NHL Sunday Trade & Free Agent Rumor Roundup – February 3, 2013.

The latest on the Flyers, Avalanche, Panthers, Maple Leafs and more.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports word is Philadelphia Flyers GM Paul Holmgren would like to make a big move to shake up his roster. He need scoring, blueline and goaltending depth. Garrioch suggested Holmgren could contact the Flames about Jarome Iginla but Calgary GM Jay Feaster has maintained he wants to retain Iginla. Garrioch also claimed the Phoenix Coyotes wouldn’t mind shedding Keith Yandle’s $5.25 million salary, but he could prove too expensive for Holmgren. The Flyers were rumored to have made inquiries about Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo, but it’s now believed they want a capable backup for Ilya Bryzgalov…Avalanche GM Greg Sherman has been offering Ryan O’Reilly around, as he apparently seeks more than the $3.5 million per season teammate Matt Duchene earns…The Maple Leafs have held talks with the LA Kings regarding goalie Jonathan Bernier, which Garrioch believes could make sense for Leafs GM Dave Nonis, though they’re not the only club interested in Bernier…Sharks GM Doug Wilson is shopping around for one more winger…Leafs GM Dave Nonis may consider moving Phil Kessel, who wouldn’t be easy to move given his $5.4 million salary and UFA status next summer…”Once the New York Islanders are officially out of the playoff picture, expect D Mark Streit to get dealt.”…The Ducks and Ryan Getzlaf were rumored close to a new deal prior to the lockout worth $6 million per season…With Roberto Luongo playing well in Vancouver, Garrioch wonders if teams might start calling about Cory Schneider.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: One should never rule out Holmgren making a big move, but it might not be easy to swing one this early in the season, especially one which could fit under his salary cap and wouldn’t cost him too much young talent in return.  Iginla would have to agree to be dealt, while the official word from the Coyotes is Yandle isn’t available, though it is believed if they do shop him, the asking price would be a scoring center. Finding a capable backup for Bryzgalov seems the easiest of the possible moves Holmgren could make, but there’s nothing of value remaining in the UFA market, and teams aren’t exactly going to give away a capable backup right now…The Avalanche still insist they’re not shopping O’Reilly…The Leafs have been linked to Bernier for months now, but nothing’s come of it. I don’t believe the Kings will move Bernier until this summer, when he’s a restricted free agent…Garrioch didn’t specify what kind of winger Wilson apparently seeks…If Kessel is shopped, I don’t see it happening until this summer at the earliest. A lot depends on how the Leafs perform this season, and where he sees his future beyond 2014…One shouldn’t automatically assume the Islanders won’t make the playoffs this season. So far, they’re off to a good start…I get the sense the Ducks could wait until season’s end to get into serious negotiations with Getzlaf…It wouldn’t surprise me if some teams are calling the Canucks about Schneider, but let’s face it, he’s not the goalie they’re shopping.

Stephen Weiss's name is popping up again in the rumor mill.

Stephen Weiss’s name is popping up again in the rumor mill.

 CBC.CA: During Saturday’s intermission “Hotstove” segment on Hockey Night in Canada, Elliotte Friedman reported there have been rumors the Florida Panthers would be willing to move center Stephen Weiss (a pending UFA with a “no-movement” clause) under the right circumstances, noting there’d been some talk linking Weiss to the Ottawa Senators after Jason Spezza was sidelined. Senators GM Bryan Murray claimed he hasn’t contacted Panthers GM Dale Tallon, who said all the rumors about Weiss were “ridiculous”, adding he wasn’t trading him and would try to sign him. Glenn Healy, however, claimed Weiss was on the market and other GMs were talking about the Panthers center…The panel also discussed Roberto Luongo’s improvement this season, with Friedman pointing out Luongo and Cory Schneider continue to get along well, leaving the Canucks in a position of strength…Healy also chided the Avalanche for their hardline stance with Ryan O’Reilly, accusing the organization of “cheating your fans”. He claimed the club was trying to address four of their top forwards being sidelined by shopping defenseman Shane O’Brien, who won’t bring back a player of the caliber of O’Reilly.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rival GMs might have interest in Weiss, but I don’t believe he’d be available until the trade deadline, and then only if the Panthers are out of the playoff race by then. I feel Tallon is sincere when he says he’s going to try to re-sign Weiss… It wouldn’t surprise me if the Canucks stick with Luongo for the remainder of this season, then revisit moving him in the off-season…As for O’Reilly, it appears his camp hopes the more the Avs struggle with some of their best players sidelined, the more leverage they’ll have. Remains to be seen.

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi listed Anaheim’s Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf, Dallas’ Brenden Morrow and Michael Ryder, Florida’s Stephen Weiss, Carolina’s Alexander Semin, New Jersey’s David Clarkson and Calgary’s Jarome Iginla as possible targets for the Flyers to address their struggling offense.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The problem I see with this list is the earliest any of those players could be available is mid-March, likely be too late in the season to help the Flyers. The Ducks want to re-sign Perry and Getzlaf, the Flames hope to re-up Iginla, while the Panthers hope to re-sign Weiss. The Devils won’t move Clarkson even if he’s not under contract by the trade deadline. Morrow, Ryder and Semin could be available by the trade deadline if the Stars and Hurricanes are out of the playoff race by then.


    Holmgren should have never traded Richards and Carter regardless of what they do in there personal lives ..they didn’t suffer on the ice ..quite the contrary ….bad mistake signing Bryz to that horrendous deal,
    they don’t need a backup they need a good #1 also.
    Now who is Holmgren going to trade ????
    They have good size & skill upfront ….decent blue line depth and a decent 4 lines …they just look disorganized when they play !! No lack of talent on that squad in any area!

    There are 30 teams that would like this guy …can’t believe that there is no good deal out there for the AVS.
    None sense, why keep a quality guy out of the line up when you need guys playing for you right now !!
    trade him and get players in the line up for your injury plaqued team!!! Everyone is looking for a # 1 center man !!

    This guy never hurts you in a game ..quality player and hell of a sniper …he would look good in Philly actually……. plays a very similar style game as they do and can help offensively where thy need it ..but his contract could hurt.

    In a trade I think Kessel should fetch a similar price of what Philly got for Richards

    …Ducks will do everything possible to resign Perry and Getzlaf ….priority # 1

    • Bryz has been playing like a #1 goalie so far this year, its the blueline that needs help in philly since Timmonen is the only guy there who can make a proper pass out of his own zone. They are missing Matt Carle severely right now, the guy who left town while philly was trying to pursue Weber and Suter.

      • lol, so it is safe to say that the Leafs won the JvR/Schenn trade…thus far!

    • I completely agree about Carter and Richards but truth is at least one had to go to sign a number 1 goaltender, even if you don’t think it should have been Bryz. Would have sured up the middle for us and imagine G, Carts/Richie, and couts/schenner (1,2,3 center combo).

      Bryz is showing this year that he IS INDEED worth his contract. Disagree about the defensive strength but yes on offense they should be just fine once the younger guys get into a bit of a groove and they get a couple practices under their belts. I would say that the defense needs and upgrade and Yandle would easily be the best option. Timonen, especially the way he can’t skate anymore, will be out of the league, if not by the start of next year, the year after that. This is definitely potentially his last year playing. Yandle can replace him on the D and add offense that we need this year already!! Look below for my comment on how to get Yandle in Philly. Schenn, coots, and G are obviously off limits, plus I think they should keep Reader as long as possible considering Danny B’s scoring will most definitely decline by 2014-2015 season, if not next year. If they can pull off a trade for Yandle, I think it would be their best bet to be competitive this year. It would help them out and just imagine the boost they would get and the top 6-dmen we’d have for the remainder of the year.
      or whatever combination you want. Seems simple becuase his cap hit is less than kimmo’s and kimmo will be off the books this summer (6.33 mill hit).

  2. Weiss will resign with Panthers. He told Tallon when he became GM he wanted to stay where as Horton didn’t and he was shipped out. Weiss is an important part of the team and he likes playing for Panthers.

  3. Bryz has shown he still can play. The problem for Philly is their D. They miss Carle and Pronger big time. Read would probably net them a 2nd pairing defenseman. Tallon would be wise to ship Weiss out cause everyone wants a 1st line center and teams would pay handsomely. Ana needs to reup Perry and Getz but if the right deal came around one would have to consider it. Lots of teams would overpay for Getz and really he hasn’t been playing so well the last couple seasons and has a few injuries.

  4. It’s highly unlikely Semin will be leaving the Canes, anytime soon! He’s been one of the best players on the ice, and seems to have good chemistry w/ E. Staal! I’ll be surprised if JR doesn’t resign him to a longer contract before season’s end!

  5. It’s interesting that the Canucks keep playing Luongo. It’s likely that they’re just showcasing him, but what if they’re actually going to trade Schneider? Schneider would likely bring a better return. He’s younger, less expensive, and has enough NHL experience to qualify him as more than a prospect. The Canucks are built to win now. Trading Schneider could help them get an asset now and a few assets for the future. Also, I think that Schneider would draw more interest than Luongo due to Luongo’s contract.

    As for the Ducks, they’re going to have a real problem. They look like they’re poised to make the playoffs, and they’re going to be in a bad spot if Perry and Getzlaf aren’t signed. I see them getting burned when Perry and Getzlaf walk as UFAs.

  6. I’m not so sure the goaltending is the entire issue in Philly. I’ll be the first to say I absolutely hated the Bryz signing and I wasn’t overly pleased seeing Richie and Carter dealt – It did create a different atmosphere within the organization and couple that with a return of Couturier, Schenn and Simmonds… I think we did alright.
    If you look at Bryzgalov in Phoenix, he put up great numbers in Tippett’s d-first coaching style, he comes to Philly and it’s the exact opposite system. With the Flyers early struggles paired with injuries I think it might be time for Laviolette to re-examine his team’s style of play.
    I love the run and gun game but how things are looking early on I feel you need to play to your team’s strengths or at the very least try and mix things up a bit.

  7. Yandle is not too pricey for the flyers. Truth is kimmo timonen is off the books this year and his 6.33 mill cap hit. He doesn’t look like he’s going to be playing much longer and even if he is, he’ll be making much less next year. Money and the flyers is definitely not a problem but the lowered cap may be. There’s already speculation that the flyers might buy out danny briere’s contract and then resign him at half the cap hit, which is at 6.5 mill the next two years after this one. That would open up over 12 million in cap space, not to mention pronger will be off the books once he’s on LTIR.

    Truth is Yandle is 100% the guy for Philly. He can easily replace kimmo’s offense the next 3 years+ and his contract cap hit is NOT high compared to other guys that are putting up the same numbers as him.

    The true problem is what the flyers must give for him. Holmgren (plus all flyers fans) don’t want to see couturier go but schenn looks like he could be dispensable, especially if its a straight up trade, maybe a 2nd rounder thrown in. Looks like laughton (most recent 1st round pick) would be best option to trade if phoenix likes him, with Gustafsson or Bourdon, and a first rounder/second if they take it. If Homer could pull that trade off, and keep the D strong while letting couturier, schenn, giroux grow into the top 3 line centers, it would definitely be the best possible situation. Adding offense would be nice but with bryz the way he’s been so far, the flyers could afford to let the young guys grow. Not to mention Yandle should help the flyers PP and offensive production.

    • Briere
      Can’t re-sign amnesty buy outs.
      As Lyle had stated, the Coyotes would want a top line center back or at least Couturier + (another NHL forward) back. He is not likely to be traded to the Flyers, not for the price that Holmgren is willing to pay.

  8. If the ducks do start to fall in the standings be interesting if philly would be willing to do a couturier+ for perry. Philly is always making interesting moves and perry would be interesting.

    • Doubtful we need another power forward in Philly with simmonds and hartnell already. Perry is good but couturier is needed to sure up the middle of the forward group. Schenn maybe because he isn’t as ready but the truth is Philly needs D before we need forwards.

      • Eric,

        I believe Hartnell is gone for the year and I heard Simmonds got injured last night or the night before.

        • Hartnell, as of Jan. 23rd, is scheduled to be gone for 1-2 months. I’d say he is likely back before the season finished. Gotta think about Cap Hit. As for Simmonds, he has a concussion, that is unpredictable. Could be gone for a month, or could be gone for a year…unknown.

  9. Mike Gillis and assistant GM Lawrence Gilman in attendance in Washington at the Capitals-Penguins game. FWIW Pierre McGuire said “Where there’s smoke there’s fire”. Luongo for Orlov, Neuvirth and Kuznetsov?

  10. Boston should trade for Ryder for the playoff Run.
    They are a little short with injuries.

  11. LUONGO

    Washington will need more than Luongo ….he cant stop everything …they need to score …if Luongo chooses The Caps hes in for real big trouble ……He would be making a huge mistake going to the Capitals!!

    I have a feeling there is more than one team inolved in this Luongo fiasco …it won’t be Luongo straight up but rather a multiple team deal !!
    It is very evident that the Canucks are Luongos team …they would be stupid to trade him at this point!!


    He is average …hes not stealing any game for them ….I wouldn’t say hes earning his contract …he will crumble again in the playoffs ….if he doesn’t go on a terrible loosing streak beofre that ..

    I feel it coming !!

  12. Healy ha become the biggest arrogant a-hole on TV for hockey. He thinks he knows it all. The guy is a nobody. He basically called Tallon a liar. What a dork.

    Why should the Avs trade O’Reilly? The guy has to learn his lesson. If he wants back in the NHL then he is not worth as much as he is in the KHL.

    Philly every year whines about needing more offense, more defense, and better goaltending. After several years with that status, having deep pockets, and assets, that the GM would have figured something out…

    Washington’s problem is not goaltending. It’s overall team play, and the big guys not playing well. Oates will be fired before McPhee makes any drastic move.

  13. I agree with the Oates assessment don’t think he is long for that job. I believe there needs to be a strong personality or voice with experience coaching that Caps team. Oates is pretty laid back and obviously a first time HC. Hunter and Boudreau were the right fits because they were strong personalities even if they were new HC’s. The Caps need a coach like Hitchcock or a Sutter someone of that mold.

  14. As a die-hard nordiques / avs fan I am annoyed by the O’Reilly situation. So he had a great year last year (points-wise) and ended up as their leading scorer with >60 pts (?!) but believes because of it he derves the contract that he is holding out to get? Ridiculous. Keep him off the roster until the trade deadline and then ship him out. At the very least you are sending a message to the rest of the team that loyalty – or lack thereof – still means something in this league.

    • The Avs are in an amazing position to let O’Reilly sit. With so many injuries, now is the time to finish last and hope for a top three pick (Jones anyone?).

      I am so glad the Habs (my team) stuck to their guns with Subban. He will get his money all in good time.

      • ^ The Avs should go the same route as the Habs/Subban

  15. One thing Spector, with regards to your comment about Kessel being shopped in the summer at the earliest. I’m not sure if anyone else has mentioned this, but he does have a NTC which kicks in this summer for the final year of his deal. So it if Nonis has any interest in shopping Kessel at all (I don’t believe he does, but if he does) it would probably be before this year’s deadline to avoid having to deal with the NTC.