NHL Sunday Morning Rumor Update – February 26, 2012.

Latest on the Rangers, Maple Leafs, Stars, Canucks, Flyers, Sharks and Lightning.


Rangers remain front-runners for Nash.

NEW YORK POST/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS/NEWSDAY: reports the Rangers remain among the clubs interested in acquiring Columbus Blue Jackets captain Rick Nash. The Post claims the Rangers are holding firm against moving defensemen Michael Del Zotto and Ryan McDonagh, and prospect Chris Kreider, but would be willing to part with defenseman Tim Erixon. Brandon Dubinsky is considered part of the offer to Columbus. It’s believed the Rangers moved Wojtek Wolski to the Panthers yesterday to free up additional cap space for a big move. It’s also been reported the Blue Jackets are interested in center Derek Stepan. The Rangers also didn’t place Sean Avery on re-entry waivers before the deadline, effectively eliminating his chances of returning to the NHL this season. He’s a UFA this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blue Jackets are also facing pressure from Nash’s agent, who made it clear yesterday the list of preferred destinations for his client won’t change if they decide to shop him this summer. Though I still think the Jackets could get a better return in the off-season, this could pressure them to make a move before the deadline.

TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby reports Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke, prior to last night’s game against Washington, dismissed the notion of blowing up the depth he’s built over the past three years on a panic move by the trade deadline in hopes of squeaking into the playoffs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If we take Burke at his word, it could mean he’s out of the Rick Nash sweepstakes, and won’t be peddling Luke Schenn or Mikhail Grabovski by tomorrow’s deadline.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: cited a report by Sportsnet’s John Shannon claiming the Stars were “listening to everything about almost everybody over the age of 27.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Stars are also battling for one of the final playoff berths in the Western Conference, which means they won’t move players like Steve Ott, Mike Ribeiro or Brenden Morrow unless they get something in return which helps them clinch a playoff berth.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Ben Kuzma reports the Canucks are open to trade offers now that they’ve placed Keith Ballard on LTIR, freeing up an additional $4.2 million in cap space.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s plenty of speculation the Canucks are interested in Steve Ott, but as I noted above, I don’t believe the Stars will move him unless they get a return which helps them right now.

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi reports it’s unlikely the Flyers will make a big move at the trade deadline.

MERCURYNEWS.COM: David Pollak reports Sharks GM Doug Wilson said the health of his players could be a factor in any decisions he makes approaching the deadline. (Hat tip to GJ Berg for the link).

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Damian Cristodero speculates if it’s worthwhile for the Lightning to pursue Blues minor league goalie Ben Bishop.


  1. I would put my money on either Bishop or our own Dustin Tokarski. Good on the Rangers for not calling up that waste of a roster spot Avery.

  2. Roloson was horrible yesterday (so was the team). Scratch his name off the list of goalies teams could have interest in. Also wouldn’t be surprised if Tampa calls up tokarski to see what they have before making a move in the summer on a goalie like bishop or Bernier

  3. I doubt they call up Tokarski this season as it is already lost besides the Lightning also want to have continued success in Norfolk

  4. If Burke stands as a lame duck tomorrow and doesn’t choose a direction for this team (ie buyer or seller) it will be embarrassing.
    If he chooses to stay the course and isn’t a buyer trading to fill some major holes then he can’t be taken at his word when he told reporters earlier that he didn’t just want to make the playoffs to get blown out in the first round. He’s lucky if he can even make the playoffs at this point.
    He needs to choose a direction and either get some help by filling some holes or become a seller and begin a partial re-build to fix the major issues with this team including a vet goaltender, big bodied forwards, grit, testosterone, pugnacity and what ever other catch phrase he used when he got here. The first order of business should be to fire Wilson and possibly bring up Dallas Eakins to see if he can get these guys in to the playoffs. Eakins knows a lot of these guys already and can bring up a few more of his youth on the Marlies to take a good run at the playoffs which are within reach. Another week of Wilson at the helm and they may no longer be in reach.

    Of course none of this will happen because Burke will not hit the panic button and will probably stay the course with Wilson hoping he can squeek them in on the last game of the season.

    On another note if the Leafs are being offered a first rounder (as reported) for Grabo and they can’t agree on term then move on and take the asset but as usual it sounds like Burke will stay the course at the chance they will make the playoffs and possibly lose him to free agency or have to over pay to keep him this summer.

    What a mess

  5. It has come to my attention that a few of you are using multiple names to post comments here, pretending to be different people in order to give the impression of support for their opinions. THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. VIOLATORS WILL BE BANNED PERMANENTLY. THIS IS YOUR FIRST AND ONLY WARNING. NO THREE STRIKE RULE HERE. I can track you folks via your IP address, so don’t do it.

  6. Seriously? You thought Roloson was a goalie teams would have interest in?

  7. The reason the Leafs have been terrible the last 8 years say, is pride. Most canadian teams for that matter with exception of Edmonton the last couple of years. What I’m talking about is always fighting for a playoff spot and selling the farm to barely squeak in…..when realistically even if they get in their not good enough to go anywheres. So the problem? Always picking late or far enough down that the talent gets weak. As I said Edmonton being the exception. Look at the draft the last 8 years and see how many canadian teams have picked 1-5. Only Edmonton…and I’m sorry, tanking a few years seem to be a must to win the cup. Pitts, Chi, Ana……terrible teams before they pulled a cup out there arse through good top picks. The cup has not been won in Canada in 19 years now…what an insult. Canadian parents bring there kids up and pay for hockey and breed these great hockey players for them to end up in the USA and not win a cup for a Canadian city where the parents live. Its sad. Canada is a hockey player farm and all our best are exported…..I think this has to change. Its so bad that I think no one in Canada has a true favourite Canadian team anymore. WHY? Because A Sen’s fan will be a Calgary fan if Calgary was in the final against a US team. A Toronto fan will turn into a Canucks fan in the same situation and so on. Its not like that in the US because there not hurting for a stanley cup win like Canadians are. Sorry I’m just venting, but I do not think its just coincidence A Canadian team hasn’t won a cup in going on 20 years. So, whatever van, cal, edm, tor, ott, mon…(winnipeg get a break) have been doing…….shouldn’t they look deeply at the “system” there using? RICK NASH!!!! Please some Canadian team get him…..For once have a true Canadian star actually play in Canada in his prime in recent memory.

  8. first rounder for Grabo is a pretty good deal. Even when you can sign him again in July. there is enough depth on the Marlies to try and make a playoff run( Colboure). Not giving up just take a good deal when it is offered.
    Lyle that is the lamest thing I have heard. That is why no one agrees with me.

  9. I am hopefull that after yesterday’s game that the old fart would realize he’s over the hill and retire, thus saving us Lighnning fans any further embarrassment.

  10. Well as disapointing as it was last night for the Leafs. This experience will make the team stronger. I wish Mike Brown played more on the power play to get to the front of the net. I also wish Kadri was called up as he would of been a offensive spark that the leafs could use. Connelly second line centre, Bozak third line centre, Grabo first line centre. Give it a try. I don’t think the leafs are hungry enough for any playoff spot. Where is the desperation, the hitting, intensity and the passion. After the honouring of that 1962 leafs team. This young team just doesn’t get it. Maybe to much money fo these guys today, maybe to much stress, Wilson should send a message to that third line. You have to show up to work or you should get to play and you shouldn’t get paid.

  11. Leafs make a trade with TSN. Crawford for wilson.

  12. Trolling at its lowest. Bring out the Lylehammer.

  13. Ppl actually post under multiple names??? Mega lame guys…. Lyle, you should name them so we know and can self police accordingly.

  14. I’d like to see Vancouver pick up some fire-power or a strong D-Man to replace the useless 4.2 million we are spending of Keith Ballard. This was God helping, so lets do it Gillis. I agree, the NHL doesn’t want a CDN Team winning the Holy Grail as we all saw Boston win last year with no calls against the Goonage. I hope Vancouver pulls a Pittsburg, goes back to the final and wins.

    Maybe it’ll be a 1994 rematch. Canucks/Rangers

  15. I’d be happy if people/posters would simply stick to the topic’s shown rather than make up their own then dominate the board with fantasy moves.

  16. Wow Bishop to Ottawa. Wonder how Lehner will react. Ottawa looks to be very strong in net for years to come.

  17. Would have thought that the Blues could have gotten a better deal such as a prospect or player ready right now for what is suppose to be the best goalie not in the NHL ……this should put to rest any Halak Rumours for sure !!!

  18. Could Ottawa send lehner somewhere in a deal now…..looking for scoring upfront…. I attended the World Juniors in Buffalo …and Lehner was a very cocky dude ….he is inconsistant and does not fit into the Ottawa frame of mind or dressing room structure!

    Would be good for Ottawa to explore a trade of this guy for a young propect ready to play right now…maybe Omark in Edmonton would be a good trade off….the Oilers dont like him too much and Oilers are loking for another Goalie of the future !!!

    Just a thought!!!!

  19. The real action will happen towards the end of the day. I heard rumblings today of a few teams. Goalie trade between STL & OTT interesting.

  20. Really, a lot over 24 hours before the trade deadline, you’ve heard rumblings. Oh please tell us more.

  21. Bishop’s gone, Tampa REALLY wants Schneider from the Canucks, same as the Blue Jackets and possibly Devils. @TheKOV, Ballard was beginning to come into his own before he got hurt, nobody
    talks about how Rome is useless, Get rid of Rome, trade for Bryan Allen and put him with Ballard or
    Tanev. Get Ott or a player like him and we’ll be fine for the playoffs.

  22. If the Leafs give up on Nash …they should really consider looking at Dallas….if the Stars have put up a sale sign for 27 and up …that would put Lieghtonon Ott and Loui Erickson in play…this would be a much better player trade than for just one guy perhaps…Ott helps with Gritt and scoring …Loui Erickson is one of the most underated players in the league ….and Kari is a great goalie …you could do this trade with some youth and prespects and players playing now …..but would give you a better return and get a Legit good # 1 Goalie in the mix!

  23. theKOV….GIve it up WE are all sick and tired of you whinny Nucks fans complaining about the SCF and how there is a conspiracy for Boston to win and for Vancouver to lose. Maybe, just maybe you lost cause your diving, whiny team were a bunch of chicken Sh!*, cry babies. Oh and the Seins disappeared when nneded and Lou was terrible at best. How did Bettman get to them, did he pay them off, so they would play that bad? Give it up already! Oh and I absolutely hate the B’s too but they won fair and square, as for the Nucks I was almost embarrassed being a Canadian and watching them last year with all their BS!

  24. @THEcanucksfan
    Just curious, looks like Ott may stay in Dallas with them in playoffs, what do you (or Canuck fans) think of Armstrong? Last 24 hours his name as been out there and linked to canucks

  25. Plekanec Willing to Waive NTC…

    This would be a perfect pick up for any team that was in on the Nash deal …maybe they would not have to give up as much in the trade to get Plekanecs……hes less money faster and has a better shot (sniper)

    this would be a way better pick up for the Rangers or Sharks ..IMO

    Also the Pamthers or Wild should look at tjhis seriously as well as they have assets in prospects that copuld get a deal done if they mix in with roster players….

    Maybe Montreal can add Gomez …to any deal ..if you want Plekanecs you have to take Gomer ..worth a shot….for Gauthier….its only hot air!!

  26. The Canucks can have Armstrong. There is a lot I like in his game, but he has been increasingly prone to injuries, and he cannot keep up even with the third line guys speed wise. He would fit in Vancouver, also Detroit IMO.

  27. Plekanecs rumour false…so they say!!

    its said Burke may hold pat….I am getting this feeling Burke has no idea what direction he is going at this point ……Minor rebuild …Playoff CONTENDER …Make the Playoffs….strip it down start over with an impact center piece player ….?????

    I also think he is overvaluing his players……..

    Id say Burke has to hold pat now ..after last nights game it puts Burke in a real tough spot…he knows he isnt going to make the Playoffs …so there isnt any real need to get that big impact player …it may be better for him to stay his course…….and use his young talentat some point….he has no bargaining weight behind him right now…

    The only deal i would do if I was Burke is offer up Phil Kessel …get a pkg back for him …Legit #1 Goalie rster player and roster prospect ….and move on ..really!!!

    Its the best thing he can do and tear up the team and make the most in aquisitions to fill the holes ….I would look at Dallas Stars …Kessel and Schenn Kulimen Connolly Scrivens a 2nd rounder …..FOR Erickson, Nystrom Ott and Leightonon

  28. Great pickup by the Sens to get Bishop for a 2nd rounder… GREAT AHL numbers and he’s deserving of at least NHL back-up duties, but with Halak and Elliott in St. Louis, the crease was too crowded. Sens signed him to a 1 year 1 way deal already too…….Sorry Cristodero, he’s OURS!

  29. I hate the ‘Nucks, but have to admit Armstrong would be a solid fit there, if you are looking for a 3rd line winger with character, energy, physicality, and can score! I think the question would be is can the Canucks also absorb his $3 million for next season too. As a Leafs fan I’d personally not like to see him go. He is only 29 and when healthy is a major part of this group and I think that Armstrong – Bozak is a good start for a solid third line.

    If the Leafs offered up Clarke MacArthur and maybe Jay Rosehill I wonder if that is something the Canucks could explore? MacArthur is a decently gritty winger who would add 20 goals a year to the 3rd line and could help the Canucks with offensive depth in case of injury. Rosehill is the tough nosed character player they need. Again I don’t want to really see the Canucks win anything, but if we can get some value for players like MacArthur + Rosehill then it would be smart for both sides.

  30. To follow that up, I think what I would look for from Vancouver is

    To Vancouver: F Clakre MacArthur, Jay Rosehill
    To Toronto: F Bill Sweat, G Eddie Lack

    maybe some picks/spare parts involved in the deal to balance one way or the other

  31. WOW!
    Just read that Yzerman passed on Bishop because he felt a 2 nd rounder was too much????
    Bishop has bee touted the best goalie outside of the NHL …and schnieder is the best propsect goalie in the NHL , why are they holding out for something that may never come to fruition……Bernier is said not to be better than Bishop …….WEIRD…..Roloson cost the Lightning a First Rounder 16th overall draft pick……why wouldnt Yzerman take a chance on thsi Kid hes 6 foot 7 and the biggest goalie to ever play in teh NHL …………someone has a backdoor deal going on in Tampa……????

  32. Wow!!
    29 teams just lost out on a doozie of a prospect goalie in Ben Bishop ……you cant draft a better propect in net for a 2nd rounder….this puts Ottawa in serious contention if they make a play for another piece moving into the playoffs …I hate to say this but watch out for Ottawa if they make some more moves.

    Ive been watching highlights of Ben Bishop on you tube …this kid is good he even got into a line brawl fight …hes the real deal ..BIG GUY wow!!! Iam a goalie who played Junior as well and this kid is really good …the Sens need to flip Lehner for a piece upfront!!!& they are rolling into the playoffs

    Burke missed out on this oneI would have traded Scrivens and a 2nd for this kid

  33. Lol… Chris, the Leafs are not trading Kessel!
    Anyone who watches the NHL would know this.

  34. NikK
    Its really there only way of the largest return to get exactly what they need for the long term in a multi player return ….Iam sorry but hes not going to hack it or take them enywhere they need to be in the future…sorry aint seeing it …trust on this one …you trade that guy before his stock falls off a cliff ….hes all ready known to be the softest guy in the league ..imagine what happensd to his stock when he vanished in the playoffs if they get there ….THEN WHAT ???

    He is truly the only answer to get back what you really need to rebuild the team from here on in …..sorry its the truth!

  35. @Chris

    Trading Leaf players reminds me of trading stocks

    Do you keep that McDonalds stock now that it’s at a 3 year high or do you sell it and buy two or three more promising stocks with a higher potential for return… or do you dump that RIM stock that you have lost 50% on this year take your lumps and roll it into something else with more potential.

    Sub in Kessels name for McDonalds and Schenn’s name for RIM and you could ask yourself the same questions. LOL

  36. i dont understand why people are making the statement as bishop best goalie not in the nhl… it was only a few years ago we hear similar stories to other players. Fabian Brunnstrom best player not in nhl, and Jonas Gustavsson best goalie not in nhl. now where are they? now i know thats europe, but if they are that good, they would be in the nhl. The leafs have to do something tonight/tomorrow as being the only team to never make the playoffs since lockout and being this close, something will have to be done

  37. NikK

    Its a business $$$

  38. @Jimhow Panthers haven’t been in since 2000.

  39. The leafs have put thier GM in a very difficult position. And other GMs know it. He has to be extra carefull. I’m of the opion that he must not under any circumstance trade gardnier.I think brian Burke is taking the day before the deadline to catch his breathe and restrain his anger and think. Maybe we leaf fans should do the same. More than any other time.At this point our teams path is at a crossroads one that could lead to being a contender and the other to the abyss of past failures. After a night of complete dispair over this team i have realized this. As much as burke is the way he is. Appearring not to care what others think and being stubborn. I think these qualities might very well help him in these times of what appear to be desparation for the leafs.Meaning he hopefully won’t make a deal if it isn’t there. We no doubt have problems, BUT LETS FIX THEM CORRECTLY. This team was going no were any way in the playoffs so this trade deadline should not concern us. If a trade can be made than make it if not oh well. I think coaching mismangement combined with the pressures of playing in toronto at trade dealine is the big problem.

  40. Hey Ziffles good post…….
    I have done that exact thing myself……I was a guy who stuck up for Burke and Kessel when the deal went down…and this gusy I know will probably score clsoe to or hit the 50 mark one day soon …BUT i truly feel moving foward he Kessel and Schenn pacakge is the Key to make a deal …Kessel is the only player right now that Burke has that can fix every area he needs help with in one trade without breaking up a core group and keeping youth …..given a GM will oblige ………

    TRADE KESSEL for a #1 Goalie….. quality roster player and roster prospect player… ….Nash… …..Ryan …Getzlaf…Stastny …is getting the offers they are getting then Kessel should bring close to that …hes a 3 time 30 goal scorer and in the top 5 scoring in the league …throw in Schenn because you have way to many Defense and good ones at that..to seal the deal and round it off with a draft pick

    but I say cut the fat and get rid of anything over 4 million a season except for Lupul and Phanuef….sell off the bad contracts for ANYTHING….bring up the Marli guys you see for the future of the Leafs and play them the last 20 games

  41. I cannot agree with you more Ziffles. Now is not the time to panic. Burke stated his intent was not to get the leafs into the playoffs just to get bounced in the first round, and he did not mean it this season. They are competing for the playoffs which is on a good track considering they are one of the younger squads in the NHL.

  42. Burke is gonna due the right thing. Unfortuneatly he is gonna take alot of heat for it.And thats why folks he makes 3 million a season. I heard that the leafs are offering gardnier and biggs for nash. GOD I hope thats NOT true!!!!!!! If grabs is not going to be reasonable with his contract. As much as I like him move him for that rumored 1st rd pick. Screw the playoffs. And move those guys on the 3rd line who cant seem to contribute the odd goal. 3 million ahead or better is too much to pay 3rd liners. Just an observation but we are only 7 pnts out of a lottery pick. Just saying.