bite you at some point.

    • Sandy you seem very bitter about this offer sheet (two sour posts on consecutive days). Is that you David Poiler, or are you sure you’re not really Pekka Rinne who just realized he committed the next 7 years of his career to a suddenly rebuilding team?

      In two years, the Flyers could potentially be clear of any/all of Pronger, Timonen, Briere, Meszaros, Hartnell, etc opening up roughly $16-20M of cap space to re-sign Giroux, Schenn, Couturier. Not to mention that a great deal can happen in two years to gain any necessary cap flexibility. At least the Flyers can say their GM is 100% focused on making the team a legitimate Cup contender (unlike some other GM’s out there who shall remain nameless).

      What say you go on living your life as usual? Worry less about Paul Holmgren’s karma and more about your own.

    • he’s only played one season in Philly.. there not going to give up on him that fast. They will give him 2 more years with weber in front.

      funny thing is Nashville will match. Really if you could have Weber locked up for his career for under 8 million cap hit… YOU WOULD DO IT! its just going to cost them more up front. Really Philly just did Nashville a favour.

  17. I think Nashville will match but if they dont 4 first round picks isnt a bad thing. Look what Boston did with 2 turned Kessel into Tyler and Dougie maybe the best 2 young prospects in the game. Philly still needs someone to stop the puck. This years playoffs I had to shut the TV off it was so horrible.Brzzzz was god awful.

    • Only problem is that Philly is gonna be playing in the playoffs so the first rounders they give up are gonna be probably 22-30, not much of a stretch to assume they will get out of the quarter finals. Whereas Toronto was gonna be giving up 1-12. Depending on the year, 22-30 might as well be second round picks.

    • Bryz was also playing with a broken foot. If he’s healthy and mentally focused, he can give them a chance to win pretty much every night. Philly’s defensive zone coverage let them down in the playoffs (MA Fleury’s struggles overshadowed the Flyers’ shortcomings in their own end). I would imagine that having a healthy Andrej Meszaros and adding Weber would count as a significant upgrade to the defensive corps and serve to insulate Bryzgalov that much more.

      • “Mentally focused” may be asking for a bit much from Bryz….but I do believe he’s a good goalie, and capable of playing lights out as we have seen at times.

    • Boston had some pretty high picks in return for Kessel. That was a trade not an offer sheet.

      Nashville is screwed. the way that offer sheet is set up is pure genius.

      Their choices are match the offer sheet and hold the player for at least a year, which with signing bonuses is roughly 27 million they’d be on the hook for ( This figure is only as accurate as a tweet from Kypreos) or to lose him for 4 very BAD 1st rounders. Philly is not going to suck, they’ll finish high, so really Nashville is looking at a bunch of 27th overalls. Not to say those players would be terrible, but they are not a Nugent-Hopkins, or a Tyler Seguin.

      • 4 first rounders are only bad if you pick mutts … and who says they keep them all anyway? They could packaqe a few in other deals perhaps. No way I’d match that offer sheet.

  18. Mediocre goaltending can look a lot better with solid defence! Weber is strong in front of the net which means less second chances. He also is going to have a huge impact on the chances the Philly’s have at the other end. Teams will play him tight to avoid that huge shot getting used, that will open up a lot of ice down low. Philly will be pretty tough to beat if they get him!

  19. For anyone that cares, I just heard that the Pens are shopping Fleury. Hoping for a return like Kessel+Reimer+others. Heard it from Shero’s son

    • Ok buddy

    • Fleury isn’t going anywhere … and Kessel is too soft … the Pens have enough of those kind of players.

  20. The Flyers and Preds could still work out a trade. Weber still goes to the Flyers, but the Preds could actually trade the picks back to the Flyers in return for live bodies. Same thing happened in am earlier RFA signing by the Flyers. Chris Gratton was obtained by the Flyers and they sent 4 picks to TB, who returned 2 of them for Mikael Renberg and Karl Dykhuis

  21. How could Burke do an offer sheet anyway. The BS he took over 2 first to the Bruins has been unrelenting, How bout Philly giving up 4 for Weber?

  22. C’mon now all you Bryz bashers.( Maybe there will be a corner pocket of fans.A group like Lukes troops )

    Bryz CAN stop pucks.
    He just can’t stop NHL shooters !!

  23. Weber was a 2nd round pick like 49th overall. Eberle, Giroux were 22nd and Corey Perry 28th. First round is still a first round pick.

  24. If the preds don’t match that offer sheet, flyers are a very scary team and instant cup favorite imo. Bryz in net isnt as bad as everyone seems to think. Feb and on he really started to show why he was worth that big contract. With the addition of Webs, he can only get better. The flyers simply ran out of gas against NJ and it was quite evident Giroux was playing through some sort of injury. He owned Pitty in that series putting up like 15 points.

    Regarding the players mentioned for offer sheets, their respective clubs will match. They are to unproven to Merritt receiving an offer sheet of large in-matchable magnitude. Exactly what Lyle said. He seems to know what he’s talking about once and a while, but isn’t quite on the same level as Eklund;)

    I wonder if the pens make a big run at Nash or Ryan to match the potential acquisition of Weber. What about Bennett, Kennedy and their first 2013 for Ryan? Maybe toss in one of their many d-prospects to sweeten the pot? What do you guys think?

    • I think that package doesn’t even get Howson to pick up the phone. It seems to me that getting a 1st rounder is basically a given and definitely not the main asset going back to Columbus. Howson wants an established NHL scorer, an NHL-ready prospect and some other kind of future talent in addition to the 1st rounder. Yes, the asking price for Nash is too high, but I honestly don’t see a deal happening between Pittsburgh and Columbus.
      If the Ducks really are shopping Bobby Ryan and Pittsburgh is in the running, why not send the package they received for Jordan Staal? Aside from the brother connection in Carolina, this would have addressed needs for both teams. Anaheim gains a bona fide 2nd line centre, Pittsburgh finally gets a legitimate scoring winger for Crosby instead of finding current versions of Rob Brown for him. If J.Staal and Bobby Ryan are of equal trade value (I would argue that they’re very close, although for entirely different reasons) then the package of Sutter, Dumoulin and a 1st rounder should be able to get it done. Of course that’s just my take, admittedly with little to no knowledge of Pittsburgh’s prospect pool.

      • A couple things I want to say…

        #1- I would call Sutter a bonafide 3rd line center who is capable of filling in as a top-6er in a pinch. But he’s not an ideal 2nd line center, IMO.

        #2- Pittsburgh already used that Carolina 1st rounder. They drafted Derek Pouliot at 8th overall. So unless the trade offer for Ryan is Sutter, Pouliot, and Dumoulin, it’s not really the same trade as offering Sutter, Dumoulin and a 1st because Pit’s 1st will most likely be a low one.

        #3- I can’t see them trading for Sutter and flipping him so soon. They’ve already reached out to him and welcomed him to the team. He’s wanted there to be that defensive 3rd line center they need. The NHL isn’t a video game or a hockey pool where you just trade players around willy-nilly. These are people with families and lives and living arrangements. So it’s rare to flip players so quickly like that unless it was understood as the intention from the start.

        #4- Since when does Crosby need a legitimate scoring winger on his line? He seems to do pretty well without one.

  25. Bryzzz is better han everybody thinks are you kidding me dd you watch the playoffs? The playoffs is when everything counts 3.46 gaa with an 887% wow

  26. If the Flyers get Weber, wouldnt that open them up to Voracek getting an offer sheet that blows them over the cap, unable to match?

  27. @ Obe1…aren’t you the guy who just called Seguin a prospect?? Sure those aren’t great numbers, but he’s certainly not as bad as everyone is saying…He had a bad year and I think part of the problem was the HBO series causing a distraction for him…Or maybe it was just the Universe.

    And also, Seguin and Hamilton were not picks made from #20-#30 where the picks Nashville would receive are most likely going to be.

    @ Thewes
    I understand your thinking and it makes total sense. The package I was suggesting was geared more towards Pitty acquiring Ryan as opposed to Nash. I realize Nash would command a higher package, not necessarily because Nash is the superior player (I’d say fairly equal value to Ryan) but more in relation to Howson’s demands. IMO, the package I proposed for Ryan seems to fall in line with what I’ve been reading to be Anaheim’s demands for Ryan. If Shero were to flip Sutter I think it would be a mistake as he will play a very important role with the pens. And supposedly this Dumoulin kid is going to be pretty good as well.

  28. Jerry: Seguin is no vet he is a kid like 20 years old and Hamilton is maybe 19 still prospects in my eyes. Very very good mind you and I can name you many great players picked late in the first round or even later.I’m saying Nashville if they dont match might end up with four great players and as far as Bryz is concerned he was worst goalie in playoffs and looked terrible. Philly wont win without a better goalie. But hey thats just what I think. You believe what you want.

  29. OMG …..Oh…my….goash….LMAO

    Its not my posts that are inaccurate its all your pipe dreams and iam not sure what Hockey your listening to or watcing ………

    you guys have to be kidding how many 5 goal games against or more did Brygalov have in the palyoffs this year …how many TERRIBLE soft gaols did he let in ….tell me if Mike Smith was on the Flyers they win the cup or at least make to the dance …..Bryzgalav had fantastic defense in Phoenix as you just saw this playoffs …I see what I see and you can cut me down and I dont give a rats ass …..but half you guys just post to belittle people and arent here to talk truthful unbias hockey talk …..

    From what I understand in my 45 years of life its the guys who cut and shred people qwho usually have nothing of there own mind to talk about and use other means to get there so called facts across ….

    AS they say its an unintelegent mind whom resorts to the digressions of a conversation and attacks anothers thoughts to put themsleves on a pedestal , to where a solution or conversation can no longer be a positive outcome due to the failure of communication and of a persons ignorance!

    Slap & Shot

    Philly needs better goaltending or they AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE!!!!

    Dont be ridiculous or embaress yourself by saying average is good enough to win anything!

  30. P S

    Goroux had his coming out party I can see that as anyone…BUT …Iam sorry he is no / *7 and Iam a Leafs fan ….no comparison what so ever no even close!

    And oh yeah ….Shea Weber is probably the best all around power hockey player in the game right now his plus minus are unreal in his carer and he has an flawless first pass and uses his size and huge accurate shot to dominate night in and night out in the NHL …give your head a shake guys ….HE sucks ..yeah ok ..thats why hes going to be the highest paid player in NHL history …becuase he sucks and hes not one of the top 3 players in the world …$120 millioin says you SUCK in martian ….wow!!!
    and Iam the one taking all the heat on this site for nothing !!!!!

    • Hey buddy.
      I read all the comments.
      My advice would just be to let others have their opinions and watch it all roll by.
      Maybe you’re right – maybe you’re wrong.
      But the last thing you want to be is “amusing”, no.
      Avoid an early aneurysm.

      Also – Spellcheck” – great invention!

  31. Whats going on in detroit, thats three or four big names now that have turned away from the Red Wings and signed elsewhere. The next trade or signing/offer sheets will come from one of these teams…Calgary, Chicago, detroit in the West. In the East, Toronto (Burke shocks everyone…blames every other GM for forcing him to do it), Montreal (Subban) and Buffalo. Some stupid GM will put a crazy offer for Subban.

  32. The structure of the Flyers offer sheet for Shea was brilliant. His agent said the market changed after Suter’s deal with the Wild. Shea Weber is the best defenseman in the game, now he is also one of the richest. He lives 10 minutes from me in the summer. His house on the lake features a pool with glass walls, he’s probably sitting by the pool as we speak thinking he just won the lottery as he potentially goes to a strong Cup contender and will earn $26-28 million this year regardless of where he plays and hangs his hat.

  33. Unfortunately for me, Feasters probably the one talking to the Yashin camp if at all true about a team interested in him…Booooooooooooooo Feaster Boooooooo

    from a discouraged Flames fan….

  34. @ Slap and Shot…

    Did you used to post under the name of Chris? lol