NHL Saturday Morning Headlines – August 27, 2011.

A look at which currently injured NHL stars might be ready for training camp…Why the NHL needs to scrap the three-point game…Wondering if Washington’s Troy Brouwer will score twenty goals this season…The Buffalo Sabres home arena is renamed.

ESPN.COM: Scott Burnside runs down a list of several notable NHL players who are currently recovering from injuries and looks at which ones might be ready to participate in training camps when they open in mid-September. Burnside also includes LA Kings defenseman Drew Doughty, not because he’s injured, but because there’s been seemingly little progress in his contract negotiations with the Kings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Among the notables: Pittsburgh’s Sidney Crosby, Chicago’s Patrick Kane, Philadelphia’s Chris Pronger, Anaheim’s Jonas Hiller and St. Louis’ David Perron. Hiller claims he’s overcome the vertigo that sidelined him for the second half of last season. Kane might be ready to go. Crosby and Pronger remain uncertain, while Perron isn’t expected to be ready yet. 

TORONTO STAR: Dave Perkins calls on the NHL to scrap the three-point games, claiming the current system, which awards the winner of overtime/shootouts two points, and the losing team one point, rewards losers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Perkins isn’t the only one unhappy with this system, but the NHL continues to turn a deaf ear to these complaints. Don’t expect this system to be changed anytime soon.

WASHINGTON POST: Neil Greenberg does statistical analysis to determine if it is possible Capitals forward Troy Brouwer, who scored twenty goals last season with the Chicago Blackhawks, can turn the same trick again this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Greenberg determines a second twenty-goal performance for Brouwer doesn’t appear likely, but the winger wasn’t brought in for his scoring prowess.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: John Vogl reports the Sabres arena, formerly known as HSBC Arena, will be renamed First Niagara Center.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I realize rebranding arena names is one way NHL teams draw revenue, but I miss the day when arenas weren’t named for the corporation which owned the naming rights. I miss “Maple Leaf Gardens”, “Montreal Forum”, “Boston Garden”, “The Spectrum”, and of course, “Buffalo  Memorial Auditorium”. 


  1. I highly doubt Troy Brouwer will get 20 goals this upcoming season. I do however have no doubt that he will return to getting over 50 PM or more this season. In the minors he was known as a “goon” and in Chicago that part of his game was discouraged. In Washington as a possible 2nd line and more than likely a 3rd line player that part of his game is encouraged and will deter the rest of his game.

    Players don’t want to play in Washington. There are many problems in the dressing room between Semin, Ovechkin, Mike Green, Leonsis and Boudreau. Many have said that Boudreau has lost the room and that if Semin gets traded Ovechkin will leave as well. Ovechkin has kept Semin in Washington the last 2 times Semin’s contract has come up.

  2. Delvecchio – No one wants to play in Washington, eh? That’s why Laich resigned with them. That’s also why Ward, Halpern, Hamrlik, and Vokoun decided to sign with them as well. Right? Where do you come up with all the BS you keep posting? Ovechkin is going to leave if Semin gets traded?!? LOL!

  3. delvecchio – That’s quite a bit of insight you appear to have. Do tell where you heard that Ovechkin would be willing to sign a 13 year contract with a team only on the condition that Semin remain on the team on one-year deals? It sure is lucky that the team has Ovechkin to sign players for them as you so claim; the 68 goals and 138 points he scored in those two seasons probably didn’t make the team regret the signings. Also might you be able to enlighten us as to why no one wants to play there yet Vokoun approached the team requesting to join at exponentially less than he is worth?

    Okay pretentious sarcasm aside you must be out your mind boy. You really must have quite an ego to claim you know that much about the inner workings of an NHL team. Ovechkin isn’t going to up and leave a 13 year deal to be a superstar in the best league in the world because his little friend can’t play with him anymore. Now do the Caps have locker room problems? I have no idea because despite my wildest dreams I’m not a player in that locker room. However, given what can be inferred from bits and pieces of what’s been said over the years, as well as Matt Bradley’s recent interview there probably are. But seriously do you think that the fact that the locker room isn’t serious enough out weighs the teams unbelievable potential to someone being offered millions of dollars to play there? Probably not.

  4. I’m with Spector, its too bad teams are moving from traditional names and selling the rights. I completely understand why they’re doing this, I mean this IS a business and all. Just sad how a piece of the game’s past has slipped away as things have evolved. And for me, I miss the Pittsburgh Civic Arena – Nothing says 90’s hockey more than that.