NHL Sunday Rumor Roundup – January 29, 2012.

The latest on the Sabres and Flyers, plus a collection of rumors from the Ottawa Sun and Edmonton Journal.


Don't be surprised if Parise isn't traded by the deadline.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators GM Bryan Murray expects to open contract talks with RFA defenseman Erik Karlsson later this week…Don’t expect the New Jersey Devils, who are in a playoff spot, to trade pending UFA winger Zach Parise. Los Angeles and Minnesota could make pitches for Parise if he tests the market this summer…The Senators could be among teams interested in Tampa Bay center Dominic Moore, who is being shopped by GM Steve Yzerman…The Maple Leafs “have been tossing around” the names of Mikhail Grabovski and Clarke MacArthur in their trade talks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I’ve said for months, if the Devils are in the playoff race by the deadline, they won’t move Parise…Moore would certainly attract interest if he’s on the trade block by clubs seeking an experienced checking center…Burke claimed last week he wasn’t close to trading Grabovski, but of course, that doesn’t mean he’s not getting inquiries.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports the Blackhawks could use Carolina defenseman Tim Gleason, as could half-a-dozen other teams…The Blue Jackets want to deal goalie Steve Mason, but with one year at $3.2 million remaining on his contract, combined with his poor performance, makes that possibility unlikely…Red Wings defenseman Brad Stuart could return to California (San Jose? LA?) this summer if he’s not re-signed… The Montreal Canadiens won’t trade P.K. Subban…Tim Thomas’s “no-trade’ clause expires on July 1st, so theoretically the Bruins could trade him this summer if his performance declines in the coming months…”Most people” believe the Canucks could trade Mason Raymond for more size at forward or depth on defense…Matheson suggests Tuomo Ruutu’s former team, the Chicago Blackhawks, might have interest in him as a rental player, but so too could the Ottawa Senators…Matheson also wondered if the NY Rangers or Washington Capitals might have interest in Dallas Stars captain Brenden Morrow…The Blue Jackets could find it tough to move Jeff Carter’s contract if they should decide to shop him…Would the Oilers take Nashville defenseman Jonathan Blum in a package deal for Ales Hemsky?…Don’t be surprised if the Canucks show interest in Montreal Canadiens gritty forward Travis Moen.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Just because the Bruins “could” shop Thomas this summer, doesn’t mean they will, his snub of the White House aside…Elliotte Friedman last week reported the Predators aren’t interested in Ales Hemsky.

BUFFALO NEWS: John Vogl reports Sabres team president Ted Black is hinting there could be changes to the club’s “core players”. Mike Harrington meanwhile reported it seems unlikely the Sabres would trade goalie Ryan Miller in the next month, but Miller’s status with the team could be a major off-season decision.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Sabres haven’t gained any ground in the standings within the next two-three weeks, they’ll likely become “sellers”, though I’ll be very surprised if Miller is among those moved. I agree with Harrington that Miller’s situation will likely be addressed in the off-season, though it remains to be seen if that means a trade.

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi speculates on possible moves by Flyers GM Paul Holmgren leading up to the trade deadline. He cited “rumblings” Nashville might make Shea Weber or Ryan Suter available, while other options could be Carolina’s Tim Gleason, Toronto’s Luke Schenn, and Montreal’s Hal Gill.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Forget about Weber or Suter, they’re not available. Gleason or Gill could be the best bets, as the Leafs would want a top-six physical forward for Schenn.

BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont listed two recent “hot” rumors, in which Corey Perry were dealt to Vancouver, and Tim Thomas dealt to Chicago.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks and Blackhawks would also get unicorns in those deals…;)


  1. Vancouver needs a player like Travis Moen….
    If New Jersey plans on keeping the Devils, they need to sell tickets with or without Parise. Apparently no one in jersey enjoys hockey….I mean they are in a playoff position and have you seen a jersey game IN jersey? Terrible audience numbers. Anyways, Marty ain’t going to win any more cups in jersey…they could use parise as bait for that need…..they gotta do something. He may not be traded, but I don’t think he’ll be back next year….which is a shame because Jersey is going to lose him for nothing. Probably in their best interest TO trade him….Kovalchuk or Parise…..end the questions and upgrade another area on your team.
    As for Philly, I’ve been saying for months that they are going to go hard for Ryan Suter, whether that’s at the deadline or in the offseason, they will pursue this guy to the end. Either Nashville moves him and gets what spector calls a “kings ransom” for him or they risk losing him for nothing…kinda like jersey with parise! It may be in nashville’s best interest to move him, then focus solely on Weber…because they’d be crazy not to give him a long term big money contract. Nashville could improve their roster by trading Suter….as crazy as it sounds they could. If Suter agrees to a contract with a trading team, man, nashville would get a top 6 forward and a good pick….maybe more. Tough decisions.

  2. Agreed on Moen and Vancouver. I hope the return would be at least a conditional 1st, ie Vancouver gives a first if they make it to the conference finals for just Moen. Throw in a good prospect and maybe another later pick next year if Gill is also in the deal.
    I’m not sure Montreal would deal Gill to the Flyers just because they are in the same conference but I could see the flyers asking.

  3. the rangers are not going to be interested in a d man and i think they should give up wolski and ec for prospal he played great with gabby and has played great with richards in the past would be a good fit sather should never have let him walk

  4. Habsfan1, I don’t know if the Habs will deal Gill to Philly, but I don’t think they’d have any real problem with it if the Flyers made an offer.

    The Habs making the playoffs is a longshot this year and Gill is a UFA and can sign anywhere (or retire) in the off-season, so the odds of the Habs having to battle against Gill are pretty slim. I think they’d trade him in-conference for sure, if they got a decent offer.

  5. BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont listed two recent “hot” rumors, in which Corey Perry were dealt to Vancouver, and Tim Thomas dealt to Chicago.

    SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks and Blackhawks would also get unicorns in those deals…;)

    LOVE it Lyle. I enjoy reading your comments; and i always find it funny when people who are actually involved with sports media suggest things that are just stupid. I think for the most part reporters for individual papers know about as much as your average fan, with limited access to their home team… which is why you get these “fan trades” where big names are moving left and right.

  6. “SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks and Blackhawks would also get unicorns in those deals…;)”

    That says it all.

  7. On the Jeff Carter front, I would be curious if there would be any chance of a Carter for Scott Gomez swap. Both contracts are unappealing, with Carter’s being longer and Gomez’s having a higher cap hit, but I think the player types would make this a good deal for each team. Montreal has had a need for more size in recent years, even with the Rene Bourque trade, and Carter is a good-sized goal scorer. For Columbus, I hated the Carter trade the second it happened, Rich Nash needs a playmaking center, not a player who plays just like him and scores goals. I think Gomez could be an upgrade to help Nash reach the 40 goal plateau again. I know it’s hypothetical speculation on my part and a complete long-shot, but it seemed interesting to me.

  8. With all the talk centered around the Flyers acquiring a defenseman soon, I think the Flyers should be shopping for help up front too and am surprised there are no rumblings about that. The Flyers have injuries to Briere, JVR, and Jagr. Sestito, Rinaldo, Shelly,and Harry Z, haven’t been that effective this season to see any kind of ice time come the playoffs. With all the rookie presence in the lineup coupled with the previous statements I have made have me thinking the Flyers should consider at least one depth forward as well.

  9. Habsfan1….a conditional first round pick for Travis Moen? Are you crazy? I love how Montreal fans overvalue their players. At best Moen might fetch a third round pick and a lower level prospect.

  10. @Johnny

    Briere traveled with the team to Florida last week, if his concussion was severe he wouldn’t be allowed to fly…you can read between the lines on that one. As for JVR…not a big deal, he hasn’t showed up this year anyhow. Jagr has had this nagging groin injury off and on all season long yet the Flyers still find ways to put the in the net. Shelley hasn’t played many games this year, for obvious reasons and the chances you’ll see him the playoffs, assuming the Flyers make it, are slim. Harry Z and Rinaldo have been holding their own.
    I see what your saying but given the Flyers current cap situation, they may only be able to make 1 move and there’s no denying that a D is more needed than a depth forward at this point. That being said, if they can deal for a defenseman and send money the other way, they’d be able to do both…but I’m not so sure Homer is ready to give up on JVR considering he just signed a contract over the summer. With Couturier and Read coming up, it may make it easier for JVR’s departure.

  11. @Don whatever you’re smoking it sounds great pass it here! No way no how carter for Gomez ever happens

  12. Habs wil get a 2nd round choice for Moen. Same for Gill.

  13. Unicorns lmao….

  14. Thank god someone said something about “moen getting a first round pick” comment. If that’s the case the leafs should of traded colton Orr for a package of young prospects hahaha

  15. @Troy, I completely agree with you. When I read that proposed deal I just about fell off my chair. Jeesh, just how stupid do you think the canucks GM is habdfan. I really don’t think they will get a 2nd for Gill either, sure he has been useful in the past playoffs but the game is a lot faster now and he is getting older and even slower.
    The flyers should be careful moving out to many decent players just to acquire a decent d-man. This team is pretty good but do they want to win the cup or just get into the second round. Even though they have some older experienced players for the most part they are young and inexperienced. Holmgren should be patient.
    Carter for Gomez? Wow, and I thought I was delusional when it comes to my teams player value. Habs fans, when are you going to realize, nobody in the entire league wants Gomez. What would Columbus want with a guy who can’t score and is basically washed up. They want to improve not get worse. And what makes you think the habs would want to saddle themselves with another contract that could possibly end up like the Gomez contract, pretty risky. I do believe in the next CBA that length of contracts is going to be an issue, one that needs to end these absolutely ludicrous contracts lasting 7,10, 15 years.
    Perry is going no where. Thomas isn’t either, at least until the draft, even then its doubtful.

  16. Habs fans and their 1st round pick hopes. Makes me laugh! Tim Thomas ain’t goin anywhere. Bruins repeat!!!

  17. It’s great to see the Rangers doing so well with their core group of YOUNG players. great goalie, solid defense, maybe 1 more big winger would put them over the top.

  18. Agree with @Phil, Gill and Moen will probably fetch a 2nd rounder, each. Definitely not a 1st, though.

  19. Not a Habs fan James, Blackhawks fan actually, and one who personally thinks Jeff Carter is one of the most overrated players in the league. I thought Voracek was overpaying for Carter, and so was the 1st round pick on individual levels, let alone together. That has great potential to go down as the worst trade of the decade, and I think Columbus needs to do what they can to dump him.

  20. This should work out kings trade Ricards fot Carter works out for both teams kings need a real scorer blue jackets need a play maker for nash add voynov in the deal solves kings and jackets problems

  21. I am Habs fan , while I think getting a 2nd rounder for either Moen or Gill , would be the result of a bidding war between teams. I doubt PG is smart enough to do that considering that he does not seem to shop his players (See Halak and Camms) .. 3rd rounders or middle prospect would be reasonable yield. Gomez for Carter MWhaahhahhahaaaaaa I want a double of what you are having ,,that is some good stuff. Gomez will get bought out with the new CBA along with Kaberle and Maybe Gionta ..

  22. I don’t think the Bruins will or have to make a major trade this season. Although, if a defenseman goes down to injury , I wouldn’t mind seeing Gill back in town. Unicorns, hahahahaha!

  23. Every team and their fans overvalue their players, not just the Canadian teams, that’s what make’s speculation (Spector) fun to read. So give the true hockey fan’s a break when they talk about their team, it’s better to love your team, then to hate someone that does.

  24. unicorns arent real….. ah ahhh ohhhhhh you clever dog! you almost had me there! lol

  25. Carter to MTL for Gomez a unicorn and the Ring from LOTR still isn’t enough. If the Canucks are willing to trade a 2nd for Moen why not make it a conditional 1st if they make the final. The 1st rd pick would be the 29th or 30th pick overall so its not that different than a 2nd…

  26. Zirc: Exactly my point. The Nucks draft picks all get bumped down the further they go. 1st round 28th pick is a glorigied 2nd rounder. Theeir second, a glorified 3rd….So I’m saying like you, Moen gets a 2nd….thanks for being one of the thinkers!