NHL Rumors – Tuesday, October 25, 2011.

A look at which teams might be next to make a significant trade, the Rangers make an offer to Anton Stralman, and an update on the Devils efforts to bring in more depth at center.


Could Flames find a taker for Stajan?

ESPN.COM: In the wake of the Vancouver Canucks four-player deal with the Florida Panthers, Craig Custance suggests four struggling teams – Calgary Flames, Columbus Blue Jackets, Tampa Bay Lightning and Montreal Canadiens – could be next to make significant early season moves. Custance noted Flames GM Jay Feaster is reportedly receiving interest in winger Rene Bourque, and Feaster “might do well to move Matt Stajan if he can find any takers”. The Bolts and Habs are believed in search of blueline help, with Custance citing “an NHL source” claiming the two teams had contacted the Toronto Maple Leafs about a deal involving one of the Leafs blueliners.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It would be highly unusual for the Leafs to deal with their arch-rivals from Montreal. It could take a third team getting involved for the Habs to land one of the Leafs defensemen. One gets the sense that something big could happen with the Canadiens or Blue Jackets soon if they don’t snap out of their respective skids by week’s end, either with a trade, a coaching or management change. I don’t see Feaster being able to move Stajan, thanks to his contract.

NEW YORK POST/NORTHJERSEY.COM: report the Rangers late last week made a contract offer to UFA defenseman Anton Stralman, who skated with the New Jersey Devils in preseason but has yet to be signed by the Devils.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No word from the Rangers confirming this, nor from the Stralman camp if he’ll accept the offer, or remain in Europe, where he currently has some options. Stralman wouldn’t replace what injured Marc Staal brings to their defense, but he’s a decent puck-moving blueliner who could prove helpful on the PP.

NEW YORK POST: Mark Everson reports the Devils have the cap space to add an experienced center to fill the hole left by injuries to centers Travis Zajac and Jacob Josefson, but it appears” they’re going to to beat the bushes for a diamond in the minors, someone lost in someone’s shuffle.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Everson noted, it would appear the Devils have spent as much as they’re going to this season if they’re looking instead for cheaper options in the minors.


  1. Sort of a side note, but Josefson broke his clavicle and still managed to get off the ice under his own power without causing a whistle. Takes a certain kind of badass to do that.

  2. OMG which Leaf defenceman?? There is only one I would part with and nobody wants him and his crazy salary…

  3. Indeed DLS. Komisarek is teetering on joining Finger on a bus.

  4. I don’t think it would be that surprising if the Leafs and the Habs ended up making a trade with each other. The Leafs have proved that they are willing to make significant trades with rivals (the two trades with Boston and the Grabovski trade with Montreal being the most recent examples) and I doubt the Habs aren’t exactly in a position to be fussy about who they get a dman from.

    Personally, I think Cody Franson would be a nice fit in Montreal.

  5. I don’t think it would be shocking for the Leafs to move Franson. As much as they raved about the steal he was, the relationship seems to have soured a little already. Though I doubt they are ready to move him just yet. As for a trade between Montreal and Toronto, that has not really been that rare… there have been a few occasions.

  6. When I saw Stajan’s name in a trade, I got happy, however it was quickly taken away because I know no one wants that contract for a 3rd-4th line center. Sad Face.

  7. I like the Franson Idea, but since he is over 6 feet I doubt Pierre Gauthier would want him.. :op

    How about sending Gomez back to NJ ???? (yeah yeah yeah ,, I know pipe dream but right now I can either dream of a 1st round pick or that Gomez comes back too soon and gets put away for the rest of the season while playing Philly and Boston) …:op

  8. To be honest, at this point if the argument from Leafs brass is that sending Komisarek down would “put too much money in the AHL”, I would much rather see Jeff Finger up with the team. I agree that Franson could/should be shopped while he still has value. I must say that I’m surprised Stralman has had such a hard time sticking with a team since he left the Leafs, I always thought he was a decent D-man, and given some of the clowns we’ve had over the past few years, it really makes me wonder. I also recall him being highly touted when he did come up to the bigs. I’m sure he’ll catch on with a team soon enough though, still young, solid puck-mover.

  9. Well quite frankly, I think the Leafs are stuck with Komo; Trade pending of course; as not only does he have a limited no trade clause that includes a list of 12 teams he would accept a trade to, but he has also has a full no movement clause.

    This means that the Leafs can not send Mike to the minors without his permission. In my opinion, it is very unlikely Komo would give Brian Burke permission to kick him out of the best hockey league in the world and off a team of which he is an Alternate Captain.

  10. There’s no fixing the Flames. Feaster should gut this team and start the rebuild that should have happened two years ago.

  11. A list of guys the “Leafs are stuck with”:
    Bryan McCabe, Brett Lebda, Matt Stajan, Jamel Myers, Jason Blake, Vesa Toskola, etc. I think anyone is movable. What makes this better is the return. Komi’s $4.5M cap hit is what a team with low cash but needs to get to the cap floor could use since they’ll only actually be paying him $1-1.5M/yr. after this year for the remainder of the contract. I would be surprised, if he’s and Lyles (and maybe at least two more guys) will be around come trade deadline.

  12. some of these teams looking for defence, call the sens please, Kuba already has 2 goals, take him now while he is hot……..lol……you can propbably have him cheap

  13. time for rod pelley to have a breakout year…

  14. Get Komiserak and Franson out, Franson is already complaining about not playing, if you see him play, he reminds me alot of Finger and a big version of Bryan McCabe. If Franson were to go to Montreal, Plansenek would be coming back the other way IMO.

  15. Plekanec for Franson????

    Ha ha ha.
    HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    And here I thought all the “homers” were in my city..
    I guess I should get real.

  16. i would put a package of bozak,gustavsson and komisarek together and get a top 6 forward,pretty good backup and a draft pick. with ottawa,and columbus not doing so well they should try and see what they could get.

  17. If the Flames want to move Stajan, they’ll need to sweeten the pot.

    There are a lot of GMs who would probably take on Stajan’s deal if it meant they got Bourque.

  18. Here’s a thought, why don’t the Leafs keep what they have because apparently it’s working so far. I wouldn’t want to move ANY pieces unless we get an elite player in return. That doesn’t happen very often, so for now let’s keep our team and let bottom dwellers be bottom dwellers.

  19. I heard breaking the clavicle hurts wicked.

    That’s twice he sustained serious injuries playing the sharks 😛