NHL Rumors – May 23, 2012.

Updates on the Devils, Sabres, Wild and Flyers.

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Mike Sielski reported on speculation over where New Jersey Devils captain Zach Parise could end up this summer, listing the NY Rangers, Detroit Red Wings and Minnesota Wild as rumored suitors.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Don’t dismiss the possibility of Parise joining the Rangers if he and the Devils are unable to come to terms on a new contract. The Blueshirts will have the cap space, and have built toward Cup contention in recent years. Signing him, however, is another matter.

Could Roy be shopped this summer?

WGR550.COM: Paul Hamilton reports Buffalo Sabres GM Darcy Regier recently updated his team’s off-season status. Regier said no decisions had been made yet on pending UFAs Brad Boyes and Jochen Hecht. He’ll look at the UFA and trade markets to bolster his club, and doubts a new CBA on the horizon will hurt the market. Hamilton said he knows Regier has been trying to trade center Derek Roy for nearly a year, but Regier’s comments seemed to leave the issue open, saying he expects Roy to return for next season “at this point”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Regarding Roy, if the Sabres can find a taker for him and get a reasonable return, they’ll trade him. Otherwise, they won’t.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo recently reported Minnesota Wild GM Chuck Fletcher and forward Guillaume Latendresse will meet soon to discuss his future. Given Latendresse’s recent injury history, Russo doubts the Wild qualify his rights at $2.5 million, meaning they’ll have to negotiate a different contract or he becomes a UFA.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Latendresse won’t find many takers if he hits the UFA market as his injury history will dampen interest. The smart move would be to re-sign a one-year deal with the Wild for less than $2.5 million, and hope to parlay a strong, healthy performance next season into a more lucrative, long-term deal.

CSNPHILLY.COM: John Boruk believes the Philadelphia Flyers need a better backup than Sergei Bobrovsky. He recommends shipping Bobrovsky to the minors next season where he can be a full time starter, and bring in a more experienced backup on a short term deal. He lists Tomas Vokoun, Johan Hedberg, Josh Harding, Scott Clemmensen and Chris Mason as free agent targets to fill that role.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Not a bad suggestion by Boruk, though the one problem is they could lose Bobrovsky via waivers if they demote him or attempt to recall him during the season. If they’re committed to Ilya Bryzgalov as their starter, they should try to trade “Bob”, even though (as Boruk suggests) his poor play down the stretch may have hurt his trade value.


  1. I always thought Roy would be a good fit in Calgary. With most of their forwards coming off the books this July, I can see room for him in their top 6. I think you’d see a rebound in his play centering Iggy and Cammy.

    • The Flames are rebuilding, I do not know if Jerome Ignila wants to be part of that process, or if he wants to win the Stanley Cup elsewhere. Ignila hits free agency in 2013.

  2. Jochen Hecht was out for the season with a concussion. Being his third concussion in recent history, there may be questions of his health. I do not know if his condition has improved, so knowing his prognosis comes first. When Hecht is healthy, he is a versatile player in center and wing.

    Brad Boyes, acquired from the Blues in 2011, filled a roster spot for the Sabres. Boyes has not produced points for the Sabres, likely lacking the right linemates to produce with. If Boyes is not included in the Sabres’ plans for the next three seasons, he will test the free agent market.

    Derek Roy remains in the trade rumor circles with inconsistent play and attitude off the ice. Clubs do not want to take on a player like that if he’s tying up millions in the last year of a contract. I think Roy has struggled not playing with better linemates and not being mentored properly in center, areas the Sabres should take some heat. If the Sabres can find takers for Roy whiel receiving quality NHL roster players in return, good for them. If Roy is stuck with the Sabres for awhile longer, I hope he rebounds.

  3. Boruk should obviously do more homework before he posts his articles. As Lyle said, Bob has to pass through waivers first, and I’m sure he would be claimed by another team. While Bob didn’t do a good job as backup this past season, Bryz didn’t meet expectations as the starter either.

    However, while Bryz didn’t “meet expectations”, and looked very shaky and inconsistent for most of the season, the popular excuse has been; there is a period of adjustment in the first year of a huge contract on a new team. Especially on a team in a hockey mad city.

    His overall numbers, for the regular season, were not THAT BAD. I think it was either Ray Ferraro or Darren Pang that said, it takes a good goaltender to win, especially when they’re playing bad. Yes, Bryz had a less than ideal year with the Flyers, but his stat line was 33-16-7, 2.48 GAA and a .909 SV%. Those are pretty decent stats for a “bad year”.

    That being said, his playoff numbers are simply horrific. He was unable to steal a single solitary game. And although you don’t really like to blame one person for a team’s failure, you must at some point expect a “franchise goalie” (or someone signed to a contract deemed appropriate for a “franchise goalie”), to win a game or two, all by himself.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Bob, steals the starting job from Bryz at some point next year.

  4. Roy when he is on is a point a game player. Last year he was coming off his torn quad tendon and it definitely effected his play. His attitude and laziness also added to his struggles. Roy has played long enough at Center and with the Sabres to know what is expected of him – his ego and immaturity just keep holding him back from being a premier player cause he sure has the skills. Another is Vanek and while I like him, his emotion, maturity and attitude also hold him back. When he misses a shot or makes a mistake – it effects his next few shifts as his aggravation and frustration are written all over his face. He gets too down on himself and really needs to grow up – in fact both Vanek and Roy need to grow up. There are teams out there that need scoring – and I think a package deal can be made somewhere (can anyone say Sharks). Might not be a direct deal, but could be a 3 way deal. Seems that Parisi and Nash are the big ticket items – but I think there are a few others that could generate some interest like Stoll, Mitchell, Wellwood, Winnek, Penner, Parenteau, Duchene, Downie and Jones – to name a few. I keep harping about a deal of Vanek and Roy for Pavelski and Clowe as I think it would fill the needs of both teams scoring for San Jose and Leadership/grit for the Sabres – both teams would benefit. Thing is, Sharks need to do something big if they plan on keeping MacLellan and their fan base and Buffalo needs to move some players that have attitudes – give them a change of scenary while gaining leadership cause we sure ain’t getting it from Roy or Vanek.

    • Thomas Vanek has similar inconsistency issues to Derek Roy. Vanek’s problem is lacking the point producing top center to work with, a role both Roy and former Sabre Tim Connolly struggled to assume.

      Cody Hodgson has potential to become a top center with a consistent serious work ethic. If the Sabres can bring in a top center to help mentor him, then I look forward to seeing the results.

  5. It seems we are all in agreement. Vanek needs to go too.
    He never earns his entire salary. So much money for a guy who struggles to get 30 goals a year. He isn’t even a point a game player for $7 mill?? I say out with both of them.

    • I do not think Thomas Vanek needs to go. He has struggled with the wrong linemates and the lack of the point producing top center for most of his career.

  6. How about a deal centered around Patrick Kane and Derek Roy?

    • 1.) Do the Blackhawks want to part ways with Patrick Kane?

      2.) Would Kane fit into the Sabres’ plans?

      If Kane was tradeable to the Sabres, it would take more than Derek Roy going to the Blackhawks.