NHL Rumors – Thursday, May 19, 2011.

Examining which Flyers blueliners could stay or go, the possibility of the Rangers shopping Marian Gaborik, and updates on Fredrik Modin and Oscar Moller.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio recapped the Flyers defense corps, suggesting Nick Boynton won’t be re-signed, that Matt Carle and Braydon Coburn have high trade value if the Flyers decide to shop them, plus recommended the Flyers should re-sign Sean O’Donnell but a strong push from prospect Erik Gustafsson could stand in the way.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flyers moving either Carle ($3.437 million for next season) or Coburn ($3.2 million) – but not both – seems more likely to me if they’re looking for possible trade bait to upgrade their goaltending than moving Jeff Carter and his expensive, lengthy contract. Boynton and probably O’Donnell won’t be back.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Jesse Spector analysed Marian Gaborik’s performance this season and cast doubt upon speculation Gaborik could be shopped this summer. “Those who make such an argument apparently find it easy to ignore the 42 goals that Gaborik scored for a Tortorella-coached team in 2009-10, not to mention the winger’s no-trade clause and the fact that his value on the market after a disappointing season is disproportionally low”, wrote Spector.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Jesse (no relation) is absolutely correct. While it’s of course possible Gaborik could be dealt, the odds are very much against such a move.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH’s Thomas Reed “tweeted” veteran NHL forward Fredrik Modin has reportedly announced his retirement.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll take a look at Modin’s career later on my blog once further confirmation of Modin’s retirement is received, but it’s been apparent in recent years injuries had taken their toll on his effectiveness as an NHL player, so his retirement was inevitable.

LAKINGSINSIDER.COM: Rich Hammond further updated the status of 22-year-old Kings forward Oscar Moller, who is expected to sign a two-year contract with a Swedish team this summer, noting the Kings will have to extend a qualifying offer to retain his rights, which if as expected Moller rejects will enable them to retain his NHL rights until he turns 27, when he’d be eligible for unrestricted free agency.



  1. Carters contract is not expensive for a 30 goal scorer, just above 5 mil….however it’s long. Matt Carle won’t go anywhere, he’s Prongers defensive pair and they are consistently good. Coburn I can see leaving, O’Donnell as well. Nonetheless, someone has to take the fall to get a goalie.

  2. If Philly moved Coburn and Leighton for two players still on there elc contracts, assuming the cap goes to 62 mil next season, the Flyers should roughly have an extra 6.5-7 mil to add a goalie, a depth forward and re-sign Leino. In theory, they could sign Bryz(3.5 per) and a 3rd liner…barely. Trade candidates? Colorado,Yip and/or Stoa come to mind, St.L, Edmonton, possibly Atlanta or Columbus.
    Trading Carter makes NO sense.

  3. In my opinion i would like to see Meszaros go as well as maybe Hartnell. that would free up 8.2 mill per season. re-sign Leino for 2 years at 2.75 mill per sign bryz for probly between 4.5- 5.25 per and be able to re-sign the role players(nodl,carcillo,powe) o’donnell probly would come back at .9 per and Kevin Marshall is also ready for a shut down role. and if you wanted to get crazy trade Carter and a 4th for Zack Parisa! how good would Richards and Parisa be together! also Dustin Brown has an afordable contract at 3.175 per and if we didnt want Bryz maybe the would do Mezzarios and Carter for Brown and Bernier.

  4. @ Tristan
    Lombardi won’t trade Bernier for Carter and his huge contract straight up so the likelihood of him throwing in team captain Brown for and over-paid, inconsistant, and not-needed defenceman seems rather absurd.

  5. There is no way Bryz signs for 3 million. Try more like 6 million per year. And nobody wants Hartnell or Mezaros

  6. Yeah Durt I like your thinking on Yip, but I think Coburn might be a keeper, as he’s not in his prime yet. I would move Meszaroas while his value is up, cause he looked excellent this year.

  7. I can see Carle being moved, but I’d rather keep Coburn. Nobody’s talking Leighton, why would they? O’Donnell would be a very cost effective resigning, but the Flyers do have some very promising young dmen waiting to get their chance, Gustafsson, Marshall, Lehtivuori, Bourdon and Bartulis. I watched Gustafsson play a few times…he looks good. Bartulis and Gustafsson are the kind of players that could possibly step into Carle’s spot with Pronger, and Marshall is a definite shut-down guy… he’d benefit from playing with guys like Timonen and/or Mez.

  8. Don’t understand why everyone is so low on Hartnell hes been solid for Philly and comes up big in the playoffs. Carle and Versteeg should be packaged in a deal for a goalie that frees up roughly over $7 mil in cap space (maybe to LA for Quick which could be cap friendly) and by releasing Leighton and letting Zherdev walk they can re-sign Leino. They should try to target someone to play with Richards he was hurt this year by losing Gagne and was easily shut down with Nodl, Carcillo and 2 very ineffective players in Versteeg and Zherdev

  9. i think the oilers would be the best trade partner with the flyers considering the oilers need a guy like coburn and could possibly take on carter if the deal was right…like say cogs,khabibulin, and depending if they pick RNH or larrson in the first round even throw in gagner for carter and coburn….i dunno deal may sound bunk for flyers fans but i think it would be a great deal from a oilers point of view….hell throw in a second rounder or even LA’s first round we got this year!

  10. Flyers should trade any combination of carle versteeg hartnell. People say carle is good with pronger which may be true IMO Meszaros can be just as good if not better. Hartnell people say know one wants which I find hard to believe. I would trade hartnell because I think briere needs to play with a better defensive player. Briere’s line is great offensively but kills the Flyers in their own end. Versteeg just doesn’t fit. I would trade 2 of the 3 and maybe all three if they can. No way I trade carter he is cheap compared to other contracts with his production. I know his playoffs have been full of injuries but he is 26 and still can be a playoff performer. Carter IMO is also hard to replace at a 5.2 cap hit in his prime.

  11. ship out carle versteeg(for sure) put a young d-man with pronger and go for a goalie not bryzgalov try schnieder,or lindback. If minny is willing to part with burns we could package up a deal with minny to get backstrom with burns for carle versteeg and prospect homer get it done

  12. carle, versteeg and a prospect for backstrom and burns? that’s all that’s going back to philly? why not throw in leighton for koivu? don’t sell yourself short, philly fans.

  13. If Philly doesn’t want Carle or Versteeg because of their downside and/or contract, what makes you think anyone will turn around and package two of their three best players for them? Prospect or not, that’d be a terrible business decision. It’s the stuff of pipe dreams

  14. I respectfully withdraw my previous post as GusMacDuff’s post was about a million times more entertaining.

  15. @GusMacDuff.. Are you serious? I think thats one of the dumbness comments ever.. They is no way Minny will do that. Backstrom is an amazing goal but lack talent in front of him and Burn is one of the most Underrated dman in the league. The only way of getting them would be carle, versteeg, CARTER and a high pick..

  16. No, JoeBoat, he wasn’t serious. He was making fun of the other idiot poster. Try paying attention.