NHL Rumors – June 1, 2012.

The latest on Tim Thomas, Roberto Luongo, Tomas Vokoun, and Ryan Suter.


Could Thomas sit out a season?

TSN.CA: Bob McKenzie, Darren Dreger and Pierre LeBrun weighed in on recent trade rumors regarding goalies Tim Thomas, Roberto Luongo and Tomas Vokoun. LeBrun noted rumors the Bruins might try to trade Thomas when his “no-trade” clause expires on July 1st, and was told Thomas might consider sitting out a season…Dreger reports the Canucks are receiving some interest in Luongo but there’s a good chance he could return with the club next season…LeBrun suggests the Maple Leafs could “sneak in there” regarding Luongo, while noting other options could include Capitals UFA Tomas Vokoun and Predators backup Ander Lindback…McKenzie wondered if Vokoun might become a backup option for the Flyers…LeBrun reports the Penguins have receive inquiries for Jordan Staal but their plan for now is to try and re-sign him (as well as Sidney Crosby) to contract extensions this summer….McKenzie believes it could be very difficult for the Anaheim Ducks to shop prospect defenseman Justin Schultz, since he could become a UFA before the end of June. Vancouver, Toronto and Edmonton are among the teams which could be interested in Schultz.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty cited several sources claiming Tim Thomas abruptly moved his family from Boston to Colorado at mid-season. Haggerty suggests that move to the more politically conservative state may explain his noncommittal attitude toward retiring as a Bruin, though one of Haggerty’s sources suggested one reason for the move was Thomas’ desire to work with Team USA hockey program in Colorado Springs once his playing career was over.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Thomas were to “take a season off”, if it’s next season, he’s still under contract with the Bruins, meaning he’d still owe them that season, as it would be carried forward. Rumors of Thomas moving his family in mid-season to Colorado will only stoke speculation the Bruins will try to trade him this summer…Luongo could very well be dealt this summer, but his contract does make it difficult to find suitable trade partners…Vokoun won’t have much trouble landing with a new NHL team this summer…Ignore the Staal trade rumors, he’s not going anywhere unless the Penguins are unable to work out a contract extension prior to next season, and even then, it’s not a certainty he’d be dealt. For now, the Penguins are committed to re-signing him…I think there would be teams interested in acquiring Schultz via trade in order to have exclusive negotiating rights, but the problem could be return. If the Ducks asking price is too much, interested clubs will simply wait until late-June, when he would become a UFA if unsigned by the Ducks, and negotiate with him then.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo reports Nicklas Lidstrom’s retirement could affect any attempt by the Minnesota Wild to sign Nashville Predators defenseman Ryan Suter if he becomes a UFA this summer, as they could find it difficult to out-bid the Red Wings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The downside for the Wings could be Suter might not wish to feel the pressure of playing for the Wings, as he would be constantly compared to the departed Lidstrom. If it comes down to money, the Wings would probably win a bidding war over the Wild.


  1. The Pens need a shakeup like the Flyers pulled off last off-season … if that means trading Staal, then so be it. The one player Ray Shero better not deal is Malkin. Crosby is the one to go but he is the face of the franchise and Mario would never let it happen. In Shero We Trust but he can’t stand pat … and dealing Malkin will come back to haunt him.

    • I believe someone here yesterday stated that Suter filling the shoes of a potentially departing Brad Stuart is a better comparison than Suter being ANYWHERE close to the D-man Lidstrom is/was. He’s good just not sure how good offensively he can be.

    • I believe that Malkin is the one that should get moved out of the three. He would get the biggest return and no one on the Pens can come close to what Staal brings to the team. The Pens would still have Crosby if Malkin is gone.

      • Hmmm, not sure why the pens need a shakeup. seems like they got 108 points with their best player out 3/4 of the year. they didn’t play great in the playoffs but a lot of that was on fleury, and good teams sometimes get bounced in the first round. it’s tough out there.

        besides, a shakeup like the flyers did would mean whomever they trade with goes to the finals, doesn’t it? maybe they should try a shakeup like the kings instead.

        it seems to me like a lot of pens fans have hit the panic button way too early.

      • Crosby has maybe one or two years if he’s lucky left to play in the NHL. Concussions will end his career unfortunitly. He will never make a full season in the league. It is sad because he is the best player in the NHL but everytime he gets hit he’s at risk.
        Should trade Crosby because Malkin can lead the Pens just as well as Crosby. He did it last year and in years past. And he’s not a concussion case.

  2. Don’t underestimate Holmgren’s ability to lure Ryan Suter to sign in Philadelphia. Especially with former team-mates Timonen and Hartnell praising the team and city in his ear.

    It’s also my opinion that whatever GM is able to sign Suter, will also have a leg up on acquiring Shea Weber if/when he becomes available, whether it be by trade next season, or FA next summer.

    Maybe the best deal ANA will get for Shultz is a reciprocated deal of exclusive negotiating rights for another pending UFA.

  3. Why would Thomas sit out next year? He will be 39 and right up against the end of his career. Sitting out a yesr would basically end his career full stop. Does he expect to return at 40 after not playing for a yesr?

    • My thoughts, exactly. Also this rumour doesn’t help if the Bruins were considering trading him. Who wants a $5m tendie who has a guaranteed contract and may not play? However I trust nothing that comes from Haggerty, especially as it relates to Thomas.

  4. That would be a big move for the oilers if they can get schultz. They would be getting a top young d man for nothing and be able to use their first pick to actually draft not trade it away. If I were schultz I probably wouldn’t sign with edmonton but that’s another story.

  5. Nobody is replacing Lidstrom, everyone knows this.

    GusMacDuff, I agree with your post. Even the media in Pittsburgh seem to hop on and off the band wagon. All is good with the Pens. Malkin and Crosby shouldn’t be going anywhere. If Staal is traded, it should only be at the trade deadline if they think they can’t resign him.

    Anyone here on Twitter? I’m @DurtMcHurtt if anyone wants to follow I’ll follow you back.

  6. I think Vokun would be the leafs best option, hes a vet that still can put up decent numbers and win you a few games. and his term wont kill them like Lus would.

    Lindback seems to have the skills and size but only has a few dozen games under his belt and I do not think would be much of an improvement over gust/reimer.

    Stall wont be moved. he means to much to Pitt, and forget about a shake-up involving Crosby or Malkin.

  7. For those of you that think that Luongo is hard to trade need to give your headsa a shake. Lets look at Bryzgalov making more money than Luongo and a longer contract. If Luongo was a free agent do you not think he would be getting the same amount of $ as Bryzgalov? Are yopu telling me Luongo is not going to be one of the top NHL goalie for the next 6 years Come on guys!!! Stop your Luongo for a dime ideas. You all sound stupid
    Toronto to save Burkes job and get them into the playoffs.
    Tampa to get them into the (minimum) second round of the playoffs and maybe more.
    All the other goalies that are available are not even close to Luongos caliber.

    • Michael- Yeah you’re right the other goalies are probably BETTER once the calendar turns to April. Yeah lets invest in a head case like Luongo who can’t handle pressure in Vancouver and put him in Toronto fans and media both will eat him alive. For Luongo himself that is the WORST possible spot.

  8. As long as Pens find a way to get Martin’s contract off the books, they have plenty of money to add for Staal to be re-signed and re-sign Niskanen to replace Martin as well as promote either Despres/Bortuzzo/Strait. It’s looking like unless Michalek or Letang have setbacks from hip surgery, this will be the first time in a few years that the whole team starts the season healthy and playing, fingers crossed.

  9. No way Luongo is easy to trade. What GM wants to help free up all that cap space for VAN, while getting back a goalie that has proven less than capable in the post season. Yes, he’s very good, and might be a top 3 goalie for the next few years, but you’re not getting him for a few years are you? His contract has handcuffed VAN, and a smart GM isn’t going to help them out unless it greatly benefits his team as well. I don’t see many teams that fit that mold, that Luongo would want to play for.

  10. Okay throwing one out there just for the hell of it. Straight up hockey trade

    Pittsburgh Evander Kane

    Winnipeg Jordan Stall

    Pittsburgh gets a young power forward to play with Crosby or Malkin, ala Benn.

    Winnipeg gets a proven big center who can play in all situations and might still have more offensive potential, plus, depending on who you choose to believe, it eliminates a possible pr issue in Kane

    • not enough for Staal

    • 4 years minimum of one of the best young power forwards in the game for 1 year of J Staal who is going to go sign with NYR or the Canes as a UFA?

      Too much.

      • What, how do you know that Staal will be leaving? Honestly, that isn’t a bad deal at all. We would probably want a center back as well. Staal was a Selke finalist, but you say Kane, who really hasn’t done much in his career, is worth more than him? Have you ever seen Staal play?

  11. Trade Crosby.

    • Still believe if you trade one of the Pens centers it has to be Malkin. Would be a very difficult decision but if it were to happen thats the one that should go. Lock up both Staal and Crosby with longterm contracts and get the farm back in return for Malkin. Crosby IS the franchise and Staal is one of the best two-way centers in the game you need that balance.

    • Get out

  12. I really cant believe how many people are so dumb that you’d trade a health Malkin. Who can lead the Pens just as far if not further then Crosby. Because lets be honest you’ll be lucky if he makes it a full season next year. So many Pens fans are brain washed buy Crosby {NHL’s Golden Boy}. He’s a great player but that’s not why you keep him. You have to look at the big picture. Can he fill the seats if he’s not playing and the Pen’s start losing? Minus Malkin carrying the team in Crosby’s absents you guys probably don’t make the playoffs? Staal is not going to do that for your team. Staal is good because he gets over look because of the big scoring threats in Crosby and Malkin. Put him out there on line 2 and suddenly oops Crosby gets a concussion. He’s your line 1 now good luck. At best Staal’s a line 2 or 3 center.

  13. P.C announced yesterday TT told him in april he was thinking of taking a year off