NHL Rumors – June 20, 2012.

Latest on Rick Nash, Roberto Luongo, Jaromir Jagr, James van Riemsdyk, Niklas Backstrom, Jason Garrison and more.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli questions the rumors linking the Flyers to Columbus Blue Jackets winger Rick Nash, as the package they would have to give up (which could include James van Riemsdyk, Sean Couturier, Sergei Bobrovsky and maybe even the Flyers’ first round pick. Speaking of van Riemsdyk, given the frequency his name appears in trade rumors, Seravalli now concedes the possibility the left winger could be shopped.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the Blue Jackets have not backed away from their previous expensive asking price from the Rangers for Nash, though talks between the two clubs are expected to continue. In other Rangers news, forward Brandon Prust could be headed to the UFA market, though his first choice is to re-sign with the Blueshirts.

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS’ David Pollack recently took to Twitter regarding rumors linking the Sharks to Nash (hat tip to GJ Berg for the link): “Not as long as (Logan) Couture remains part of CBJ’s asking price — and, for now at least, that still appears to be the case.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Like Seravalli, I don’t believe Nash to the Flyers makes sense, given their offensive depth, their need to potentially replace Chris Pronger, the huge asking price and Nash’s big contract. I understand the Jackets want a solid return, but they’ll have to be prepared to back off from their big asking price. Forget about the Sharks parting with Couture.

VANCOUVER SUN: Iain MacIntyre reports Canucks GM Mike Gillis confirmed “lots of teams” have expressed interest in Roberto Luongo, but there’s no urgency to move him during this weekend. The Canucks are also expected to file for salary arbitration with goalie Cory Schneider as a defensive measure to prevent him from receiving an offer sheet, though because of what he earned last season, the effective date will be July 5th, providing potentially interested teams a short-term window from July 1 to make a pitch.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: David Shoalts reports Minnesota Wild’s re-signing of Josh Harding could drive up the potential asking price for Roberto Luongo, especially for the Toronto Maple Leafs, who have been linked to Luongo in trade rumors. Shoalts also suggested Winnipeg (Ondrej Pavelec) and Washington could be alternatives for the Leafs, and if GM Brian Burke wanted to make some noise, he could make a pitch for New Jersey’s Martin Brodeur, though he doubts that could happen.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The conundrum remains the same: teams are interested in Luongo, but his age and contract are giving them pause, especially for the Leafs, whose GM hates those heavily front-loaded contracts. The Leafs don’t have many options to upgrade their goaltending. The Jets won’t move Pavelec unless they can get an equal or better goalie elsewhere, and the Capitals aren’t parting with their young goalies. Brodeur will only play for the Devils. As for Schneider and an offer sheet, I doubt he’ll get one, largely because of the uncertainty over the next CBA, and the Canucks stated intent of matching any offer.

NESN.COM: Douglas Flynn suggests Jaromir Jagr is an intriguing free agent option, but doesn’t appear a fit with the Boston Bruins.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Eric Duhatschek speculates over the possibility of Jaromir Jagr signing with the Flames, as they recently signed Jagr’s former KHL center Roman Cervanka to a two-year deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Jagr to the Flames? Makes sense joining one of the oldest rosters in the league…;)

Wild not shopping Backstrom.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo reports Minnesota Wild GM Chuck Fletcher denied a rumor suggesting his recent re-signing of Josh Harding to a multi-year deal could mean veteran starter Niklas Backstrom might be available. “We have no interest in trading Backstrom. None”, said Fletcher.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports it appears Nashville Predators defenseman Ryan Suter will test the UFA market, but GM David Poile hasn’t ruled out re-signing him after July 1. Poile won’t trade Suter’s rights prior to that date…The Rangers, Flyers and Sharks are believed among the teams most interested in Rick Nash, but not the Bruins. The Hurricanes could be interested in Nash and Penguins center Jordan Staal. The Hurricanes might be willing to part with the eighth overall pick in this year’s draft, but won’t move promising Justin Faulk…The Florida Panthers are thought to be among the teams with interest in Vancouver’s Roberto Luongo, but only if the Canucks agree to take back a contract in return…The LA Kings aren’t in any hurry to move backup Jonathan Bernier…Contract talks between the Kings and Jarret Stoll are progressing and an agreement could be reached within a week. The Kings are also talking with pending UFA forward Colin Fraser…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The reasons the Canucks would move Luongo is to make room for Cory Schneider and dump his contract to free up cap space for other moves. I realize the Canucks and Panthers have a recent trade history, but I don’t think there’s a fit there.

THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper interviews Nashville Predators defenseman Shea Weber, who said he’d like teammate Ryan Suter to remain with the club, but added it would have no impact upon his own contract talks with the club. Weber indicated he’d be seeking a long-term contract.

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Shelly Anderson reports Penguins GM Ray Shero doesn’t intend to trade Jordan Staal,  has not discussed new contracts with pending UFA forwards Steve Sullivan and Arron Asham, and confirmed he’d received interest from other clubs in acquiring a defenseman from the Penguins. He hasn’t asked any of his blueliners to waive their no-trade or no-movement clauses.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Staal won’t be moved this month, and I have my doubts he’ll be moved at all this summer. As for the defensemen, the Penguins would love to dump either Zbynek Michalek or Paul Martin, but their respective contracts could make them tough to move.

MIAMI HERALD: George Richards reports the Florida Panthers have made a contract offer to pending UFA defenseman Jason Garrison and plans to meet with Garrison’s representatives this weekend in Pittsburgh.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Popular Ducks enforcer George Parros is expected to test this summer’s UFA market.


  1. Rick Nash to Philly…..a lot of cents that makes zero sense. I’m not sure how this benefits the Flyers in any way. For one, the Flyers are usually uncomfortably close to the cap ceiling and for two, they need to replace Chris Pronger and add stability on the blueline.
    Rick Nash carries a steep 7.8 cap hit. and last season the Flyers were in the top 3 in the “goals for” category last season, and unless Paul Holmgren has taken a strange new strategy to win, than yes, it makes sense. This new strategy would be the Flyers brass accepting the fact that Bryz will allow 3-4 goals per game and they need to score more than that to win games…..other than that it doesn’t fit.
    On a sensible note, if his contract wasn’t as crazy as it is, than the Flyers would be in there somewhere, they usually are but given all the facts here and the team need, I just don’t see how Rick Nash helps the Flyers at this time.

  2. Could you imagine if the flyers gave all that up for Nash? no way that would even be considered by holmgren. I am a leafs fan so Philly is not exactly my favorite team lol but JVR had 1 injury filled season he a kid he will bounce back as be a stud next year. and Couturier is a beast i think flyers fans would have a riot if this guy gets traded, I think Nash is a good hockey player but noway do I move both of those guys.

    If Nash can get that what would kessel get? say what you will but younger cheaper, and more points and yes I know he’s not a defensive player!! and no not 2 1st and a 2nd lol

    • Kessel is worth 2 firsts and a 2nd at this point ot the right team. Maybe not top-5 picks, but he’s definately worth that. Cite: Kris Versteeg to Philli for a 1st and 3rd.

      • Nobody is gonna give up two 1st rounders and a 2nd rounder for Phil Kessel.I believe you are largely over estimating what he is actually worth.
        Maybe a desperate team would pay that but 90% of the teams wouldn’t even consider it.

        • I don’t feel like arguing but yes they would if the team aquirringhim needed scoring. 2 mid firsts and a mid second is hardly overpayment for Kessel.

  3. Pavelski and Clowe plus picks seems like the best rumored offer. I don’t think the Bruins will be a contender for Nash. Ottawa’s offer seems decent.

    I wouldn’t touch Luongo.

  4. I’m sure there’s been lots of tire kicking regarding Luongo, but I’d be suprised if any of them matched what Gillis wants. I can’t imagine any team dealing for Luongo and NOT giving some sort of salary dump back.

    I’m still not suprised to hear all of the enormous packages the Jackets aren’t getting for Nash. The prices we’ve all heard are way too high.

    Does anyone think the re-signing of Stewart means St.L still has him in their future plans? If they need a decent defenseman, Stewart would be perfect bait.

    • Can’t see Burke doing a trade for Luongo as it flies in the face of everything he has ever said about long term contracts. I’ll do you fans from Toronto something better – what about doing a deal with Ottawa for Ben Bishop or Alex Auld. Would cost the farm and Burke could give up one of their forwards or a D-man which is what Ottawa needs. I don’t know too much regarding the players in Toronto but it seems they need to either resign a lot of players or sign some free agents.

    • I think the one year deal Stewart signed is a perfect indication of the investment the Blues made in acquiring him. It looks like they’re perfectly happy to give him another season on an affordable contract to show that he can stay healthy and contribute at the pace of 2010-11 (before he broke his hand) instead of last season. If he has another off year or if, for any reason the Blues fall out of the playoff race in the West by the deadline next season, I believe they would cut bait and use their resources elsewhere or trade him for different assets.

  5. Pavelski and Clowe is a garbarge offer, IMO. How is Columbus going to build around them? Pavelski is 27 and will be a UFA in two seasons and probably walk away from the Jackets. Clowe is 29 and will be a UFA at the end of the this season and will probably walk also. Columbus will have nothing to show for trading Nash in two years time. And do they have a chance to win a Cup before those players walk?…no. So what’s the point?

    If Couture is not in play, then why are the Sharks even at the table? You shouldn’t even be expressing interest in trading for Nash unless you’re going for a cup and willing to sacrifice some youth like Couture. Either go for it, or don’t. Sharks need to make up their mind.

    • I can see the Sharks offering up Marleau – while being a point getter, still will cost $7MM a year and is 33. Nash will end up a Ranger (Dubinsky, Del Zotto and either Ansimov or Zuccerello) and the Sharks will have to go elsewhere to make their move. I would gladly take Pavelski and Clowe for Vanek, Adam and Sekera or Weber.

    • Rasputin, completely agree it’s about time someone said it. Sharks aren’t getting Nash.

    • i wouldn’t trade Couture for Nash straight up.

    • Couture is arguably already a better player than Nash, so doesn’t make sense from Sharks perspective.

  6. With all do respect to those out there who like Rick Nash. He is not worth 2 solid roster players. He is not worth James van riemsdyke and coutourier. And as a sharks fan I would have kittens if they gave up both Pavelski and Clowe plus more. If that was all they had to give then okay.. but just what the heck has Rick Nash ever done… he split for the rocket once if i’m not mistaken. He doesn’t make people around him better, he needs people to make him better. Can he be a game breaker…. that remains to be seen.

    San Jose should only concider this if they are able to unload Marleau.. which i doubt he would agree to… What player in their right mind would get excited about going to play for columbus.. beautiful arena.. i’ve been there.. but what is there to do for a superstar in Ohio????

    My package… Marleau, Clowe and a 5th rounder in this years draft.

    • I understand what you are saying CS, and that is why the Sharks will lose out on the Nash derby. Thing is, Wilson needs to do something and that is where a deal for Vanek, Adam and Weber or Brennan or a#1 come in. I don’t see them getting rid of Marleu because #1 he’s a $7MM man and #2 age. The Sharks want more scoring – Vanek and Adam aren’t too shabby and I think the Sharks need a d-man. Buffalo on the other hand needs leadership and grit – Pavelski and Clowe would fill that bill.

  7. The rangers are going to be creating holes where there arn’t any if they give up Del Zotto and Dubinsky.. I say the sharks should offer my package to the rangers for Dubinsky, and del zotto, anisimov… That way they get speed and grit and we get another mobile young d-man and a player with a ton of heart in Dubinsky.. if they want a 35-45 goal scorer…. take marleau.. please… at least they get clowe and his usual 20 goals and evil sneer as a bonus.

    • Rangers are gonna get Nash.

  8. Go Steve Go! Keep talking up that trade! Love to see what Vanek could do with Thorton! This is exactly the kind of trade that Wilson would do. I actually think, that at this point, Wilson is giving other GM’s some false directions by expressing interest in Nash so as to not build up interest (and cost) elsewhere. The Sharks don’t have any other trade bait BUT Pavs and Clowe, except Niemi, so there’s no way they’re gonna get Nash, and Wilson knows that. We need more wingers for sure, as just about all of the Sharks top forwards are natural centers.That said, a deal moving Pavs and Clowe to the Buffalo for Vanek and a couple of wingers would be a very good and affordable move.

  9. and quietly the Nash to Ottawa deal gets done in a Vegas hotel room. 1st round pick + Lehner or Bishop. Columbus will get greedy and say give us a second rounder too so we look like we really win this thing.
    Murray will say fine.
    And put it in the bank.

    • Hahahaha, you are extremely delusional if you think that package lands Nash. Try adding Zibenjad + to that offer and maybe that deal goes down.

  10. No way Homer trades couturier. He is as untouchable as they come. Only way they trade for nash is briere would have to go in another deal to clear money. with that said no way would couturier be a part of the package.

  11. I’d put a lot of money on Luongo going anywhere but Toronto. In fact, the day that the Leafs and Canucks make a deal, there’ll be two moons in the sky. Not sure where Luongo will end up but he’ll play well for that team, Canucks fans comments notwithstanding.

  12. Time for JagrWatch2 in Pittsburgh haha

    • Tom, I thought we were friends!!! LOL Shame on you for thinking that

      • A blog said, “If Jagr calls, Shero should pull the phone cord out of the wall” haha

  13. Nash can only see a few teams interested Rangers Flyers,and Sharks,maybe Toronto. Suter well he could go to alot of teams Flyers,Toronto ,Montreal ,Even Vancouver ,but I am sure the asking price for Nash are extreme.
    I believe only Nash wants out Suter maybe never has asked to be Traded.
    Luongo I am quiet sure he will be moved may have to give perhaps another list or add a few teams if he is to be moved. I think really its between Florida because of the history and Toronto,what the canucks get back will be varied.Burke’s options are runny out I can’t see him going into next year without a decent #1 goalie.I can also see Washington showing some interest in Luongo since there goalie signed with Pittsburge.

    • what are you talking about dude, for starters washington has two awesome young goalies in their line up and would be the last team wanting Luongo. Holtby is already better than him alone and him and Neurvirths cap hit is one third of Lous. Second Florida doesn’t want Lou either, they have Markstrom who is considered the best goalie not playing in the NHL. As for Suter he doesn’t need to ask for a trade, he is a ufa and can simply walk away and he has already stated he wants to play in the western conference so that eliminates Phi, Tor and mtl.

      • “The best goalie not playing in the NHL”?Didn’t they say that about Gustavson?

  14. Another great article from Eric D, the best hockey writer out there, would love to see Jagr in cowtown, now if we could somehow get Stall and a second round pick from Pitt for Jaybo, Backlund and a first round pick we would be set.

    • Not gonna happen. Shero turned down Falk, Brandon Sutter, the 8th overall pick, and Ryan Murray. And that was for just Staal, with the option of absorbing Martin’s contract. Unless Backlund turns into Jesus Lemieux III, not gonna happen.

  15. The rumoured return from Ottawa to Columbus for Nash was Zibanejad, Foligno and Bishop. (two firsts and a second round with those 3). I’m not sure that is enough for Columbus. The 15th overall would have to be included.

    Ben Bishop or Robin Lehner will never be traded to Toronto from Ottawa.

    Alex Auld is a UFA… Murray went and got Ben Bishop after Anderson was injured because Auld could not do the job.

    The Leafs would be better off with Reimer & Scrivens.

    Auld is a great team guy… he’s just not a #1 goalie.

    IF Jagr does not sign in Philly — I think you see him in Montreal with Tomas Plekanec.

    • Agreed, Auld is also not even a #2 goalie, hence getting Bishop.

    • Agree with all your comments Sandy. Ottawa has the prospects to get Nash. Nash would finally have a play making center.

      Jagr is going to pimp himself to Montreal and LA. Those are the teams he has wanted to go to since his time ended with the Rangers. In the end he will go to the highest bidder.

  16. I would like to see nash get picked up by trading marleau niemi and a few picks. Marleau isnt the dependable player for the sharks come playoff time plus our goaltending prospect pool is deep.greiss backed up by stalock with sateri and sexsmith as reserves makea nemo great trade bait seeing as cbj needs a sturdy goalie

  17. I can honestly see the bruins signing jagr, PC announced he’s looking for another mark Recchi type player and Jagr would be it. i can see the B’s signing him. Trading Thomas to a team that needs to reach the cap floor, and they’ll put savard on LTIR and go after parise…

    • On what planet is Jagr a Mark Recchi type player. The only thing those two have in common are their ages when joining the B’s or in Jagr’s case potentially joining the B’s. When in Boston Recchi did WHATEVER was asked of him and was a mentor to Bergeron, Seguin, and Marchand just to name a few. Stamkos said the same thing about his time with Recchi. As far as I could tell he spent most of his career this way. Jagr as recently as this past season was said to have issue with his playing time or the line mates he had. Do you not remember his Caps. and Ranger days where he played for himself not for the team or taking shifts off. I also have never ever heard one young player coming up speak of him in those mentorship roles. At this age is he better offensively than Recchi yes probably but not worth the BS in my opinion not for the 3M he’ll be looking for anyway. Let the Habs have him nothing would make me happier.

  18. Ya I’m with Sandy and perhaps Jagr to Montreal, as they desperately need a decent winger to play with Pleks, won’t cost them any assets, and they had good chemistry at the international level.

  19. I still don’t understand why anyone would give up anything for Rick Nash when he has a 7.8mil cap hit. You can probably sign Parise for that kind of money this summer and give up nothing at all… The packages that are getting mentioned for Nash make absolutely no sense.

  20. Nash to Philly will not happen. My numbers may be off a little but Nash is making somewhere around $7 mil a season and Giroux’s contract is up in 2 years if im not mistaken. So given that Giroux in my opinion is a better overall player than Nash it will just make it that much harder and that much more expensive for the Flyers to re-sign Giroux when the time comes.

  21. I think I would take Gillis “lots of offers for Luongo” with a huge grain of salt, there might be a couple of teams checking the market, but looking at the overall goalie needs within the league, no way there is a lot of buyers.

    When is someone in the Flames organization going to grow a pair and realize their denial about the quality and potential of their team is only leading them to making more and more poor decisions. An untested KHL center (ala Brummstrom), and his aging former superstar linemate (make that two aging superstars with Iginla), and the rumour that Mikael Backlund and Jay Bouwmeester are on the block, their only top 6 forward in the 23 – 28 age group and an overpaid but dependable defenceman who logs huge minutes. With this organization I wouldnt even be surprised to see them throw stupid money at Parise with the logic they are only 1 player away from contending(again).

    With stars like Nash and Parise on the market, and potentially Bobby Ryan and Evander Kane as well, I wouldnt be surprised to see Philly like trades again, though perhaps involving non traditional teams looking for offense (Nashville, Minnesota, Carolina, Dallas etc) Everyone keeps talking the big clubs, but there might be some surprises there.

    Back to Luongo, my gut is telling me he stays in Van and that isnt going to sit well with Schneider. Odds are he signs his qualifying offer just to be a UFA next year, given his career so far, I think he would love the option to be able to pick and choose next year.

    I dont get Shero. Obviously he has to sign Crosby and Malkin, and unless he truly wants to handicap himself cap wise (remember the hole the lightening was in for years), why not explore the options. Stall is attractive to a lot of teams, and will get you a good return. I cant see paying a 3rd line center $5 – 6 million.

    • By the way I agree that they should be trading one of these guys. I would trade Malkin that return would be unbelievable. They need that shutdown Center like Staal. You do not win Championships without them and Staal is one of the better ones in the league.

  22. If the Penguins insist on keeping all three centers. I think what they should be doing is having Malkin OR Crosby on the wing full-time. I know you see this occasionally but if done more it gives them so many more options you could even put Neal with Staal and have two halfway decent lines going.

  23. Why don’t the flyers trade JVR to the Blue Jackets for the second overall pick (and maybe something else) and take the best defenseman available in the draft. Essentially trading a forward (which they have plenty of) for a top notch defenseman. Someone like Murray can play right away (albeit in a lesser role at first) and will eventually become the type of Dman the flyers desperately need.

    • Geoff-

      There is no way trading JVR will get you the 2nd overall pick he is injury prone and hasn’t done a ton when healthy. Most likely in three years that 2nd overall pick whoever it is will be a better player than JVR. Not a huge fan at all. Nevermind the fact you are suggesting Columbus throw something else into that trade for 2nd overall forget about it.

      • Sorry *with* 2nd overall in the last sentence.

        • JVR WAS a 2nd overall pick, so who’s to say any 2nd overall Dman would be better than him? I know the kid has an injury history, but why is it that we constantly hear this kid’s name in the trade rumors? Because GM’s salivate over the guy. I don’t think JVR for 2nd overall has a chance of happening, but you made it out like it was an improbability because “in 3 years this one 2nd overall pick will be better than another 2nd overall pick.” That’s flawed logic.

  24. @ vinnie

    Yeah that would be a great idea but the problem is none of them want to play wing, they all want to be centers. I agree with trading Malkin, individual awards don’t win championships but they sure do increase a players value. Malkin can fetch any player and probably even send Martin along with him. Dustin Jeffery is ready for 3rd line center duty

  25. Just because Luongo plays for the Canucks and is a proven #1 goalie that would take TO into the playoffs Does not mean that you have to bash LUONGO. He is clearly by a country mile the best goalie available today His contract is not that bad as the last 3-4 years are at $1 million bucks per year. A rich team can buy the last 3-4 years out and $1mil per year goes against the cap. If Burke and TO media is stupid and can not realize that and we better all get ready for another mediocre year. Oh and than Burke gets fired! and than new Manager and another 5-6 years of mediocracy. TO needs a goalie like LUONGO bad!! he just happens to play for Vancouver thats all folks.
    You have to give something of value to receive something of value. Just take TO & Vancouver and Luongo out of the equation and pretend that there is a GREAT goalie available and no other goalie oh his caliber available What would u be paying for him. Philly paid how much last year? hmmmm and what do great goalies get you = olympic gold

  26. I would say Nash is going to NYR… It seems like they have the pieces to move and the desire to really want him.

    What do you guys think of a package consisting of Dubins, Hagelin, Del Zotto and 2012 first round pick…

    It doesn’t make sense for the Flyers to snag him as they would have to part with JVR, Couturier and a pick…are the Flyers really better there? If anything they should target a big name free agent on D and not subtract from what they have to obtain it. They have a very strong team and were a healthy Chris Pronger from getting to the cup this year.

    I agree with whoever said Rasputin regarding San Jose’s offer…Unless Couture is involved, there’s no point for CLB taking a deal from SJ unless Couture is involved.

    Pitty will not be trading Staal, unless it’s an overpayment on the other teams behalf.

    Luongo to Leafs for Komisarek, Mckegg and a second round pick?

  27. who ever thought of, wrote, edited and then published the idea of brodeur playing for someone other than the devils, needs to lose their job. its the most obscene thing i have ever heard in my entire life in regards to a hockey rumour.

  28. Nash to Ottawa! we can move the most assets of any team in the sweapstakes for nash. how can columbus say no to Zibenajad, foligno, bishop, 1st round pick? can always throw in butler

  29. Phily would be nuts to move Couturier.
    Nash’s value has to be dropping as gm’s look at his cap hit and numbers.I see a roster player first and second pick is all he is gonna get.
    Only reason I could see jagr going to Boston is krejci is from same country and are friends.I would do something else for 3 mil though.i still see parise as a better option than Nash as the cost would only be money no players or picks to give up.

  30. @Liddy5
    I don’t necessarily disagree with you. I think Nash is overrated/overrated personally, and I would never trade for him. But if the Sharks also believe Couture is better than Nash then they shouldn’t even be at the table. Clowe and Pavelski, (although both very good players), don’t suit the Jacket’s needs at all. The Jackets need players like Couture, VanRiemsdyk, Braydon Schenn, Skinner, Kreider, etc. Young players that won’t be UFA in a year or two, and who will actually stick around long enough to build around.

    I just think it’s preposterous to be calling up Howson and saying, “We want Nash, but Couture is untouchable”. Because then obviously you don’t really want Nash. That’s my two cents.

    • It’s true in a way. But I think the big issue more so is that the Jackets want Couture plus more. Which is crazy as Couture will likely provide a similar offensive output to Nash again this year.

  31. Although I don’t think Luongo is gonna go anywhere this year…I think a trade to Winnipeg for Pavelec and Kane would be Great!! Kane wants out of Winnipeg and Pavelec fills in behind Shneids…package Luongo with Mason Raymond as well to compliment speed on the Jets..Hate to see him go but gotta respect his decision..he will be great wherever he ends up.

    • Pavelec would not sign to play back up in Vancouver. So I doubt the Canucks would look to take him back.

  32. Apparently Craig Button and Pierre McGuire think Mikhail Grigorenko is going to drop down to 17th overall in the draft. Just looked at their Mock draft on TSN. Sometimes I wonder.

  33. Why can I see the CBJ’s screwing this trade up totally and having all interest in Nash stop.

    If the Rangers had the deal CBJ were willing to take it would have been done by now.

    CBJ’s management is trying to do one of two things:

    1, Drive up the price even further until they get the moon

    2, make it so Nash can’t be traded at all and will play out the rest of his contract. (which is stupid because he walks next season and they get nothing, except a new GM)

    • Any thought on Vanek for Marleau?