NHL Saturday Rumor Mill – June 14, 2014

Latest on Brad Marchand, Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau, Vincent Lecavalier, Martin Brodeur, Mike Richards, Ryan Malone and more. 

Bruins not trading Brad Marchand.

Bruins not trading Brad Marchand.

BOSTON GLOBE: Amalie Benjamin reports Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli denies a recent rumor claiming he was planning to ship winger Brad Marchand to the San Jose Sharks for Patrick Marleau. “I have had no discussions for Marchand and I have no plans to trade him,” Chiarelli wrote via text. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That rumor was silly and was dismissed by knowledgeable fans and pundits well before Chiarelli was compelled to do so. Hey, speaking of the Sharks…

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Kevin Kurz, responding to a reader’s question, doubts the San Jose Sharks would receive a return for Joe Thornton or Patrick Marleau (provided either is willing to waive their respective no-movement clauses) which would help the club next season. He expects a return would consist of picks and prospects to rebuild the club going forward.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio reports Flyers GM Ron Hextall admitted he’s had discussions with Vincent Lecavalier’s agent but isn’t sure right now what he’ll do with the 34-year-old center. Lecavalier’s agent Kent Hughes said his client is not seeking a trade right now. “Hughes told CSNPhilly.com he has not given the Flyers a list of teams, but one league source said the Flyers are aware of what would satisfy Lecavalier and they are looking to move him”, writes Panaccio.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: After re-signing Kimmo Timonen yesterday, the Flyers have $4.55 million in cap space. They must re-sign or replace Brayden Schenn, Ray Emery, Jason Akeson, and Tye McGinn. They also reportedly need a top-two defenseman (as re-signing Timonen doesn’t fill that need) and a top-line left winger (unless, as speculated by some Flyers fans, they promote Matt Read into that role), so they’ll have to clear cap space if they intend to look outside the organization for help, which explains why Lecavalier’s name has popped up in the rumor mill. He has four more years at $4.5 million per season left on his contract, which will be hard to move unless the Flyers agree to retain some of his salary and don’t take much back in return.  The Flyers are allowed to spend over the cap ceiling by 10 percent during the offseason but must be cap-compliant when next season begins. They will place Chris Pronger on LTIR but cannot do that until after the season begins. 

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Tom Gulitti reports Martin Brodeur intend to meet with his agent to discuss possible destinations for what will probably be his final season. It sounds as though he prefers playing for an American-based contender. “There might be opportunities in Chicago and Pittsburgh as the clear-cut backup. Teams such as San Jose and St. Louis might have similar openings for an experienced goaltender with potential for possibly more playing time should the other goaltender falter”, reports Gulitti. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: He’ll have to accept being the No. 2 goalie if he goes to those cities. The Blackhawks have limited cap space and I don’t think they’ll take him on. The Sharks hope to re-sign Alex Stalock and have him compete with Antti Niemi for the starter’s role next season. The Blues re-signed Brian Elliott and will promote Jake Allen, so that rules them out. That could leave the Penguins, though it remains to be seen what plans new GM Jim Rutherford has in store.

NBC SPORTS: Cam Tucker cites a series of tweets from Newsday’s Arthur Staple reporting Dan Boyle’s agent claims his client has no real timetable for opening contract talks with the New York Islanders. Staple claims the Islanders, who recently acquired Boyle’s rights, could shop him within the next 7-10 days if there’s no decision from the Boyle camp.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Doesn’t sound like Boyle’s keen to talk contract with the Islanders. I think he prefers to test this summer’s UFA market in hopes of landing with a club of his preference. 

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley wonders if the Capitals could consider signing Mike Richards if he’s bought out by the LA Kings and if they’re unable to re-sign Mikhail Grabovski.

SPORTSNET.CA: Mark Spector believes signings and trades are in the Edmonton Oilers’ immediate future. He speculates Sam Gagner and perhaps David Perron could be shopped.  Spectors thinks Oilers GM Craig MacTavish might revisit last summer’s interest in Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Braydon Coburn, plus he could pursue UFA blueliners like Ron Hainsey, Matt Niskanen, Matt Greene or Andrej Meszaros.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Though the Flyers are pressed for cap space, trading Coburn could further weaken their blueline. 

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Joe Smith reports Lightning winger Ryan Malone could become a buyout candidate later this month.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The buyout window opens 48 hours following the completion of the Stanley Cup Final and runs to June 30. It remains to be seen if Malone’s current legal issues could have an effect upon a possible buyout. 


  1. Gotta love it when Canadian born players will not play in Canada. Why would Oilers trade Perron? Scored 28 goals and is 26 years old. Mistake trading him. RNH, Yaks should go before Perron.

    • The Oilers have to give up quality to get quality. RNH isn’t going anywhere. Hall is untouchable and quickly becoming a top ten player in the league. Gagner,Eberle,Yakupov,Perron & this years pick seem to be the bargaining chips the Oilers are floating around. The Philly/Edmonton rumours are still carrying over from last years gabfest between Holmgren & MAC T. Coburn and the Schenn brothers have come up alot in blogs and trade rumour websites. I think the Oilers need to take a run at one,two or all three of these players. Philly & Edmonton can fit each others needs.Philly needs cap room and Edmonton needs players that can play NOW. Its not going to be popular with the fans at first to lose these Oiler players but wins heal all wounds. Hopefully there’s lots of wheeling and dealing this year. Maybe my Red Wings can make a big deal too !!!

      • Eberle would look great in philly. One of their needs-speed on the wing

    • Canadian players will fight hard to play FOR their country, but they won’t play IN their country..

      • Doesn’t encapsulate everyone Canadian born.

        Some players play for prestige and personal validation, so they’ll want to go play in big cities. These certain ones enjoy star status more than they enjoy the game.

        Other players play for passion, fun, entertainment reasons… they’d enjoy Canadian markets.

  2. Kelser & Booth for Spezza and Wercloch- even dough, even # of contract years , and the top dogs being 29 & 30 years old . Done and done. However, I could also see Kesler with the Leafs .

    • Spezza doesn’t want to play in Canada.

      • How is Lecalvier and Weiss at all similar? Weiss plays like 20 games a year now.

      • According to Brad May, Spezza is leaving for the same reason Alfie did. They both wanted a commitment from the Owner to be willing to spend to win.

        He won’t do that.

        As a Sens fan, I’m getting furious at this cheapskate Owner and hope HE is the next in the Sens organization to leave.

        • AMEN Sandy

        • There’s a difference between spending and spending stupid.

          If those players demand the owner spends stupid, then bye bye; Ottawa will pick up players that don’t complain about matters they shouldn’t complain about. Ottawa might trade off Spezza and then sign Stastny who might be a step below Spezza in terms of production but doesn’t have the injury problems.

          Spezza can go fail on a high budget team.

  3. The only team I can think of that would be able to effectively use Vinny, thus earning his contract, would be Detroit. I only say that because if anyone can do it, it’s probably Mike Babcock. However, they already have a “Vinny” of their own, in Weiss. So, I don’t see Detroit as a destination at all.

    If the Caps are unable to re-sign Grabovski, then maybe they’d consider him, but I doubt he’d fit into new Trotz era.

    One scenario that could work is if Vinny is packaged with a high end prospect and/or good roster player, and traded to a team that still has an amnesty buyout, and would be willing to use it. In return they wouldn’t have to give up much of anything. However, there would be just a handful of teams with pockets that deep that would be willing to do such a deal.

    LOL, if that buyout scenario actually happened, Vinny would have to live with the fact he was bought out in back to back seasons. Ouch .. that would definitely leave a scar.

    • would not scar the bank account though.

      • Haha, no it wouldn’t.

    • Vinny would look good in Detroit.

      • Yeah I believe that Detroit would have taken Vinny on a 2 year deal only and Vinny wanted 5 years So he still has 4 years left and he’s on the decline. I would still hope that Ken Holland would pass on any deal for Lecavalier right now.

    • Vinny CANNOT be bought out. HE was bought out once. You can only use an amnesty buy out on a player whose contract was made before the new bargaining agreement.

      • Yes he can.

        It would not be a compliance buyout. The Flyers have already used both of theirs.

        It would be the usual, 2/3 rds of the salary over double the years….so with Vinnie getting 4.5 per, and has 4 years left, the buy out would be about 12 million spread out over 8 years…or just over 1.5 per.

        From Broad Street Hockey:
        Buy him out

        One option (outside of more unreasonable options like strong-arming him into waivers or something) for the Flyers would be to buy him out. It accomplishes much of the same as a trade would, without receiving anything in return as compensation.

        It’s important to note that this is not a compliance buy-out which the league granted in the new CBA. Even if the Flyers hadn’t already used their two compliance buy-outs — which could only be used either last summer or next — on Daniel Briere and Ilya Bryzgalov, you can only use them on contracts signed before the new CBA. So Lecavalier does not apply.

        I am speaking of a traditional buyout; which the Flyers did not too long ago with Oskars Bartulis.

        A buyout results in either one or two-thirds (two in Lecavalier’s case) of a player’s remaining salary being paid out over twice the remaining length. The player becomes a free agent. The team sees some cap savings but also some dead cap space (such as the $100k in dead space they have this year for Bartulis).

        Were a buyout to occur this summer, Lecavalier’s costs would be as follows, thanks to Capgeek (Editor’s note: Capgeek adjusted their calculator the day after this was published, so we have since updated the article).

        2014-15: $1,500,000
        2015-16: $3,000,000
        2016-17: $3,000,000
        2017-18: $2,500,000
        2018-19: $1,000,000
        2019-20: $1,000,000
        2020-21: $1,000,000
        2021-22: $1,000,000
        It’s not a terrible option, but it’s certainly not ideal either. They’d see fairly substantial cap hits for the next four seasons, and a cap hit of some kind for eight seasons.

  4. Also, in regards to the “trade – amnesty buyout” scenario for Vinny, I doubt very much that Hextall would be willing to part with the other elements of the hypothetical package, just to free up cap space.

    • Just FYI, no team can use an amnesty buy-out on Lecavalier because his contract was signed after the new CBA. Those were only for bad contracts signed under the old CBA.

      Which is also why Weiss will be back in Detroit next year. Hopefully he is healthy and able to be that #2 center they signed him to be.

      • It’s a moot point anyway as the Flyers used up both compliance buyouts last year (Briere and Bryzgalov).

        • Lecavalier is going to end up in Montreal .

          • Why because He’s from there? Lecavalier has already stated that he has no desire to play in Canada and I dont see that happening.

        • The scenario didn’t have the Flyers buying him out, Lyle. It is a moot point though as it’s not happening anyway, I wasn’t aware that amnesty buyouts only applied to contracts signed before the new CBA. Thanks for the info though guys.

  5. What might also be interesting is if Buffalo to trade #49 for Lecavalier and #17. If we took on Lecavalier’s full salary – we can either buy him out because we still have our two buyout or we could use him to help mentor our youngsters. What does Philly get? Cap room and elimination of a problem – paying a 4th line guy $4.5 M/year. Yes, they give up 17, but it will also give them 2 picks in the 2nd round.

    With Bflo getting #17, they can then trade Edmonton either Myers or Ehrhoff and #39 for #3 or they can trade #17 and #39 for #3 because their next pick after the 1st round would be in the 4th round.

    After watching the SC, the Rangers were outplayed – physically they just couldn’t compete. I have a feeling they are going to have to make some major changes – Nash and Richards – horrible and it seemed to me that both avoided any physical contact. The Rangers D – Klein and Moore just didn’t get it and Girardi, McDonagh , Staal and Stralman just ran out of gas. What I found interesting is that most of the LA forwards were as big or bigger than the Ranger D. It will be interesting to see what the Rangers do in the offseason.

    Still think a feasible trade would be Myers or Ehrhoff along with #31 or 39 for Edmonton’s #3. That would give Edmonton a starting veteran D-man, a 2nd round pick to go along with their 4th rounder.

    • You’re an idiot

      • Neither philly or Edmonton would do that deal. You’re out of your mind if you think they would.

        The Rangers were not the best team in the east, they probably aren’t even the top three. They got on a hot streak and had a hot goalie. Look at Edmonton a few years ago. Same thing. Richards is toast this summer

    • As a Sabres fan I love the ideas but to be honest Steve they are far far away from being a complete trade. You’d have to give up much more.

      Lecalvier’s not a 4th liner by the way. He’s a third on a good team. He’d probably be a number one on the Sabres.

      • Uh no… he’s not. He’s 3rd line at most. He just doesn’t provide much offense anymore.

    • Whats with using the players numbers? Your post means nothing to me because I am too lazy to look up who you are talking about. They have names you know.

      • Or are you talking about picks? because some people regard players and the numbers on their backs.

    • You don’t throw away first round picks to fix cap issues unless you’re desperate. Philly is not desperate.

  6. It would be interesting to see Marleau on a line with Lupul and Kadri. It would give that much needed scoring threat from the second line the Leafs need. Problem is trying to fit him in under he Cap. Only way I can see it working is if Phaneuf is going the other way. Maybe if the Leafs have enough fire power up front they won’t have to worry about playing dense. lol

    • Why would a team who needs defense in the worst way (Toronto) trade their best defenseman? JW…

      Plus it is a pretty untradable contract. Leafs would have to take a good $2 mill in return.

  7. Hey Spec just wondering if you’ve heard anything about Daly and Company putting in a request to change the draft proceedings within the next two weeks?

  8. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again…look for the Flyers to make a deal to move up in the draft on the 27th. The hosting team always makes a move to do this to excite the hometown fans. They need Ekblad badly, so watch for them to pitch a deal to the Panthers.

    • I’ve said this before and I will say it again… The Flyers won’t get Ekblad. Guaranteed. They might move up to the 6th-10th but they will not get Ekblad. Florida needs Ekblad even more then the Flyers and unless the Flyers are prepared to offer up a kings ransom they won’t land that 1st overall. That ransom would probably have to include Cotourier or Schenn, Coburn, Flyers 1st and Morin

    • Flyers have no players of the caliber to trade in order to acquire a first overall.

      They’d need to trade a young player with clear star potential in order to get him or a good player in his prime. It took for Vancouver to ship Schneider to NJ just for a 9th overall.

      The deal would essentially have to work around Sean Couturier or Wayne Simmonds and would be contingent on whether or not the Flyers acquire a top 10 from another team to ship to the Panthers as they would be unwilling to move way down to mid teens. I’m pretty sure the Flyers aren’t looking to move any of these guys, nor would the Flyers be able to swing a deal that climbs them to a top ten pick.

      • Swing a *reasonable deal…

        • You guys are seriously overvaluing Ekblad.

          • It might be true. He’s good because he’s way bigger than his competition.

            But despite that, if he’s going 1st overall… it’s not Ekblad we’re valuing that high, it’s 1st overall.

  9. I think Brodeur might be a late signing like Thomas was.