NHL Sunday Rumor Roundup – January 27, 2013.

The latest on P.K. Subban, Ryan O’Reilly, Stephen Weiss and more.

Could Panthers shop Weiss at trade deadline?

Could Panthers shop Weiss at trade deadline?

TORONTO SUN: The Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch reports Washington Capitals GM George McPhee is feeling the heat for his club’s winless start to this season…There are “whispers” the Colorado Avalanche are offering unsigned center Ryan O’Reilly around the league to see what they can get. Asking price is a young forward and second round pick…Flyers GM Paul Holmgren is working the phones to find help for his injury-ravaged club…LA Kings have been sniffing around for a replacement for defenseman Matt Greene, out for the year to a back injury…There’s talk the Florida Panthers could shop center Stephen Weiss, a UFA this summer, by the trade deadline because they don’t have the money to re-sign him…If the Montreal Canadiens decide to shop P.K. Subban, the Winnipeg Jets could join the Detroit Red Wings, Philadelphia Flyers and NY Rangers among the potential suitors for his services…Canucks GM Mike Gillis insists he’s not moving Roberto Luongo until he gets his asking price. Garrioch doubts Luongo would approve a trade to Edmonton, while the Panthers won’t deal for him unless Gillis takes some salary back.  Maybe  a desperate GM in a market like Philadelphia or Washington might be willing to meet Gillis’ asking price.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: McPhee may be feeling pressure but it’s only the first week of this season. Still, if the Caps don’t turn things around soon, McPhee could be forced to shake things up…Every report out of Denver claims the Avalanche aren’t shopping O’Reilly, but some pundits there suggest they eventually could move him…Holmgren’s already been quite busy, adding Mike Knuble this week to his roster. While he may have some other irons in the fire, he’ll probably be patient and allow his club more time to improve…The Kings may be looking around for an experienced blueliner, but I expect they’ll also remain patient for now…Expect the Panthers to deny Garrioch’s report they might be unable to afford Weiss, but if the team keeps struggling, that could stoke the trade rumors about the center…Wouldn’t surprise me if the Red Wings and Flyers contacted the Habs about Subban, but the Jets already have two puck-moving blueliners in Dustin Byfuglien and Tobias Enstrom, while the Rangers already have considerable blueline depth…The Flyers have limited cap space and would want the Canucks to take back a lot of salary, so I don’t see how they could be a serious suitor this season for Luongo. Maybe this summer if they were to buyout Ilya Bryzgalov.  The Capitals, on the other hand, could afford Luongo’s salary, but we don’t know if he would approve a trade there.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons wonders why the Maple Leafs haven’t sent an expensive offer sheet to P.K. Subban, if for no other reason than to put the Canadiens into salary cap difficulty by forcing them to match the offer. Simmons also suggested the possibility Subban could sit out the year, but noted the Habs management currently aren’t interest in shopping the blueliner…He also reports Phoenix Coyotes defenseman Keith Yandle and his long-term contract are available via trade…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The reason the Leafs and other division/conference rivals tend not to employ the tactic Simmons suggested regarding  Subban is because it’s frowned upon by their peers around the league. Also, only one player has ever been successfully signed away from a club via offer sheet. That’s a deterrent, especially after the cost-conscious Nashville Predators matched the Flyers rich offer last summer for Shea Weber…Coyotes GM Don Maloney has said he’s not shopping Yandle, considering him a key part of his defense corps.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli examined the options for Flyers GM Paul Holmgren to bolster his depleted defense corps. He doubts Holmgren will pitch an offer sheet to Montreal’s P.K. Subban, especially after the Predators last summer matched his offer for Shea Weber. While Holmgren could try to acquire Subban via trade, Seravalli wonders what he could offer up in return which wouldn’t hurt the Flyers depth.

TSN.CA: The Canadiens are reportedly standing firm on their offer to Subban of two-years, $5.1 million, which breaks down as $2.2 million for this season, $2.9 million for next season. The two sides are expected to meet again on Monday.

CBC.CA: Subban’s contract talks were among the topics discussed during last night’s intermission ‘Hot Stove” segment. Glenn Healy believes Subban, a restricted free agent coming out of his entry-level contract with no arbitration rights, has “zero leverage” in these negotiations. Healy also claimed some GMs around the league have contacted the Habs inquiring into Subban’s trade status, but have been told he’s not available.  PJ Stock noted the Colorado Avalanche were saying the same thing about Ryan O’Reilly.  Healy also pointed out if an RFA like Subban and O’Reilly goes unsigned this season, he “loses that year”; in other words, he’s no closer to UFA status and no closer to arbitration. Kevin Weekes, meanwhile, said all the GMs he spoke to around the league cannot believe the Habs tactic on this, but Healy pointed out this is the one time a team has strong leverage over a free agent and is making the most of it.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting take by Healy that Subban and O’Reilly wouldn’t be any closer to arbitration or UFA status if they miss this season. Almost sounds as though those rights get “tolled” forward by a year if they sit out this season. While it’s understandable for the Habs and Avs to exploit this leverage they have with Subban and O’Reilly, it could also alienate the pair from their respective teams. Should those teams’ hardline tactics succeed, they could potentially lead to more difficult contract negotiations in two-three years time, and almost guarantee Subban’s and O’Reilly’s departures via the UFA market.

I also believe the Canadiens offer to Subban to be too low. Some fans suggest Michael Del Zotto is a comparable, but  Subban is more valuable to the Canadiens than Del Zotto is to a deeper NY Rangers team. My guess is if the Habs came up in their offer to Subban to $3.5-$4 million per season on a two-three year offer, he’d take it. That being said, it appears the Habs aren’t willing to do that, so Subban might not have much choice but to either accept it, or stage a holdout in hopes the Habs bend or trade him to a team willing to pay him that amount. Considering how few RFA players (zero) have employed that tactic since 2005, Subban might have no option but accept the Habs offer. We’ll see…

Some fans have berated Subban, considering him spoiled and selfish, but those remarks ignore the reality of the situation. The NHL is a marketplace where players earn millions of dollars. Chiding them because they won’t take less than their peers is just white noise which has no bearing upon the reality of their world. A player like Subban isn’t going to just meekly accept whatever the Canadiens offer. He and his agent are going to negotiate for what they, not the fans, believe is his true value to the Canadiens.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater suggests Avalanche fans should start contemplating a future without center Ryan O’Reilly, as he and the club remain about $8 million apart in contract talks. Dater believes the reason for this situation is the Avs management is being stubborn and unwilling to meet O’Reilly half-way, listing several former Avs (Chris Simon, Valeri Kamensky, Sandis Ozolinsh, Chris Drury, Scott Young, Matt Hendricks, Alex Tanguay, Peter Mueller) who were shipped out by management over the years when they tried to fight for more money.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This situation is similar to Subban’s. O’Reilly did have some leverage by playing in the KHL, but he recently terminated his contract with Metallurg Magnitogorsk to return to North America for treatment for a foot injury,which now leaves him in the same boat as Subban. 


  1. I would love to see the Sabres jump up and get O’Reilly. He would be a great addition to this team. He has some toughness and can score…which is obviously a huge need.

    • What’s with the talk of Luongo to Philly, that so far fetched its unbelievable, and this is all going on with Bryzgalov having solid starts so far…

  2. Is o’reilly really a high end centre? He’s only 6 foot, only got 55 points last year, even in junior he never was a high scorer. What would his potential be a #2 centre tops?

  3. Subban…Montreal trying to low ball him smacks of sending a message rather than paying the “going rate” for a player such as he is AND will be. Offer him 5 years at something around 3 – 4 – 5 – 5.5 & 5.75 for a total of $23.25 million without a no-trade clause but a list of 5 teams he couldn’t be traded to and an opt out for either side after 4 years. What could be fairer than that.
    O’Reilly … Same thing as Subban but Colorado does have a history of cheaping out so if you can’t, or won’t, sign him trade him and get some good pieces at bargain rates.
    Luongo…if he really means what he says about doing whatever is best for the team and Edmonton both wants him and offers the right package why wouldn’t he go if Gillis asked him to? I don’t see Edmonton offering what Gillis wants but if they did he should be the consummate team man and pack his woollies.

    • That 5 yr deal buys-out only one UFA season. For a long-term to be worthwhile for the habs it would have to be 6-8 yrs, and I doubt they want that long a commitment to anyone.

      As for the offer, reports seem to indicate the issue has been term more than money. If PK/Meehan are countering on the salary for a 2 yr. deal then habs should be moving off the reported $5.1 for 2 yrs offer. But if they are saying 2 yrs is off the table, then why would the negotiate against themselves on salary for that term.

  4. I’m still getting my bearings on the new CBA, but wouldn’t a deal for Subban of 2 years at $4.3M and $3.2M mak more sense? That pays him the same money as 3.5 & 4 while keeping within the 35% max increase rule of the new CBA. It also fits under this year’s cap AND is more cap friendly for next year, at $3.2M.

    (it would also make him more easily tradeable next year, if the deal doesn’t work out)

    Also, I’m not sure, but I thought the reason a 3-yr deal was off the table was he would have UFA rights in 3, but not 2, which means the Habs would want him for 2 years or much longer-term, but not 3. But can anyone clarify that one for me?

    • Paddy, I think it’s arbitration rights in 2 years, not UFA status in 2 years.

      • Beauty! Thanks, DaBroons!

  5. I think that’s great these teams are holding out and not throwing all kinds of money at these kids for “potential”. O’Reilly has a couple decent years with upside but not 5 mil a year worth yet. I do think Montreal is low balling Subban. He is worth 3.5 for a couple years and if he does reach the exceptations everyone thinks, then he can cash in.

    • I’m not sure that O’Reilly isn’t playing the history card here and is betting that if he is unreasonable he can force a trade without coming out and asking for one. History has show the Av’s will not put up with unreasonable contract demands. I can see him having a new home, right where he doesn’t want to be.

  6. All this fuss over a player that hasn’t proven anything and is a cancer in the locker room. My biggest fear as a Detroit Red Wings fan living in Montreal is that Ken Holland trades for PK Subban. If he does, I would offer no more than (french) prospect Xavier Ouellett and a pick (and maybe even throw in a fourth line forward). The French Press here is already salivating at the idea of the Canadiens acquiring a hometown boy.

  7. Subban & O’Reilly …..Luongo

    The weird thing about this scenario is that the Habs would probably pay Orielly what he wants and the Avs would probably pay Subban what he wants..on a player for player basis.

    If I am trading for Subban at this point and I have to give up a top player in return …I am shopping my top player around the league first to see what I get before I finalize a deal for Subban….. with my top player!

    I think there are better players that may be available for the right move when it comes down to a top player for player trade than for Subban at this time ……especially for what you would have to sign him for when you get him and after trading away a top player!!….. That is the dilemma !!!
    Id say that there are a lot of teams wanting to make deals but there asking prices are through the roof and that’s why you aren’t seeing any deals!

    Right now Florida should make a deal for Luongo ( they need a goalie ) or get your next stud goalie in the crease …what is taking so long …Markstrom has been in the system since 2008 …that’s 5 years if at any time this would have been an ideal year to have him and Luongo play together …Florida has a tight budget I understand that …but this may be a deal they have to get done…if your thinking to sign Weis your going to have to give him Luongo money or close to it anways ( maybe a shorter term ) but you have up and coming Centers in the system that would make your Goalie the better player to give the money to , not Weis as hes replaceable in a deep farm system and your top Goalie is harder to find.

    O”Reilly would be a great fit on any team and would be worth the $4 million he wants for a 3 year deal and so would Subban I just don’t see these two guys deserving more as of just yet !!

    My issue is I can’t understand how an NHL team takes a year to decide the fate of these two guys ….they have known that this was going to happen when there talks dried up before the end of last year and through the summer…in saying that …why in the world wouldn’t you get top assets back right now to help you move forward instead of handcuffing your team by not having them in the lineup or what ever there quality return would be in the lineup …that’s what baffles me …these two guys are USELESS sitting at home and your not doing your team any favors moving forward !!
    I just don’t understand ???? …If its not about the money …than get players on the ice that can help you now and for the long term and flip these guys!!

    • It is not that hard to understand.
      the teams waiting for the new CBA because the old one was costing too much in contracts.
      they expected to sign for less and on their terms which for those 2 has not worked out,yet anyway.
      regardless of what the teams or players are saying neither looks too good for resigning right now.

      heard from a friend there is a buzz going around leaf hq. and that gardiner is recalled already.
      this may be interesting.

      • @backchecking
        In your opinion is o’reilly an upgrade over grabovski? I know he would probably be an upgrade over bozak but its bozaks chemistry with kessel that has him in the #1 spot. I’m just think g your stating he is more of a power forward, physical which is what the leafs are lacking and is more carlyles style. I myself don’t see him as a high point producer that is a #1 center but his cap hit at say 4 mill over the next 5 years would be a hell of a lot better then grabovski at 5.5

        • Bozak’s chemistry with Kessel ends with the fact that they are good friends. Kessel would have had 50 goals last year with a true first line centre. Bozak is third line guy. O’Reilly is not the answer either….truth is that player may not be available right now….Getzlaff perhaps later….for now i’d give kadri a shot at it….great playmaker….Bozak is not.

  8. As far as Luongo and a possible trade to the Florida Panthers I would try to get Weiss and Gudbranson. That way Roberto’s $5.3 million dollar cap hit would be offset by Vancouver taking on Weiss’s $3.1 and Gudbranson’s $3.2 which would put them about a million dollars to the good. Although Weiss is not the big centre that everyone is looking for he is still putting up good numbers and would fit in nicely. As far as Gudbranson goes, he is big, strong and full of potential and would be a great addition to the Canucks back end.
    Weiss is set to become a UFA at the end of the season and there is a very good chance that Florida can not afford to resign him. After this year Gudbranson has one more year before he becomes a RFA and if he develops the way that everyone thinks FLA will not be able to afford him either.
    Sure the Panthers could ask for another player from Vancouver’s lineup and while I am sure that could be worked out that would see more salary coming back to FLA. Maybe someone like Jordan Schroeder at $1.025 would interest them. He is set to become a RFA at the end of this season but I am sure he could be signed for a decent amount.
    With Luongo as their main goaltender this would be a great time to bring up Jacob Markstrom as his backup and see if he is indeed the NHL goalie they hoped he would be. Theodore is set to be a UFA in the summer and Clemmenson the summer after and both could be moved without much problem.

    • vancouver wants to give up 50 million in salary but they only want to take back 2 million, that’s why they can’t trade him.

    • You are insane, Florida would neve trade Tallon’s first pick in his regime. Not only that, you expect Florida to take the albatross of a contract for a goalie who is 33 (At the same time, burying Markstrom) and giving up on Gudbranson and Weiss? I mean, I can see Florida not resigning Weiss but they will never trade Gudbranson along with Weiss for Loungo. Don’t forget that Weiss has been with the Panthers since 2003 or so and does Loungo sell more tickets than that? Quite a gamble.

      • Weiss for Luongo is trading one problem for another. Trade Weiss for picks and/or prospsecs…you are gonna lose him anyway….use him to build for the future. Luongo will likely end up with a short-minded team who thinks they are a good goalie away from contention right now….not may teams around like that….if the Leafs could get him without giving up youth/picks…go for it…..do not trade high picks, kadri, gardiner etc…..having said that Vancouver wants that in return…..so someone will have to blink first.

  9. If the Avs and O’Reilly are 8 million apart, I’m extremely curious as to what the Avs offered and what the O’Reilly camp countered with.

  10. @ Top Right corner …

    Regardless….. the value of Subban is still the same as what it was before the new CBA its $3.75 to $4 million ..the Habs knew they were going to buy out Gomez at seasons end last year…this is a low ball by Bergevin ..if PK is all that and a bag of chips to other teams then he is to the HABS as well…. especially with the defense the have right now so I am not buying the old Cba and the new Cba thing ….Montreal has 3rd liners through the whole 4 lines so not sure what the new Cba has to do with signing your best d man …that means you have to move out something else instead which they did ….Gomez ..plus they gave the money to Paccioretty knowing the CBA was changing and he wasn’t cheap …..so that’s apples and apples.

    PS……. Kessel won’t get 20 goals this year in the Carlyle system.

    Not sure what all the fuss is at Leaf HQ but I can tell you that they don’t have enough power on the top two lines to compete against 80% of the league …Rangers style of game was just way to much for that team to handle hence my reason to trade Kessel once again!!

    @ Captain Ahab

    I usually agree with you 99% of the time ….except for this 1% …I would not give up Gudbranson in a Luongo trade …if anyone will deserve the Subban money in a few years its him on that team ..he will be Captain one day for that club and will be a Norris candidate any year he chooses to elevate his game …in my humble opinion!! Time will tell …but you got to go with your sport gut !! LOL

    • Well in a 48 game season I doubt most high scorers get 20.

  11. Stephen Weiss has a no trade contract.

  12. Gudbranson was Dale Tallon’s pick and he will not be traded. Keep on dreaming though.

  13. I keep hearing this stuff about Subban being an issue in the room. Who is saying that? N ot really sure it is true. I think the issue for the Habs is not so much the request by PK, it has to do with the salary cap drop. Buying out Gomez really only got the Habs nets the Habs like 1.1 million after the cap drop. No contracts were rolled back and montreal has other Fraser due raises next year. In two years some of those contracts expire and there is room for another no cap buyou (in two summers). Montreal is cap strapped right now, they can not pay PK what he is worth. I feel if PK had more history with MB he might trust that the follow up contract would be worth it but he does not, hence the hold out. I think MB is in a bad spot because he knows PK should be getting a bigger offer but he does not have the cash.

    • 2 fist fights in practice

  14. Regarding Weiss. If Florida keeps on being a lower cap team how will they be able to afford to sign Weiss, even with his no trade clause? He is making $4.1 and will be looking for more $$$.
    Even though Gudbranson was Talon’s pick and I agree he is a good one, when he comes off of entry level he will be looking for serious money.
    Three forwards, Fleishman, Versteeg and Upshall along with EL Huberdeau make $15+ million and three defensemen, Campbell, Jovanovski and Kuba’s also make $15+ so how does Talon find a way to fit Weiss in?
     The Panther’s have five UFA’s and four RFA’s to deal with for next season and five UFA’s and two RFA’S the year after and that is just their NHL roster and doesn’t include the AHL players like highly thought of goalie Markstrom, who is a RFA next season.
    Talon has some serious decisions to make and if getting Luongo is one of them, and I’m not saying it is just a big IF, then who does he offer that makes room for him?

  15. @ Habsfan 1

    The Habs will have $11.million to spend on 9 players next year ( including) Subban ….there problem is that Gionta , Cole, Bourque,and Plekanecs have no trade clauses and comprise $20 million of the cap hit of $63 million and Kaberle at $4.5 million,who no one will want to equall $25 million

    To fit Subban in you may have to move out a defender such as Emelin @ $2.2 million for 3 years …Id say by the way the Habs pay structure goes and looks right now it would be better to trade Subban than it would be to sign him as you might be able to get multiple pieces back to equal $4 – $5 million than just one guy in Subban …it would be better for the all around team moving forward until the season o 2014 – 1015 where it opens up a lot …it looks as if you guys will not be able to get a solid UFA next year either unless a miracle happens as you will be up against the wall even without Subban!! …por you play a lot of guys from Hamilton on entry level $$ and 1 free agent signing!! not sure how that will look!

    Your 2 years away from a rebuild!


    • let’s face it…..montreal is a mess….they are NOT a good hockey team. i feel bad for Carey Price….good for him for staying loyal and not asking to get out of town. Subban is a good defenceman….but he’s overated and out of his mind if he thinks he’s worth 5 million a year….but hey i’d trade phaneuf for him….LOL….i can’t see anytime valuing Subban as he values himself…..7 goals last year….5 of them on PP…..good luck PK…..

  16. On that note !!
    I can’t for the life of me understand why the Habs gave Bourque a no trade clause …what were they thinking ???? Gauthier might want the Cammaleri jersey back he tried to keep ! LOL

    • Thought that was Calgary’s doing…

  17. Was it??

    Bourque waived a no trade to go to Montreal ???? mmmm Really???

  18. Looks as if that was the case ….. he had a limited no trade. Sometimes in a trade that part gets erased and then retooled so I thought that they agreed to it a second time around??

  19. Panthers For Sale !!

    Just read that the Florida Panthers are going up for sale, again !!

    This has to be a dead end for Roberto to Florida and will he ultimately regret turning down the deal in Edmonton ???

    Do the Flyers trade that 1 asset for Luongo or Subban ???

    • Please! This comment is so biased, show us the (credible) article. Oh, that’s right you read it on tweeter.

  20. Panthers are not for sale. Where the heck did you read that?

    If the Panthers have shown interest in acquiring Luongo, thus acquiring Luongo’s long…expensive salary, then Garrioch should go back to elementary math and figure out that re-signing Weiss is doable since it won’t even come close to what Luongo is making.

    Theodore is doing fine. Panthers don’t really need a goalie right now more than they need offensive help as the injuries are just too many and Fleischmann playing with a gashed foot is not helping either.

    A Luongo trade would be good for Florida hockey, even if many Panthers fans despise him…still, but it’s not going to help the scoring.

    Markstrom should be given a chance, though. He’s been ready for about a year now. Not since 2008…. took him a while to adjust to NA hockey.

  21. Lyle,

    You’re completely right on Subban. $3.5M is not unreasonable. I also agree that you can’t hold it against Subban. If I had an ounce of leverage at my job, I’d hold out for more money too.

  22. The team that should really take a run at Reilly is Columbus. They really could use a second center on the team that can carry a line. Would help them build for a future that would be much closer. Plus they could afford the asking price.

  23. @spector

    I believe Dustin Penner as well as Scott Stevens were both signed to successful offer sheets.

  24. I believe Shanahan was signed as well.

  25. Trade Subban to Columbus and let him rot there.

  26. Is subban gonna be happy in Montreal after this mess?
    Might as well trade him because he will want out ASAP.

  27. @Backchecking
    We missed you on candian corner today chatting Leaf talk. You missed out on your favorite topic the “trade Kessel” chatter. lol

  28. First of all, Luongo is not going to Florida unless they send Weiss and Theodore for him. Weiss is not happy there and Theodore has to go to give Vancouver an NHL caliber backup.

    Regarding Subban, he needs to sign his bridge contract and EARN the big money long term contract. If the rumor is true that he is looking for $5.5-6.0 M /yr then the kid needs a reality check because when you look at these guys he is not is the same league yet.
    – Karlsson getting $6.5 (Norris trophy),
    – Doughty $7.0 (won a cup),
    – Chara $6.9 (Norris and a cup),
    – Keith $5.5 (cup and Norris also),
    – Weber $7.8 (many consider best all-around d-man in the league),
    – Boyle $6.67 (also won a cup), and
    – Byfuglien $5.2 (cup winner, although played fwd)

    His agent is unfortunately taking the overpaid guys below and saying he is comparable if not better than these guys
    – Myers $5.5,
    – Bouwmeester $6.68,
    – Wisniewski $5.5,
    – Suter $7.5,
    – Visnovski $5.6,
    – Carle $5.5,
    – Phaneuf $6.5,
    Which is arguably true but none of these guys will get this type of money in this CBA again.

    As for Montreal cap situation, next season assuming Galchenyuk will be on the team they will have 10 fwds signed with only DesHarnais and White not signed, plus 4 D signed (Markov, Gorges, Emelin and Diaz assuming Kaberle will be bought out as $4.25 is too much for a 3rd pairing D) and they have Tinordi and Ellis ready to fight for the last spot maybe even Beaulieu. Then in net Price is signed they will just need a backup. For this 15 guys it is $50M, so they have $14M left over. It would only be about $4M or less for Tinordi and Ellis to take the 6 and 7 D spots (if Bouillon doesn’t want another year at $1-$1.5) and Bournival/Palushaj/Leblanc/Dumont take the last 2 fwd slots plus a backup goalie at $800-900K. That leaves $10M for Subban, White and DesHarnais, no problem as long as Subban signs for around $4M like he should.

    Oh and btw, Kessel is going nowhere. Leafs fans (backchecking especially) you need to pray everyday that Getzlaf can make it to UFA status in July and that he signs with your team to play with Carlyle again. Getzlaf is your only hope of contending anytime soon, you have nothing in the system. Besides Kessel your team is stocked with 2nd line guys at best, actually Lupul is the only one that could crack another teams top six, JVR maybe if he develops further but MacArthur, Grabovski, Kulemin, Bozak, Kadri not a chance for any of them. Plus you have to draft/develop an nhl caliber starting goalie. You should go and try to get Bernier from LA, and bring in a wily veteran to pair with him like a Niklas Backstrom if he hits UFA status in July. You should send Liles to LA now since they are looking for a d-man and if you can convince LA to do that maybe see if they would be interested in some ocean-front property in Wyoming too.

  29. A few more things about Subban:
    1. Price and Pacioretty got the same type of treatment;
    2. Mtl’s D is doing fine without him;
    3. Subban, as exciting as he was to watch, was not exactly a team player last year, and sending the message that he will get an unprecedented (by Mtl’s standard) rich contract, would not play well in the locker room;
    4. He is a definite all-star, but he needs to get a bit more mature…

  30. Not sure if the Canucks would deal in conference but it would seem Luongo to the Ducks would work for all if Aneheim could move Hillier for D (Toronto?). A deal of Raymond and Luongo to the Ducks for Ryan would do just fine for both squads and give the Ducks some room to re-sign Getzlaf and Perry.