NHL Sunday Rumor Roundup – October 30, 2011.

The latest on the Rangers, Bruins, Red Wings, Jets, Canadiens and Blue Jackets.


Could Turco sport a Blue Jacket?

CBC.CA: During the October 29th Hockey Night in Canada telecast, on “The Hotstove” segment, Elliotte Friedman claimed Montreal Canadiens GM Pierre Gauthier attempted to make a deal for a defenseman or a forward, felt he had to do something, and fired assistant coach Perry Pearn. The reaction around the league was overwhelmingly negative…Eric Francis reports UFA goalie Marty Turco is still working out and would be willing to play as a backup. Francis suggested Columbus would be a good fit as he could mentor Blue Jackets goalie Steve Mason.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The reaction to the Pearn firing may be negative, but the Canadiens won their next three games after the move was made…Changes could be coming soon for the Jackets, and they could use an experienced backup to help Mason. Turco might be the answer, but it remains to be seen if they’ll go that route.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun recently reported Winnipeg Jets management wouldn’t allow their team’s slow start to prompt them into making any short-sighted deals that mortgages their future. If they make a move, it’ll be for something which helps them now and in the future. LeBrun suspected if they do deal, it could be from their defense.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I meant to post this one up yesterday but missed it. I agree with LeBrun, the Jets management won’t panic and make quick fix deals. Besides, they’ve got the luxury right now of a fan base that’s just thrilled to have NHL hockey back in their city. They could suck on toast all season and Winnipeg hockey fans won’t care. Next season, however would be another matter.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the Rangers are still waiting to hear if free agent defenseman Anton Stralman will accept their contract offer. Stralman skated with the New Jersey Devils on a tryout basis but was not offered a contract. He’s currently in Sweden visiting his family.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Rangers apparently made that offer to Stralman over a week ago. 

BOSTON HERALD: Steve Conroy reports Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli  has been doing “his due diligence on the trade front” but it remains to be seen if he’ll pull the trigger on a deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Head coach Claude Julien is clearly exasperated over his team’s performance lately. The Bruins better turn things around soon or a shakeup of some sort may be coming.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: The Red Wings have placed forward Fabian Brunnstrom on waivers.


  1. It amuses me that so many “commentators” who are disgusted with Gauthier’s firing of Pearn are former coaches who can’t get another offer. Of course, this is not the case with Friedman, but many of those expressing their dismay fall into that category. I’m sure there was a fall guy element, but the guy was in charge of special teams, and they sucked. The team needed a shake up. The Pearn move was an easy one, and the team has not lost since. The man was offered another job in the organization. Compare it to general business… the business is failing, and there are significant issues identified in your department. In how many situations do you think another job is on the table?

  2. Its not the fact that he deserved to be fired or not,(actually its was a good move)the problem lies in how it was done..30 min before game time?c’mon really,just another classless act by gauthier and the hab organization who allowed him to do it.

  3. Someone on this forum a couple of days ago made a great point that Montreal had three assistant coaches when most teams have only two. I agree with Casey that there was a scapegoat element to Pearn’s firing but I also wonder if it was a case of too many cooks spoil the broth… Just like in Columbus, if you do not have a trade that could really turn things around available, switch the coaching up. I have no idea why Gauthier gets any flak after the intitial surprise for firing Pearn.

  4. Who the heck cares what everyone else thinks of Pearn’s dismissal? It was obviously the correct one..lol

    The reason it is getting so much attention is because it was from the Habs organization..This is a business…Gauthier is running it as HE sees fit…You don’t like it? Tough..

  5. A couple of observations about my Bruins…

    They desperately need more mobility/puck moving defenceman in my humble opinion. Their strategy has always been out-working the other team in their (other team’s) zone but you can’t do that effectively if you don’t consistently gain the zone. The current group are solid defensively but they do not create transition, hence the overall ineffective/inconsistent offensive attack.

    I have also noticed that the team seems to play much better in front of Tim THOMAS vice Tuukka RASK. Not sure what’s up with that but certain inferences can be made (players have a lack of confidence in RASK etc)???.

    Nathan HORTON has a $4,000,000 skill set and a $10 mind set. It’s like he humming his favourite song while he’s playing, no focus whatsoever!

    David KREJCI might be hurt, he’s doesn’t seem 100 % and if he is, considering it’s a contract season for him, bad year to have a bad year.

  6. Let’s just hope that, when Gauthier gets his walking papers, he’s be treated with the same respect he showed Perry Pearn, ie none.

  7. Robert Weatherby, you had mobility out of the back end last year, his name was Kaberle and your fanbase ripped him to shreds. I’m thinking the Bruins don’t have the pallet for slick Euro style hockey. Live by the sword and die by the sword. No offence to the Bruins, but I think they more appreciate a bruising style game, not finess.

  8. The “slick Euro style hockey” works great in the regular season .. but not so much in the playoffs .. that’s where the “bruising Canadian style hockey” is more effective. I think to succeed in today’s game .. a team must have a balance of both styles of play. And I mean sewn into every line, not a line for this and a line for that. Case in point; Vancouver. No offense to Burrows, but put a guy like Scott Hartnell, or David Clarkson on the Sedin line and watch out. Point is, nobody is afraid of Burrows, at least Hartnell and Clarkson will drop the gloves and actually fight if they have to.

  9. Tom, from someone who has had to fire staff who were problematic for some reason, I can tell you there is no such thing as the right time to do it. Perhaps PG brought him in for a chat and was still open to options, but the discussion made it obvious the firing had to happen. Then you have to just go with it, bad timing or not.

    I personally wonder about the impact of the friendship between Martin and Pearn… perhaps that was interfering with Martin’s willingness to hear new ideas from the new blood. Just speculation of course. None of us will ever know. Like Deuce said, this happens anywhere but Montreal and no one even writes about it.

  10. @DurtMChurt you did watch how bad kaberle fit in on the bruins right? While on paper he looked like the guy they needed, it didn’t work out, which is often the case. Maybe if they had kept him it would have been a different situation like Neal tearing it up with the pens this season, but after his lackluster performance last year all playoffs long why keep him

  11. Toronto Maple Leafs!!! There I had to do it because no one was talking about them in the blog. LOL. Go Leafs Go.

  12. Icebear, I’m admitting I’m in the minority here, but my opinion is that Kaberle didn’t play THAT bad. He was on pace for like 35 points (over a full season) He never was a shooter in TO, hes a qb out of his own end. I did watch him play for Boston and I’ll admitt he was a better player for the Leafs, but he wasn’t terrible. I stand by what I said in the original response I left for Weatherby, they did have mobility from the back end, and it didn’t work out. The fans don’t like that type of hockey.

  13. Boston had a relative cakewalk to the finals and even so they barely beat Montreal (a much smaller team that took them to game 7 OT with a badly injured lineup) and Tampa Bay. this year eastern teams have improved while Boston basically stood still and as a result the Bruins won’t make it past the first round of the playoffs, that is if they even get in.

  14. As a habs fan, I cannot see why any Bruins fan would be wanting to make major changes to their line up. There is nothing wrong with the Bruins that time will not cure. This team will start to jell sometime within the next month and watch out. They will be tough to beat. Most cup winning teams seem to go through the same thing that the Bruins are going through. They are just not hungry enough right now and think I do not have to work hard we are the champions. Sometime in mid November they will start to realize that the season is over a third over and they are not in the playoff picture and pride will click in and they will start to play like they did last year. As far as goaltending is concerned, Thomas vs Rask, Montreal went through this two years ago. Price could not win a game no matter how well he played and Halak could play badly and win. I remember the game when the Bruins outshot us 56 -20 something and Price lost the game 2-1. He stood on this head that night but still came up a loser. He was pulled the next game and Halak won about three in a row. It sometimes is a confidence thing but who know. Rask will be fine.

  15. However, if the Bruins would like to trade us a few of their players, I will take Bergeron, Lucic, Chara and Seguin off your hands. They are all terrible players and I know they you don’t like any of them so we will take them off your hands so that you can make major changes to your team. LOL.

  16. Kaberle did not fit the Bruins style of play and to me just did not fit into their lineup. I was not surprised that he was relegated to the 5-6 defenceman role.

  17. Bottom line about Pearn’s firing, they had too many coaches and I expect the way the defence were playing that they had too many coaches telling the kids too many different things and it was probably the main reason why he had to be fired. People say it was not a class act, but how many organizations fire you and offer you another position in the organization. Not many that I know. I am not a PG fan or a Martin fan either but really, business is business and it had to be done.

  18. “BCLeafFan | Sunday, 30 October 2011 at 4:03 pm

    Let’s just hope that, when Gauthier gets his walking papers, he’s be treated with the same respect he showed Perry Pearn, ie none.”

    Says a fan base that ran JFJjr out of town and crucified Sundin because he didn’t want to get traded..


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