NHL Saturday Rumor Mill – July 12, 2014

Jets GM Cheveldayoff downplays Evander Kane trade rumors, plus the latest on Ryan O’Reilly, Vincent Lecavalier and Cody Franson. 

Will Evander Kane start the season with the Jets?

Will Evander Kane start the season with the Jets?

WINNIPEG SUN/WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff continues to downplay the trade rumors swirling around Jets winger Evander Kane, particularly his recent response to a question on his future during a radio interview in which he said he was a Jet “for now”.

What I took from his comments, is he’s excited about being healthy and training this summer and really looking forward to having a solid summer of training. He had some minor surgery last year that derailed some of the training side of things.”

SPORTNET: Elliotte Friedman believes the Jets realize they need to trade Kane but acknowledged the difficulty of finding the right deal, calling it “an easy trade to lose”. He believes Kane will start the season with the Jets…Friedman also noted the Philadelphia Flyers efforts to trade Vincent Lecavalier, claiming they’re not about to give him away. He points out Lecavalier tallied 20 goals in 69 games last season…He believes the Toronto Maple Leafs and Cody Franson could eventually part ways, suggesting the Calgary Flames as a possible destination…Friedman wouldn’t be surprised if the Pittsburgh Penguins re-sign Christian Ehrhoff after January 1 to  a new contract. Ehrhoff signed a one-year deal with the Penguins earlier this month.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Friedman suggests, the Jets probably haven’t dealt Kane yet because they haven’t received a suitable offer. While questions about Kane’s future will hang over the club to start the season, they simply cannot make a trade just for the sake of moving him. It’s also possible an improved performance by the Jets next season could lessen the necessity of moving Kane…The Flyers have little choice but to give away Lecavalier to shed the remainder of that contract and his annual $4.5 million cap hit. Problem is, no one wants to take that contract off their hands. Yes, he scored 20 goals last season, but he’s also 34 with a lengthy injury history whose production has declined in recent years. Perhaps if it weren’t for that expensive contract, there might be more interest in Lecavalier…Franson doesn’t seem to have a future with the Leafs, but management doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to move him. They’ll likely evaluate his performance next season before deciding if his future is in Toronto or elsewhere. 

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater believes if Ryan O’Reilly ends up receiving a two-year contract via arbitration the Colorado Avalanche will keep him only so long as they don’t get a great trade offer for him. Dater feels they’ll have to trade O’Reilly within two years if they know they can’t sign him. He also believes we could see a trade of O’Reilly “at any moment”, believing the Avs must act soon to get the best return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The earliest they can trade O’Reilly is after he receives an arbiter-awarded contract later this summer. It remains to be seen if they go that route so soon, but you can bet if this situation ends up before an arbiter it could spice up this summer’s trade rumor mill. 


  1. I just cant see Franson lasting a season in Toronto, I am not sure it makes any sense to keep him. May want to move him while they can with the additions of Robidas and Polak Gardiner getting anew deal and Rielly with a full year under his belt and a decent prospect or 2 that could be ready for the show. I dont see Franson fitting in the top 4. If they hold on to him snd he starts slow or has a year like ladt year he could quickly become a 6th d man making in the neighborhood of 3 million. Might want to move him while he has some kind of value….of course I also said that after the lockout season and he put all those points with sheltered minutes, instead they overplayed played him as a 3 this year which was an expeiriment which went horribly wrong.

    • Nonis should be calling Sakic every 10 mins until he figures out a deal that works for ROR.
      JVR a first and some other piece possibly a D prospect like Finn or Percy.

      • Lol JVR a first and Finn eh. Whats wrong with you boy

    • Shticky, do you post comments on your iPhone?

      • Yep, phone typing skills at their finest I know. Generally pretty easy to tell when I’m in the office.

  2. Trade ROR for Evander Kane.

    • As a Jets fan I would love to see that deal as long as it included a longterm extension at no more than $6.5 m per season. Then move Schiefele to the wing? Or trade him for Yandle to improve the D?

      • Why would you trade Schiefele?

  3. I am keeping JVR no matter for what……Calgary does not have a single star and is limping over the floor. Take on some salary !

  4. Sign O’Reilly for 7 years at $7 million then trade him immediately to Winnipeg for Kane. O’Reilly had more points but plays soft and Kane bring a physical game so 1 for 1 could be good for both teams.

  5. Trade JVR, a 1st and a prospect for ROR? You’re crazy. ROR should of never been making that kind of money in the first place. I wouldn’t make that trade straight up. He’s a 3rd liner making superstar money.

    • Lol third liner eh? Had a couple more points than JVR, very strong defensively, led the league in takeaways big physical clean player, can play center better than Bozak. The Leafs badly need a top line guy with size and skill that is as good defensively as they are offensively. They dont have any problems scoring really its keeping the puck away from the other team that kills them exposing the D and too much time in their own end, O’reilly would help alot with that and provide almost as much offense. Not many guys I d trade JVR for, but this is 1.
      Posession player who can play wing or center. ROR Kadri or vice versa is more of a top 2 than anything the Leafs have now.

      • if anything ROR & a prospect for JVR
        Equal = Both are same age, skills, potential…and believe it or not JVR is good defensively
        Equal = leafs badly need Centre ; Avs are up against the wall with his contract & may wish/need to trade
        Not Equal = salary & term
        Not Equal = JVR was #2 pick overall; ROR was 100+ pick overall

        • ROR is can play center and 2 years younger (higher ceiling), The Avs will not “need” to trade him and if they decide to they will get better offers than JVR. I am a big fan of Van Riemsdyk but you are deciving yourself if you think the Avs are giving up ROR for anything short of multiple pieces. There would be better offers involving picks prospects and players now that he will be signed.

          • Shticky, normally we share a lot of the same opinions, but this time were probably not on the same page. I think ROR is an awesome player, but he is a second or third line c, who should probably be in the 5-5.5 pay range. He hasn’t played top line minutes, against top line guys. Reminds me of the Jordan Stall situation inPittsburg. Everyone, said Toronto should get stall, he’d be a big body #1c. If ROR wants above 6, long term, the avs will just fleece a team like Calgary.

          • He actually faces top lines as much (actually more than) Bozak, his QoC (quality of competition) is 30.4 Bozak is 30.2…

    • CT – Obviously you know nothing about hockey if you think ROR is a third liner. Stupidest thing I heard since Kadri and Gardiner for Tavares.

      • That is very smart trade away a first rounder, bernier gets injured we are dealing withseguin situation all over again.i wouldconsider targeting couture and givingup jvr in a package (no firsts involved) sj is loaded withcentersad lack wingers although the centers move to wing. Put couture on second line move lupul to top line if you cant trade him. (Tradehim when he gets off to good start. Put kadri on second line as winger with clarkson.

        • SJ is not doing that, and perhaps if you get a few more players who are decent defensively and more posession type guys you dont have to rely on .920 + goaltending to keep you out of last place. Idea being you are not giving up 35 + shots a game. There was way bigger issues causing the Leafs to lose 12 of their last 14 games than Bernier getting hurt. Changing assistant coaches and adding in some depth will help but the top 6 needs some change aswell, they play the majority of the minutes and need to be harder to play against. Thats what a guy like ROR brings more than JVR.

          • Well said Shtick, I don’t usually agree with you but you are spot on today.

          • Something that you would know well enough eh King, or anyone for that matter who is a fan of western confrence teams, Kopitar Toews Backes Getzlaf Benn… on and on with top line guys that can play at both ends of the ice, the guy is just 23 (fits with the core and young enough to be around with some of the youth on the team) he will just get better. If the Avs think of dealing him, Nonis (like alot of gms) should be doing everything he can to get him.

          • Shticky… to your post below, your absolutely right, what the Kings have done is reinforce how important it is to have depth at center, and ROR is the type of player that can be either the #1 or 2 guy on ANY team. To be honest I am a little puzzled with Colorado’s handling of this situation.

  6. FINALLY somebody who understands about Lecavalier. The guy got 20 goals in 69 games and played on the 3rd and 4th line. And when coming back from an injury you are not at 100%. Let’s not forget this was considered to be a “bad season” for him. Teams want philly to keep two million salary. For the other 29 teams you can’t get a potential 30 goal scorer for 2.5 million. Good move keeping him Hextall.

    • Lecavalier won’t score 30 goals ever again. That’s almost just as possible as Martin Brodeur putting up another 30 win season. Not going to happen. The guy is slow as hell.

      • Wow would you look at that I agree with Jes and King all on the same day….must be the super moon.

    • I’ve seen turtles crawl faster than Vinny

  7. Imagine you are Cheveldayoff, you have decided to trade Kane and your two best offers were as follow. Option one is Kane, Tangradi and Cormier to the Islanders for Nielsen, Grabner, Nelson, Lee and Philly’s ’15 2nd rd pick (which the Isles own from a previous trade). Option two is Kane, Tangradi, Cormier and Winnipeg’s ’15 2nd rd pick to the Leafs for Lupul (assume he’ll waive his NTC for the Jets), Maclaren, Aston, Holland and Toronto’s ’15 1st rd pick. Which trade do you make?

    • Ashton not Aston

      • McLaren not Maclaren

    • Neither

      if I was Chevy I’d laugh my ass for about an hour then hang up the phone and never take another call from Nonis or Snow again.

      The Isles will definitely have to include Strome, Pulock or Pokka in a trade to land Kane.

      Toronto trade is just out there.

      Jets have Kane under contract for another 4 seasons. Plus he’s healthy with a new coach. No reason to trade him for not much of a return; like the one you are suggesting. Islanders one is ok but there is no real difference maker in that trade. The Toronto one includes basically nothing besides a first. Holland is a borderline 2nd line center. Lupul is the an injury riddled forward. The guy hasn’t had a healthy season since the Edmonton and Anaheim days. Ashton has upside but he’ll be a tweener between the 2nd and 3rd line IMO. You got to give up at least an A or even B prospect.

  8. Nobody wants Lecavalier and that’s all on you Holmgren. Another stupid contract. Maybe the solution is LTIR for Vinny Lecavalier

  9. I thought that the earliest a team could trade a player who was awarded a 2 year contract through arbitration is one year after.

    • I think it’s one year after they sign him to an offersheet or whatever… Not sure of the Arbitration thing

  10. ROR has now put himself in the position of being a bad apple. This is his second go around with Colorado, a very up and coming team that he would be a “big wheel” on, but instead … he refuses to get a decent deal done … I think most teams would not want what appears to me to be a cancer in their room.

    • The Avs chose arbitration this time.

  11. How about ROR for Yandle ?

  12. Kane has always been a puck hog – would never trade him 1 for 1 with ROR.

  13. C’mon Lyle. Quit beating up on the Flyer’s and LeCavalier’s contract. Give him away? Really? Take a look at Nash, $7.8 for his contract and his production is good? If anyone’s going to have to give someone away or eat MUCH more of his salary, it’s the Rangers. Granted, Holmgren’s made some really stupid deals but this one isn’t that far off base.

  14. I would say Evander Kane, Dustin Byfuglin to Philly for Brayden Schenn, Luke Schenn, Vincent Lecavalier and Philly’s first round pick or Scott Laughton their choice. I think the key for Winnipeg would be Scott laughton and Brayden Schenn. Luke Schenn is a decent defenseman and Lecavalier is the reason scott laughton or the first round pick is in there.