NHL Sunday Morning Rumor Roundup – January 20, 2013.

The latest on Scott Gomez, Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Roberto Luongo, Tim Thomas and more.

MERCURY NEWS/CSNBAYEAREA.COM: The San Jose Sharks are exploring the possibility of signing former Montreal Canadiens center Scott Gomez, who was bought out of the remainder of his contract last week. It’s believed Sharks assistant coach Larry Robinson, who coached Gomez with the New Jersey Devils, might be a factor to the mutual interest.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s possible the two sides could reach agreement on a one-year contract (believed worth $700K) as early as today. Stay tuned on this one.

Status of Perry & Getzlaf could become NHL's top storyline this season.

Status of Perry & Getzlaf could become NHL’s top storyline this season.

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance considers contract talks and trade rumors involving Anaheim Ducks stars Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry the NHL’s biggest storyline this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Check out my take on the Ducks talks with Getzlaf and Perry here.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Florida Panthers have shown interest in Roberto Luongo (which is where Luongo would prefer to go) but sources claim Panthers GM Dale Tallon must “sweeten the pot” to land the veteran netminder. Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis isn’t pursuing Luongo as aggressively as some believed he would. The Chicago Blackhawks might pursue Luongo if they stumble out of the gate…It might make sense by season’s end for the Boston Bruins to shop the rights of goalie Tim Thomas, who is sitting out this season and won’t be returning to the Bruins…The Flames are willing to trade defenseman Anton Babchuk, who has a cap hit of $2.8 million this season. Garrioch speculates he’ll be moved at the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Jose Theodore and Scott Clemmensen play well this season, the Panthers won’t have any need to chase Luongo. Nonis seems to be taking a “wait-and-see” approach to his goaltending. If the Leafs struggle between the pipes this season, expect the “Luongo-to-Toronto” rumors to resurface. I don’t believe the Blackhawks have serious interest in Luongo…The Bruins could peddle Thomas’s rights, but they won’t expect to get much back…Babchuk’s cap hit is actually $2.5 million. He also comes with a full “no-trade” clause. That being said, if the Flames are out of the playoff race by the end of March, Babchuk could become part of a roster house-cleaning.


  1. The Duck Duo will be in the news probably every day in April or sooner if the Ducks are looking out of it,this years nash.

    Luongo will hold the fort for awhile although getting crunched by the Ducks should liven things up even more.

    the media could not have had it better,the nuck goalies stink and kadri/bozak both score and scrivens gives up just one.
    now if the oil light up the nucks today mr. gillis will end up grilled faster then a cheap steak.
    it will not be boring in vancouver thats for sure,lol.

  2. @ Cap Ahab , Beergoggles JDBig C Top Right cormer …etc

    Great conversation yesterday here about the need for Vancouver to keep Luong and that most likely Luongo would be the # 1 goalie by seasons end …well how about by the start of the season …LOL….unfortunately for Gillis …he CAN NOT TRADE LUONGO NOW and if he does the Panthers can have him I would not trade Kadri or Gardiner for Luongo !!!!

    As ive been stating and now with 100% validation on how good the Leafs defense will be this year KOSYKA WAS AWESOIME last night…..they really need a power forward BIGTIME …they need a gritty go in the corners big body center man it really showed in lasts night game …if the Leafs didnt have so many power plays it woudl have been a different score….Ive been posting since last year that Scrivens will be the # 1 Goalie in the end moving forward ….the Leafs are in need of other areas in Goal is not the # 1 need YET!!!
    They should really look at… O rielly in Colorado …..I dont think Komorav can keep up in the NHL he may not last the season and you may see Frattin back up in his position ..Frattin is a take the body first player and skates very well and will keep up better over the season !!
    I would still pick up Jason Arnott given the chance ….the one thing I noticed about the leafs was they play much better as a team and all 4 lines contribute doing the little things …decent depth now!!!

    • I too thought that yesterday’s conversations were good.
      As far as the Vancouver goalie situation and last nights sad home opener … “One game does not a season make.” If by chance the attrocious play, not only by the goalies but also by those charged with keeping the other team from having scoring chances, continues I look for the country club atmosphere in Vancouver to come to an abrupt stop. I imagine that Gillis was breathing a sigh of relief that he had not traded Luongo but possibly, if the rumours of Kadri and Bozak coming back to the Canucks in a trade are to believed, frustrated at the same time as he watched both those players excel.
      How Kadri played in last night’s game was how I believed he could and would play if only given the chance. Obviously Nonis, while learning at the feet of his mentor Burke, is his own man and has his own plan for letting players, especially the young talented ones, show him and the coach if they have the right stuff to play in the NHL.
      I did not seen Scrivens as the first star last night and even though he only allowed one goal he looked shakey and if Montreal had played the way they did in the last half of the third period the whole game the outcome could have been much different. Also, if not for the great play of Price the game could and probably would have turned into a rout. My selection for first star was Kadri with Price second and Scrivens third.
      Kosyka was dominant and looked totally at home on every shift.

  3. The Leafs played one of the worst teams in the league last night who were also missing their best player. As Cox said in the star this morning “Don’t yet tell all your friends that the torch-fumbling Montreal Canadiens obviously must pay P.K. Subban whatever he wants, or that Jonathan Quick isn’t so quick anymore after off-season surgery, or that Rick Nash is a bust on Manhattan, or that the Maple Leafs clearly don’t need Roberto Luongo”. So try not to loudly proclaim with absolute certainty that Florida is a juggernaut, or the Red Wings are finished in the post-Nicklas Lidstrom era, or that Vladimir Tarasenko is going to win the Rocket Richard Trophy.

    That about sums it up.

    As for Getz and Perry. Top right hit the nail on the head these two will be in the news everyday until the trade deadline passes. We all know the Ducks will only move them if they are completely out of playoff contention and realize they have no shot at re-signing them.

    • Mostly true observations except i really think PK will not revive this habs team,they really stink and would be pathetic without Price.
      Any team that will rely on 2 leaf rejects is pretty bad.
      I also think that detroit is indeed on the way down and datsyuk/hetty will just keep them afloat.
      as much as i respect the wings organization i will not miss that crap about what a brilliant drafting team they are.
      they got lucky a couple of times and have hit and missed the same as any other team since thus proving you need luck at the draft as well as top scouting.

      Watching the nucks once past the sedin line the rest look very very suspect and the defence after the top 2 shaky.
      they will need one of those goalies to wake up or by the time the injured return it may a very big hole to recover.

      lupul signing for 5 years at a very reasonable 5.2 per contract was nice for the leafs and shows confidence by lups that the team is going in the right direction.

      • 1. I don’t think you can state that the Wings got lucky a few times. They’ve consistently drafted top offensive talent and developed them properly over the past 20 years. I do agree that they are not as dominant in 2013, but that has very little to do with poor drafting.

        2. The Habs aren’t that bad. It seemed obvious that they missed PKS on the PP. Kaberle is not a good substitute, they need a right-handed, mobile shooting threat.

        3. Agreed that the Canucks depth is suspect. With Kesler out Andrew Ebbett is their 2nd line centre, not too good. I imagine the Canucks will hold out for a centre in any Luongo trade. Also, considering how well Luongo has handled this situation I wonder if the Canucks consider trading Schneider instead? More teams would be interested in that contract.

        4. I think $5.2 mil. over 5 years is way too much for Lupul. Even after finding some chemistry with Kessel he STILL wasn’t healthy all season. Should have learned from the Ducks (Flyers?) when they first gave Lupul a long-term contract – the guy is too unreliable and should be given a shorter term deal. I think this deal comes back to bite the Leafs.

  4. The Panthers are also ready to give Markstrom the chance to shine as well. Landing Luongo would keep Markstrom behind.

    Sweeten the pot? Gillis has to realize that the market to land Luongo is barely existent.

  5. What a crazy first night of hockey. I don’t think that could of worked out much better from a news perspective. The leafs really couldn’t of asked for a better team to start the season off against. Same for Montreal really. If either team would have started against rangers or pens both cities would be screaming for moves or tanking. It is only the first night but with such a short season I think this is the type of response you can expect with every game meaning so much more then normal.

  6. Everyone underestimates the Ducks though, the RGP line only had one bad season after being the best line in the league for what the previous 3? If the Ducks play like last night or if they can recapture enough form to make a playoff push this season the both of them will be locked up long term.

    • It just blows me away what the Ducks could have right now. Imagine this…
      and the list goes on.

  7. @ beergoggles

    Good post, was thinking I’d have to start telling people to stop planning the parades. I mean Crosby was held pointless, must not be the same player anymore right?

  8. Ya funny after one game how everything is upside down from reality.

    Take that Leaf game last night, what a boring game, but thats the choice we have to make with this roster. Either play Wilsons run and gun style and finish last but watch some exciting and fustrating hockey OR play Carlyle’s boring defensive style which will include many games with trapping especially when the team is up two goals but they will grind out some extra wins that could mean a playoff berth.

    Last night was two bottom dwellers playing boring hockey. Dump it in dump it out. It’s the game the Leafs have to play with the roster they have.

  9. I like the Lupul signing. Yes, he is injury prone and it could bite the Leafs in the ass but he is the only one that will consistantly stand in front of the net or go to the corners and battle. Lupul is a rare commodity in this league he does this dirty work in front and the corners, he has soft hands, plus he has good speed. I like to call this the triple crown. If he was a bit bigger and less injured he would be commanding $7MM for sure. This is a good signing for the Leafs if he stays healthy. Bravo for Nonis.

    • Oh and one more comment on Lupul. This pretty much guarantees Kessel will re-sign for around the same amount (if the Leafs want him). This is how Detroit does it.

      Kessel was twisting in the wind until Lupul got here and started doing all the dirty work on that line.

      • Kessel got his 30 before lupul arrived but improved his overall game afterwards.
        The leafs want him for sure,it will depend on if he wants to stay.
        If he is not signed to an extension during next years season i think he is dealt because it means he wants out.

        the 3rd period trap when up by 2 is standard now.
        wilsons stupid run and gun cost them numerous games in the 3rd period.
        the good thing is if down by a couple they have the horses to attack and get even.

        run and gun does not work you have to play defense and be able to check tight.

  10. @ Right

    Totally agree. It’s the only way for this team to play if they want to get into the playoffs.

    I have a feeling Kessel will want to stay if this year goes well with him and Lupul especially if they get into the post season.

    As you know I am a Bozak basher. It was good to see him get a goal last night but I still don’t think he fits on that line considering he is a light weight, Kessel is a light weight and Lupul is only a middle weight. I can already see teams like Boston feasting on these three for the whole season. I’m surprized Carlyle kept them together after seeing the results of playing a team like Boston last year. I guess he has no one else to fill the role. Finding a big tough top line center with soft hands and some speed will be like finding a needle in the haystack.

    Maybe they can train Orr to fit the role. lol

    • I had hoped colborne was the guy with size and very soft hands but it appears he is too slow for the nhl.
      he passes and stickhandles great and tho is not a hitter can take a hit.

      i give bozak full credit for effort considering he knows he is playing in the wrong spot.
      other players may crumble under the pressure but he gives what he has got almost every game.

      i agree almost every team there is wants a big centre with soft hands but there are none to be had.

      right now i would take a solid built meduim size with good hands lol.

  11. After watching today’s Buffalo/Philadelphia game on NBC Sports the one thing I am happy to see is Mike Millbury gone (hopefully) from Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts. I have always wondered why we couldn’t get an informed Canadian on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada instead of hiring this American blowhard. He is as good an analyst as he was a GM and that is giving him too much praise as a GM. He jumped all over Canucks coach AV for pulling Schneider after allowing 5 goals and putting in Roberto Luongo to try and fire up his team. Almost every coach out there would have done exactly the same thing and after a bit of checking that is what almost every coach did last night after there team was down by 4 or 5 goals. The other thing I am glad to see on NBC Sports is Pierre McGuire and thankfully we don’t have to see or especially hear him on any Canadian televised games. I respect the announcer they have, “Doc,” but while it is great to listen to his play- by-play it hurts my ears to have Pierre McGuire blabber on and on during stoppages in play. Thank you remote makers for the mute button.
    Even though I am not a big Don Cherry fan, I would take an hour of his egotistical ruination of the English language, and most European as well as some Canadian players names, on Coach’s Corner over one minute of drivel coming from the mouths of either Millbury or McGuire. Thankfully NBC Sports and American hockey fans have them and they are welcome to them.

    • While i agree Ahab i did find Milbury amusing because of his dumb stuff.
      hnic has replaced him with a certain ex back up goalie that is just as annoying but does not make it as funny.
      his i know everything attitude and rudely talking over the rest of the panel was really bad.
      and i do not mean weekes who at one point looked pissed enough to reach over and bitch slap the other fool.
      PJ stock was not too good either.

      say what you want about Grapes,love him or hate him he is entertaining and right much more than wrong.
      not worrying about feelings or being politically correct keeps him on top.

      on a side note watched both Flyer games and was glad luke schenn did okay now away from the Wilson damage.
      his brother however has not impressed me much so getting JVR instead is looking okay.

      no idea what it is like in vancouver but the 1 canuck fan i know is pissed and upset that gillis did not take the supposed kadri/bozak/2nd rd,lol.
      of course us leaf fans had our fun at his expense and rubbed him pretty good.
      wish i was at his place tonight as he will watch the game with his brother who is an oiler fan.
      oh yes,there will be blood,lol.
      we all noted that the 2 habs fans could not make it today as they were busy,uh huh sure thing guys,you can hide but we will find you,:).

      • Hey TRC:
        I thought I picked up on Weekes looking pretty pissed but figured that I must be wrong. Yes, that ex-goalie you are referring to can be rather hard to take. I like Weekes as a commentator on the new “panel.” P.J. Stock reminds me of someone’s little kid brother that the older kid has to babysit and who keeps getting over excited and yelling, “can I play too?” I have no idea why, if the rumours are true, Ron MacLean has taken him under his wing and is insisting he be part of HNIC.
        Luke Schenn now has a chance to prove himself away from both Wilson and Phaneuf, who I heard was not fond of the Saskatchewan defenseman. To bad that during today’s game Schenn had to take two penalties and have Buffalo score on each.
        I can well imagine that after last night’s game your friend, the Canuck fan, would be pissed that Gillis did not pull the trigger on the rumoured Kadri/Bozak + for Luongo trade. But tell him to rest assured that there are better times to come for Vancouver and that there will be struggles for both teams. Every game for the Leafs will not be against an uninspired group like Montreal was last night and with 48 games in less than 60 some odd days will take its toll on many players and teams.

        Oh, it is good to have hockey back!

    • Totally agree. Though I’m pretty sick of Don Cherry’s clown show as well.

      • Also, Jim Hughson is the absolute worst.

      • As long as he stays on topic of teams/players/rules he is still bang on and the best.
        it is when he talks about the league or euros or outside stuff he gets stupid.

      • I notice that Cherry loves to highlight the times he has been right about certain things but will NEVER talk about the times he has been wrong.
        It wasn’t that long ago, four + years to be exact, that Cherry said on Coach’s Corner that as soon as Brian Burke, the big Irishman he called him, gets to Toronto he will turn things around quick. “I can’t wait,” was his quote.
        Last night on Coach’s Corner he talked about how great Kadri looked and alluded to Kadri being mishandled by “those two dummies ” meaning Wilson and Burke. While it is good for his ego to have MacLean showcase when he is right, it would be nice to admit he has been wrong about a number of things as well.

        Speaking of horrible announcers…it is nice to see that the bumbling Bob Cole has (hopefully) been put to pasture. He was very good during his heyday but the years took their toll and he just wasn’t able to keep up.
        There are too many good up and comers who deserve a chance at announcing just like there are a lot of good young players who deserve a shot as well.

  12. I am so glad I wasn’t the only one that thought Weekes was pissed. I got so tired of hearing “the other guy,” I had to turn it off.
    I really wondered why any hockey fan would spend a moment to listen to Mike Milbury. Is he trying to be the next Don Cherry? Stupid comment after stupid comment. It really is no wonder he is no longer coaching or being a GM in this league. He doesn’t help himself at all. After 5 goals against Lou he would have been pulled too. Give it a rest MM. I am shocked he didn’t go postal on the quick call at the end. (The one the ref lost sight of just before it trickled in) Maybe he did I took out my earphones.

    As far as the Leafs go, decent game, but the Habs are looking to repeat as lottery contestants…boy do they suck and no Gomez scape goat to blame this year. Price is the only piece worth keeping while at least the Leafs have a few up and comers. I was so happy to see Kadri light the lamp. He was treated so poorly before.

    Let’s see what happens with the first week and see if all this still applies.

  13. I like weekes,has an air of class about him and makes good solid comments.
    perfect call on PJ,he was exactly like the little brother,pick mepick me,lol.

    as for grapes of course he must remind everyone when he was right because as the old saying goes, when i am right nobody remembers but when i am wrong nobody forgets.

    say what you want he was right about burke coming in and fixing things up.
    he may have blown some things but the team is better,the marlies tons better and the front office with guys that know what they are doing.
    he hung himself sticking with wilson and then doing what wilson wanted instead of what he wanted.
    probably the first and last time he will do what someone else wants.
    love burke or hate him the awful mess he inherited would have buried any new GM and i think he did more then anyone else could have considering what he started with.
    kaberle/white were the teams 2 best players,i still shudder just thinking about that.

  14. Seems like HNIC is trying to replicate the NFL model of 6 guys standing around shouting. Too many. CBC needs a major rehaul of their hockey presentation. TSN does it so much better and are not wasting tax-payers money employing people like Cherry, Healy and PJ Stock.

    I like Kevin Weekes a lot, but I think he had a good thing going as a commentator for the late games. He made a great point on the Subban contract comparables (Fowler, Johnson, etc.) and stood his ground when PJ was making baseless accusations about Subban’s character.

    • Hi Liddy5:
      Excellent call on P.J. “the character assassin” Stock.
      What he was alluding to, to me anyway, was way out of bounds. I haven’t heard anything but good things said about P.K. Subban and that includes his off ice charitable activities, which he is still involved in even while these contract negotiations continue. As far as I am concerned unless he is convicted of some heinous crime he should be judged by his body of work on the ice and not by what appears to be a rumour monger with some kind of axe to grind.

  15. Captain Ahab; If you watch the way P.K. constantly runs his mouth on the ice, and acts like he’s been in the league forever and done it all you would get what PJ Stock is saying. He should shut his mouth and just play the game then maybe he would accomplish something and actually have a body of work.