NHL Rumors – Saturday, June 2, 2012.

The latest on Roberto Luongo, Ryan Suter, Zach Parise and David Jones.


Luongo to Toronto?

CBS SPORTS: A rumor making the rounds in the blogosphere this week claimed a deal which would send goaltender Roberto Luongo from the Vancouver Canucks to the Toronto Maple Leafs was “90 percent done”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: My thanks to everyone who sent this in. Folks, approach any blogosphere-generated rumor with extreme caution, regardless of the supposed success rate of “breaking trades” by the originator. They are not accredited media people, which makes their credibility and sources suspect. According to respected media sources like TSN’s Darren Dreger and ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun, there’s nothing currently percolating on the Luongo trade front, while the Vancouver pundits (who cover the Canucks for a living) also report the possibility Luongo could return to the Canucks next season.

Yes, it’s possible Luongo could be dealt this month, and yes, it’s possible he could go to Toronto, but a prospective deal involving teams in Canada’s two largest cities and a player of Luongo’s caliber wouldn’t go unnoticed by the media. 

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance reports on the possibility teams could target the rights to pending free agents like Zach Parise and Ryan Suter later this month in order to gain exclusivity in negotiating with them if their current teams are unable to re-sign them.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s been a growing trend in recent years, much more so than offer sheets. Wouldn’t surprise me to see the same happen to Parise and/or Suter if they fail to reach agreements with their current teams on new contracts.

THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper reports Nashville Predators GM David Poile held constructive talks with pending UFA defenseman Ryan Suter on Thursday, with the two sides slated to meet again next week. Poile seems optimistic about re-signing Suter.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s widely assumed Suter would test this summer’s free agent market, but the Predators are committed to re-signing him as well as continuing to build as a Cup contender. It’s by no means a certainty he’ll leave Nashville.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater reports preliminary contract talks between the Avalanche and pending UFA winger David Jones have begun.


  1. Luongo wont be dealt for such a dumb proposed 90% finalized deal. The decade contract man is worth more on the market than Schenn and a 3rd. Flyers are trying to get Schenn for JVR, a prospect and picks. Luongo to Leafs wont happen. Tampa is more likely

    • Luongo, because of the contract is not worth Schenn. Maybe a 2nd round pick and Komi, and maybe blacker. If he goes to the leafs, they may as well trade away a couple of their goalie prospects.

      • I think I’m the only Leaf fan that wants to keep Komi. But I think you’re on the right track, just a little low. I would suggest connolly and next years first.

        • That is to say IF the Leafs want Luongo. I think Vokoun is the safer bet.

    • Keep on dreaming that Luongo for a second round pick. Look guys put yourselves in Burkes shoes. IOf he does NOT get the Laefs into the playoffs he will be fired. So who is the best goalie to get them into the playoffs LUONGO BY A COUNTRY MILE
      His contract is for another 6 years = same age as Broudeur
      TO has a ton of money and if you think that Burke cares if they have to buy out Luongos last 3 years of his contract which is minimal = its not a big deal.
      I think that Brayden Schen and the 1st round pick to Vancouver for Luongo.
      What did Bryzgalov get last year for Philly HMMMMM!!!!
      I also think that its a good deal for TO because Luongo will get them into the playoffs and its good for hockey. No other goalie in the NHL can do that.

      • When you don’t even know the names of the players you’re trading it kind of negates your argument and lessens your opinion. Brayden Schenn (two “n”s) plays for the Flyers. Luke Schenn plays for the Leafs. Unless you were suggesting Philly acquire Luongo to play with Bryzgalov, and that would just be silly.

      • You’re nuts if you think you can get Luke Schenn and a 5th overall for Luongo. You’re absolutely dreaming!

    • “Flyers are trying to get Schenn for JVR, a prospect and picks. Luongo to Leafs wont happen. Tampa is more likely”

      You over value Schenn. I doubt the Leafs would get just JVR for Schenn straight up, let alone prospects and picks thrown in.

      JVR had an injury riddled season….he will be a force next year. He has too much talent to not become what he was expected to be.

  2. Luongo != Tampa.
    Tampa has 2 Possibilities in Ahl(Tokarski has given up one goal total in his last three Calder cup games). The have draft choice to pick or trade for prospects. They have a proven backup under contract. They can get a 2 year fill in like Voukoun well within cap space & build a much stronger defence to protect average goaltending, The scoring is OK. Luongo doesn’t fit the plan, and isn’t the once in a lifetime opportunity tha would cause you to dump a plan that’s working & jump.

  3. for non-geeks, != means “not equal”

  4. Constructive or not, it’s going to be hard to keep both Suter and Weber.

  5. Britton if the Flyers want Schenn for JVR plus im sure that the leafs would pull the trigger. Stevey Y said Lu was not coming to Tampa could be a bluf but who knows. I would say it would take a 3-4 million salary player plus mid prospect(Blacker,Dimgo)and next year 1st or 2nd. Lu to leafs is pretty much grauntee playoffs, if Lu was on leafs this past season I would say they finish 6-9 in east.

  6. We will here Toronto rumors all summer. Isn’t there more teams in the league that make trades or have rumors. What would Toronto give up another First round. The hit on salary would cause not much to play with even if they want a top centre. Something like that comes with a price.

  7. I think if Luongo goes to the Leafs part of the package will have to include a goalie prospect who can play in the AHL now, like Rynnas, or prospect like Owuya.

  8. I think a trade to Tampa Bay is much more likely. Tampa has much more tradeable assets than Toronto does, and they too are in need of a goalie. So here it is. It’s either Vancouver keeps him, he gets traded to Toronto, or gets traded to Tampa.

  9. Tampa Bay Trade: Teddy Purcell, 2nd round pick, Sebastian Caron to Vancouver for Roberto Luongo, and Dale Weiss.

    Toronto trade: Nikolai Kulemin, Colton Orr, 2nd round pick, and Ben Scrivens for Roberto Luongo and Andrew Alberts.

    I think these trades look realistic and possible.

  10. @Lyle For what it’s worth – Vancouver is Canada’s 3rd largest city, not 2nd. 😉

  11. i doubt tampa goes for luongo. they can’t really afford to have two bad contracts (luongo and lecavalier) for an extended time, and i don’t think yzerman is desperate enough to make that trade. he’s only 2 years in and has made the playoffs once, so he’s got some breathing room.

  12. I think the smart thing for the Leafs is either Vokoun or Thomas on a 1 year deal and it’s gives them a year to evaluate Reimer and Scrivens. Basically they want to know if Reimer is the next Gustafsson. Scrivens looks great and could at the most spend 1 more year on the Marlies before getting the call. I would love Thomas for a year or 2 and I bet Burke would love to bring another American aboard and give him a chance to stick it to the Bruins and bring the Leafs to the playoffs. It’s not everyday you can pick up a Champion goalie for nothing one year removed from the cup. It almost seems inevitable that Thomas should come to the leafs. I also think he will trade for Stasny from the Avs and the asking price shouldn’t be that high as want to have Duchene and O’Reilly as their top 2 centers next year. I know Burke will do anything he can to get Schultz as he loves to bring back his former draft picks. That leaves the Leafs like this:

    ? – Grabo-MacArthur



    I obviously think that (Komisarek, Lombardi, Connelly) won’t be on the team next year! That also leaves (Kadri, Franson, etc..) included in a trade for a LW on Grabo’s line….hopefully Nash! I know it will cost a lot more than Kadri and Franson to get Nash but package in a non-first round pick and a prospect like D’Amigo or Colborne or Rynnas could be enough! I like that squad and it’s not hard to believe it’s attainable! IMO

    • pass around what ever your smoking man…I need some too.

      Thomas…you expect to get him for nothing? You expect him to play next year? If the Bruins do trade him, I would assume they would want more than a bag of pucks for him.

      Stastney is not going to be traded…The Avs had the chance to move him, and chose to keep him over Stewart. He is a great young player, and the ONLY downfall for him is that he was overpaid to early.

      And now Nash…lol…how exactly are you planning on adding over 20 million in just three players?

      I realize this is just your idea, but if you are going to post it here, you should really think it out.

      Let me guess, if Thomas doesn’t come to Toronto, then Lundquist will be, because, you know, he didn’t carry the NYR to the finals this year, and so he can be had for the old stick boy….lol

    • and no, that would not be anywhere near enough to get Nash. A first is a given I think, and they would want can’t miss prospects…not players that can’t make a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in a decade.

      Please think realistically when posting your rumors.

  13. Heh Burke I’ll give you Thomas for 2 first rounders and a 2nd.

  14. This is going to be a MUCH more interesting offseason that last years.