NHL Rumors – June 27, 2012.

The latest on Roberto Luongo and Zach Parise, plus an update on the Dallas Stars.


Luongo to Blackhawks rumors considered absurd.

CHICAGO DAILY HERALD: Barry Rozner dismissed the notion of the Chicago Blackhawks having interest in, let alone acquiring, Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo.  Rozner considers the rumors “absurd”, considering Luongo “a horribly overpaid netminder” who “performs horribly” in the most important situations and chokes under playoff pressure, and claims Luongo is a “national joke” in Canada.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Overly harsh? Sadly, no. Rozner’s assessment of Luongo at this point in his career is spot-on, and I agree with his take that the rumor of the Blackhawks acquiring Luongo are absurd.

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Tom Gulitti reports Devils captain and pending UFA Zach Parise declined to discuss his contract status, other than to say his agents are continuing to talk with Devils management.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Parise has said his preference is to re-sign with the Devils, and hasn’t rule out returning to them even if he becomes a UFA. 

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika, during a live chat with his readers on Tuesday, believes if the Stars were to pursue a big name UFA this summer, they would overpay for Zach Parise, but not for Nashville Predators defenseman Ryan Suter. He also feels the club would want a young center in return for Steve Ott. He also feels Buffalo’s Derek Roy would be a consideration as a trade target, and believes Colorado’s Paul Statsny could be had.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bear in mind, Heika was only offering his opinion regarding Parise and Suter and wasn’t stating the Stars intended plans. The Stars could be a “dark horse” in this summer’s UFA market, as their new ownership has suggested his club could be active this summer.


  1. I hope for Dallas sake, that trading riberio is the reason for them going out and singing a huge ufa. It’s sad to see and organization 2 points out of playoffs and not make a move at the deadline. they have some great young players there, but who wants to play there? they never spend to the cap and management does not even seem like they want to win.

    • Lay off man, they have not been spending because they were run by a group of lenders and have performed admirably as one of the lowest spenders in the league. They have a new owner who has money and plans on spending.

    • Dallas hasn’t been spending to cap because they haven’t had an owner. They haven’t been able to make the moves needed to stay competitive because of that. Now that they have an owner, expect them to start making those moves again.

  2. Bobby Lou didn’t choke when he got that gold medal around his neck in 2010. I wonder if people will be saying that about Flurey in Pittsburgh…..yeah he has 1 cup, but whats he done the other years? Mostly 1st-2nd round exits. BUT!!! he is viewed at a top notch goalie am I right…..And this guy is starting a war. Saying that and trying to drive Lou’s worth down is classless….making other teams think twice about trading for him. loser.

    • I think performance dictates what people say and think. If Fleury has another playoff run like last year people will be saying the same thing as they say about bobby Lou. You have to admitt that bobby tends to buckle when the heat is on!

    • No one in the hockey world (hockey team execs) really cares what dumb reports opinions are… they are not facts but opinion based on bias. So in other words, DERP DERP DERP.

    • I think this past playoff was evidence to the contrary… Fleury was exposed more so than ion the past for being soft.

    • Lou’s performance as well as Broduer’s during the Olympics were both terrible. If u remember both goalies were pulled during the tournament. Lou couldn’t handle the pressure and Broduer couldn’t handle the speed. It was the all-star caliber team in front of them that won not the goalies. And Lou may have fell 1 game short of the cup but remember the 3 blow out losses in the cup finals too? Choke artist who need to play in a non-traditional market to have any personal success.

    • fleury is not a top notch goalie anymore..sorry..

    • Well in fleurys defense not only does he have a cup ring, but also made it to game 6 of the scf the year before. So ya that isn’t a choke artist like Lu if you ask me…

      • I think they are both past their prime. I really never thought Fleury to be much good I think when a team is stacked like the Pen’s and spend 80% of the time in the oppositions end it’s pretty easy to win as a goalie. Had Fleury been back stopping the Leafs for the past 5 years you would have seen how bad he really is. He just got exposed this year because the Pen’s weren’t as good as they have been in the past. As for Lu I just think his best days are behind him. He is still a quality goalie but who ever said in a previous post how they were biting there nails watching the last Canada cup everytime the puck came in the Cdn’s end because Lu looked shakey was right. He wasn’t giving anyone any confidence that he was back stopping the team.

        • I agree withyou here beer about Luongo being shakey when we won that gold. I was just cringing everytime the puck came near him. That gold was more a reflection of good Canadian defence versus Luongo winning us the gold.
          Having said that, I am a huge Leafs fan and have to admit I would like to see Luongo in goal for us even if it means eating that contract. I am not a believer in Reimer or Scrivens (great run in Calder this year).
          Lu is still an elite goaltender who has recieved undue critisim in Vancouver for poor playoff performances.
          I wouldn’t be surprised if Schnieder flounders this year as a starter.

        • Luongo has never played in a “Canada Cup”. Since the last “Canada Cup” was in 1991, I’d like to know what you were smoking when you watched that game.

      • By that point, see also Bobby Boucher, Jocelyn Thibault, Kelly Hrudey… All goalies in the finals who aren’t elite. None of them had Crosby and Malkin in front of them… Okay Hrudey had Gretzky but the others are applicable.

    • I think people are overly harsh on Luongo. That said, as I recall, he actually played quite poorly in the Olympics, too – he mostly won the gold medal because his teammates played well and because Brodeur had played worse, letting Luongo take the #1 position.

    • Calling Luongo a national joke in Canada is absurd. Toronto OR Edmonton would love to see him in their team colours.He’s a great goalie that hasn’t won the big one yet. I wouldn’t call Dan Marino or Roenick or Doug Gilmour losers,would you?

  3. Luongo was 1 game from winning the Stanley cup in 2010-2011, so yeah it was a little harsh.

    • And he had 3 shut outs in that same round. So reall y the Nucks wouldn’t have won a game if it was for him vs Boston.

      I don’t understand how the goalie with the most wins since the lock-out is a bum.

      How a goalie in Florida when they where the worse team in the league gave them a chance to win every night isn’t a top goalie in the league.

      How a goalie who came to Vancouver and turned them into winners is worthless.

      I can’t wait for him to traded and carry a team.

      Lou is a winner. Look at how many great goalies haven’t won a cup and it was their fault i suppose too.

      I said it when Lou broke into the league he’ll be a HOF. I still think that.

      • Agreed. It’s like no one remembers Patrick Roy giving up 7 goals in a playoff game, or how lots of people wrote off Eddie the Eagle (a couple times) before Toronto signed him, and he ended up being pretty much the best Leaf goalie since Bower. You’d think Luongo’s play was comparable to Bryzgalov’s the way people are dismissing him. Okay, he’s not in the same league as Brodeur, or Fleury (did anyone see his first round this year?) or Cam Ward: only because he hasn’t won a Cup. Yet.

        That being said, I hope the naysayers continue to drive his perceived value down… so the Leafs don’t have to give up too much to land him! 😉

        • Yeah, I agree. Why is all the blame on Luongo when the 100-point Sedin twins were nowhere to be found all playoffs long. Couldn’t the blame be placed on Henrik’s 3 measely goals all playoffs long? If anything, I would say that Milbury calling them the Sedin sisters is the opinion that isn’t overly harsh.

      • Well said Eddie! Wow that post was refreshing to read… It may be Lu’s time to move on, but don’t kid yourselves about his skill level and will to win. If he goes to Toronto, you can bet he’ll be the most important factor in bringing them into the post season.

        • Luongo refuses to go to Toronto. He knows he’ll go down with Burke sinking ship. Grab a life boat Leafs fans, you’re taking on water fast!

      • Luongo > Fleury

  4. exactly boltsnation

  5. he was 1 win from the cup, but he couldnt close. he got shelled on the road in that series, nearly blew vs chi in the 1st rnd. also, he was extremely shaky in the gold medal and nearly blew it for canada. they won inspite of him, not because of him. sorry, but thats 100% accurate, he is a joke now. whether its fair or not? clearly, the problems are all in his head and thats a risky investment for any team. i think he can still play at high level, but it’s a huge risk with his mental game as low as it is. if he were worth having at this point, vancouver would make the easier move and trade schneider.

    @ DCHAMP

    who would you keep? schneider or luongo? you know you would keep schneider over him and for all the above reasons. luo’s great in the regular season, but is not a big game goalie.

    • But, how does anyone know Schneider’s not the next Marty Turco, who took Eddie the Eagle’s job in Dallas and then never lived up to expectations afterwards.

      • Two Roger Crozier Saving Grace Awards
        Dallas record for Most Wins & Shut Outs
        League record for Most SO in a playoff series w/3
        Career Record: 275w/167l/26t/40otl 41so, 2.36gaa, .910sv%
        Playoff Record: 21w 26L 2.17gaa .914sv%

        I don’t think Turco was a BAD goaltender by any stretch of the imagination and performed WELL for the Stars.

        • Point taken. I’m not saying Turco was bad, but he didn’t live up to expectations, acquired a reputation (fairly or otherwise) for not being able to get it done in the playoffs, and wouldn’t be considered the elite goalie Dallas thought he was going to be when he stepped out of Eddie’s shadow to be the full-time number one.

          The possibility of a similar situation developing in Vancouver is a real one.

    • I would keep Lou simply because of the Racroft, Carey, and even Mason factor… you know what I’m talking about, great looking young goalies that have a great year with great numbers only to be out of the league or at the bottom of the stats in a year or two. Lou is a constant slightly above average goalie who happens to have a long long contract – the cap hit isn’t unreasonable it is its duration.

      • I would tend to agree. The Leafs bought into the Raycroft hype shortly after he tore things up as a rookie. We have been paying the price ever since having to watch Rask take over the #1 job in Boston while Justin Pogge was traded for spare parts.

  6. Compare Luongo to other top goalies in the league. He’s there with them and he’ll help the next team that has him. I feel sorry for the Canucks’ next starter in goal. Canucks fans are cannibals when it comes to goalies. The GM’s no bargain either.

  7. You agree with his assesment of loungo, shocking.

  8. I hope that the Pens get Parenteau to a long term deal if they miss out on Parise. He would be Sid’s winger for a long time. Isn’t he still in the lower 20s?

    • I thought I read he was 29. Not over the hill by any means but a lot older than I thought. I think he’d fit in nice and would come cheaper. What do you think, 3-3.5 for 3 years? Maybe as high as 4 a year for 3 yrs.

    • Take a pass on Parenteau, go for Doan … yes, he’s older, but hungrier for a Cup … Suter & Doan … nice for the Pens …

  9. Regarding Luongo, too harsh, I say. A national joke? please…

    Besides, the blackhawks themselves were a joke for years, then they finally got good when old man wirtz died, then they got rid of everybody in the front office who made them good (plus ten years of high picks) and now they’re on their way to joke-dom again.

    Those in glass houses…

  10. How can a goalie “nearly blow” it? He got his body parts in the way of the puck when he had to. NYRfan you can say that about any goalie then….most saves look like flukes anyways. I would rather keep Schneider…..he’s young and looks like the real deal. Does NOT mean Luongo is no good, just means you can’t keep both and the smart hockey deal is to keep youth. But not all teams have a hot young goalie and Luongo can be a huge asset to another club. Lundqvist couldn’t get it done either……that mean he’s a bad goalie?

    • @ DCHAMP

      he was awefull in the gold medal game and yes, you can nearly blow a game. he fought off easy saves the whole game. go back and watch. i was screaming at the tv to shoot from anywhere. he was that bad in that game. most saves look like a fluke? really? luo is a great goalie over 82gms, when the playoffs hit? it’s another story. florida would be perfect fit cause its not a crazy hockey market. he needs the least amount of pressure possible. all this arguing is pointless anyway, he’s going to toronto. and then we all get to see how good he is. i heard lupul already asked him to tweet him some nudes 😉

      • @ DCHAMP

        as for hank, are you serious? his numbers were 2nd best to quick in the playoffs. he had 1 bad game.

      • So Ryan Miller misses the playoffs more then he makes them. He let in a goal from a bad angle during the gold medal game.

        He must be a terrible goalie then too.

  11. man, sounds like Vancouver and Philly have a lot in common when it comes to the their fans and especially media eating up their goalies. luongo may not have gotten Vancouver over the top but he is far from a bum or loser ..get a clue people.

  12. So, Spector agrees Luongo is “a national joke in Canada”? That’s a bit classless, no?

    • Agreed, Luongo deserves a little respect from the media. Chicago trash talk is great and all, but glass houses.. considering their goaltending situation.

    • I don’t agree he’s a national joke, but I do agree with Rozner’s other criticisms. A bit harsh, but the truth hurts. If Luongo’s so great, why are the Canucks shopping him? Why are the majority of Canucks fans and Vancouver pundits calling for him to be dealt? That seems to be the question none of those “offended” by Rozner’s comments seem to have an answer for.

      • Because he’s not signed for another 10 years. He’s 7 years older. He has and will have a higher cap hit.

        And Van needs someone to blame, it’s easy to replace one player then 1/4 of their roster.

        This is pure business from Van end.

        • I call BS on that claim, eddie. If Luongo were still playing as well as he did a few years ago, when he was garnering Vezina nominations, jockeying with Brodeur for the single season wins record, and single-handedly carrying the team as he did in his first two seasons in Vancouver, the Canucks wouldn’t dream of trading him. Indeed, it’s because of that earlier, strong play that got him that big contract in the first place.

          But he hasn’t played that well since. Again, if Luongo were still playing great, would Canucks fans and Vancouver media be criticizing him? Calling for Schneider to play more games? Calling on management to trade him? Of course not! They wouldn’t even consider it.

          Sure, the team has other problem areas beside Luongo’s performance, but this is all about his performance, and nothing to do with “pure business”. If Bobby Lu were still playing great, they’d be peddling Schneider.

          • So When Belfour was replaced by Turco it wasn’t business.

            When Roy was traded it wasn’t business. And you don’t think Mtl couldn’t have saved that relationship?

            When Boston was trying to trade Thomas 3 years ago it wasn’t because Rask was younger, cheaper and their future goalie?

            I’m not trying to take anything away from Corey he’s a great goalie and going to be, but no means do I think is Lou done as a great goalie. I believe he’s done in Van and no longer cares to play hockey there.
            Very few great goalies last on their team when they have a younger/cheaper goalie pushing them besides Brodeur. But he’s never had anyone pushing him out the door either.

            I’m not even a vancouver fan by any means. I’m blackhawks fan and I would want Lou on the Hawks.

  13. Typical nonsensical garbage coming from Canuck haters. Would I keep Luongo or Schneider ? I’d keep Luongo because all he does is win. After watching nearly every game he’s played as a Canuck I’ll admit that he let’s in a softie once in a while but so does Brodeur, etc but he has carried this team one more than one occasion. Maybe you casual, highlight reel watching so called hockey fans and hack, sensationalist reporters should brush up on your hockey knowledge before you start spewing self serving fabrications. Like it or not, Luongo has proven himself as world class and ya’ll know it, you just don’t have the stones to admit it.

    • hahaha give it up man, Lou CAN’T win the big game and he has shown us that over and over and over. Its funny first nuck fans are calling for him to be traded and now that he is on the trade block you guys think you can ask for the world for him, but yet he is not good enough for your pathetic team. Lou is over paid and overrated and IF he is traded it will be a salary dump at beast, but that is a BIG IF!

  14. Roy for Ott where do I sign up?

  15. I miss Staal :,,,,,,,(

  16. I see Louongo going to Florida. What he needs is to play somewhere where he is not going to be under the microscope. He is a very good goalie and this year during the playoffs Vancouver scoring was nowhere to be found. The Sedins were a point a game players, but the next 3 lines didn’t do much, in fact the 3rd line didn’t even shut down the Kings top line. What did work was Vancouver’s goaltending.

    I hope Luongo ends up in Florida – I think he can help himself and the team.

    • I’m on the fence about Luongo, but using this years playoffs as an example where ‘goaltending’ worked for the Canuks?

      Luongo – 2 starts, 2 losses, .891sv%, 3.59 GAA
      (Not exactly a stellar goaltending performance!)

      Cory Schneider was golden though.

      • i agree, florida is best for luo. he will fall apart in toronto. i just dont think florida has to get him as bad as toronto does

      • Yeah, but remember Daniel came back the day Schneider went into the goal. How can you fault your goalie when he keeps the score close so that his team has a chance to win. How can you fault a goalie because his teammates can’t score?

  17. Very overly harsh, he has let in soft goals, but he has also made amazing saves, his defence is weak, forwards can’t back check. People always say how great schneider is….he has only played a handful of games and hasn’t won anything in the playoffs either. I remember when Raycroft had a good rookie season. I hope schneider succeeds and has a great career, but imagine the egg on the “hockey pundits” face if he is just average.

  18. @Eddie is the greatest. Please explain to me what Vancouver has won to be considered “winners” Yes they have won a couple of president trophies and as everyone knows growing up as a child you dream of skating around the ice holding the beloved Presidents trophy over your head.

    I don’t think Lu is to blame for the losses but that is one team that is not winners. Sedin’s=soft never perform in the clutch. Kesler= diver with a loud mouth who thinks they have won the last 4 cups. Bieksa=see Kesler Burrows= see Kesler AV= always blames the loss on something or someone else.

    I for one am starting to almost like Toronto more than Vancouver. The only good thing is the window is closing on Vancouver and it will be another 20 years before they get back to the final.

    • In the game of hockey there are wins and loses. When A team wins more then the lose that would make them winners.

      When a goalie has the most wins since the lock out. that would make him the most winngest goalie since the lock out.

      I could be wrong tho, I watch, follow hockey and just not highlight reels. Who knows.

      • Good for him! How’s his playoff record?

        • want to talk playoff record? Check out Lundqvist’s.

        • 32-29 2.53 GAA .915 SV% 5 S/O

          Terrible stats . TERRIBLE!

          And the year when he was the only reason he won a round he choked too then.

          • Lundqvist’s

            25-30 2.31 GAA .917% 6 S/O

            Terrible goalie trade him.

      • Regular season don’t mean squat. Every player in the NHL will tell you that. You got nothing in this argument.

        • And you get to the playoffs how?

  19. Luongo is a Joke so true and overpaid that guy always sucked in the playoffs NYI & FLA & VAN now no one wants him Vancouver is a big joke as well I would be embarrassed to be a fan having two girls at center The sedin sisters no cup for vancouver again HAHAHAHHAHA GO KINGS!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Grow up, im embarrassed for you after reading your little temper tantrum post.

    • Dude, that’s pretty weak. What are you, 14? Grow up.

  20. Ok, to all the luongo lovers on here pumping his tires and calling him elite answer me this. If he is so great and HOF worthy, then why is Vancouver trading him and not Schneider? Why are all the GM’s asking about Schneider and NOT Lou? Its a little puzzling isn’t it, especially when Schneider hasn’t proven anything as a starter in this league yet.

    • Calling Luongo “a national joke” is overly harsh. The rest, on the other hand, I agree with. As “Canadian King” aptly noted, if Luongo’s still so great, why are the Canucks shopping him? Because he wants out of Vancouver? Gee, wonder why? Wouldn’t be because he’s getting tired of the criticism he’s facing there, would it?

      Rozner’s comments may be harsh, but his assessment remains accurate. Luongo is 33, carries a burdensome contract, and has a reputation for folding under playoff pressure. Look at that debacle of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final? In those four losses, Luongo was horrible. Yes, his teammates played poorly, it wasn’t solely his fault, but he still didn’t come through with the big saves they needed when it counted most.

      Look at the criticism he faced throughout last summer. How many Canucks fans wanted him traded. How many pundits criticized him, called for Schneider to play more games, and believe it best if he moved on? If Luongo’s still a great goalie, why do the majority of Canucks fans and Vancouver pundits want him gone? Surely, they’re not all uninformed?

      As for “losing respect” for me because I happened to agree with Rozner’s assessment of Luongo, evidently, you could teach him a thing or two about over-reaction.

      • I agree to a degree – I think because of Luongo’s contract he was expected to bring a SC to Vancouver. Since his arrival he has been under close scrutiny and when you play so many games, there will be a soft goal or so. In most cases, Luongo gave his club a chance to win and the forwards for his team didn’t come through. We also need to remember that Daniel came back the same time the goalie change was made. So, having Daniel come back, being on the verge of elimination, playing with desperation and changing goalies culminated with a win. Yup, it is a great statement that validates trading your #1 guy.

        I think Luongo is under a lot of pressure and I think he should go back to FL. Thing is, Vancouver agreed to the contract – they offered it, so they have to live with it.

      • What was he in the 3 wins? Great? What was the team in front of him in all 7 games?

        game 1 1-0 win Van
        game 2 2-3 Ot win van
        game 3 1-8 win Bos
        game 4 0-4 win bos
        game 5 1-0 win Van
        game 6 2-5 win bos
        game 7 4-0 win Bos

        The whole team folded not just lou if you look at the games they won it was because of Lou

        • So, it’s the whole team’s fault, but not Luongo’s? So why, then, are the majority of Canucks fans booing him and calling for management to trade him? Why are the Vancouver punditry calling for him to be dealt? Are they all wrong in their assessment too, Eddie?

          • Exactly, why aren’t they calling for the sisters to be traded or overrated Bieksa if the whole team sucked?

      • The gospel of common sense as preached by Lyle. lol Well thanks for the attempt to enlighten those less fortunate. You would be better off using a Sledge-O-matic to get through to some people.

        Luongo’s reputation is so far down the bucket we would be the last picked for neighborhood street hockey games.

  21. Luuongo is a solid #1 goalie. I think people confuse Luongo the player with that horrible contract he has. That is a contract that he cannot really live up to. I think most teams without a comparable goalie, would be happy to have Luongo but not his contract. I certainly, as a Canadian, do not consider Luongo a joke but do have a giggle at the GM who drew up his contract. That guy (and the owner who agreed to it) is a frikin riot.

  22. Your little site just proved itself to be third rate. Luongo a national joke ? Why even give that hack from Chicago the time of day ? Because you Spector, are are an amateur if you agree with that statement.

    • here here. Usually I come here so I don’t have to listen to Eklunds mindless dribble, but that’s just garbage.

      • lol then why are you guys still here?

    • Again, the national joke comment was too much. The rest, however, was accurate, whether you like it or not. If Luongo was still a great goalie,the Canucks wouldn’t be trying to move him, now would they?

  23. I’m not at all shocked that Spector said that. He usually does that when reporting on the canucks. Or for that matter most western teams.

    • It’s a little embarrassing if you’re trying to position yourself as “not Eklund” yet literally go down to his level as well.

      Not impressed, Lyle. Definitely lost some respect for you today.

    • So what’s your explanation for the majority of Vancouver fans and pundits calling for Luongo to be traded? What’s your explanation for them calling for Schneider to have more playing time over him? Guess they don’t follow their team well enough to know better,eh?

  24. Luongo’s one of those players whom, when he’s on, he’s top-5 in the league at his position. Problem is, when he’s off, he’s a train-wreck. It’s an easier situation if that type of player is a skater, but if it’s your goalie, are you really gonna have confidence in him?

    p.s. Patrick Roy was a bit like that zoo(I recall him getting shellacked more than a few times in his career), but he seemed to work out ok…

    • Every goalie elite is like that. When they are their game they are some of the best in the world for a reason.

      And when they are off they look extra bad because of how good they can be.

    • Patrick Roy also won four Stanley Cups and three Conn Smythes. Not a good comparison.

      • Want to compare the rosters of Roys teams and Lous teams and see which one you would rather play on?

        I know I wouldn’t be picking Van

        • Like I said, Eddie, they’re not comparables.

          • Wait, Didn’t someone just boast about Lou being a winner, and the Nucks have been president Trophy winners for the past 4 years or something? Little harsh to say they dont have a team like Roy had in front of him. I’m not even a Roy fan…but lets be honest the canucks are stacked…no reason they shouldnt have a cup by now. Except for the fact that their players in the playoffs are softies and their goalie forgets what hockey is. their skill is their, their heart just isnt and that includes Luongo.

  25. Random point Doan is an e4 for the Pens on Ek’s rumor chart, which means “This rumor comes from more than one source with ties to the players or teams involved.” Take from that what you wish, even though he is full of sh^t

  26. Sounds like a lot of Vancouver fans on here pumping Lu’s tires kinda like all us Leaf fans did with Schenn’s ability to the Philly fans. I haven’t seen much from the Philly fans on here talking about how they can’t wait to see what Schenn can do in Orange and Black. Hopefully Burke can figure something else out for goaltending so we don’t have to hear it from these same Vancouver fans about how we got fleeced with a crap goalie for the next 10 years after a trade is made.

  27. While Luongo has his goood, even very good moments during the regular season, he is at a loss during the playoffs. I think Burke is a fool for trying to get him into an even hotter pressure cooker in Toronto. He’ll be a sieve for sure there. I also think Vancouver is foolish for asking for something in return…hell, somebody’s is gonna take that big contract off your hands and let a very capable Schneider become your fist string goalie…what else do you need?

    Best case for Vancouver: Give him to Toronto
    Best case for Luongo: trade to Florida and a more relaxed atmosphere. Heck, he might even rise to the occasion with less pressure, who knows?

  28. I see the Stars being a major dark horse this year. I see the Ribeiro trade as a big sign of things to come. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a serious bid for Parise. There are some major voids up front, and GM Joe has the green light for spending this offseason. There’s plenty of room under the cap and lots of holes to fill. I don’t see moves like Florida did last season coming, but I DO see some surprises. Ott and even Morrow could be gone to a cup contender for some serious young talent. I am not buying into Roy for Ott. I AM buying into Ott + Morrow to a team like say, Philly for an underachieving youngster like Schenn. Nieuwendyk has proven himself to have a track record on taking risks on players like that. So I wouldn’t even be surprised if they took a shot at Semin, Suter and Shultz. Guys like, Doan, Arnott, Martin and all these veterans? I don’t see them even getting a look from Dallas. Should be more than exciting to watch them this offseason.

  29. the leafs would be lucky to have a goalie like lou!! the market for him might not be great but if a team gets a hold of an allstar goalie they usually like to lock him up!! you’ll see 5.33 per season will be a steal in a couple of years

  30. Has anyone heard anything about Weber? Maybe like

    Despres, Tangredi, Martin, TK and a 1st for Weber and Halischuk


    • Not going to happen there is no way Management are going to get rid of both Suter and Weber in the same off-season. If Suter leaves as an UFA then Weber is staying foresure. It may only be for one year bu they will fight tooth and nails to keep at least one of them.

      • Weber will leave as soon as he becomes a UFA in 1 year, so why not trade him while he still has value? Look what Pens did with Staal

    • Thoughts? Stop drinking that koolaid.

  31. Could see Doan in Boston or Philly too, he will not be a long term aquisition.

  32. Canadians are polite and humble, but they eat their own.
    The Leaf fans that were happy to see Sundin leave Toronto, or cursed him for the way he left Toronto, are a case in point. They will now celebrate him as a HHOF member.There always seems to be a lightning rod that bears the brunt of a fans discontent. In Vancouver its Luongo, even when the girls do not show up to play. In Calgary its Iginla. In Ottawa, Spezza. Toronto or Montreal, take your pick. Hero to zero in 60 seconds. Welcome to the NHL Fan, Canadian version.

  33. Rozner’s sarcastic commentary aside, the Hawks need an upgrade between the pipes. I daresay as a Hawks’ fan, if it were not for the term of Luongo’s contract, I would welcome him as an upgrade. It is hard for Rozner to criticize a contract of that nature when you look at Marian Hossa’s deal or even Duncan Keith’s for that matter. (Let’s not forget Brian Campbell’s stellar deal which we managed to escape from by agreeing to take on the wonderfully talented Rostislav Olesz to play in Rockford.) If you are short-sighted, which I suspect many GMs are, then I presume the chance to seriously upgrade your goaltending means that you cannot outright discount the Luongo to Chicago scenario.

    • I would love to have Lou in a hawks jersey! With Emery as the back up.

      Or I would love to see Doan playing on the 2nd line.

      But I don’t think either will happen.

  34. Eddie, claiming the Canucks trying to trade Luongo is purely a business decision makes no sense. Again, if Luongo were playing as well as he was a few years ago, the Canucks wouldn’t be trying to trade him only two years into his new contract. His age and contract wouldn’t factor into the equation. If Luongo carried the Canucks to the Cup, or was winning multiple Vezinas, they wouldn’t be trying to trade him now.

  35. I for one wouldnt get mad if caps manage to get lou somehow, just the years of his contract i wouldnt like. It’s not a speculation, just dont see lou as a bad goalie

  36. I agree with Lyle, I think people are being a little to harsh has hes stated he doesn’t agree with the “National Laughing Stock” Comment

    But your points are valid Lyle, Most Vancouver fans want Gone Lou because apparently Schneider is the guy who’s going to lead this team…if Loungo was that good they wouldn’t be trying to replace him.

    Also after all the criticism they expect to get a kings ransom for him, i read Canucks fans calling for the 5th overall from Toronto and Luke Schenn at one point.. Are they mental…First they call him Damaged goods but apparently overpaid Damaged goods are worth a lot.

    I just don’t get how the fan base can criticize a guy so much yet as soon as hes getting traded hes the best thing since sliced bread…if that’s the case Vancouver should keep him, Shut up about it and remain 1st rounds exists against any team that knows what physical hockey is and get under Bobby Lou’s Thin Skin.

    I do not want this guy in Toronto… For all the Riemer haters..and yes hes unproven and has his flaws, but id rather take my chance signing a cheap backup than paying anything less than Komi and a 2nd!(i dont care if you think hes worth more or what he gets traded for if he does IMO thats what hes worth…which is very little)

  37. I have been a Canucks fan since the days before Smyl.

    Olympics? Very nervous TEAM indeed, not just Lou. Who would have thought Brodeur would take a baseball swing (and miss) in such important games?….not I….the team did gel at the end, esp defensively. Lou was Good to Very Good. Bottom line, he won.

    The team came close 2 yrs ago, Take a closer look at the goals he let in, esp in the blowouts. 2 on 1’s ? come on, as a goalie, I hate em. and they are hard to stop even in the best circumstances. The loss of Hammy was the turning point in the series, losing Raymond, the TEAM fell apart, not just Lou.

    This year, losing to the eventual cup winners? I can live with that. The team didnt change its strategy even though D Sedin was out, Kesler and Raymond werent scoring, they had just traded their 3rd line 2 way centre (20G) for a winger who played 5 min a game and replaced him with a defensive centre (4G). In my mind playing the same gunning offence with those limitations, was not appropriate. Once they are down 1 goal, 2 Goals the team defence goes out the window and the Goalie is left there by themselves. Makes it hard to succeed. did he excel to win any games? well, no but the losses were not on him alone.
    Schneider had 1 shot/1.73 min Luo 1.64. He had more shots vs the time he was out, and most/all came as the team was behind in the score.

    Thing is, Hockey is a TEAM game, one of the reasons I like it. The goalie relies on the TEAM in front of him and on the TEAM gameplan. LA played a real defensive TEAM game, and Quick was the benificiary of this, do you think his stats would even be near this if he played on Columbus? Not at all.

    Is Lou past his prime? No. Does he want out? No, he said so, but HIS point was, ‘If I am not your #1 and I am not wanted then send me someplace I will be’ THAT is what his point is. He takes the jabs and talk and lives with it, he wants to know his place on the TEAM.

    What I would like seen? Keep Lou, trade Schneider for the missing pieces on this team. Eddie Lack (besides a GREAT NAME) can be the G of the future. The window of opportunity is closing to win a cup. They need some changes, 2nd line is a MESS, need 1 more top 4 Dman. Schneider trade can fill this better than a trade for Lou. Do this and move forward to next yr.

    Some of the moves Gillis has made I have not liked and have been close to, if not BRUTAL – Demitra, Ballard, Booth ??? Trading Hodgson? (I am sure this trade could have waited for off season as they didnt use Kassian much anyway)

    my 2c