NHL Rumors – May 19, 2012.

Updates on Zach Parise, Ryan Suter, Nicklas Lidstrom and Dennis Wideman.


Could Parise join the Rangers this summer?

NJ.COM: Rich Chere reports J.P. Parise, father of Devils captain Zach Parise, was quoted in a Minneapolis paper saying the NY Rangers would be a good fit for his son if he becomes an unrestricted free agent this summer. J.P. subsequently said he wasn’t speaking for his son when he made his comments.

TORONTO STAR: Damien Cox doubts the Maple Leafs will pursue Parise if he becomes available this summer, believing they’ll instead pursue Columbus Blue Jackets winger Rick Nash.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The possibility exists the further the Devils advance, the greater the likelihood Parise could re-sign with the Devils. I’m not surprised Cox doubts the Leafs would pursue Parise if he becomes a UFA, since they’re not expected to be among his preferred destinations.

THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper reports it sounds like next week could be decision week for Nashville Predators defenseman Ryan Suter.

THE DETROIT NEWS: Ted Kulfan reports there’s nothing new regarding Nicklas Lidstrom’s future plans. It’s expected he’ll make a decision on returning or retiring by mid-June.

WASHINGTON TIMES: Stephen Whyno reports it’s hard to believe the Capitals would be willing to pony up $5 million per season to Dennis Wideman if that’s his asking price. Wideman earned $4.5 million this season on a four-year contract which was worth a cap hit of just over $3.937 million per season, and the blueliner hasn’t spoken yet with GM George McPhee.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless McPhee pulls a swerve and trades away Mike Green, it seems unlikely he’ll invest in retaining Wideman.


  1. I’m not saying that I believe Parise will be a Leaf next year, but if there is a list of preffered destinations then the Leafs are probably on it. I know haters will point to the fact he’ll want to be on a contending team, but I know for a fact that the Leafs were his favorite childhood team. Does that mater? Probably only a little, and that’s why I think he ultimately won’t end up in TO. The Rangers and Bruins seem the most logical fit.
    I would love to land Nash, but if it takes a huge package including our first, I hope we could atleast get one of columbus’ late firsts so we can draft Thomas Wilson.
    Maybe our 5th overall, Gardiner, Kule or Mac, one of Frattin or Kadri plus another prospect like D’amigo or Blacker for Nash and LA’s late first. It may take more, but I don’t think Burke will give much more. As is that would deplete our farm quite a bit, but if BB was able to land the 6’4 tough as nails Wilson as a long term project we could restock the cupboard a bit. I don’t think Columbus will have very many options as far as trade destinations so sone of the more outrageous packages I’ve heard in the past simply won’t happen. It’ll take a lot, but not half of the teams talent.

  2. I would of thought that the leafs would go after all those names in the off season. Sure seems to be a different player each day rumored for them. Just watch TSN for any answer any team is doing

  3. I’d be shocked if Parise ends up in Toronto for a lot of obvious reasons. The fact that he was a fan growing up means very little IMO.

    I’m curious what Lidstrom will do. I think he’ll return, but if not I could see the Wings making a serious pitch for Suter, assuming Nashville doesn’t trade his rights elsewhere before July 1.

    As for Wideman, I don’t think he’s worth over 4 mil/year, but there’s certainly worse defensemen making more than that so we’ll see. If he becomes a free agent he may have a lot of bargaining power to the teams who miss out on Suter.

  4. With the Devils performance in the playoffs this year, the “I want to sign with a contender” excuses go away. To me, I think Parisi wants to be the “big fish” and felt that with the signing of Kovalchuk he was being “overlooked”. I think he will resign with the Devils and really don’t see him signing with the Rangers or Leafs. I could see the Rangers focusing more on going after Nash and doing a deal with Columbus – perhaps offering up Dubinsky and Ansimov for him. But, I can also see the Sharks offering up Marleau and Clowe for him.

    • Dubinsky & Ansimov for Nash? Ha ha

  5. The leafs will likely send out feelers to all the free agents and likely will have some offers sent out to them also. Just because they go for them does not mean they will get them. The leafs will look into Parise, just like they will look into Nash, and a number of other potential signings or deals. Parise might have Toronto on his list, but I don’t see him considering them as a top 3 potential spot. I think its the Devils, Detroit and outside shot of NYR as I think they may look to move Gaborik out of town this offseason.

  6. I would like to see Buffalo try to get Parise. Obviously our #1 need is a big first line center, but someone as talented as Parise would definitely make the Sabres immediately better. Buffalo should have Stafford talking to Parise as soon as the Devils are done. They have been playing together since they were kids and Staff is going to be in Parise’s wedding this summer. Buffalo has made a lot of changes and they are making it more of a place that players want to come and play. If they can’t sign Parise, then I say wait for next year to make another big splash when there are a lot more quality players available.

  7. Parise has said himself it’s not so much about the money but going to a contender with a chance to win.

    It’s hard to determine in July if the contending team he picks (if he leaves NJ) will win the Cup. So much can happen. It took Marion Hossa 3 teams before he got to the one that did win.

    The longer NJ goes in the playoffs the more likely Parise stays… if the Devils can afford him.

    As for Nash… Columbus is looking for a lot. So for any team it would start with the first round pick.. a good roster player and a high level prospect. Columbus wanted from the Rangers either McDonough or Del Zotto and Dubinsky or Callahan and Kreider. That’s way too much for Nash.

    But then the longer it goes — and if Nash insists on the trade — the smaller the return will be. Also the return will depend on the number of teams on his list. The smaller the number… the smaller the return.

    Now when players who have a NTC and they ask for a trade they control where they go — it hurts their current team. I think in the next CBA negotiations, the owners/GMs will ask that the NTC becomes null and void when it’s the player requesting the trade. The Senators were screwed by Heatley as he would only go to one team… Nash at least have given 5.

    • In hindsight though Ottawa made out pretty well by getting the best player in that deal!

  8. Parise staying in New Jersey may not be dependent on how far they go, if he isn’t comfortable with management, or ownership, why else would he have made the comment before. Lidstrom still hasn’t said one way or the other, not a surprise given the past few years, personally I think he makes it one more year just based on comments he’s made about still having fun

  9. Gotta love the Preds not making us fans wait until June for the free agent stuff to heat up!

    After the finals, May can usually get pretty boring hockey-wise.

  10. @ Durt -Don’t know much about Wilson, but sounds like the right kind of player for BB.Just curious though. I like the idea of Nash to TO but where doe he play? Does he bump Lupul to second line, or does he become a wingman for Grabo?

    @AdamBuffalo – I would not bank on Stafford staying with the Sabres, so Parise is really a long shot.

    I cannot wait until the draft and off season trades. It should be much better than the last couple of years, if for no other reason than the highly touted teams that floundered in the playoffs (Vancouver, Boston, Philly).

    • Don’t know where you put Nash really, obviously the first line, but I think a GM’s job is to assemble the most talent possible and let the pieces fall ad they may. If he’s ok with playing LW then put him with Kessel and Bozy. If not, run two first lines with equal playing time…dependson chemistry I guess. And Wilson us absolutely a Burke player, kids a beast! Expect Boston to pick him with their first rounder if the Leafs can’t get him before.

  11. Murph – I don’t see Stafford leaving the Sabres – he had some really good chemistry with Ennis and Foglino at the end. We already know that Boyes and Hecht are gone. I like Hecht, but for his health’s sake, maybe he can do something for the Sabres in Rochester. On the other hand, I see Roy being gone and can also see Darcy throwing Vanek’s name around – like dropping the line in and seeing who nibbles. While I can see the Rangers chasing Nash, I can also see the Sharks going after him but not offering Columbus enough for him.

    I would love to see the Sabres lobby hard for Parisi, but I think he is gonna stay with NJ – With that being said, I can see Buffalo doing something with the Sharks – swapping Vanek, Roy and Weber for Pavelski and Clowe. A change of scenery for Vanek and Roy and Buffalo gains the leadership and grit they are lacking.

    Meanwhile, Buflo needs to resign Sulzer, Ennis and Brennan.

  12. @Steve and Murph

    Did you hear the year end call by Darcy? He said that he felt the core of this team needed a shake up. He didn’t disclose who or what was going to happen, but said if he could do it, the core would change….take that for what it is, but it tells you where the GM is trying to head.