NHL Rumors – June 26, 2012.

Teams line up to pursue prospect Justin Schultz, the lack of depth in this year’s UFA market, the reason for a lack of trades, and updates on Matt Carle, Benoit Pouliot and Martin Biron.


UFA prospect Schultz will have lots of NHL suitors.

FACEOFF.COM: Ben Kuzma believes  the “Vancouver Canucks, Edmonton Oilers and New York Rangers will be front-runners” for former Anaheim Ducks prospect defenseman Justin Schultz, while “the Toronto Maple Leafs, Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks” will also get into the bidding.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports the Detroit Red Wings have begun pursuing Schultz.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio reports the Flyers are expected to get into the bidding for Schultz.

OTTAWA SUN: Don Brennan reports Senators assistant GM Tim Murray believes his club has a shot at landing the young blueliner.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports the Oilers will try to sell Schultz on joining their young, rebuilding team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Khan observed, it’s opportunity, not money, which will determine where Schultz lands, as he’s bound for the next two seasons by the limitations of an NHL entry level contract.  I hope, for Schultz’s sake, he’s as good as the hype. Blake Wheeler did the same thing a few years ago, and while he now appears on the verge of becoming a quality scoring forward with the Jets, it took him several years and two NHL teams to reach that point. Schultz could face the same adjustment period as Wheeler, only higher expectations, which would be worse.

TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan examines the slim pickings beyond Zach Parise and Ryan Suter in this year’s UFA market. Among the notables: PA Parenteau (Islanders), Brandon Prust (Rangers), Dustin Penner (Kings), Jason Arnott (Blues) and Paul Gaustad (Predators).

THE BUFFALO NEWS: Mike Harrington reports trades are scarce with the start of the UFA period approaching, but that could change after the best available free agent talent is signed.

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi reports the focus of Flyers management now is upon re-signing pending UFA defenseman Matt Carle. GM Paul Holmgren suggests he probably won’t be in the market for a defenseman if he gets Carle re-signed.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Carle wants to stay and Holmgren wants to re-sign him, but can’t do it before July 1st lest he violate the league’s salary “tagging” rule for this season. Don’t be surprised if Carle is re-signed on July 1.

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Damian Cristodero reports the agent for recently-acquired Lightning forward Benoit Pouliot expects his client will re-sign with the Bolts.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the Rangers hope to re-sign backup goalie Martin Biron. They’re also expected to pursue UFA blueline prospect Justin Schultz.


  1. Regarding Schultz I think Spec nailed it. I almost think there is no way he could sign in Toronto because of the hype and his lack of experience. This guy comes with about as much excitment as if a team was signing Suter. He is a rookie that has never played in the NHL and probably needs a little time in the AHL (possibly a half year maybe more?) but he is going to make sure his contract says he only plays in the show. Some team will be stuck with playing him regardless of his ability or at the very least taking up a roster spot.

    • @ BeerGoggles (and Spector)

      I completely agree. Let me add that it’s even worse for Schultz than Wheeler in that Schultz is a defenseman.

      If a Schultz was a forward and he came in and scored 20 goals, he would be viewed as a success, even if he was awful defensively. A defenseman can come in and score a bunch, but if he’s not so good defensively, it won’t matter. He’ll be on highlight reels getting burned or blown up by opposing forwards.

    • Trust me the Leafs have Jake his old teammate and defence partner from the badgers,They have a spot for him to play now, and Burke drafted him. The Leafs have a great chance to get him. THis will be between Vancouver,Edmonton, and LEAFS. Bob Mckenzie hinted he wants to play for a Canadian team. Wont be a US team for sure

  2. Prepare to see either “Ryan” or “Parise” on the back of an orange and black sweater next season. Hartnell/Giroux/Ryan.


    • Okay eklund

    • you still don’t have a goalie. lol!!! enjoy getting bounced in the playoffs again.

      • We have a goalie. Yes he had a rough year but that was part do to team D. When we got grossman a lot change including Bryz being player of the month. Just sucks he broke his foot and basiclly played on it the rest of the season. The devils series woulda been worse then it was without Bryz. People act like this guy wasn’t good the two year before he got to Philly.

        • He was good those two years in the regular season…..however his playoffs stats are brutal at best.

    • While Ryan would look great on a line with Giroux, there is no way those lines will look like that, as clearly some of the young forward talent the Flyers have would be going back to Anaheim. They don’t have any blue chip defensemen to package, and even if they did, the one area the Flyers can ill afford to weaken themselves is an already weak defensive corp (assuming Pronger is done). As a Flyers fan, I just hope that Couturier isn’t part of *any* deal the Flyers make this summer.

      • It will bea package for Read one lf couburn or Mez and picks. Then the Flyers will sign a cheaper D man for the third pair. That is the only way the deal gets done in Philly.Couturier isn’t going any where and I doubt Schenn is. Only other player who may go in the Deal is voracek.

        • The Ducks are not trading Ryan for Mezaros and Read. It will take one of Schenn or Couturier to make it happen as another team will pony up a top prospect a la Huberdeau, Neiderreiter, Johansen, Tinordi etc.

    • Bryzgalov

      Swiss Cheese.

    • Ya but what are they going to do with their swiss cheese called defence?

  3. Schultz doesn’t go to Toronto for one simple reason, he is just one of many prospects hoping to make the team. Toronto is handcuffed at D with all of the veteran high priced players and only have one maybe two spots open. Edmonton gives him a legitimate shot at cracking the top half of the defensive pairings. This gives him the best chance to show his stuff, like Spec says he has to do.

    • Agreed. Not 100% it will be the Oil but a team in that situation.

  4. Schultz signing with Vancouver according to McKenzie from TSN

    • its a fake twitter account with his name on it. Its way to early for us to decide who he is going to play for, and i agree with many of you, and hope this kid can live up to the hype. I do not think it matter where he goes as of now because the media in any hockey town will have him under a microscope.

  5. Honestly I think Schultz lands in either Edmonton or Ottawa. He expressed preference for a Canadian club and I feel he has good chances to play in those clubs as well as grow with a young team with high, but lower expectations as they are not as hard on their players as Detroit, Toronto, Philly, Rangers markets.

    • As a Ranger’s fan, I don’t want this guy on our team. He wants a ‘gaurantee’ he’ll be in the staring lineup. Really? Whatever happened to earning a spot on the club?? you can have him. little puke.

  6. Bob Murray knew a month ago that Schultz wasn’t going to sign, so why in the hell didn’t he trade his rights to Vancouver or Oilers or even Red Wings and get a 2nd or 3rd round pick out of it. Didn’t Calgary have the same problem with Tim Erixon and ended getting TWO second round picks at the last minute.
    Just another sign Murray doesn’t get it. Also, why the urgency to trade Visnovsky, like why now for a 2013 2nd round pick, what’s the hurry ? (1) He is now short two defenseman Schultz and Visnovsky on a team not exactly with a boat load full of D-men (2) If he held on to him he could get maybe a late #1 at the trading deadline or maybe a #2 and a #3 etc, anyway why the urgency NOW. My pick for the #1 draft pick in 2013 is Anaheim and hopefully they have a GM by then who will use it and not waste it.

    • So could you see Burke making a move with Anaheim, because we have an assortment of d-men?? It would half to be a big deal though. I think burke wants getz, but with Ryan demanding a trade I doubt Murray trades him!

    • @ alforducks

      I was wondering the same thing (about Visnovsky). I always liked Visnovsky when he played in LA. He is good offensively, but a little small and he tends to get pushed around. But I don’t get why you trade a defenseman when you’re short on them.

      I’m curious to see what the Ducks are doing. They only have three players under contract after the 13-14 season (excluding minors), and one of those three is Ryan who is rumored to be traded.

      Murray better decide quick whether he wants to re-sign or rebuild.

    • Absolutely, 100%, correct. This was a prospect they knew they would not sign… now they are left holding a bouquet of flowers at his graduation.

      I’m no so sure that Anaheim finishes last place, but they are in that conversation.

      And by wasting the pick, you must be alluding to their horrible choice this year at #6. I don’t get why they didnt jump all over Grigorenko. Sure, he has question marks, but his upside is super-elite.

      Ryan needs to be traded now that he has come out and split all over the franchise. My expectation is that they unload Ryan and Getzlaf in hopes of rebuilding… now why you wouldn’t have done that on the draft floor….???? I don’t even trust this guy to make these trades… Thanks, Bob. Thanks for nothing.

      Please bring in someone who is competent enough to rebuild this team.

      • NikK

        My reference to wasting a pick was why trade Visnovsky NOW for a 2013 pick. Why not hold on to him since they are short a D-man ?
        Let him start year in Anaheim and if a top team has a D-man go down with a season ending injury or if they looking for that one guy to help them at the trade deadline then they could get more for him. WATCH – the Islanders will use him most of season and then trade him at deadline for late #1 or a #2 and a #3. D-man are quite valuable at the trade deadline.

        • Perfect. So now we are talking about 2 wasted picks…

          what a joke.

    • this is the same GM who gave Leafs fans Gardiner and took Beachemin, Blake, and Toskala off Leafs’ hands.

    • Don’t forget Gardiner (that makes 3 that could be playing for the Ducks) He sure has made a mess of what could have been a good team.

  7. I agree with willyjones, Anaheim is in need of dmen, Toronto has many, and we’re in need of a forward. Burke sees this, and I think we might see a;

    To Toronto: Ryan
    To Anaheim: Franson + Kadri + Blacker + 2013 2nd Round Draft Pick

    Here Anaheim gets a Veteran dman and a high prospect dman. Then they get a young talented centerman prospect in Kadri, who can learn alot from the likes of Getz and Perry. Just to shore up the deal, the 2nd rounder is just bonus for Anaheim to build up their prospect pool for the future.

    • I guess with Schenn traded, it’s going to be Franson that is part of every Leafs fan-suggested trade for a star player (along with the inevitable 2nd round pick- never a first-rounder). Appreciate that you guys want Ryan, but besides being yet another winger when you desperately need a real center, a package of a d-man who could barely get off the bench, an AHL-level center, a non-blue chip prospect, and a 2nd rounder isn’t going to get it done.

    • Why do we need another winger when we are lacking centers?

    • yeah…how about we get rid of our top Center Prospect….and just be a team with no centers ever…sounds good to me…oh wait?

  8. I think a lot of people are discounting the Sharks not being involved in signing or trading for a marquee player. The media,pundits such as Roenick and some fans are calling for the Sharks to trade Marleau due to his poor “playoff” performance. Can’t see it happening because he is a $7MM a year player and is 33. They don’t want to move Couture as that is what Columbus is asking in return for Nash – but I do see them moving Pavelski and Clowe – maybe for Roy, Adam and Sekera or maybe for Vanek, Adam and Weber. I’d love to see the Sabres go after Parenteau as he would give them some grit and additional scoring.

    • Keep trying Steve. DW is obviously waiting for the best opportunity to do so, and I don’t think it will be Nash…

      • DW might just get shut out! But then he’ll have a reason to get rid of MacLellen.

  9. Do you really want to sign a guy like schultz? He hasn’t played a game in the nhl, what right has he to demand ice time or even where he will play. I don’t think vancouver signs him, gilles just traded away Hodgson because he wanted more ice time and stated he put more time into cody than every other player combined. Vancouver is looking for a top 4 defenceman but is this the guy? just some thoughts.

    • You’re right on the money..what would be great would be if all teams boycotted him.

  10. I think the notion of the Ducks trading Getzlaf or Perry anywhere is ridiculous. Especially if Ryan gets traded no on that roster other than those 2 will require big money. Anaheim and any team would want to build around players like them. Here in Toronto me and Burkie would drool to get them. Really the Ducks need a new GM that can surround and develop talent around them.

    Cheers to hoping Getzlaf requests a trade to the Leafs lol

    • My gut feeling is that the next 6 months will determine Ducks direction for the long future.
      1) Murray has 30 million in cap space to play with and he needs a scoring forward if Selanne comes back but Kyle Palmieri may be ready to fit there. The real forward need is 3rd line, it’s a mess, no grit, no scoring, zip, nothing. Needs to rebuild.
      2) He needs at a minimum another top 4 D-man and a 5-6 D-man as he has nothing in AHL ready to move up.
      3) Lastly, last few years Ducks have had terrible first couple of months and then they play better, sometime make playoffs, sometimes miss. My guess is that if they get off to a bad start then January 1 the deals begin and no one will be safe.
      So Duckies if you enjoy playing golf in the winter, then you better start off the season winning.

  11. Would a better comparable for Schultz be Matt Gilroy? I remember his free agency being a much-hyped event. Since then, he’s played on three teams. He’s a top 6 D for most squads, but not a game-changer.

    Is Schultz that much far ahead of where Gilroy was during his college days?

  12. trades will be the bigger story then the ufa’s signing. parise? wont leave east coast. suter? wont leave small markets. schultz? won’t live upto the hype that bored hockey bloggers are fueling and will sign with nashville when suter leaves.

  13. If the demands of schultz are ture then he is eliminating a lot of teams. No way a lot of these teams give him top 4 minutes having never played professional hockey. Now edmonton can pretty much gaurentee that with there d line up. I wouldn’t count toronto out, they have a lot of d but half aren’t top 4 and if you can add schultz then guys like gunnerson and franson become expendable.

  14. From what I heard Schultz wants to play in Canada. Vancouver is close to home.

    Edmonton has some high end forward prospects and there is room on their blueline for him.

    Calgary.. forget that.

    Toronto — has Gardiner .. his friend.. but is there room for him on the blueline.

    Ottawa — has room on the blueline. Lots of former college players in the lineup.

    Montreal — do they have room on their blueline.

    If he goes to Vancouver… can he play right away?

    That’s the questions he has to answer… it all depends on if he wants to be close to home… or get a chance to play in the NHL. If the latter… Edmonton & Ottawa are his best chances to play right away.

    • Why forget about Calgary? Has the best chance out all Canadian teams to make the bonuses; since he’ll be playing top 4 minutes.

      Better chance in Calgary than Tor/Win/Mtl/Ott.
      Vancouver is the front runner along with Edmonton, Vancouver; will be tough to crack that top 6 and play any sort of meaningful hockey. Edmonton his time will be way up there. But I feel for a first year player, playing with that miserable defense core in Edmonton, as well as the young front will get you lit up more so than not.

      Toronto’s blue line, although crap, has 6 spots already filled.

  15. when the Leafs traded for Gardiner , shultz was rated higher at the time and leafs asked for him in the deal ,but they really loved the skating ability of Gardiner and he was the guy they really wanted . i think however the Leafs would make room for him if they could sign him.
    shultz is virtually like getting a free 1st rd pick with some seasoning already and that is why so many teams are interested.
    if i was in his shoes i would look to a team that has room for me to play in the nhl right away , but he still has to earn that spot once he signs and if he falters might only get 6th or 7th dmen minutes

  16. Do the Islanders have a chance at Schultz? They have a few spots opened and can sell the steady rebuild and opportunity.

  17. Schultz will end up on the oilers or canucks
    Suter ends up with the wings (long term deal)
    parise back with the devils

    and everyone else who cares right now

  18. How does anybody know where Schultz is going? No opportunity for him to play on the Leafs? Have you seen them play? Why do you think Burke suddenly dealt Schenn? That deal had been on the burner for months. Burke’s just letting Justin know there is a spot for him with his buddy Jake.

  19. Schulz will sign in Toronto and here is my reasoning:

    1. Brian Burke has a way with words; don’t underestimate his ability to make an impression on a young and impressionable guy

    2. Opportunities are endless for this kid on TO’s blueline. If Gardiner is their best d-man, Schultz is not far behind the limited action Gardiner has at the NHL level. Phaneuf/Liles/Gunnarson are locks. The other 3 spots are open. Franson is trade bait since the day he got here (not to mention he canot clear the puck out of his own end for godness sakes), Komo is a contract waiting (hoping) to be dumped. Void at #6 spot.

    3. Toronto offers more money than anyone else; becasue they can; becasue they will. Look at how much Bozak makes!

    4. Gardiner is his buddy and that goes a long, long way.

    5. Expectations: How much worse can it get in Toronto? There is only improvement to be had vs the last half of last season. Set yourself up for success, boy!

    Van’s expectations start with Cup Final. Edmonton NEEDS to perform. Ottawa coming off an overachieving year and likely to come back down a bit. Montreal is out- he’s not going there- they are not even interested in adding inexperience to an inexperienced blue line;

    • 1. I can tell, he’s such a good deal maker! If not taking advantage of desperate GM’s he trades a first line center & a defensive stud for a scoring winger (that the team is full of).

      2) 6 spots are already spoken for in Toronto, knowing they’ll resign Franson. Meaning he’ll have to win a spot from one of the pylons on the backend before he can play legit NHL time.

      3) ELC contract, Toronto can’t offer him more or less money than anyone else. Try again.

      4) Buddies don’t go very, very far in the NHL. Don’t look too far into these “Connect the dots” they rarely materialize.

      5) It can get much worse, remember when you guys were the 5th worst team in the league? There are still 4 spots you can move down.

      My picks.

  20. Six spots are spoken for on the blueline, Miokid? You just lost any credibility you had right there. He can’t beat out one of the players on this team that you indicate is so bad?

    • LoL, I expect nothing less. Every FA goes to TO right?

      Phaneuf, Komi, Liles, Gunnarsson, Gardiner & Franson.
      So you choose; which kid do you want to sit (and stunt their growth)? Or which vet do you want to pay +3.8 million to sit on the bench?

      Up to you Mr. Cred.

      • To answer that question I’d gladly pay Komisarek to sit on the bench. Also Franson sat on the bench for a lot of last year, it’s quite possible this year too.

        As to your point that it’s an ELC so he can’t be paid any more, take a look at Bozak’s contract. While the base salary has to be the same, you can attach enough easily attainable bonuses that it comes out to much more. That’s why Bozak’s cap hit is 3+ million.

        Now I’m not saying that he’s going to sign in Toronto, I think Edmonton is much more likely, but there are decent reasons for him to go to the Leafs.