NHL Sunday Morning Coffee Headlines – August 12, 2012.

The eyes of Canada will turn toward NHL CBA talks following Olympics, the signings bonuses for new Wild stars Parise and Suter are due soon, another Flyers defenseman may be sidelined, and Huet won’t be returning to NHL after all.

OTTAWA SUN: Once the Olympics end, the eyes of Canadian sports fans will turn toward the NHL CBA negotiations, which one league insider believes isn’t a players issue anymore, but an owners issue, as they must find a better way to share their revenue.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The combination of the end of the Olympics and the fast-approaching end date (September 15) for the current CBA will ramp up coverage of the negotiations in the coming weeks.

PIONEER PRESS: The signing bonuses for new Minnesota Wild stars Zach Parise and Ryan Suter are due Saturday, August 18th.

Parise and Suter due to receive signing bonuses soon.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Though a cash call had to be put out to the minority owners of the club, it’s expected the two players will get their money on time. And because those are signing bonuses, not actual salary, Parise and Suter get that money even if there’s another lockout.

KUKLA’S KORNER: Cited a report from Sweden claiming Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Andreas Lilja underwent hip surgery and could be sidelined for four months.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In the immortal words of Scooby-Doo: “Ruh-roh”. That would be another huge blow to a Flyers blueline which already lost Andrej Mezsaros to injury, isn’t expecting Chris Pronger to return from a concussion injury, and lost Matt Carle to free agency. GM Paul Holmgren suggested he’d be comfortable waiting for training camp to evaluate his blueline before making any moves to bolster his defense. This, however, could put more pressure upon him to make a move.

CSNCHICAGO.COM: Former Blackhawks goaltender Cristobal Huet won’t be returning to the NHL after all, signing a four-year contract with HC Laussane in Switzerland.



  1. I know there’s all these rumours out there from the mongers and such, but Philly really is going to have to do something now. It’s not like they have Lundquist in net there. They won’t be bargaining from a position of power either.

  2. so how would you like to be Holmgren now? not only did your big plans for upgrading your defense blow up in your face when Suter signed with the Wild, Nashville matched your offer sheet for Weber, and Carle signed with Tampa Bay. the next wave of disasters are starting to unfold with Meszaros (indefinite) and now Lilja (4 months?)slated to be recovering from injuries for at least the first couple of months. the UFA market is all but bare except for maybe Rozival and you’ve got the other GM’s/Owners pissed at you for the Weber offer sheet on the eve of negotiations for the new CBA (it makes all of them look like hypocrites for crying poverty) so any options you have will include major overpayment either in salary or assets in a trade.

  3. If I were Mike Gillis of the Canucks I would be offering Keith Ballard to Philadelphia for Maxim Talbot. The Canucks are is dire need of a good centre and Talbot easily fills that need and while Ballard is not the big point producing defenseman he is still a good steady stay at home guy.
    Thinking out of the box for a minute…maybe way out of the box for that matter you could even make a case for Luongo going to Philly with Ballard. Remember I said I was thinking outside the box but if Philadelphia does not get a couple of good D-men then they must upgrade their netminding and no matter what anyone thinks about Luongo he is still better than what the Flyers have at the moment.
    Then of course the Flyers could try to pry Edler out of Vancouver which would help fill their back end needs but the Canucks would (or should) ask for Simmonds and Talbot as they would have to fill Edlers point production some how.

  4. Maybe the Sharks who need a top 6 forward would be a good team to trade with. Boyle has been rumored to be a top d-man the Sharks might be willing to part with.

    • I would rather see the Sharks offer up Murray. I just don’t see them trading Boyle as he is the defensive leader of the team.

  5. I agree that Holmgren is in a bind…but there is a really solid chance of a lockout as well. I wonder if the idea of waiting for training camp is a way of saying ‘let’s see if their is a season” or ‘lets wait until we know the start date”. Concievebly the season could start just as these guys start coming back from injury and there might not be a desperate need for D then.
    That said, this does make it more plausible that Subban gets an offer sheet, but still seriously doubt it gets signed.

  6. HAbs FAn Agree 100% percent Why panic now? Might not be a season THey might have everyone back including Pronger when they drop the puck next year! Weber should buy Holmgren a new car When Nashville pays him 22 mil this year and not play a single game! Holmgren a one man wrecking crew! God bless him.. Same when he played Everyone feared him

  7. Maybe the NHL should get rid of these teams that are losing millions on millions of dollars every year, then the revenue sharing between both teams andlayers wouldn’t be such a big deal. Of course the owners of teams will want the players to take less since the owners of teams like the leads, detroit, phillymetc that actually make money are basically paying the players of Phoenix, Florida, etc to play.