NHL Sunday Rumor Roundup – February 17, 2013.

Latest on the Senators, Wild and Islanders, plus updates on Ryan O’Reilly.

Rangers, Maple Leafs interested in O'Reilly?

Rangers, Maple Leafs interested in O’Reilly?

CBC.CA: During Saturday’s “Hotstove” intermission segment,Elliotte Friedman said Senators GM Bryan Murray would consider moving a late round pick if it could land a decent defenseman (comparable to what the Kings gave up to Florida for Keaton Ellerby). PJ Stock suggested the Senators should consider shopping captain Daniel Alfredsson if they are giving up on this season and building for next…Friedman also said it’s believed the Colorado Avalanche and NY Rangers held discussions regarding a trade of Avs holdout center Ryan O’Reilly. He claimed they talks around O’Reilly and one of the Avs defensemen going to the Rangers for a package return which might have included defenseman Michael Del Zotto, but as the Avs asked for more and more, the Rangers backed off for now. Glenn Healy claimed the Avs want  “a king’s ransom” of two players, a pick and a prospect, which they won’t get, suggesting the possibility O’Reilly might get an unmatchable offer sheet.

DENVER POST’s Adrian Dater reported via Twitter “Avs do not want another center for O’Reilly. Want an offensive D-man or proven forward/plus pick.” He also tweeted “Please stop with the Toronto rumors. Avs not interested in guys like Bozak”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I could certainly see Murray be willing to shop a fourth round pick for a depth defenseman. He’s not shopping Alfredsson. We heard this stuff two years ago when Murray was blowing up the roster and rebuilding, yet nothing came of it. Unless “Alfie” requests a trade, he won’t be dealt…For those keeping score, the Avalanche either want (1) a player and a prospect, (2) a pick and a prospect, (3)a player and a pick, or (4)  two players, a prospect and a draft pick for O’Reilly. Larry Brooks of the NY Post confirmed last week the Rangers had inquired about O’Reilly but aren’t considered likely to make a pitch for him. That might change, however, if the Avs reduce their asking price…As for the Leafs, if they want O’Reilly, they could offer up young d-man Jake Gardiner as part of the return. He might interest the Avs, but I wonder if GM Dave Nonis would move him?

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple reports the Islanders have held preliminary contract talks with pending UFA defenseman Mark Streit, who would welcome staying with the Isles. Staple suggests it depends on how the club performs over the next four weeks. If they’re out of the playoff race by then, Streit and Lubomir Visnovsky could be shopped near the trade deadline. Staple also reported the Islanders are shopping center Marty Reasoner, but his recent struggles suggest there might not be many takers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:I’m not surprised the Isles want to re-sign him, or that he wants to stay. I’ve said for some time a Streit trade wasn’t a certainty. If the Islanders are in playoff contention by the deadline, Streit will stay put, as well Visnovsky.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators GM Bryan Murray has talked to a few teams since Erik Karlsson suffered a season-ending injury, but hasn’t heard anything worthwhile yet. Murray isn’t about to part with any of his young players for a short-term fix.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo recently reported Penguins GM Ray Shero recently scouted the Minnesota Wild. The Pens are shopping for a top-six winger and might have interest in Pierre-Marc Bouchard or Devin Setoguchi.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of the two, Setoguchi might be the better option, as he’s younger and doesn’t have Bouchard’s lengthy injury history. Bouchard’s a UFA this summer, but Setoguchi has only one year left on his contract, which wouldn’t conflict with their efforts to re-sign Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang next year. For now, however, we don’t know if the Pens are seriously interested in either guy. Shero could be patient and await better options elsewhere in the coming weeks.


  1. Can’t wait for this O’reilly talk to end, but got a feeling it could go on and on.. I mean this kid has talent, their is no denying that, but he had 55 pts not 85 or even 75. and is demanding 5 mil a season. I get that the avs want a top 6 forward or young d man like gardnier plus a pic, but even if the leafs gave that up i still cant see us paying him 5 mil plus a season. don’t get me wrong id love to see him in a leafs jersey but not if its kadri, reilly, gardiner or frattin. I think the leafs would half to move some salary to the avs if a deal was going to work. maybe gunnerson and kuli, or grabo and gunnerson/franson. but even then i cant see nonis paying this kid 5 mil..


    I really do think we are going to see them trade for a big defenseman. It might take until closer to deadline, but if they can get a long term guy then they will make that move. The Sens are overloaded with bright young prospects on forward and can afford to make a move with one or two of them plus tossing in 2nd or 3rd round draft picks. I think the match up is going to be with Calgary for Bouwmeester that looks something like this.

    To Calgary: G Ben Bishop, D Mark Borowiecki, F Shane Prince
    To Ottawa: D Jay Bouwmeester, 5th Round Pick

    We COULD see a little bit of deadline desperation that could force Ottawa to give up one of their ‘bigger’ names. But this deal brings in another big & experienced blueliner for the Sens and gives the Flames prospects at all positions. Bishop will be a starter, Borowiecki will make the NHL, Prince should be a 2nd or 3rd line forward.

    There is also the off chance that the Sens look at Ryan Whitney for a much lower price. Either way Gonchar is going to come off the books and the Sens can absorb the cap hits no issue and really strengthen themselves by making a strong deal like this now. A healthy blueline next year of Karlsson, Cowan, Methot, Phillips, Bouwmeester/Whitney, Weircoich, Lundin … would be very formidable.


    The asking price on this kid by all reports is off the chart, Nash didn’t fetch that much when people let him sit and neither will O’Reilly. However I do believe the Leafs will be the ones to bend and I don’t think Leafs fans will be happy with it. Something like Gardiner, MacArthur, 2nd rounder. If the Leafs do it and are hoping that he can become the new #1 centre (Getzlaf ain’t moving) then they will also have to address what will become a log jam in Bozak, Kadri, Grabovski, Biggs, Colbourne … who will all be competing for #2/#3 spots.


    I know the Ducks aren’t on here, but they are flying so high right now and Fasth isn’t proving to be a fluke and is playing Hiller out of the job. Moving Hiller as well as possibly losing Koivu & Selanne to retirement could really free up some cap space to ensure both Getzlaf & Perry are back on the team. Lots of teams are rumored to be needing goalies … Columbus, Washington, Florida, Islanders, Leafs, Devils (Broduer is retiring after this contract) … so there could be a fit there. Look at some possibilities

    Hiller + Draft Picks for Mason + Umberger
    Hiller + Draft Picks + (something else) for Weiss + Clemmensen

    (Washington, Islanders, Leafs, Devils would be more likely off season moves)

    • Bouwmeester wouldn’t actually be a bad idea with Bishop going the other way.

      Devils are too comfortable with their goaltending prospects (Clermont and Wedgewood) to make a move for a goaltender. When Brodeur retires, the likely move is them getting a veteran to share duties with a rookie as the rookie integrates himself with the NHL (like you’re seeing with the Avs and Varlomov/Giguere).

      • I agree with the Devils. When Brodeur retires, I believe Lamorrello will make a impact trade or impact UFA signing of a big goaltender. The noteable goaltenders that I believe will be on NJ’s high list to acquire (in 2 years), will be:

        – Halak
        – Miller
        – Bernier
        – Hiller

        Would they consider Luongo?

    • @JJB

      The risk of getting rid of Hiller is that Fasth may cool off, and then you have no goalie. The other problem is that according to Capgeek, Fasth is an unrestricted free agent next year.

      The Ducks are playing an incredibly risky hand here. They can take their shot at a cup, but if they fall short and lose their free agents for nothing, they’ll be in big trouble.

      • This is true, which is why I suggest they ensure they get a goalie with NHL experience in return to help out. But I think the deeper the Ducks go, the better the shot at keeping their guys intact. I mean, when you have a guy like Selanne who wants to keep coming back to play for that team it likely has an impact on your ability to re-sign guys.

      • They could resign Fasth to a 1 year deal, and informing him that if he can continue his excellent play, he’ll be their #1. Then Hiller is expendable and will refresh their top 2 lines. I think that Anaheim should trade both Perry and Getz, so they can come back with a very quick rebuild. Perry and Getz will get back a lot of prospects, draft picks and roster players. With the Leafs needing goaltending (Hiller) and someone like Getz, Anaheim could get a very nice return.

        To Toronto: Getz & Hiller
        To Anaheim: Scrivens/Reimer + Gardiner + Kadri + Colborne + 2013 1st Rounder

    • I dont think calgary needs Bishop, Irving is good, but has never been given the chance. Recently demoted only because he doesnt have to go on waviers.

      • Agree – Irving was impressive in his last outing in Vcr

  3. Hummm…The Av’s won’t pay O’Reilly the big money he wants, but they want the other teams to pay a lot to get him.

  4. If O’Reilly is a responsible 2-way, play making centre with 1st line potential I think the Leafs need to really try to acquire him. The Leafs need a defensive minded player who can get Kessel and Lupul the puck.

    I really wanted the Leafs to have a fire sale since they are going far into the playoffs/struggle to get into the playoffs with this team composition. If the Leafs are determined to not rebuild I would give up Gardiner straight up for O’Reilly.

    • Gardiner for O’Reilly straight up isn’t going to happen. But maybe something like:

      To Toronto: O’Reilly
      To Colorado: Gunnarsson + Colborne

      Gunnarsson is a good dman, while Colborne is a very high rated top prospect.

  5. Two players, a pick, and a prospect. The Avs don’t want much do they. As I’ve said before, O’Reilly may turn into a decent first line guy but he hasn’t proven anything yet at least not for a return of that magnitude. Yet some deperate GM will make the move and it will make him look like a genious or he will lose his job. Don’t forget that O’Reilly’s salary demands are pretty damn high as well, he may sign for less with another club but only if he id desperate to get out of Colorado.

    • Don’t listen to Healy. I call BS on what he said; he’s trying to diminish O’Reilly’s value by exaggerating the facts.

  6. Dreger said prospect and roster player; I buy Dreger over Dater and especially over Healy. I don’t think Healy’s connected to the situation. I think after the Avs blown 4-1 lead last night, they’re going to pull the trigger in the next few weeks, probably the next few days.

    Avs are seeing what they can get for him. Del Zotto would be great for the Avs, but the Rangers would be stupid to make that deal. They have Stepan and Richards as their top two centers and they’re just fine, and losing Del Zotto means they’d need another +/- d-man to fill the gap. The Rangers are not a good trade partner for the Avs.

    The Montreal Canadiens are another good trade partner. PK Subban is in the exact same boat as O’Reilly and would make a great trade one for one. But even if not him, the Avs could snag Beaulieu and a 2nd or a roster for him.

    The perfect deal I see is still the same: one for one swap with Phoenix for Keith Yandle. That won’t change. Even Toronto shouldn’t want him since Kadri is playing like a #1 center and Grabovski is a #2. Philly doesn’t have what Colorado’s looking for (as they need a replacement for Carle).

    Matt Taormina is a d-man I think the Sens should look at. Very underrated. I liked what I saw when I watched him AND I liked what I saw when I did his stats.

    The Islanders are the Avalanche of the east. They have the capability of beating any team but they lose too many games because of shaky defense. If they fix that, they’re going to be a force. I’m questioning Mark Streit’s value to the team; he’s not a first pairing guy, to me.

  7. The suggested price of Gardiner, MacArthur, and a 2nd rounder isn’t so terrible. The Leafs have a lot of 2nd/3rd liner tweeners.

    The centre overload could become a real issue. I immediately see Grabovski becoming Toronto’s new whipping boy. Since getting the big contract he is not playing with the spark/energy/2-way aggresiveness that made him like a mini-Datsyuk… making things happen whenever he is on the ice. Bozak would become an ideal 2nd line centre while Grabo would be an overpaid 3rd liner.

    I imagine Colorado would not want Grabovski+Gardiner for O-Reilly.

  8. Why would anybody NOT give up a late round pick for a player that might help? Keaton Ellerby – a former first round pick – has played well since coming to the Kings. He has one assist and is a +3. The 5th round pick that the Kings gave up to get him amounts to a lottery ticket.

    Using HockeyDB and picking a year at random (2005), there are currently 7 players to have played 100+ games in the NHL. That’s a 18.9% success rate (there were 37 picks in the 5th round). The biggest name on that list is Darren Helm of the Red Wings (who always pick winners in late rounds). In 2004 there were 5 players to make 100+ games out of 34 picks. That’s a 14.7% success rate. Even in 2003, possibly the greatest draft class in NHL history, there were only 5 players out of 31 drafted in the 5th round to play 100+ games. That’s a 16.1% success rate.

    I still don’t understand why Florida accepted so little for Ellerby. So when Murray suggests that he would consider giving up a late round pick for a player, it’s kind of funny. It’s the equivalent of saying, “I’d be willing to pay a dollar for a good steak dinner.”

  9. leafs could trade graboski and komisarik to colorado for reilly to solve their center problem and free up cap space to acquire cory perry from anaheim.

    • Because Colorado is like a toilet; we relieve ourselves there, wash our hands, and continue on about our business.

    • Yes they could, in NHL ’13, or in every Leafs fans dreams. Two things that have been consistent, they don’t want a centre back and they want a puck moving D … also they don’t want to PAY O’Reilly so why would they take on two huge # contracts that are not nearly worth what they make?

  10. Gardiner is a prospect stop talking like he’s a top pairing d.o’Reilly has 3yrs exp.T O’s cast-offs won’t get it done.if he isn’t worth anything significant,why is the whole hockey world talking about him mmmm.Why do you want him? Every beat writer has an article regarding him and what their team would have to give up.
    And its not like the avs wanted to move him.They gave him a fair offer and he took his ball and went home.I personally would let him rott at home for the next 5 yrs if they don’t get value for him.The kid is GOING to be the real deal, just isn’t yet, and maybe never if he doesn’t get his head out of his ass

  11. Personally I don’t think Ottawa’s main problem is their defence. Could it be better? Undoubtably, however the real problem right now is scoring goals or more specifically the teams current inability to generate any offence. Not sure how an additional defence man will change that unless he’s Karlsson’s clone. With all due respect to Bouwmeester, I can’t see him or anyone else for that matter turning things around for the Senator’s this season. If the team were to trade for him it would be done with a firm eye to next season and planning ahead to when Gonchar is gone (he’s in the final year of his contract) and Chris Phillips eventual retirement (guessing 2 yrs.). Bouwmeester is I believe 30 yrs. of age, carrying a big contract and would be moving to a re-building team that’s stressing youth and development… I can’t see this trade happening unless Calgary’s asking price was low. I can see Ben Bishop being traded and possibly packaged with a draft pick and/or a young prospect if it enabled them to acquire a goal scoring winger who could play with Turris now or with he or Spezza next season. Other than that the aforementioned Gonchar will almost assuredly be moved at the deadline for a draft pick or something similar. (Pittsburg perhaps?)

    • But you are forgetting the stock pile of young forwards in the Ottawa system already, plus with Anderson/Lehner the only real need is to address defense and to be patient and wait for people to develop. Bouwmeester I consider as someone to get now when he is being sold looking towards next season when you have Spezza, Cowan, & Karlsson back from injury and a fully season of Silfverberg, Zibanejad, Da Costa under your belt. Not too mention Mark Stone, Matt Puempel, Stefan Noesen, Shane Prince all sniffing around for a forward spot in the next 1-3 seasons. Plus Cody Ceci on defense, if you can set yourself up now then I would say they should because the system is going to provide the wingers they need in time.

      • There are a number of forward prospects but that’s what they are right now, prospects and nothing more. Until one or more of them proves to be a goal scorer the need for one still remains. I’m not questioning that an experienced d-man like Bouwmeester wouldn’t help the team however I don’t believe that’s currently what the teams most pressing need is, especially with Cowan, Karlsson and possibly Ceci coming back next season. Bottom line is we’ll just have to wait and see what if anything GM Murray does by the deadline. My guess remains that unless it fits into the teams long term strategy it won’t be much.

    • The Sens aren’t getting Bouwmeester and the Flames aren’t going to deal him. The Sens have a pretty good nucleus of D men mixed with fully capable young D who will be ready to step into the 3rd pairing next season. As much as Bouwmeester hasn’t produced offensively, he does provide veteran leadership and solid play defensively. This is something that the team will require during what should be their rebuild. The Sens will not move any Big names because this would likely go against everything they have been doing in the past few years to rebuild. During this time the Sens have stayed the course and look committed to their rebuild. It’s obvious to management and fans that without Karlsson/Spezza the Sens will not be making a run for the cup.

  12. If anyone pays what healy said they are going to be fired. That is rediculous unless what the other team was getting was orielly plus, anything over a player and pick is to much. As for oreillys asking price, if he in fact just wants out of colorado that 5 mill per could just be his colorado price. Maybe he has a different price for a team like the rangers. If the leafs do trade for him grabovski has to be moved. Whether its for orielly (which I don’t think colorado would do) or to another team after. Leafs already have to many centers and add oreilly your stuck with grabo as a high paid 3rd liner. There is no gaurantee getzlaf becomes a ufa so this is a chance for a team looking for a top center to get a young one for at least 4 years.

    • I agree, actually if the Leafs were able to pull off a trade I think they would be wise to look at moving Grabovski & Colbourne to teams looking for centre depth. Kadri is a perfect 2nd line centre, Bozak will make a great 3rd line centre. Grabo/Colbourne could be helped to improve on defense or on the wing.

      • Also

        Lupul – O’Reilly – Kessel
        JVR – Kadri – Frattin
        Kulemin – Bozak – Komarov

        Would be a top 9 Leafs fans could actually, possibly be proud of.

  13. Sorry to burst Leaf fans bubble but you are ignoring the fact that Colorado has already “picked” the teams it wants to deal with and TO isnt one of them, as stated quite clearly. There are two teams that have the means and ability to offer Col close to what they want. Florida has a wealth of young prospects and young players that Col would look at, or even better, Columbus, who will be in the Eastern conference next year, have a ton of solid prospects (Boone Jenner, Johansen) and 3 first round picks to off up, plus some useful veterans. How about Dubinsky( for leadership and 3rd line center) Jenner and Phillys 1st overall for O’Reilly. Johanssen and O’reilly as your top 2 centers would be a solid foundation for Columbus and would all the new GM to put his mark on the team.

    • If your going to stat what the article says you should read a little further where it says Colorado doesn’t want a center.

  14. Old_Soldier, just because you are anti-Leaf fans doesn’t mean that the Leafs have nothing to offer Colorado that they would consider. If Colorado needs D-men, the leafs have some interesting pieces.

    MTL can’t really go for O’Reilly as they also believe in the bridge contract that they insisted Subban sign.

    Some other teams mentioned here are always mentioned when big names come up like NYR and Philly. While neither team needs a centre per se, teams are always interested in building depth and improving their teams. If the trade makes sense a GM will pull the trigger.

    Will be interested to see where this one goes. Though as many of us on here are fans of the Leafs, Habs, or Sens there is no doubt that Ryan O’Reilly would look good on either team! The Habs could probably use him the most as they are in dire need of some size and toughness up front which O’Reilly adds not to mention his skill level.

    • One interesting piece: Gardiner. And Rielly is untouchable… so Gardiner.

  15. Is O’Reilly really asking for $5 million per year? If so, then the Avs will have a hard time trading him. If he can be more reasonable, here is the Habs trade I think will get it done. O’Reilly for Nathan Beaulieu, Yannick Weber and David Desharnais. The Avs get not one but two young offensive defensemen and an immediate replacement for O’Reilly at center. The Habs have enough D in their pipeline to make this doable, and they get to fill their one glaring weakness: size at center. Essentially, O’Reilly would be taking Desharnais’ spot.

    • Hate to break it to you, but O’Reilly is only average height. But I guess average (6’0″) is better than the majority of your below average height team.

      • You’re right, but O’Reilly is like Claude Giroux, not very big but plays like a beast. Our current top two centres are Desharnais (5’5″) and Plekanec (5′ 7″). Don’t believe their listed heights, these guys are puny. The Habs have the assets to do the trade. I just think that O’Reilly’s contract demands are scaring Marc Bergevin.

        • I think O’Reilly’s so called demands are scaring most teams. I think Toronto has the assets as well and have the cap space to add him. After reading my past (awful arm-chair GM’ing), I don’t think Colorado would want Gunnarsson, but I think Colborne would be a main piece. Maybe something like:

          To Colorado: Colborne + Kulemin + 2013 3rd Round Draft Pick
          To Toronto: O’Reilly

          Sure Kulemin had a god-awful year last year, but he is a solid 2-way-forward with plenty of years left in him. With the higher amount of penalties in the West, Kulemin is a great asset for PK’s and 200 ft. games. I just think he is worn out from being in Toronto too long and needs a new scenery.

  16. While Adrian Dater says “please stop with O’Reilly to Toronto rumours, they are not interested in guys like Bozak” It does not mean the Leafs should be out of the mix. Gunnarsson and Gardiner are ready to come back into the lineup and so who do you move out? If the AVS need a puck moving Defenseman, my first choice to be moved would be Liles. If that is a no go, then perhaps offer up Gardner. Why? Morgan Reilly will probably make next years team, and the year after that there are a few prospects who may be ready to move up if necessary, such as Blacker and Percy who have offensive upside. If O’Reilly has # 1 potential, get him. Cannot see Getzlaf moving given how the Ducks are rolling right now, and what other # 1 centre is out there to be had that would be an upgrade over O’Reilly? Don’t worry about Bozak, a lot of teams would scoop him up as a second or third line centre. Maybe you keep Bozak and trade Grabo. Why should your 2nd line centre be making more than your first line centre, unless he is named Staal or Malkin? Leafs have the pieces regardless of what scenario the AVS want. I would hope Nonis is capable of seeing the big picture, trading big pieces if it helps the team overall in the long run, as opposed to Burkies principles, pals and untouchables. I admired his ethics but sometimes they harmed rather than help this team.

    • I would agree with you that the leafs do have many pieces that could get this deal done which ever way the Avs want. As for nonis and seeing the big picture, when being asked about trades when he first took over he said he would move young players if it was bringing in other young talent that was an upgrade and this situation I would say is an upgrade. I would also prefer to move Liles but I doubt Avs want him back, did think of this trade though, Finn, gunnerson and a second.

    • Why not offer up Gunnarsson and Colborne? I don’t think Gunnarsson is what the Leafs are about…or the direction they’re going with. I don’t think that the Avs have high interest in Gunnarsson, so throw in Colborne to sweeten the deal.

  17. As a Pens fan I have ZERO interest in Pierre-Marc Bouchard. Heck, Matt Cooke scores more goals than Bouchard. Plus, $4M for 15 goals is insane. Devin Setoguchi’s contact looks a lot better and playing with Malkin might be able to bump up his 20+ goal average. maybe Crosby’s dedication and work ethic will rub off on him as well.

  18. Come on setoguchi. Dying to see him in a pens jersey. Definitely buying one if he does. Best of all, he played himself into being bought for a middle pick at best. Plus he has been my pick to find himself in a pens jersey sense the wild signed zach.

    If they wait they could land perry. But honestly they could land both if they really wanted to.