NHL Sunday Morning Rumor Roundup – February 10, 2013.

The latest on Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Devin Setoguchi, Stephen Weiss, Ryan O’Reilly and more.

What will the Ducks do with Perry & Getzlaf?

What will the Ducks do with Perry & Getzlaf?

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports on the big decision facing Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray over pending UFAs Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry. Garrioch claims the belief is Murray might have to offer up big, front-loaded deals to re-sign the two. It’s also believed Getzlaf is the more likely to re-sign as he’s settled now in Anaheim. Garrioch compared this situation to the one facing the Senators back in 2006 with Zdeno Chara and Wade Redden…It’s rumored the Sharks would like to add a veteran winger before the trade deadline. Defenseman Jason Demers could be the odd man out if the Sharks decide to make a move…There’s talk the Minnesota Wild could move struggling winger Devin Setoguchi, but he has another year at a cap hit of $3 million left on his contract…The Carolina Hurricanes would like to add more grit before the trade deadline. Defensemen Joe Corvo and Jamie McBain could be dealt.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It could come down to a choice for the Ducks between Getzlaf and Perry, unless one of them makes it clear they want to move on. They certainly can’t afford to lose both for nothing to free agency. Getzlaf’s numbers have declined in recent years, due in part to injuries, but he’s off to a good start to this season. If the Ducks remain playoff contenders, don’t expect either guy to be dealt, even if they’re still unsigned by that point…The Sharks do have blueline depth to dangle as trade bait. Demers and Douglas Murray have been mentioned as trade candidates…Setoguchi’s name has popped up in trade rumors, but given that contract and his declining production, he’ll be tough to move…I could see the Hurricanes trying to move Corvo, but I doubt they’d shop the 24-year-old McBain.

BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont reports Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon dismissed rumors center Stephen Weiss may be available but rumors he could be dealt won’t go away. If Weiss hits the trade block, Dupont believes the Edmonton Oilers could make an aggressive pitch as injuries have depleted their depth at center.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Tallon insists he wants to re-sign Weiss. Ultimately, it’ll depend upon where Weiss sees his future, and if the Panthers are willing to pay to retain him. After Ryan Getzlaf, Weiss could be the most desirable center in this summer’s UFA market.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater suggests arbitration is why the Colorado Avalanche won’t re-sign center Ryan O’Reilly to a one-year deal. He points out if O’Reilly signs a one-year deal, it’ll give him four years in the NHL, making him eligible for arbitration rights. Dater claims most people around O’Reilly expect the Avalanche will trade him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With the Avalanche floundering in the standings, management is coming under increasing criticism for their handling of these negotiations. Time will tell, of course, if they’re justified, but with key players sidelined and the team struggling early, it’s not working out well in the short term.


  1. Trade O’Reilly to Buffalo for Ennis or Gerbe and a 5th round pick and be done with it.

    • Not a fan of either team but don’t you think that is an overpayment for a guy with ONE good season, who is already a holdout and has done very little to deserve the moeny he is asking for.

      • Same was said about Kyle Turris who had done nothing at all really with Phoenix and Ottawa traded for him based on potential. Came in set a career high in all stats in just 49 games last year and is currently filling in well as a #1 centre and is just behind a point a game pace.

    • How about O’Reilly for Leino and a 5th Rounder?

      • That’s more like it.

      • Leino is an albatross, similar to Gomez. Good luck with that.

    • I’d do it for Ennis in a heartbeat; Buffalo wouldn’t…

  2. Amen brother.

    For Gerbe straight up, maybe.

    But for Ennis, and including a pick?
    To me this is delusional thinking.

    Not a fan of either team, either, but sheesh – let’s be reasonable.

  3. Nobody wants to play for Joe Sacco.

  4. If the ducks loose either of these two guys and get nothing in return it will be a sad state in Anahiem.

    • Kind of like when Buffalo loss Drury and Briere and got nothing

  5. I would keep Getz and ship out Perry. Perry loves coming home to London so maybe DET? Or to TOR for Kessel and some other assets. TOR and ANA have a history of trading.

  6. I see Anaheim, if they can only keep 1, to keep the #1 centre in Getzlaf. Not every team has a #1 centre.

    If Anaheim is in a playoff spot they will keep both until the end of the season. If they do trade Perry it will cost a premium to get him.. and he is a UFA at season’s end. Unless it’s a sign and trade.. the cost to get him for what could be short term would not be a smart move.

    Does he want to play near London On where he spent most of his CHL career, or play near his home town of Peterborough.

    Also will he want to play in Canada… not too many Canadian born hockey players want to do that…

  7. I would watch all the same teams that were in it for Nash this off season be in it for Perry (as I agree he is the most likely to go). Now this would be assuming that the Ducks start free falling at any point, which they haven’t looked like they are going to do … so I see them signing Getzlaf and then Perry either walks via UFA, a sign and trade, and/or his rights are dealt for. But they would have to stop performing and fall out of the playoff race first.

  8. Ana: Keep Perry, drop Getzlaf (trade him… try to get a young center). Keep Ryan. Tinker.

    Colorado: Jones-ing for a Jones, maybe? Their management is not going to get pushed around by a player, though. If he’s going in a trade, it’s going to be a trade that’s worth it. If O’Reilly is trying to force them to trade him, then let him sit until he comes to his senses.

    Garroch reports… didn’t read the rest.

    • Actually, the Avalanche could swap O’Reilly for Yandle straight up and it’s a fair deal.

      • Yandle is worth for more than O’Reilly. O’Reilly has some potential upside yes, but Yandle is a top 2 D on any single team in the NHL, size, offensive skill, defensively responsible. Yandle is a very rare commodity to obtain.

        • I have O’Reilly rated 74, same as Yandle. O’Reilly might have a higher ceiling. Yandle’s a more here and now player… the Coyotes want a center to my understanding and Colorado needs a PP d-man.

          Only difference is that Yandle is less of a gamble, but like I said, O’Reilly may have a higher ceiling.

  9. How about this for the start of a deal; Phil Kessel and maybe something else like a draft pick or lower tier player to the Wild for Devin Setoguchi, Mathew Dumba and Matthew Hackett. Send Kessel to Minnesota where he played college gives Setoguchi and new start which he needs, Dumba didnt impress the Wild or Hockey Canada so he could be ripe for the picking and turn out to be part of great one two punch with Reilly in the future and Matt Hackett would defniitely be their goalie of the future, and the fact that he is young puts way less pressure on Reimer who is playing well, compared to getting a guy like Luongo.

    • How about no?

  10. Keep Getzlaf trade Perry.

    Trade O’reilly, he’s not bringing this team anything right now, the situation has gone sour, no coming back from it. The avs have a lot of good young guys there is no reason to keep O’reilly around gathering dust.

  11. If you can’t find a way to sign them both then keeping Getzlaf makes the most sense. Every team is looking for a good playmaking center and someone who averages over 50 assists and around 20 to 25 goals a season is almost impossible to find and especially replace.
    If Anaheim decides to move him I can imagine teams, especially one in Southern Ontario, will be lining up to talk trade. It would be hard to imagine just how good the Leafs first line could be with Getzlaf dishing off to Kessel and the second line with JVR dominating around the net.

  12. Offer both contracts if they don’t sign trade them for picks and prospects that’s how you build a winning team.You cannot lose them for nothing at the end of the year.

  13. @ Bruinnyandthejets,

    Interesting proposal but trading a top forward like Kessel for a Setoguchi who is at a low point and two prospects seems counter productive for a team trying to make the playoffs. Dumba and Hacket may become rockstars but Kessel already is (though some Leafs mans may disagree).
    They might not be a Stanley Cup contender at this point but not sure getting rid of Kessel and not bringing back some scoring is a good move… Maybe flipping some pieces that you have suggested but adding in a Charlie Coyle or something like that might be more appetizing?

    And for all this Getzlaf/Perry talk. If you’re a Leafs fan you pray you get a chance to get either but not exactly sure that will happen. If I were Anaheim I don’t know what I would do, tough choice!

  14. Anaheim will be in the position to get both on contract IF and thats IF they both want to stay. Think about it besides ryan who else do they have on forward in the future?? If they were close to cap they could always use a buyout to get them both signed. I honestly think Getz signs and perry comes back to Ontario. Now I am a leafs fan and i am not saying he will come to Toronto but that would be awesome. He could sign in Ottawa and play along side Spezza that would be dangerous. As for trading kessel it all depends on whether he will sign long term in toronto. if not trade him while he still has term on his contract and get more back. Personally i hope we can get him signed but if he commands more then 6.5 id let him go.

  15. Don’t rule out Philly for Perry. They were aggressive with Weber so hae no reservations giving up lots of picks and actually have some trade chips as well. A deal of Talbot plus Simmonds or Read plus 2 high picks would get the deal done, assuming Flyers could resign him as part of the deal. Imagine Giroux with Hartnell and Perry on his wings. Scary!