NHL Rumors – May 18, 2011.

Assessing which Flyers forwards could stay or go, possible moves by the Hurricanes, and updates on Alex Tanguay, Jeff Deslauriers and Oscar Moller.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio recently recapped the Philadelphia Flyers forwards performances this season, suggesting Jeff Carter is the most likely to be dealt to address their goaltending issues, while Scott Hartnell could also be a trade candidate. If UFA Ville Leino seeks more than $3.2 million per season the Flyers probably won’t re-sign him. RFA Dan Carcillo might not get a new contract, or one that he’d like. Ian Laperriere will likely never play again due to post-concussion symptoms, and Nikolay Zherdev won’t be re-signed.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Carter’s name has been in the rumor mill for several years now yet the Flyers have retained him. Sure, it’s possible they could shop him this summer, but that expensive 11-year contract (with trade clauses that kick in after next season) could also keep him tethered to the Flyers. Hartnell might be a more viable trade candidate, although it’s not the first time his name has popped up in the mill without anything happening. Leino might be willing to re-sign for under $3 million per.

RALEIGH NEWS & OBSERVER: Chip Alexander reported on the “state of the team” press conference delivered yesterday by Carolina Hurricanes general manager Jim Rutherford, particularly the potential off-season roster moves he has in store. Rutherford will likely re-signed pending UFAs Erik Cole and Chad LaRose, but may lose Joni Pitkanen and Jussi Jokinen to free agency. Veteran winger Cory Stillman could be back but not if Jokinen is re-signed. He could also add a defenseman via trade or free agency as well as someone to help bolster their power-play, plus he’ll look to add an experienced backup for Cam Ward and perhaps a fourth line center.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: My thanks to everyone who notified me as to the pertinent player issues noted above. I’d say it’s a given Cole and LaRose stay, Pitkanen won’t be back, and it’s a toss-up if Jokinen or Stillman return. Rutherford shouldn’t have too much difficulty finding an affordable, experienced backup and a fourth line center via free agency this summer, but it’s going to cost him to bolster his defense and add a power-play specialist.

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis recently reported Flames GM Jay Feaster said re-signing pending UFA forward Alex Tanguay remains a realistic goal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given how Tanguay has bounced around in recent years and his genuine happiness playing in Calgary last season it’s possible he could accept less money than what he’d get via free agency to remains with the Flames.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports Oilers goaltender Jeff Deslauriers will be eligible for UFA status this summer and isn’t sure where he stands with the club. Matheson believes if the Oilers want Deslauriers back, he’ll have to agree to a two-way deal, so he might have to test his options via free agency by either signing with another NHL team or playing in Europe.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I doubt the Oilers want him back and if they did I don’t see Deslauriers accepting a two-way deal or even a one-way deal if he ends up spending another season in the minors. He’s a goner via free agency, but where he ends up remains to be seen.

LAKINGSINSIDER.COM: Rich Hammond reports a Kings source confirmed forward Oscar Moller has been talking with several Swedish teams and it is possible he could play in the Swedish Elite League next season, but it would be with the Kings blessing, plus his contract would contain an “out” clause, allowing him to return to the NHL, presumably to the Kings.


  1. hey spector

    We all know that Calgary has cap issues, so this summer they have to make miracles happen to actually improve their hockey team. I remember an article on this site that said they could resign glencross and tanguay, but after that they would have basically zero for anyone else, barring a trade to move salary out…..
    now glencross is resigned, and tanguay could be next, so how will they make their team better???????
    i think that signing glencross was essential for this team to move foreward, but does this screw them over for adding anyone else?

  2. Carter is a 6 – 3 Center who skates like the wind, has a nasty shot, back checks and is a legitimate 35 goal scorer. 5.25 mill for all of that is not bad today and there is no reason to believe those attributes will dissipate any time soon. His contract takes him into his mid 30s. Will he be scoring 35 goals in his mid 30s? Who knows. Will the cap continue to go up? I would so yes.

    If he could just stay health in a playoff the Flyers would be able to witness how that translates in the playoffs. That is his only weakness at this point in his career.

  3. mb Sarich or Regeher have to move, there’s no other way.
    I like Deslaurier, hope he gets a shot somewhere (PHX back-up?)

  4. I get the feeling that this years UFA group apart from a select few will have a hard time getting what they think they are worth. Even though there is a salary cap its still not a perfect system. For example the rich teams will always buy to their limit what ever the limit is. This means they have no problem over paying for a player which drives the market up. Teams that want to run their teams in a responsible fiscal manner are put in a tough position. I would like to see the max you can pay a player come down to a a number that is fair.
    Even in this salary cap era, nothing has really changed. The market is driven by agents/lawyers who have no problem driving up the price even when they know it will hurt the team and is bad for the game. After all someone has to pay for that new boat and cottage on the lake. I just wish the agents would stop telling everyone I’m only doing whats best for my client, it’s always about getting paid. It’s interesting that the Vancouver ex agent who is now the GM doesn’t see it this way now he is incharge of paying the bills.

  5. How does anyone stick up for Jeff Carter?
    He has been a non-factor 2 years running, which explains why ‘rumor millers’ point to him.
    He backchecks? mmhmm.

  6. You’re right tux, it’s real hard to defend a guy who plays on both sides of the puck, uses his size and is one of a handful in the NHL who could be called a complete package. Seems like you’re only taking the playoffs into account. If that’s your basis, then everyone on the Islanders must really suck!

  7. Chaas…..I know Carter has that reputation, but where are the results? He looks good in like 1 of every 5 games. Being a complete package and never coming to play is just not that sweet.

  8. which is why there is so much talk of trading him. Cause he’s a non-factor…..complete package or not. If you want to watch a top-liner play both sides of the puck, check out Corey Perry. Cheaper, and comes with heart.

  9. but yeah chaas, being 6-3 is nothing to shake a stick at.

  10. I think tux has a legit point concerning Carter. He does have all the intangibles, and could be one of the premiere goal scorers for years to come, but he does it in bunches and he is sometimes invisible on the ice. I think that he is a great player, but there is a reason that he is in rumor mills every season!! If the flyers were so keen to keep him, then they should cone out and say it and end the rumors once and for all. Until then, I still think he is trade bait

  11. You guys can speculate till you’re blue in the face, but Carter isn’t going anywhere. You know how I know this? Cause Homer just signed him to a 10 year contract. That tells me that he is part of they’re core and isn’t going anywhere. If he was trade bait, his term would have probably been a lot shorter. Trading the likes of Coburn, Versteeg or maybe even Hartnell makes a ton more sense then Carter.

  12. Yes Durt! It’s not JUST that i think he bites, it’s that completely absurd contract……i can’t believe these journalists.