NHL Rumors – June 6, 2012.

Latest on Zach Parise, Alexander Radulov, Alexander Semin and Filip Kuba.


Is Parise playing his final games with the Devils?

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes tonight’s Stanley Cup Final game could be Zach Parise’s last with the New Jersey Devils, doubting the cash-strapped club can afford to re-sign him even if he wanted to stay. Brooks believes Parise could get offers comparable to what Brad Richards got from the Rangers last summer, suggesting the Blueshirts, Wild, Sharks, Maple Leafs, Red Wings and Bruins could be among the bidders for his services when he hits the open market on July 1.

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance listed Parise with Columbus’ Rick Nash, Nashville’s Alexander Radulov or perhaps Anaheim’s Bobby Ryan as scorers the Rangers could pursue this summer.

THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper reports Nashville Predators GM David Poile is prepared to either trade Radulov’s rights or let him return to the KHL this summer. Radulov will become a restricted free agent on July 1. Poile dismissed the notion such a move could affect contract talks with pending UFA Ryan Suter and RFA Shea Weber.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Devils GM Lou Lamoriello has expressed confidence in re-signing Parise, who has said the club’s rumored financial difficulties wouldn’t affect his decision upon where to sign. If Parise does hit the market, the bidding will be frenzied, and could come down to the Red Wings and Rangers, who as Brooks pointed out, have the cap space and the willingness to spend it.

It’s been reported the Rangers have contacted the Predators about Radulov, though it remains to be seen if he’s their prime target or “Plan B” if they lose out in the Parise sweepstakes or if the asking price from the Blue Jackets for Nash is too steep. I don’t believe the Ducks intend to move Ryan this summer.

No surprise the Predators have decided to cut ties with Radulov, as it was pretty much expected they would do that following his less-than-stellar performance in this spring’s playoffs, which featured his one-game suspension in the Coyotes series for breaking curfew.  Apparently, Radulov wants to stay in the NHL, and there could be a market for his services, thought it depends upon his salary demands.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: KHL team SKA St Petersburg is willing to open contract talks with Washington Capitals pending UFA winger Alexander Semin.

OTTAWA CITIZEN/OTTAWA SUN: The Senators are prepared to part ways with pending UFA blueliner Filip Kuba. They’re only interested in bringing him back if he were to agree to a pay cut from the $3.7 million per season he earned on his current contract.


  1. I dont think the Ducks will trade Bobby Ryan. The way he played down the strech under Boudreau, says it all. Carlyle isnt a bad coach, its just Boudreau opened things up and let the offensive guys play. That is why they had one of the best records after the all-star break.
    I would love to see Parise in a Ducks uniform, but I know it would never happen. But he would slide right in on the second line with Teemu (if he re-signs). I love the way he plays the game! But he will end up with the Rangers or Red Wings.

  2. Parise signs with the Bruins he is American and wants to win. I see him in black and gold. Detroit will make a strong push also.

    • Parise is half, of not all Canadian, yes born in the states but his dad was born in northern ontario

  3. Have to love people from NY saying the hated NJ Devils star won’t resign. That’s like someone from Calgary saying that an Edmonton player won’t resign, and also take a shot at the team.


  4. I’m hoping the Sharks land Parise, but would rather see them focus on Suter, and then pick up some very strong folks for the third line instead of spending their money in a bidding war….

  5. I still think Parisi will resign with the Devils as I think they will have some unfinished business. In watching the SC and the Devils performance, they just seem to be out of gas – and even though they are, they still are keeping themselves in the game. They had a longer, tougher road to take to get to the final and really didn’t get much time to recoup. Makes me wonder how different the games would be with Tallinder playing and a healthy Kovulchuk. My only concern would be is that the Devils have a lot of UFA’s to resign or replace and that may give Parisi pause. I really don’t see him signing with the Rangers as I think they are going to do something with Columbus for Nash.

    • Longer tougher road than LA? you might want to go back and see who each team played to get to the cup finals. You have to be from NJ to make such a statement.

    • Parise wants to sign with a winner. The devils window is closed because marty’s career is over this or next year at the very most!

      Are they just going to going find someone to replace marty out of no wheres?

      • Marty this year had a low .900 save percentage, 2.41 GAA.

        Only two goalies in the top 20 had a worse save%, and considering NJ’s game; 2.41 is good (except for the fact that goalies with around the game played as him, have 100-300 more saves).

        It’s not like Marty has stolen this season for them, and they finished with +100 points. Although Marty’s a first ballot HoF’er, and legend… his time leading the Devils under his unbelievable play are closing up, not saying that any goalie could do his job, but the way the Devils play… You could go from a Mike Smith TB to Mike Smith PHX (people forget he was a garbage goalie in Tampa Bay… only in front of a ridiculously systematic/defensive team is he accelerating).

        102 points signals a winner to me. Where does he want to go? NY for an additional 7 points, Detroit with the same points? Toronto as a bottom feeder?

  6. radulov would be a great pick-up for several teams, even my winged wheels. It would be great to see holland actually be aggressive for the first time in almost 10 years, but time will tell. I do believe we sign one big name player but holland will be, as he always has been, aggressive in tier 2 players.

  7. I hope ZAck parise will sign with Washington n give semin to the khl n I hope they make A few big moves this year

  8. i hope the flyers can sign parise, him and giroux could dominate on a line together

    • Claude + Pylon could dominate a line together.

  9. Radulov I believe would be a very good fit in Detroit. He plays the type of possession game they seem to like. I think he would enjoy playing with the players they have there so much that the KHL wouldn’t even be a thought in his mind anymore.

    As far as Nashville, just get Radulov out of there and clear the cap space for someone else. I don’t have any idea what their cap situation is but does anyone think they might try to take a run at Parise? That would surely show Weber how serious they are in wanting to win a cup.

    I don’t know how the Devils would afford Parise. I think he has got to take advantage of being the big fish and cash in on it. Not to often do guys entering their prime get to have complete control over their fate.

  10. why does everyone think all the big name players are going to go to the rangers?? not everyone chases the money and they havent won even tho they throw money at ppl to get them to play there< they are the miami heat/ new york yankees of hockey! and torts is a moron.

  11. If Parise was going to sign with the Devil”s he would have last year all players say there first choice is to remain with there team but thats just lip service.Suter is another example, both will be gone.Philly does not need another forward they need a goalie and a D-man.

  12. I still see Nash going to the Rangers. I think with them missing the finals they will take the leap and acquire him. I believe he would be a great fit with Richards and Gaborik.
    Still a possibility the Flyers could snag him if they want to include Van Riemsdyk and Bobrovsky in the deal. The price on Nash could go down. At the same time all it takes is 2 teams to start a bidding war.

    Uncle mentioned maybe the Sharks trying to sign Parise. I kinda feel bad for them. They just can’t get over the hump in the playoffs. Great regular season team. My opinion is they need to blow it up a bit. Sounds drastic but, trade Thornton and Marleau for assests to build around the younger guys. Turn it over to Pavelski, Couture and Clowe. Build around the young guys if the older ones aren’t getting it done. Boston traded Thornton and used the cap space to rebuild around the younger players they had coming along. Why shouldn’t the Sharks?

    Semin? I really can’t think of a place where he would fit right in. I think it is safe to assume after the smoke has cleared some desperate GM who missed out on the big fish will sign him. Maybe Florida to add some legitimate scoring depth?

  13. What about Parise to St.Louis?…they have cap space and a very good team with talent at all areas and are only really missing that one star element which Parise would provide….also it might encourage tarasenko to come over and then i believe st’louis is a legit contender….what say you Lyle?

  14. Mulenuts: I say Parise to the Blues won’t happen. Management has already indicated they won’t be chasing big-name free agents this summer.

    • I agree Spec, STL just needs a full year of healthy forwards, not more forwards. They may not have a flashy forward, but have a quite a few really good ones. What’s your thoughts on if NJ loses Parise, good idea to try and bring back Gionta? They can get a known, well liked guy for $5mill for the next two years that would lessen the loss a bit and I’d think that MTL wouldn’t ask for a lot for him.

    • Also, off topic, do you know of a website that gives yearly stats that includes secondary assists? I have seen articles that give examples of certain players, but out of curiosity, I’d like to see them all. Thanks if ya know one, if not, keep up the good work.

  15. i think the rangers standa good chance to sign parise if he does not resign with devils. the rangers have a great core but what they have and all the others teams mentioned dont- flyers-san jose- boston-detriot is a solid goaltender for years to come. everyone seems to be looking for goaltending. the suprise trade the rangers will make is to get jordan staal from pitt. parise will make the rangers just so much more on offence, well whatever happens there is going to be alot of player movement cant wait for july 1st

  16. Leafs should go after Parise and Weber.

    • Both guys want to go to a winner.

      Toronto is not that.

  17. My fantasy plan for the Rangers:
    First sign Ryan Suter to a front loaded contract
    Second trade Dubinsky, Erixxon, Christian Thomas, 1st round pick for Nash
    Third sign SEMIN to an incentive laden 1 year contract
    Resign Prust and Fedontenko IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT

  18. The Sharks are not going to get rid of Big Joe, instead they will try to find a partner to take Marleau as he has been a target as to why they can’t get over the hump. The thing is, Marleau is 32 and a $7MM man which I think a lot of teams will shy away from. The Sharks are going to have to do something to shake up the team, especially if they are going to keep MacLellen. I think they will lose out in the Parisi and Nash derby, but I can see them doing another type of trade. I would like to see the Sharks trade Pavelski/Clowe for Vanek/Roy/Webber. The Sharks would get a LW and Center who have the potential to score almost a point a game (both have in the past) and they also get a D-man who is 24, fast and physical. The Sabres on the other hand would get scoring potential, but they would also get what they need the most – grit and leadership. It’s time for Buffalo and the Sharks to give their “Core” a little tweak or shake.

    • Interesting view. One thing is for sure Wilson has to do something. If he stands pat and the results are the same come next years playoffs he will be out a job.

      Other teams in the west are getting better. Look at the progress of the Hawks, Kings and Blues in recent years.

      Maybe a character, leadership type guy needs brought in.