NHL Rumors – March 22, 2012.

Hurricanes to pursue Parise or Suter?…Predators hoping to re-sign Radulov…Another call for the Leafs to trade Phil Kessel…Update on the Flyers goaltending.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: James O’Brien linked to a report by TSN’s Darren Dreger claiming the Carolina Hurricanes could get into the bidding this summer for Zach Parise or Ryan Suter if they decide to test this summer’s UFA market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It would certainly be a bold step for the Hurricanes, and would also prove expensive if they land either guy. Think over $7 million per season expensive. GM Jim Rutherford would also have a significant sell job on his hands in convincing them the Hurricanes are building toward Cup contention, considering the potential bidding war for their services.  I’m not saying it’s impossible, Hurricanes fans, just pointing out it won’t be easy to land either guy.

Can Predators afford to re-sign Radulov?

ESPN.COM’s Craig Custance reported via Twitter Nashville Predators GM David Poile said it is his intention to re-sign Ryan Suter, Shea Weber and Alexander Radulov to contract extensions.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Assuming he can do this, it could cost over $20 million per season to lock up those three to long-term extensions. The Predators currently have over $31.9 million invested in 12 players next season. Ownership apparently is willing to invest more money in the lineup, so they could spend up to the cap ceiling for next season, assuming it comes in close to this season’s $64.3 million ceiling. The cap space is there for those three, but it won’t leave much afterward to fill out the rest of the roster with quality depth.

SPORTSNET.CA: Mike Brophy adds his voice to the media chorus calling on the Maple Leafs to trade Phil Kessel.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given Brian Burke’s disdain for the media, I doubt he’ll listen to their advice. Good thing, too, because trading Kessel would not be a smart move.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli reports Ilya Bryzgalov is the only Flyers goalie under contract for next season. Barring a trade, he expects Sergei Bobrovsky to be the most likely to return.


  1. Frank Seravalli is among the worst of a very bad Philadelphia hockey media group. The Flyers have 4 goalies under contract at the NHL/AHL level for next year: Bryzgalov, Sergei Bobrovsky, Niko Hovinen and Cal Heeter from Ohio State….after opening his story saying that Bryzgalov was the only one signed he goes into detail on Hovinen and Heeter.

    He’s the reason I don’t buy or usually even read the Philadelphia print media

  2. Once again NO PHIL KESSEL TALK !!!
    Dam !!!
    Wish list for Kessel trade however may have to add another leaf player in a deal of course

    Burke should look to either Nashville for Colin Wilson and Linback and a piece
    La Kings Bernier & Brown and a Piece
    Columbus for Nash
    Dallas for Leightonen and Loui Erikson ,Michael Ryder , Sheldon Souray ,Steve Ott

    Ive allready expressed that Philly is not all that happy with Bryzgalaf and was cricified for posting it in a trtade scenario a wek agao so I hoipe this is some concelation to see that a Philly newspaper has repoted that Bryzgalaf might be moved , it would make sense especially to remove some cash .Philly might want to go after Parise Suter or Weber and the Brysgalaf contract is in the way …he is expandable as Ive stated in the past Holmgren does not care about contracts or relationships if he is un happy for any reason and will move out anyone given the chance if he feels its improving somehow. Like I said I would not be surprised to Mika Kiprusof in a Philly uniform next year …Kippers no trade kicks in this summer and Ican see Clagary being a trade partner here to get a young player if Philly is succesful in getting a Parise , A Schenn Matt Ried Bryzgalaf scenario for Kipper and player prospect !

    David Poille is very smart and very patient…he can easily lock up those 3 players for 10 years each and have a successfull team each year no problem as they have great Goaltending, also all those players are the type of players to always get better and be succesful as they are established so if he wanted to move them at any time to help the books he would get a very good return even 5 years from now for any of those players …so its a very good invetsment and they would be a force for years to come !
    It is to be determined how greedy each of thiose players really are though as each one will be asking for
    $7 million -plus per season and a long term deal guarenteed money !
    Radulov does not care about the cup …hes all about the greenback ! He will cash in this time as a UFA

    I still feel that Parise gets locked up by New Jersey, with Martin Brodeur possibly taking a one year deal and maybe a hometown discount this would leave money on the table to sign Parise to a long term contract as the Brodeur money is now available …they have to address some defensive help and move in some propects to help with the financials but with Henrique and Kovolchuk plaing very well Parise can be successfull here for a long time !

    Should be Leaf Captain

  3. If Parise and Suter decide to hit the market, there won’t be too many teams not interested.

  4. @Chris

    Schenn, Read and Bryzgalov for Kipper and a prospect? It makes sense why people roast you for your treade scenarios!
    Flyers won’t have any interest in Parise, scoring isn’t a problem in Philly. I’m not the biggest Bryzgalov fan but I can say that he’s going to be wearing a Flyer jersey next year.
    Suter on the other hand…Flyers will be in deep for him.

  5. @ Puckhead
    It actually makes perfect sense….Philly does not need Schenn or Read and would take Kipper in a heart beat to address a solid goalie ( arguably the best in the world ) who is low maitanence and would be signed for a shorter deal than the Bryzgalaf deal so it makes more sense as Philly was way to quick to sign Bryzgalaf to such a long term deal …it really addresse the major needs RIGHT NOW for both teams to be successfull and involves some comlicated moving of money to address other areas!
    Obviuosly I do not have a crystal ball what players would be involved but that would ba starting point Holmgren would be all over this for sure if Kipper became an option which he will as stated his NO TRADE expires this summer …this is a very realistic deal as Calgary would be inheriting a new Franchise player to also be shown the ropes by Iginla and Schenn is a western boy …it really does make sense.
    Kipper may be available and Philly will be first in line as they are one of the only teams to actually have the players to make a deal of that size with the needs of both teams being equally addressed!

  6. @Chris

    Where did you get the idea that the Philly newspaper reported that Bryzgalov might be traded? The article says just the opposite – that Bryzgalov is the one netminder under contract for next season, and that of all the others, Bobrovsky is the one likely to return. There is no suggestion of Bryzgalov moving. And that trade scenario is the most ludicrous I’ve seen in a while. While Kiprusoff may be a better goalie than Bryzgalov, he’s not better by the degree of what you suggest is a future “franchise player” and also another guy who may be the Rookie of the Year!

  7. As a Leafs fan, I wish we could trade the Toronto media. I feel like they run our players out of town, or slander and libel our young prospects until they have no confidence that they’ll ever make the jump (i.e. The Sun posting a picture of Kadri with a baby soother in his mouth when he was only 19). Like, sure these athletes are in the spotlight, but they’re people too. Phil Kessel obviously pours his heart and soul into every game, even if hes not an all around player. Every winning team needs a top-flight scorer, so why would we move ours? It seems that these media members’ reasoning makes no sense whatsoever. He doesnt provide leadership, a two-way game to the team; no, he provides a near 40-goals and 70-80 points, with Macarthur and Bozak as his linemates. So why trade him? It makes more sense to add a player that has those qualities than to remove somebody because he has different, yet still vital, qualities.

  8. The worst GM in Toronto is the media, period.

  9. WOW its called topic up for discussion …..Philly has not been happy with Bryzgalaf for the most part of the season ..he spoke up at the out door game and made some inappropraite commenst about not starting that game and created confilct and was silently shopped around the trade deadline as well ..with that and other news it seemed to me that Philly would entertain possibly moving him if they get the right tender back ..now that a goalie such as Kipper might be available if Calgary was willing to use its option…I am merely suggesting that Philly would be the first in line …they can get Kipper who is miles better than Bryzgalaf will ever be and get save money in the long term by getting rid of that horendous longet term contract for Bryzgalaf …We will see if Bryzgalaf cracks as he has done every playoff year this year and you may find him moved in this off season for a btter goalie and for Philly to take on a contract such as a Parise ..Weber ..Suter ….that means Philly would also have to move out a youg gun to make room as well …I was purely stating that this would be a good fit for both teams needs and does make some snes for both teams moving forward and with money long term !

  10. Tornoto media has become the Jerry Springer of the NHL

  11. Phil Kessel is likely not getting traded unless (1) somebody offers Burke a deal he just can’t refuse or (2) the Toronto fans and media keep yapping about it until it affects his on ice game enough so that he gets booed every time he touches the puck and then becomes dysfunctional creating a subsequent marginal trade value.

  12. Just a point everyone needs to remember everythimg someone mentions the bad trade Burke made for Kessel and how he will never be able to make up for what he lost in that trade. When Burke made that trade we all know that he had no intention in finishing 2nd last that year otherwise he wouldn’t have done the deal and if you all remember Burke could have traded Kaberle and Kadri for Kessel on the draft floor but Burke felt it was to expensive. How many of us also felt it was to expensive at the time to loose Kadri and Kaberle in that deal? Probably most of us. It’s always easy to look back in time and say could have would of should of. The bottom line is most young drafted players have a very difficult time in Toronto which shows in their drafting over the years. I would love to see Segin’s development in Toronto if he was drafted here with the daily media pressure being touted as the second coming of Sundin, Gilmore and Clark all roled into one. There is a good chance he would have floundered well below his potential on a terrible team with constant media pressure not allowing him to develop at his own pace. Segin is on one of the leagues best teams surrounded by world class players and being protected by the likes of Thorton and Lucic. Throw Kadri into that perfect senerio and he may have been right up there with Segin’s development and numbers. Who knows is the point. As far as people saying they also lost Doug Hamilton… Well who knows if Burke would have picked him? There were 10 other tough choices on 2011 draft day that could have gone in the 9th spot.

    So next time you are ready to post how Burke lost that trade or how the Leafs will never get satisfactory return trading Kessel that will equal Segin and Hamilton remember had he not taken Kessel the Leaf’s could currently have a floundering Segin on the Marlies and and obscure 9th over all pick from last year that may or may not make the NHL. While Kessel could have 50 goals playing for the well stocked rough and tough Bruin’s. Then again had the Kadri, Kaberle trade unfolded we could all be screaming bloody murder that we gave up Kadri and he is currently leading the Bruins in points with tons of potential still to come.

    No one has a crystal ball and hindsight is 20/20.

  13. i agree the media in toronto can be ridiculous, but no one’s being forced to read/listen/watch it. the leafs have been struggling for a long time, and the media guys get tired of the same topics, so they make stuff up, like trading kessel. their job isn’t to be right, fair or smart, their job is to get ratings or sell papers. don’t take them too seriously, they don’t most of them don’t deserve the credit.

  14. @ beergoggles
    Very well said !

    I was a very big Kessel fan and pro deal at the time …why would you not want to aquire a proven 30 plus goal scorer at the age of 22 who is a pure sniper..of course you do ..Kessel was a very highly touted young gun and still is …the problem is that the rest of the team is not good around a Kessel and throws the rebuild out of joint which makes Kessel expendable becuase the team is not athe pace of Kessels progression ….and the only reason you would trade Kessel …as Ive said…. is becuas ehe is the only player that can get you exactly what you need in multiple players back …Kessel is a pure goal scorer and would flourish on any team …Seguin in Toronto would be getting all the flack Kessel is getting at this time because he would not be doing any better than Kessel .

    Seguin does not need to be a leader ..Franchise type player in Boston as they are stacked ..all he needs to do is just go out there and play well and score some goals and will get praised for it …but if was in Kessels shoes here …we would all be asking what do we do with seguin because of the Leafs woes ….he would not be any better than Kessel is here with the same team maybe worse!!!

  15. The Kessel deal was bad because Burke blew the wad to get him then forgot to put a proper team around him. Then he panicked grabbing prospects at the expense of taking on bad contracts. Then he overpaid huge for a few guys in FA that have been totally ineffective. That’s why the deals a bust, because Burke didn’t put the right pieces together. Seguin is going to be a 70-80 pt center for a long time and those are hard to come by. Dougie Hamilton is the offspring of two Olympic athletes, very intelligent, huge, and very good. Oh, and he’s a defenceman. When Kessel leaves for free agency after his contract expires that trade is going to look like one of the worst of all time for TO.

  16. If Kessel was on Boston he would have won the Stanley cup last year …and would have had 50 plus goals this year …plain and simple.

    If Seguin was on Toronto …we would be running him out of town and saying he was a terrible draft pick becuase there is no way he can be expected to carry the whole team on his back as Kessel has this season for points !

  17. @chris…

    your proposal makes no sense at all. The Flyers are actually paying Breezy less annually than Kipper is making, so motivation to move for money is a moot point.

    Schenn has struggled this year, but injuries have hurt his progression. I cannot see Philly trading him at this point, especially as a throw in for a 35 year old goalie.

    Read has been a huge surprise, and again he will not be a throw in for an old, expensive goalie.

    You over value Kipper…

  18. @Smielman
    Obviously you didn’t read my post because you are just looking at that trade from todays date and it’s solely based on how Segin has progressed in Boston as opposed to under the microscope in Toronto (ie Kadri). AND AGAIN who says Burke would have picked Hamilton considering all the over abundance of Dmen he has now (not that I’m saying they are great) but he probably would have picked a forward. In my book I think Burke knew how hard it was to draft a pllayer in the Toronto spot light and decided on taking a proven asset that could take the heat similar to what Fletcher did in the Sundin trade way back.

    I was saving this comment for Donneybrook when he posts how stupid my comments are but I’m being forced to use it now. I’m sure Burke, Fletcher and Nonis and there combined 100 years of NHL experience is a little more then most of the guys posting here.

    AGAIN hindsight is very easy to point out. Try making predictions up front when the trade goes down or doesn’t happen and follow it up with a constant barrage of comments for months or years about how the trade was wrong in your books until it’s proven you were right.

    Nothing wrong with admitting your mistakes as a GM and changing course which is what I think Burke should do with Kessel. If you can’t surround him with the right guys then change course and move him because he is one of your few highly touted assets that would bring a decent return to plug the bigger hole you have which is goaltending.

  19. Moving on …….

    With the recent slide of the Canucks and the open desperate market for some teams requiring a Goalie I can forsee the Canucks keeping Schneider moving forward and parting with Luongo somehow this summer.
    This is the season they need to make that big decision and it would seem more realistic than ever Luongo is asked to move on …I dont know how Vancouver can even think of moving Schneider at this point

  20. We don’t have to read/watch/listen to Toronto media, would be so much easier if there weren’t 15 of them ramming their reasons why they should be G.M. down our throats every day. From Don Cherry to every sportscaster on TSN and SPORTSNET, they all feel they should be G.M. and offer their opinions at every opportunity so when they run Burke out of town they can try to get their dream job. Would be much easier to not watch/read/listen if there wasen’t 100 media people covering the team. Burke is doing a fine job so I wish everyone would just chill the f**k out. If we made the playoffs this year would we win the cup, not a chance in hell, should we be satisfied with just making the playoffs..??? The cupboard was bare when Burke took over, and Burke has brought in some young talent that will make a difference in a year or two. Sick of everyone blasting him one month when the team is doing poor but if they go on a good run one month he should be P.M. of the country. 2nd youngest team in N.H.L……look at what is there and stop dreaming of what we could have. Hopefully we get va nice draft pick this year (looks good)……and we find a top 6 plus experienced goaltender, more peices to the puzzle.

  21. @Chris and Beergooggles

    First thing I have to ask is did you even read all of Lyle’s article above?

    “SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given Brian Burke’s disdain for the media, I doubt he’ll listen to their advice. Good thing, too, because trading Kessel would not be a smart move.”

    Not too many people seem to think it would be a smart move! I come here as do many; including the 2 of you i believe, because you think he usually has a pretty sound opinion on things. So coupled with pretty much everyone on here saying it would be a bad idea, do you still think it would be a GOOD idea.

    That’s it. Move on. You won’t get what you paid for him. Seriously you might be able to get a top center some day. Maybe if Crosby and Malkin stay healthy and commit to the pens, Jordan stall comes available, of a UFA. Who knows, but really, trading kessel would be a bad idea.

    I’m a Pens fan btw. Have been for nearly 30 years, from Lemieux’s draft, oddly enough i lived in Edmonton at the time and did for 20 years after.

    Anyways. I don’t think Philly should trade Bryzgalov for one major reason alone. You’ve recently signed players to big long term contracts because they wanted to play in Philly, and then shortly after shipped them out. Big UFA’s in the future may not want to sign with you if you keep those habits up. I know I hate moving ALL the time.

    Plus, if you actually look at his stats lately, he’s the reason they’ve been winning, not their goal scoring. 4 shutouts in something like a 1-0 (SO) win over TORONTO, who we all know has shitty goal tending and mediocre d, who go lit up by Boston abit of a similar team to Philly. also a 1-0 w, and a 2-0 one as well i believe against decent teams. If he plays well into the post season like he can, he’s doing what you really want playing when it matters, which most years he does.

    Lupul should not be Captain. 1 good year, doesn’t make you a captain. Dion phaneuf, clear example.

  22. But Goggles, your dabbling in the “what if” territory regarding that deal and I’m satig what the results have been. In my post I explained HOW and WHY that move is a epic fail so far. Based on the results. If kessel stays then the last part of my post is moot. What if he stays? What if seguin had come to TO? What of my aunt had testicles? No where in my post did I think I should be GM, I’m doing hat all of us who post here do and that’s arm chair GM and discuss. There’s no other word but epic fail for Burkes tenure in TO to this point. JFJ’s team had more points than any of Burkes teams. Of the leads had gone with a proper rebuild in these three years through high drafting and smart signings they would be much better off for the future, right now it looks like they have a handful of guys you would keep and you would cut the rest and hope for some good drafting. It’s the exact position JFJ left the team in. I don’t care how good guys play on the marlies right now. They are all 2-3 yrs away from being in the Show and developing. Bottom line is, Burke gambled huge and lost the Mortgage money. Now he divorced his wife (Wilson) and the bank (MLSE) is about to take the house. Time for a new family to move in and fix it. I just worry about the kids….


  23. Oh, and I just had to cut and fertilize my grass here in southwestern Ontario in march. And I was sweating. WTF. Really??? It’s nice out though. Lol

  24. Ok so… “I’m sure Burke, Fletcher and Nonis and there combined 100 years of NHL experience is a little more then most of the guys posting here.”
    And you wonder why I think the way I do. I mean you and other fans like yourselves really do believe that. I guess people like you have some experience, you know, have everyday experience of the working and going-ons of an NHL team? The press that gets all this access have their collective heads up their asses and are in touch daily with the team and management and still come up with dumb ideas like trading a dynamic top 3 goal scorer and top 5 points producer who is under 25 and now turning their eye towards the lead ship of the team. The same leadership that when the leafs were playing a top of the league earlier on, no one had any issue with the leadership. Odd how that is.

    So no. No fans and/or media don’t have a little less experience than a real GM, we have none and playing NHL11 or 12 and building or making trades in that game is nothing like the real thing. Nor do reporters report anything useful 9 out of 10 times; however much like the fans, they can come up with idiotic trade proposals, rumors and general opinions that are presented as facts. In other words, garbage!

  25. @bleedblue 100% agree with you. Plus even if the Leafs would of made the playoffs this year, before the series, they would write how the team has no chance of winning. And then once they get eliminated they’ll write about how much work still needs to be done and if this team can be anything more that a first round exit team. No one seems to acknowledge how much the team has improved since he has taking over and how far there is to go. No one has ever turned around any team or any organization in under three years or four years or five. I believe Burke was right when he said that he wanted to do an accelerated rebuild because he already knew that this teams fans and media have no patience.

  26. “There’s no other word but epic fail for Burkes tenure in TO to this point. JFJ’s team had more points than any of Burkes teams.”

    You know, I don’t think that has anything to do with JFJ’s abilities as a general manager; people seem to have forgotten that during JFJ’s entire tenure, the Leafs had a guy named Mats Sundin who would score 90 points and single-handedly make the team dangerous. So saying that “JFJ’s teams had more points than Burke’s” doesn’t really mean anything, as JFJ didn’t sign Sundin, he inherited him, and he was a BIG BIG difference maker. If we still had him playing at the level he was a few years ago, I suspect we wouldn’t even be discussing the two regimes this way.

    And I swear, I have NEVER seen a prospect more totally blown out of proportion than Tyler Seguin. People make it sound like the kid’s the second coming of God, and all it took was for him to be picked with a traded Leaf draft pick. That reaction alone rebuttals any argument anyone could make about players not being massively pressured by the fans and the media in Toronto. What other team has fans and announcers constantly bringing up what could have been “if only they hadn’t done X”?

    You can’t assume that Seguin would step into Toronto and score 90 points (though a lot of fans seem to think this way). Who would score the goals? At that time, the biggest goal scorers on the team were Poni and Blake, and they were averaging 20 each. He’d have to score by himself, like Sundin did. Of course, that’s assuming the Leafs take Seguin at all, or that they finish where they did without Kessel, or a million other variables that would have to be factored in to the what if that everyone ignores…

    However, it is a fact that if the Leafs had drafted a high prospect that year instead of trading for Kessel (Seguin or Hall, take your pick), and they came into Toronto and scored the point totals they did (or for that matter, scored the point totals Jeff Skinner did to win the Calder that year), the media would have been screaming about the GIGANTIC MISTAKE the Leafs made not trading the “useless” prospect they had for a “proven” player in Kessel. Because when it comes to the Leafs, they can’t win.

  27. @Chris

    The first thing you should do is learn how to spell. Perhaps then your posts may be taken more seriously…or not.

  28. @ Dark Phoenix

    Good post …pretty much the way it is …its unfortunate that there needs to be more changes in such a small amount of time that makes the trade look even worse…but I still feel that Kessel is a better pure goals scorer and seguin just looks better because the whloe Bruins team are top players …if Seguin was in Toronto all by himself like Kessel is …he would not look as good as he does noe thats for dam sure …hed be booed out just like Kessel is now!

    You dont have to be a real GM in the league to make hockey decisions and post them here …….scenarios always make sense if there is two willing partners and the needs of those two teams …the rules dont change for us bloggers and the real GMs …the money is all the same the cap does not change and the needs of each team is very evident ……anything can be discussed and in reality anything can happen …I still feel you will see more trades in this off season that if posted here everyone would be saying THAT IS SO STUPID YOUR AN IDIOT …but could come to fruition ….now more than ever the only way teams change the tide or there club is through a trade …..its the only way to make the money work and get the players you want in a cap era …..Paul Holmgren is the master at this and has proven this to be true ….it will be a model that more GMs will styart to embrace …..thats why the Draft has become more important …it gives you options to trade propects as gold !! Less and less propects will actually play for the teams they are drafted by !

  29. @ Chris
    – The Flyers will not trade Bryzgalov. I don’t believe they are unhappy with his recent performance after some initial “speed wobbles” earlier in the season. The Flyers committed $51 Million over 9 years to Ilya and gave him a No-Movement Clause, these all act as deterrents for moving him. Yes, Richards and Carter were both traded within hours of each other in the midst of long-term contracts. Paul Holmgren (the “master”) did this once. Using those examples as a rule instead of an exception is just plain naive.
    – Philadelphia does indeed have great need for players such as Brayden Schenn, Matt Read and Sean Couturier. Stating otherwise just shows your lack of understanding of those players and their importance to the team they play for.
    – Calgary will not trade Kiprusoff unless Jay Feaster implements a complete tear-down and reboot this summer, which he has stated he will not do. With Leland Irving playing well in his cups of coffee at the NHL level, it’s likely that Henrik Karlsson will find his way out of Calgary.
    – Nearly every other poster on here has stated what a bad idea trading Kessel at this juncture would be, so I’ll let that speak for itself rather than adding my opinion to the cacaphony once again.


    Does your life ever get repetitive posting the same thoughts over and over, day in, day out, hearing the same logical voices shooting down your ill-advised “proposals”, etc, etc, etc, etc? You complain that you offend people and rub them the wrong way. That’s simply not true. Fact is, your posts are nonsense. Don’t fret though, there’s a solution out there for you, it’s a helpful little tool called Common Sense. If for any reason you can’t locate and acquire this tool, you can always post on that “other site”… You know, the one that rhymes with schnockeyfuzz?
    There are several awesome, knowledgeable posters here that know their hockey inside out and understand the many complexities that go into making trades in the Cap-era NHL… Unfortunately, you’re not one of them. You don’t take into account basic trade fundamentals like team needs, asset value and contract clauses. My advice, go for a walk and clear your head of any Leaf-related thoughts (this season isn’t worth devoting anymore brain power to than you already have). Then, if you really really feel the urge to post something, spend some time checking facts, doing research and thinking logically about it before typing anything.

    If I offended you at all, you’re taking this post the wrong way so I make no apologies. If you don’t want to be flamed for every post you make, you need to change your ways. Just consider this as constructive criticism aimed at making you into a better poster here.

  30. @ Robert Esquire ….with a name like that I better watch my gramar …..so sorry ! You must be a teacher !
    Do you wear the watch too! or hold a wine glass with your pinky straight out??

    I will try and do a re read instead of hitting submit to better my gramar..sorry!

  31. @ THewes

    I actually posted an apology to you yesterday on the blunder I made with an extra year on Kessels contract ….I thought I might be in your good books for that ! Guess niot !
    Actually I make sense ….I guess you must be in every GMs office when he inquires about players what he wants and what he needs because you must know everything at that point ….my scenarios are simply scenarios that do work in cash and with needs …..even Burke has stated that he has been thrown Anchors and have had bad inquireies about trades so that means other GMs are unrealistic in what they want too !
    I do look at cap structure and needs …its that you or some of you dont see it the way I do ….I have my own opinion on things I dont need validation from you to make myself feel better or what I feel to be true ….nothing Ive posted is unrealistic or does not ever work in the cap …its just we dont know what the other GM thinks ….its just your vies against my view……who knows if we asked 10 GMs about some of you posts or some of my post …you might get 6 out of 10 Gms agree or some not …..its called having an opinion thats what this area is for ….just like some people agree on this site with others and some dont agree with others all the time ….but everyone here posts truth ….and everything posted here can happen but most of its just opinions for the topic of conversation that we all like to talk about ….there is a means to the madness !

  32. @ Thewes

    Just out of curiosity ..I will leave it up to you to find truth …Howmany players on the Flyers were there 4 years ago….maybe 1 ….if that ……Holmgren has maintained an unbelievable competitive team by mixing in good youth ..draft picks and managing money very well by never binding himself to a player in a personal way …he has mastered the art of a great hockey team by compiling a fantastic list of players through the whole line up by doing everything and anything to get what he wanted ….and that includes silly trade scenarios!!!

  33. @ Thewes


    Let me give you this shocking revelation …….I dont agree with you !!! and thats ok!
    Unfortunately Bryzgalaf was signed in a knee jerk fashion by Philly and they signed him way too long …now they want other players but in the UFA market or a Nash type deal and theve handcuffed themseleves…I truly BELIEVE that if Holmgren can get out of the Bryzgalaf contract this summer he will !! If Kipprusoff is avaialable and Feaster wnats to move him now that he can Philly is one of the ONLY teams that has the depth of players to make that transaction and at the same time taking money of the books long term and getting (arguably ) the best goalie in the world …it would help Feaster in a slow roast rebuild and in return could get a new Franchise type player to grow with the team and still keep Iginla as a role model ….I can just se thi type of scenario ..thats all ….sorry !

  34. @Chris
    You are way to nice on this site when it comes to fighting back with guys like Donnybrook, Thewes and the rest of the dopes. All they do is post the same crap over and over “Duh Leafs suck, Duh your trades are stupid, Duh your grammer sucks, Duh you are stupid. Takes some real morons to pick on you day in and day out with the same comments. Don’t worry I always read your posts because at the end of the day even if some of the trades don’t make total sense to me at least your commentary has some colour in it as opposed to the bunch of bland comments coming from these guys.

  35. I agree that we can’t know for sure what discussions are had between NHL GM’s behind closed doors, but we can infer certain specifics such as: Philadelphia has an absolute empty cupboard in terms of high-end forward prospects, so it’s doubtful they would move a Calder Trophy candidate, a touted future captain drafted 5th overall and ranked by THN as the top NHL prospect in 2011 and a highly regarded 8th overall pick to acquire an asset at a position in which they have already invested a great deal of time and money. That’s where common sense and a brief glance at a team’s organizational depth chart can help out.
    Paul Holmgren has worked incredibly hard to assemble a competitive nucleus of young players, adding and replacing players through the draft, college signings and various trades. What he HASN’T done is follow in his predecessor’s steps and continually moved draft picks and prospects for veterans and deadline rentals. I think his preference would be to allow this young core led by Claude Giroux to grow and mature together, hoping for them to gel as a cohesive unit and compete for the Stanley Cup within a couple of seasons at most.
    I don’t believe Philadelphia will get into the bidding for Rick Nash and would instead prefer to let Matt Carle walk as a FA with hopes of replacing him with Ryan Suter come July 1st.
    And it’s spelled Bryzgalov. Considering all the media attention he’s received, it shouldn’t be hard to spell correctly.

  36. Look at the Leafs roster and depth charts prior to Burke taking over. Looks very bleek!
    Now look at what Burke has done since taking over. The team is in far superior shape than it was prior to Burke taking over. I think everyone is forgetting that the Leafs are in rebuild mode!!! The team is going to be in great position to add to what they currently this off season and I truly believe the Leafs make the playoffs next year. Anyone who says trade Nash for Kessel, you’re an idiot. How is obtaining Nash an upgrade? The point I”m trying to make is the Leafs simply need these two players to play together, or Kessel and a #1 centre…. They need to add to what they have! They do not to rebuild, they are rebuilding!

    @ Chris
    I swear to god I get 3%dumber while reading your posts. A combination of ridiculous ideas and grade 1 grammar makes it nearly impossible to give you any sort of credibility to anything you say. The worst part is, your posts are novels. As much as I want to skip over them, it’s like, whats that crazy critter gonna come up with today!!! lol Today’s Philly proposal was not even close to being realistic. If you want to create discussion post something that makes sense and you won’t be targeted for being an idiot.

    @ Smielman
    “what if my aunt had testicles” hahahaha you almost got me fired lol In fact that whole post was golden lol

    @ Ice Bear
    I agree with everything except for the fact that the Leafs got smoked on that trade and it’s time to move on. If you look at the big picture, the deal to obtain was a slight overpayment, but at the time who knew it would be a second overall pick. I’d rather have Seguin no doubt, but Kessel is top 10 scoring and those players aren’t easy to come by. Essentially, that deal was balanced out in the Kaberle deal where Burke fleeced Chiarelli by snatching Colborne (a first round draft pick) a 1st round pick and I believe a second, but I could be wrong on that one. If you look at the big picture, the Leafs may be in better position now than they would be had they kept that pick.

    I';m not a Leaf Fan, just live near the city and have to hear about this team the most. I’m a Pens fan as well (have since 1991). I think we gots the cup this year Ice Bear!!!!!

  37. @ Thewes
    I would have to say Holmgren is potentially the best GM in the league. Philly is going to be a scary team next year. Giroux is a better player than Richards, and Schenn will be better than Richards will be in two years so this was sheer genius on Holmgren’s part. Philly’s problem year after year was goaltending. He addressed that need this year and Philly is striving. It will be interesting to seeif Bryz can carry his hot hand into the playoffs as that would make them a legit contender. If not this year, I agree, within the next two years solid contender for sure. Trading guys like Read ( I think he should consideration for the Calder) and Schenn is just backwards. I do potentially see the Flyers going after Nash as a Giroux Nash combo would be scary, but I like your idea of them letting Carle walk and making a run at Suter.

  38. @ Ice Bear
    After re-reading your post, I think part of my post directed at you was from reading another, and i mixed in the two lol my bad man

  39. @ beergoggles …thanks man!

    @ crazyfists ..

    .if you want to keep all those guys you just said are untouchable …how do you get Nash ??

    I am sure at the trade deadline the Howson – Holmgren conversation on Nash included every player you mentioned so it would take at least 2 of those guys to get Nash if it were to happen… IMO
    I feel Schenn maybe a guy in play most times because he is most coveted by many teams…..
    Philly has there nose to the cap so big money will have to go out and if its to a team in a rebuild VIA a trade they will have to give up youth to make a trade possible ……this is precisely why I had stated that it would be good to trade Bryzgalov …as his cap hit is too much for too long and handcuffs Holmgren and by bringing in Kiprusoff it would lighten the cap hit a little upgrade the goalie and have some more money to go after a UFA such as Parise or make a trade for Nash type player …they will unfortunately need to address that before they can sign anyone …sorry !

    Guys Iam here to have fun ….if I wnated to argue id hang out with my wife not hear …wow did I just call you guys a bunch of winey chics …sorry !…ooppps

  40. @ Chris – Fists never said they were untouchable, just that dealing them for Kiprusoff would be completely backwards. How do you know it would take at least 2 of those players to get Nash? I guess you’ve been in the war rooms of all 30 GM’s and know exactly what players everyone is asking for. Clearly we are all simple knaves for doubting your omniscience.

    Seriously, if the Flyers’ endgame was to send money out the door, Matt Carle walks and JVR gets moved for high quality picks/prospects. That saves a shade over $7.65M against the cap, which is reportedly set to climb to roughly $69M, and that in turn would give the Flyers around $12M of space to throw at UFA’s while moving only one asset (as highly regarded as he may be – dream on Leaf fans hoping to get him for Luke Schenn, that’s a Brian Burke “anchor” trade right there). However, the Flyers goal, as I mentioned before, is to assemble a nucleus that can move forward together and compete for the Stanley Cup not just once, but for years to come. Paul Holmgren will continue to build his nucleus and bring in complementary pieces (ie Jagr) to fill holes and provide some leadership and guidance along the way. It’s a decent model, maybe your buddy Brian Burke (or one of his seven assistant GM’s) should be taking notes.

  41. Ilya Bryzgalov is the only goalie under contract who could fit the “one player one buy out and off the CAP books” that for instance, the Blackhawks will use to get Olesz contract out of the way and off ythe books.
    I think that they will weigh the early results with the inproved results and consider if the Cap space could be spent better different ways

  42. I used to love reading all the comments on Spector’s site for some additional insight and interesting trade theories from a group of devoted hockey fans. Think it may be time to move on though as certain people are turning the comments section into something akin to school yard bickering. I know it’s easy enough to simply not read the comments section but I always like reading the opinions of other fans, so long as those opinions are intelligent and comprehensible.

    Spector, if you’re reading this, I love your work but I’m going somewhere else now. Freedom of speech has unfortunately sullied your website’s good name.

  43. @Durt and TopRight
    Where are you dudes today? I always like reading your take on the Burke/Leaf negativity that filled the board today.

  44. @Thewes

    Your going to hate me even more now for some reason ??

    I agreee with you LMAO

  45. Howdy Boys,very busy lately and a lot of reading here to catch up.
    first,the toronto media sucks and most of them know nothing and just like being soap opera writers.
    they are so bad if the leafs went 81-1 they would bitch all day about blowing a perfect season.

    second,no way you trade kessel.he may be a little soft but you cannot teach speed or his great sniper ability.
    as for seguin,i agree he is the product of the team he plays for and would have done little in toronto at this point and would be right where kadri is being called a wasted pick and bust.

    btw,seguin could not handle playing centre and was moved to the wing where if you watch his linemates set him up very well for a lot of one timer into half empty nets.
    and when the bruins suffered in february almost as bad as the leafs mr seguin had less than 10 points while mr kessel faced all top d men and the best checkers and lost his top linemate and still got his points.

    No offence to philly fans all uppity about jvr being great and the leaf players stink all i say is when he actually gets over 60 points,the mark of being good,then you can tell us how great a player he is.
    until then he is a 40 point guy that gets injured and still wears the ‘potential’ tag and is not worth 2 or 3 players in a trade.

    as for burke i still like what he has done over what he inherited.
    leafs had totally nothing when he got here with stajan the top forward and white the best dman and awful goalies.
    now they have many good young guys,a 40 goal sniper,good farm,and some good looking picks still playing in jr a.

    sure some things went bad like connolly and komi and going with 2 young goalies etc but more has gone right then wrong and i still think idiot wilson cause a lot of the wrong and it will take some time to correct the damage he did.

    i think a reliable vet goalie,does not have to be the main starter but a mentor here and giggy was the guy but again the media ran him out of town more than leafs not wanting to resign him.

    a centre for sure,but since half the teams in the league want one it just tells you how scarce they are so even tho i did not like the big bucks grabbo got it had to be done.

    and last i would like to add another positive in that i was an aulie guy and liked him and was wondering about that trade.
    but after seeing this kid ashton play i am all in on that deal.
    a forward with some size and speed and bangs and has grit and should be able to bag a few goals.
    so again i have to say burkie did right.

    idiot wilson wanted speed and skill but it cost us in size when burke got him what he wanted.
    give some more time i think burke will come through and get randy a couple of bangers and grit and find that vet goalie.
    burke has admitted bad judgement before and did something about it and will again.
    he will not sit still and just shake his head,he will get back in there and try to fix it.

  46. Chris, you’re Firewilson right?

  47. @chris
    Are you serious? Yes bryz struggled to start here. He wasn’t the only problem though it was the defense too. They fixed it now he is doing fine. Homer has said time and time again he thought it would take Bryz a full year to get use to Philly. KIpper are you kidding me? Flyers have zero intrest in him. Wasn’t it homer that said Kipper was a fading star. They wouldn’t trade all that for him in the first place. Bryz will be fine here they just got to sure up there D by re-signing grossmann and maybe replacing carle with a physical Dman. Bryz will be a Flyer for years to come.

    On frank Seravalli he needs to go check his facts Bob is signed next year plus a few guys in the ahl.

  48. @Topright
    Well said. I agree with everything except for the Kessel thing. I think everyone is availble for the right deal /price and if that means a franchise goalie is availble for Kessel then I think you do the deal especially under Carlyles system and go find a couple of 15 to 20 goal scorers to replace Kessel but only if that perfect “keeper” is available.

  49. @topright, i completely agree and lets not forget we have the second youngest team in the league!

  50. “I think everyone is forgetting that the Leafs are in rebuild mode!!! ”

    No, most people know the Leafs are in rebuild mode; there’s just a huge disagreement about how it should be approached. Thanks to a group of recent Cup winners, it has gotten into too many people’s heads that the only way to rebuild a team is to tank for 1st overall, and that 1st overall is guaranteed to be a difference maker. Neither of these things is true, but a lot of idiots believe it. That, ultimately, is the root of the arguments about dealing for Kessel; general consensus is that the Leafs could have gotten a better players using the 2nd overall. That, of course, assumes that the right player is drafted, that he jumps to the NHL fast, and that he starts scoring at an insane rate. You could just as easily end up with an Alexander Daigle or a Brian Lawton instead. Even sure things tend not to be as sure as the scouts like to make people believe.

  51. Re-signing a guy who’s already run off on you once is kinda like shooting a bullet in the exsisting hole in your foot. Wasn’t in favor of it here in Pittsburgh with Jagr, not in favor of it for Nashville either.

  52. Money isn’t what will likely keep the Preds from signing Radulov, it’s more that Radulov appears to just be working the system to get himself to UFA status. Rads is holding all the cards right now and the Preds organization handed all the cards right to him. I’ll be shocked if Rads re-signs with them. Meanwhile, the Preds blew up their team chemistry by allowing this charade to transpire and not coincidentally have lost their two games since Rads stepped foot in Nashville by a combined score of 11-3. All this so a guy can play a handful of games to get himself to RFA status. The team should have made Rads signing a contract extension a prerequisite to playing again on this team.