NHL Rumors – Tuesday, March 27, 2012.

Updates on Parise, Suter, Selanne, Price, Gagne and more.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Chip Alexander recently noted rumors have the Carolina Hurricanes potentially pursuing New Jersey’s Zach Parise or Nashville’s Ryan Suter if they hit this summer’s UFA market, though he points out no one in management have indicated they are in fact targeting those two.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s because it would be considered tampering, as they’re still under contract with their respective teams, but as Alexander noted (as well as TSN’s Darren Dreger last week), Rutherford has suggested the team could be in position to pursue a high-priced free agent this summer. 

Where will Parise end up?

NJ.COM: Rich Chere recently ranked the Devils chances of re-signing Parise at “50-50″, consider the Detroit Red Wings the Devils biggest competitors for Parise’s services, the NY Rangers as a “definite possibility”, and the Minnesota Wild as “probably a long shot”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some folks have assumed Parise will sign with the Wild, but he also said how important it was when in talks with the Devils that he’d have a chance to play for a Cup contender, which the Wild aren’t anywhere close to becoming. If it just comes down to money and the Wild are willing to pony up, then yes, it could be a possibility, but if Parise wants to play for a contender, then Chere is right that it could be a long shot for the Wild to land him.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Jeff Miller recently interviewed Anaheim Ducks winger Teemu Selanne, who hinted at the possibility he might not retire after all, but could return for one more season. As in recent years, he’ll let the Ducks know by July 1st of his intentions.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Selanne has been an ageless wonder and posted up solid numbers again this season. Let’s just hope he’s not going to the well once too often here. I’d prefer to see him retire while still capable of playing well, rather than have my final memory of him as a fading star no longer capable of playing up to the level expected of him.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Mike Boone recently noted it was a relief to hear Canadiens goalie Carey Price sound optimistic over his contract negotiations during a recent pre-game interview with RDS.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canadiens will re-sign Price. He and Subban are their priorities this summer, and while it is possible a rival team could try to pluck away either guy with an offer sheet, those have been rare and pretty much empty threats in recent years.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports Devan Dubnyk seems to have laid claim to the starting goalie role in Edmonton, leaving the question now if the Oilers stick with Nikolai Khabibulin for one more season as a backup. Matheson suggests a comparable for Dubnyk, whose contract is up at season’s end, could be Chicago’s Corey Crawford, who last year signed a three-year deal worth $2.67 million per.

RDS.CA’s Renaud Lavoie recently tweeted LA Kings winger Simon Gagne has no intention of retiring, as he’s working hard to try to return from a concussion either before the end of the season or the playoffs.


  1. I can see Ryan Suter signing in Edmonton and Parise in Detroit if they aren’t retained by their respective teams. I can also see Gagne having a comeback season next year with a team willing to gamble on a short term contract…maybe Pit?
    As much as Selane is an awesome story, I can’t wait till he retires. It seems every year we have to sit through the off season wondering if he’ll return. Before him it was Neidermeyer. Enoughs enough. Shit or get off the pot. Stop making me remotely care what happens in Anaheim lol!

  2. Selanne needs to retire, Ducks are a mess trying to re-kindle the past. Bring up Kyle Palmieri and put him in Sealanne’s spot, the kid can put the puck in the net. Time for Ducks to rebuild from ground up.

  3. DurtMChurt….There is No way in hell Suter will even remotely consider going to Edmonton, period! IF he’s not resigned by Nashville he is going to a team that can pay him what he wants but also is a cup contender. Plus why would he choose Edmonton to live in when he is American and can choose ANY city he wants? Suter makes more sense in Detroit than Parise does, especially if Lidstrom decides to hang them up.

  4. Canadian King, I also thought of Detroit…and maybe San Jose for Suter. But Parise wants to be with a cup contender with cap space, I just think Detroit makes more sense for Parise considering it’s unlikely the Wings get both. Maybe you’re right though, Detroit has some up and comers (Jorncrok sp?, Tartar etc) and with Bertuzzi resigning, they may not have room or need for an another forward no mater how skilled he is. Where do you see Parise going if he doesn’t resign? (let me guess…LA lol!)

  5. Hey guys UP EARLY today …!! LOL

    Dont count out Rangers for Parise the ultimate American city to play for and Richards there long term could be a good threat for years to come and with the KING in the pipes they are a contender every year frome here on out !
    Sather is ver creative and would come hard at this I wouldnt be surprised if Sather signs both Parise and Suter somehow, hes worked miracles and will bury anyone to get what he wants …hes emotionless when building a cup contender and gets what he wants ….plus with the fall out with Howson on Nash Iam sure now Parise is front and Center !! Always thought Parise is the prefect Detroit player …but still see him in New Jersey!

    while missing the playoffs may call it quits this year and not taking a trade may signal that …I personaly think he has at least one good year left with a team on the verge of winning it all ….I would like to see him with a team for one last shot …no one deserves it more for another kick at the can !

    Hes all about money right now thats it …plain and simple…. he is looking to set himself up long term financially and will take the best offer with the team that is on the cusp every year and will pay him top dollar!
    I still think he stays in Nashville as that is a team in that category unless he wants to step outside the shadow of Weber …if he moves on Weber gets signed the next day longterm !
    Don’t count out the Wild this year either for tryinmg to get top players !

    I dont have the magic today guys the solar powered crystal ball is on the fritz!

  6. I am not so sure that Suter is the #1 that everyone thinks he is. Similar to Hamhuis (who was looked upon as better than Suter in the Nashville organization) he went to Vancouver and has not been the #1 guy they thought they were getting. Still pretty damn good, but not elite.

    As for Parise, I think Detroit is the best fit for him. I think the odds are favourable he resigns in NJ, but you never know. Lots of teams would be interested…

    On another note, how the hell is Martin Erat making $6M this season??
    And next year Tyler Myers is going to make $12M and will be the highest paid player in the NHL!!! That’s ridiculous.

  7. If Chuck Fletcher wants to land a “Big Fish” or two this offseason then I can see the Wild signing both Suter AND Parise. The cash is there.

  8. Special Note :

    The time is right for Burke to be a desperate son of a bich and go back to his old school…. F you ways and put in an offer sheet for Carey Price …..do it now while the Ownership and Management is in dissarray in Montreal as they are on the cusp of turnig over Gautier iam sure …..time to stop being Mr Nice guy !!!
    JUST DO IT !!! Plus oits a rival team you will be competing with for a playoff spot for years to come ..moooohaaaaaaaa!!!!!

    My dream may have come true …well …almost …not yet ….Burke on TV last night scouting Radek Faksa in Kitchener …….finally Burks gets down to business and gets out to scout games and doesnt leave it up to the poor scouiting they have had over the last 15 years what a disgrace !!!!! GET OUT AND SEE SOME GAMES BURKIE !!!

  9. @Nikk

    Was un aware that Myers was going to make that kinda of cash …STUPID !!!
    Buffalo will regret that when they need other players at some point and there is no money left …it always happens ….I would have thought that the teams would have learned there lesson after the Kovolchuk debacle ….is it really worth it when you could gave maybe 2-3 guys that can be more of an impact on multiple lines as opposed to one guy ….I dont think so IMO !
    WOW whats Crosby gonna get then !

  10. @ Chris
    Burke has hired all new scouts and has trust in those guys. Sure, he can go out and look at players, but the word of his scouts means more than the 18 minutes of action he saw.

    Offer sheet for Price.. sounds interesting, but Mtl would match immediately. I doubt Burke does that.

    Lyle, what is the draft picks price for a player who signs a $7M contract?

  11. Parise is from Minnesota and if they give him the money — would he choose to go there — if he leaves NJ at all.

    I think Detroit gets either Parise or Suter. They are consistent contenders for the Cup each year and are the model franchise in the NHL.

    How in hell do the Rangers have the cap space to bring in either Parise or Suter. They still operate under the same salary cap as anyone else. Or will they pick a high-price player and just bury him in the minors like they did Redden. I assume the NHLPA is not happy with that strategy… it’s just another way of circumventing the salary cap… Will that be another loophole closed.. this time by the NHLPA in the next CBA talks? The PA loses out financially if one of their players is buried in the minors…

  12. Burke doesn’r believe in offer sheets. :)

  13. You know what’s funny? Why are non-Leaf fans bringing up the Leafs when they aren’t even mentioned? I garauntee you someone will skim through the posts and slag Leaf fans for always talking about their team….we’re innocent this time!

  14. NikK: here you go:

    $1,034,249 annual cap hit or less: No compensation
    $1,034,249 — $1,567,043: Third-round pick
    $1,567,043 — $3,134,088: Second-round pick
    $3,134,088 — $4,701,131: First and third-round pick
    $4,701,131 — $6,268,175: First, second and third-round pick
    $6,268,175 — $7,835,219: Two first-round picks, a second and third
    $7,835,219 and higher: Four first-round picks

  15. @NikK

    The criteria for RFA draft pick compensation:

    $1,034,249 annual cap hit or less: No compensation
    $1,034,249 — $1,567,043: Third-round pick
    $1,567,043 — $3,134,088: Second-round pick
    $3,134,088 — $4,701,131: First and third-round pick
    $4,701,131 — $6,268,175: First, second and third-round pick
    $6,268,175 — $7,835,219: Two first-round picks, a second and third
    $7,835,219 and higher: Four first-round picks

    $12mil Tyler Myers – Two AHL clubs and 4 first-round picks and lunch with Bobby Orr and a massage from Brian Burke

  16. Thanks Lyle and Jay.

    Looks like anyone who will offersheet Price and Weber are looking at losing 2 firsts, 2nd, third.
    I doubt Montreal lets Price go for that.

  17. burke just might be desperate enough to go the offer sheet route, but i doubt it. plus he’s right up against the cap, assuming it’s roughly the same as last year.

  18. Firstly, Durt if your talking about Simon gagne any come back he makes will likely be with the kings as he’s signed through next year.

    As for selanne, I don’t see any problem with him returning next year if he wants. He’s productive but shouldn’t be looked at as a core member. If he comes back it won’t be a fortune and shouldn’t drastically affect the duck’s payroll too much either way as long as he gives his answer by or soon after July 1.

    I say the rangers sign parise with the kings making a solid offer and being a dark horse to get him. Cam’t argue with the wings’ chances but I’d hate to see that.

  19. I love how i keep reading about leafs fans wanting to give an offer sheet to carey price when not long ago they constantly made fun of Price and saying he was crap. I believe they even set up a website making fun of Price’s struggles…now they want what they can’t and certainly DON’T have! a STAR goalie! haha suckers! oh and way to blow the season hard! but not hard enough to get a top 3 pick…and too bad the Tyler Seguin pick was given away lol

    bottom line…hands off Price!

  20. @ NIkk

    I doubt anyone can afford that !

    @ Biggletown
    Selanne sits # 32 in the league for points and leads the Ducks ……better than 98% of the leafs at age 41 LOL he has one more year and should go to a good team for one last shot!

  21. I think this rumour of the Hurricanes going after a big-named free agent is just a ploy by the organization to sell a few more season’s tickets.

  22. lol, I’m afraid I’m in the category of seeing is believing on Carolina seriously chasing the 2 top, most-indemand free agents.

    There team mandate has been non-spending for so many years now, why all of a sudden would there be such a huge change? They’ve missed the playoffs before, I don’t think that would be the reason. Seems like a lot of posturing to me.

  23. I am willing to bet that the Oilers only make one off season signing, if they make any at all, and it will be for a goaltender, perhaps Harding.

    I think with assets like Gagne, Hemsky, Omark, Paajarvi, Lander, Plante, Whitney, Eager, Hordichuk, Belanger and Khabbibulin, I think the Oilers will more likely be active by making some deals at the deadline. Not for draft picks, but if they can package some of those players to get a top 2 defenceman or a goaltender, and rid some of the contracts, they will have room for 1 or 2 of the young dmen to have a shot at the team and perhaps bring up Hartikaenen and/or Pitlick or others up for next year. Remember the Oilers will be stuck with Horcoff, and he as a 3rd liner with Jones and perhaps Smythe, leaves some room for a young top 6 body, hopefully a big center from the draft.

  24. @Chris/NikK: Tyler Myers makes 12 million next year, but has a cap hit of only 5.5mil. The Sabres gain 8 million in cap space simply by not resigning Hecht and Boyes for next year. They are against the cap this year and that’s it. You people are going to need to come to terms with the fact that the Sabres will be players in the Free Agent market while T. Pegula owns the team. They will also be courting Parise in the offseason, and have as good a chance as anyone to sign him.

  25. With Radulov coming back into the fold, it will be interesting to see if Nashville can get everybody under contract. Who knows, Radulov might split and head back across the pond or he may stay and get his payday. They have several players to re-sign, both Kostitsyn brothers, Gaustad (if he performs in the playoffs), Tootoo, Gill (same boat as Gaustad), Boullion, Suter, Weber, etc. Not a lot of big money but it quickly adds up. I’ve been saying it all season and still will, the Flyers will in deep for Suter. Pronger’s future looks dim and he’s a pretty good replacement. Every team would want Weber so it’s unrealistic to say that he’ll go anywhere for sure but if Lidstrom calls it a career, look for the Wings to up the ante on that.

  26. Geoff, the only posters that were musing about Burke offer sheeting Price are not Leaf fans. But thanks for the low blows. I guess it’s slightly unfortunate we don’t suck as hard as the smurfs this year. Better luck next year!
    Bickleton Wigglesworth III, didn’t know Gagne signed for two years…thanks for clearing that up.

  27. @ SoCal

    I realize Myers cap hit is 5.5M (which is still grossly overpaid in my opinion at this stage of his career), but either way, you have to cough up $12 MILLION!!!! That’s an outrageous sum of money for one player, let alone a guy who certainly does not belong among the elite guys who make $8M plus cash per year.

    @ Geoff

    As a typical Habs fan you look only at select key words in a sentence. If you actually read all of the posts, you will understand that we are all in agreement that nobody offer sheets Price, and if they do, Montreal matches immediately. Price will one day leave the Canadiens, but that will be his own choice to not want to continue to play for a perennial bottom feeder. Just a couple of seasons ago it was Halak who was the man- with screams to trade price. Before that it was “All the way avec Huet”.

    I bet you dont even know the drafting history of your own beloved bleu, blanc et rouge…? It is the worst among any NHL team. And to posture and say that the Leafs didn’t blow hard enough to finish with a top-3 pick is assuming that the Canadiens did so by design. Were you Habs fans not justifying your “Game 7 loss to the eventual Cup Champions” as a sign that your team was on the rise and destined for success? Wasn’t Cammy your boy? Wasn’t Subban going to be an all-star every year and a Norris candidate? I thought you had the best playoff coach around (the funny thing is you actually did)? I thought Kirk Muller was going to be the heir apparent? As for your irrelvant comment about Tyler Seguin- well done, you have lost all credibility. If you want to get technical, a Seguin for Kessel deal is far less lopsided than Gomez for McDonagh.

    @ Durt

    Thanks for clearing up that we are not all Leaf fans.

  28. I also have a hard time really believing that Red Wings/Parise report too. First off they’re not hurting for offense, by any means.

    Parise is a leading player on the scale of Zetterberg and Datsyuk, he’s gonna go in the same price range which would be almost impossible to afford with the Wings current contracts.

    Plus they already know they’re for certain going to need someone to answer Lidstrom’s retirement with either this summer or the next. So why wouldn’t they throw all availible big money towards a potential new #1 defensemen?

    Just seems strange to me. I’d never would have imagined on my own Detroit would be a serious bidder for Parise.

  29. @SoCal: i don’t think buffalo has as much of a chance as others of signing parise. i wish they did, i think parity is great, but buffalo just isn’t a sexy place to play like nyc or la. maybe they’ll get parise, or another great ufa, but if they do they’ll likely have to overpay.

  30. @DurtMCHurt

    I can say Pittsburgh would have zero interest in Gagne. Even if he’d play for under 1Million, they’d probably rather spend that money elsewhere in a more dependable player.

    It’s been their policy not to take too risky a chance like him. And especially wouldn’t do so now after just being burnt on the Kovalev deal, another older player who didn’t pan out. And with Mike Comrie, another injury-riddled player they took a chance on and then he was injured 3 different times in the 1 year he played here.

    I’d feel comfortable guarenteeing the Pens won’t sign Gagne.

    But you’re reasoning behind that suggestion is solid, I could definately see someone signing him for 1 year at abt. 1.5M, maybe Buffalo, New Jersey or Montreal. The Pens just aren’t that team.

  31. ACR, you forgot about the gamble they took on Sullivan. Pittsburgh always seems like they’re willing to gamble on an inexpensive vet….IMO anyway. Wigglesworth cleared it up that he’s still under contract next year anyway, so the idea is moot. But with the heavy contracts already on the team, it is a smart gamble to pair their superstars with cheap reclamation projects. Especially since they’ve been picking in the later half of the draft for the past couple of years, and lack young forward prospects to fill the void.

  32. Since we all agree that Carolina will be an extreme long shot to land Parise or Suter, what about Semin? If the Canes want to throw money around this summer, the other Alex looks to be on the outs in Washington, and may chase a big paycheck with whoever offers it.

  33. Nikk- check the Leafs first round history the last 10 years. Yikes! The Canadiens actually pick players that will play in the NHL.

  34. “Nikk- check the Leafs first round history the last 10 years. Yikes! The Canadiens actually pick players that will play in the NHL.”

    Smooth move there, cutting it down to a single round instead of the entire draft, which is what NikK is referring to. Shall we take a look, then?

    Montreal NHL-calibur draft picks from 2005 (lockout) to 2012: Louis Leblanc, Max Pacioretty, P.K. Subban, Yannick Weber, Carey Price, Guillaume Latendresse, Matt D’Agostini, Sergei Kostitsyn. Final count: 8.
    Toronto NHL-calibur draft picks from 2005 (lockout ) to 2012: Luke Schenn, Matt Frattin, Carl Gunnarsson, Jiri Tlusty, Nik Kulemin, James Reimer, Viktor Stalberg, Tukka Rask, Anton Stralman. Final count: 9.

    Geez, that’s funny, it appears that the Canadians have iced less NHL’ers from their drafts since the lockout than the Leafs have! And that’s not even including players that by all rights should be considered NHL’ers, just guys that are consistently playing as NHL’ers right now.

  35. Blast, I forgot Mikhal Grabovski, which brings Montreal’s count up to Toronto’s. Still, both teams have atrocious drafting records. However, the Leafs have an excuse; they traded a lot of first rounders away. Montreal appears to have had them bust in development instead.

  36. NIKK, you clearly don’t know much as the habs have the highest percentage of players drafted playing in the NHL…Halak was a great goalie but I never wanted to trade Price and its not just here that i’ve heard Leafs fans calling for an offer sheet. Either way, the leafs are terrible these days they cannot win a game. Even when the leafs were doing well I wouldn’t of traded rosters if it was offered. The guys on sportsnet (which seem to be leafs fans) also answered the question (which roster would you take) with a unanimous: habs.

  37. Of course, don’t get me wrong I am not happy with what we’ve done with a lot of our high draft picks but it remains that the habs at least choose NHL players, they often do a bad job of developing them but hey Pacioretty, Subban, Mcdonaugh, Price and all while the leafs have gotten what? And the leafs were always a non-playoff team so they should have had better chances of drafting a good player.

    I don’t want to just bash leafs fans for no reason, I mean I actually wouldn’t mind if all canadian teams were great but I’m a big Price fan and over time I’ve read a lot of hatred for Price (from both leafs fans and habs fans..halak fans). And i’m just having fun asking the leafs fans what about the “monster” and all other goalies said to be just as good as price?

    And if there any of those halak fans, don’t get me wrong halak is good (way better than the monster) but he plays on the best team in the NHL…guarantee you if you offer any GM Price, Elliott or Halak you’ll get 29 Prices as your answer.

  38. Just for reference (I can’t find the stat I’ve heard several times about habs having this highest percentage of players drafted currently playing in the NHL)..take a look here at the leafs and habs players drafted since 2000 and see how any of each are currently playing in the NHL.

    Furthermore, find me a leafs drafted player better then subban price or pacioretty. Yes you’ve traded away a couple huge draft picks but again the habs have often been a playoff team and been choosing mid to late first round.



    Anyways, kinda getting off topic here as my original point was to poke fun at any leafs fans who ever said Price was crap (or something along those lines). If you weren’t one of them then any “hate” was not directed at you lol

  39. All this talk about Myers is forgetting one thing. His contract is one of those front loaded contracts that drop off over the remaining years. The cap hit is only $5.5 million. A much more realistic number. It may still be too high.
    Don’t forget Buffalo now has some pretty deep pockets.

  40. I wouldn’t offer sheet Carey Price now anyway; he’s way overrated. Yeah, he’s better than the current Leaf tandem, but that’s not saying much.