NHL Trade and Free Agent News – July 26, 2012.

The latest on Shane Doan, possible trade targets for those who failed to land Rick Nash, options for the Flyers after failing to sign Shea Weber, plus updates on the Red Wings and Stars.

USATODAY.COM: Kevin Allen reports the Nashville Predators are now trying to recruit Phoenix Coyotes UFA winger Shane Doan. Predators coach Barry Trotz praised Doan, calling him the kind of player “we would want on our hockey club”, admitting his team is among those interested in the Coyotes captain.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: Mike Harrington reports the Sabres remain interested in Doan and Anaheim Ducks right wing Bobby Ryan, but suggests the club has a “recruiting problem”, in that they’re not an attractive destination for players hoping to win the Stanley Cup.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s an uncomfortable truth about the Sabres. It’s a good hockey town, but not a destination for players who want to play for a Cup contender. They’ll have to build themselves into contention, and show a commitment toward maintaining that status, to become more attractive to top stars. As for the Predators, retaining Shea Weber might help in their efforts to woo Doan, but they could be in the same situation as the Sabres.

Interest in Ryan could increase with Nash finally off the market.

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Kevin Kurz looked at possible options for the San Jose Sharks now that former Blue Jackets right wing Rick Nash has been deal to the NY Rangers. Though Alexander Semin, Shane Doan and Bobby Ryan are available in the UFA/trade markets, Kurz doesn’t expect the Sharks will be in the running for them. Kurz also doubts the Sharks will move 36-year-old defenseman Dan Boyle, who’s been mentioned in trade rumors in recent weeks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, what you see is what you get for the start of this season, Sharks fans.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Sarah Baicker reports the Flyers remain interested in Shane Doan, but Flyers GM Paul Holmgren declined to comment on any interest his team might have in Bobby Ryan. Despite failing to sign Shea Weber, Holmgren claims to be confident in his current defense, especially in his young blueliners.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I still wouldn’t rule out any chance of Holmgren attempting another move to bolster his team.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan doubts the Detroit Red Wings will go the offer sheet route to improve their team. He also doubts the Wings will trade forward Valtteri Filppula, seeing him as a key building block.

 DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika believes the additions this summer by the Stars of Ray Whitney and Jaromir Jagr means veteran Stars Brenden Morrow and Stephane Robidas will be back with the team next season, though he isn’t sure where they fit into the team’s long-term plans.


  1. Tommorrow rumor same as today Doan.

  2. Not that the leafs could afford to trade him really as he does eat up a lot of time, despite most peoples dislike for the player, but be interesting to see what you could get for phaneuf, when you considers the amount of money being thrown at Suter and weber, phaneufs contract wouldn’t be all that bad for a team like Philly or Detroit.
    If Calgary trades bouwmester they are taking a step back, depending on what they get in return I suppose but I think he does a lot that Calgary will not be able to replace.
    If doan doesn’t go to Phoenix I could see him in Nashville, same kind of environment and they are a playoff team.

    • Burke would never do it because it would some how signify a mistake he made but I’d love to see Phaneuf moved to give other guys a chance to step up. If Burke doesn’t make the playoffs this year or even gets off to a miserable start by Christmas he will be fired and guys like Phaneuf will be moved out.

      • I see in NO way where that mistake was a trade. Early in his career Phaneuf was one of the most highly touted d-men in the league. Yes he hasn’t been the guy we saw in the first three seasons of Calgary but he has been a solid top four (not top two). We also picked up Aulie, who we flipped for Carter Ashton who is a nice big winger with decent size who could have potential. We got rid of

        Stajan, Hagman, Mayers, and White. The only thing in that deal that makes me sad to see go is White. Burke has made some mistakes, but if a change of scenery had brought Phaneuf back to the first few years of his career, this would be looked at as the deal of the century.

      • i agree that BB will be fired if he gets off to a bad start. The only person that will save BB job is Luongo and he doesnt want to go to the Leafs (not yet) and so i think BB is waiting to see if Luongo will change his mind.
        I think that the Leafs will pay more for Luongo than the Panthers Otherwise Gillis makes a trade with the Panthers as Gillis and BB dont see eye to eye.

  3. At least the Sabres can feel better knowing they do not have to convince Bobby Ryan of anything. They just have to trade for him and he does not have a “no-trade clause.” Shane Doan on the other hand, has to be convinced to come to here. That is another problem all together…

    Luckily they were one of the best teams in the league barring the time they were without Erhoff and/or Myers and while Miller was recovering from his concussion…

    • I think the Sabres have improved by getting rid of some of our dead weight and getting a player that is willing to give 125%. Ott will be a leader for the Sabres and I like the fact that there are some young guns that believe they are ready to move up into the NHL, who will be challenging McCormick, Ellis, Kaleta, Gerbe et al. I also think we have a a pretty good group that is ready to take on the mantle of leadership – Foligno and Hodgeson and we have some who are natural leaders such as Girgensons and McNabb. I like our team and I like our future. Adding a Ryan would be a good move although I wouldn’t mind adding a Bolland – trading Stafford and Pardy. The thing is, Buffalo does have a stockpile of assets that have good potential – so packaging one of them with a Vanek or Stafford could get us someone like Ryan or Bolland.

  4. Re: Sabres not being a preferred destination

    Every Sabres fan who can be honest with themselves knows deep down in their heart that in the 41 years in the league Buffalo has done very little to make themselves a premier destination. There have been too many years of average play. Too many years of letting the best players walk away. Rooting for the underdog is never easy, too many years of disappointment.

    But there is always hope on the horizon. There has been a lot of faith placed on Mr. Pegula. Lets hope he can make some changes for the better. (its gonna take more than three years)

    • You know, I find it interesting that even players that leave on bad terms, a la Peca reside in Buffalo when they retire. I do agree that previous management stunk – especially under Larry Quinn. Right now, I like what Darcy has done with his hands untied – he’s made moves where he has gotten the most bang for our buck – a 1st round pick (Girgensons)for a guy who got too comfortable in the lineup and didn’t feel he had to give 100%. He also got Steve Ott for a guy who was lazy, whined and was a cancer in the locker room. I used to like Roy, but I always felt he played only when he felt like it. And I like the additions of Ehrhoff and Selzer – I am willing to give Leino this year to show his worth. But I really like the direction we’re heading and am willing to give Darcy and Lindy this year to show us they are on the right path. I’m glad he hasn’t done a “deal” just to do a deal and settle down the nay sayers. I’m glad he valued Gaustad as high as he did and I think he is being realistic about who he goes after – not just going after every big name. I don’t think he’s done and we’ll just have to see what the rest of summer and the season brings.

    • @ The Man__Oss

      I’m not a Sabres fan, but I was rooting for them in the Stanley Cup Finals. And yes, Brett Hull’s foot was in the crease.

      Anyway, I liked that late 90s team, but they never built on it. After you get so close in the Stanley Cup Finals, I never understood why they didn’t go out and pick up some big name players to make a push next the few years.

      Instead, that team fell apart and Hasek had to go win a cup with Detroit. Hopefully you’re right though. Maybe the new owner will let the team spend and get something going.

  5. The news/ rumors about Semin has been absent,(as of late)
    and other than the Canes reportedly being in contract talks w/ Semin’s agent, i’ve heard NADA!! Anyone know any other teams actively involved in talks with him??

    • I think the problem with Semin is that his camp is asking for too much money and term. Having a negative rep makes it too hard for GMs to sign him for long term of big money. If he lowers his demands he’ll be signed.

  6. 1) We are reading reports that (former?)Phoenix forward Shane Doan may be offered upwards of 30 milion for 4 years. Thats 7.5 million/year!!! That’s “Super Star money” in my opinion.
    2) Especially when we all know that with the new CBA the cap will be heading somewhere south of 60 mil. Additionally as a 35+ year old, his deal would be binding for the full length? No buy outs/or any other way out other than injury so a team signing Doan would not only be paying top dollar but risking it on a contract they will have for the full term regardless of performance.
    3) We think that the numbers we are reading are a bit silly for a player on the other side of the hill and not likely to score more than 20 goals. Yes, yes, we understand the intangibles of leadership, etc that he brings, but is that the going cost of leadership? Teams making these kinds of offers best be careful when their actual superstars are up for new contracts. “If Doan with 20 goals is worth 7.5 mil, how much is my 40 goals worth”?

  7. There are some rumors picking up that Burke maybe in on Backstrom. Is it because they’ve signed Harding, are now pretty much forced to start over with a new rebuild. To start a rebuild, a team has to give up assets, so that the can draft high in the NHL Draft. This cannot happen if you have Backstrom in net. In getting Backstrom, a team will have to give up a lot, which helps the rebuild that much sooner. Lets just say that there are truths to Toronto going after Backstrom, how can you see a trade going down? Maybe…remember…a maybe:

    To Toronto: Backstrom
    To Minnesota: Reimer + Kadri + Franson + Connolly + Komisarek + 2013 1st Round Draft Pick

    Sounds like a lot, but Connolly and Komisarek are off the books after this coming Season. So it would really be; Kadri, Reimer, Franson and a 1st Rounder for Backstrom. But we all know that this likely ANOTHER fabricated rumormill. Anyway, Burke has to do something now, because the team is only a 1C and 1G away from being a Post Season contender. Until then, we’re still a top 5-10 in the draft selecters.

    • other than the first rounder, it sounds like trash …

      • Dude, are you really Ed Van Impe? For Reals?

    • Wait, what? The Wild just signed the two biggest fish on this summer’s UFA market and now they’re going to rebuild by trading their #1 goalie?
      Logic check anyone?

      • +1. the idea the wild are about to begin a rebuild is idiotic. they’re pushing to be contenders. not to mention they are ranked number 2 by hockey’s future in terms of prospects.

        they’ll keep backstrom and harding to make a real run at deep post-season play.

    • That is a horrible trade. No way wild do that. Especially since they would be taking on to much salary and would be over the cap. Yes I do think there is a chance for backstrom to be moved and he would be the best fit out of who is available. He only has one year left and the wild despite having the biggest offseason aren’t cup contenders. They are a few years away in which time it will be either harding or hackett.

  8. I think expectations on the Sabres were way too high last year.Just because they spent money and made moves was no guarantee of major results, and coupled with Ryan Millers “Lucic slam” they were paralyzed until it was too late to climb back in. They are a solid team and I think they will become a destination but it will take a few years to shake off their “budget team, making silk out of a sows ear reputation”.

    I think the reason Semin is still out there is because Shane Doan and Bobby Ryan are still unresolved. Once they are settled, he is next, and will probably get exactly what he wants, as those teams unsuccessful landing Doan or Perry, if they move from their current teams at all, will try to outbid each other.

  9. Yeah detroit is gonna keep Filpula mainly because nobody wants him. We have gone in the total wrong direction with this team, mainly because holland has no clue as to what he is doing. And for those of you who havent seen my posts before, dont start. This team was built by the big three in Devillano, nill and bowman. Since Holland has been given command he has done nothing to improve this team, we have missed out on big name players, he has been unable to pull off a big move and still continues to sign players that are of no significance any more (bertuzzi, commadore….) he has taken this city from a golden oppurtinty to a dying club, his attitude reamins this is detroit and this is what we offer like or not, well guess what step it up and over pay. Players arent dying play with three grind lines.

    • Whose to say they won’t land Corey Perry or Ryan Getzlaf next off season? Whose to say they won’t land Bobby Ryan via the trade route this off season? I think Detroit should sign Semin right now, who could be a great trade commodity come the Trade Deadline, or who knows, under Detroit’s system, he might fair out well. I think Detroit should trade Zetterberg, because what has he done for the Red Wings lately? Maybe even do a straight up trade for Ryan.

      To Detroit: Bobby Ryan
      To Anaheim: Henrik Zetterberg

      Ryan is younger, is becoming a big star, and could excell to becoming an even better player in Detroit.

      • So if Ryan is “Ryan is younger, is becoming a big star, and could excell to becoming an even better player in Detroit”
        and Zetterberg is “Zetterberg, because what has he done for the Red Wings lately?” and is older than Ryan why would Ducks make a straight up trade ?

    • Will gladly trade you Ducks GM Boob Murray for Holland.

    • So what you’re saying is the Red Wings are a perfect reflection of Detroit.

  10. I can almost bet the farm that the sabres made an offer to Ryan. I believe that the Sabres want Ryan more than any other player thats out there. Its just in Ryans court right now. I just wish that the Sabres organization could shake the reputation from previous ownership and convince a player of Ryans caliber that Buffalo is one of the best hockey towns to play. The fans are sooooooo passionate and would fall in love with Ryan. He’s a hard worker with unreal talent. Never taking a night off. Totally blue collar ..which Sabres country loves. PEGULA!!!! go get this guy! Do what you need to do to show Bobby and the rest of the league that your serious about making a run at the cup. We have almost all the pieces in place with the exception of a veteran goal scorer with leadership on the ice and in the dressing room. Ryan is the cream of the crop and would thrive in blue and gold. Buffalo brass… go get this guy !!! Darcy… please don’t revert to years past by wanting something for nothing… Make a fair offer… give the Ducks quality in return. Im sick and tired of someone of Ryans caliber going elsewhere. He’s right there and wants to go where hes appreciated. You know fans in Buffalo would worship this guy and in return he will pay HUGE dividends for years to come! JUST DO IT!

    • It’s not in Ryan’s court.. he’s has no say in where he is traded.

      • If you think for one second its not in Ryans court just because he’s not a free agent… think again. It has been noted in many reports that Anaheim is trying to land Ryan at his desired destination. I have been following his story from the first day he became unhappy with all the rumors going around that he was going to be shopped. While technically he is under contract.. the Ducks are repecting his wishes if possible. Obviously they will take the best deal for their team.. but his destination is and will be a deciding factor if and when they decide to move him

    • There is no way that Ryan lands in Buffalo. Then talk about the fans being so passionate, for example, during a home game in Buffalo vs Toronto, why are there more Leafs fans in attendance then Sabre’s fans? If they are as passionate as you make them to be, then the attendence percentage of Sabre’s fans would be at least 90%.

      Then to get Ryan, you’d lose a 2C, D-man + 2nd Round Draft Pick. So that would most likely be:

      Hodgson + Sekera + 2nd Round Draft Pick = Ryan

      Now is that more appealing to the Ducks, than other teams who can offer a lot better option? Here are a few examples of other teams that can make a better pitch for Ryan:

      [Bos] Krejci + McQuaid + 2nd Rounder
      [Mtl] Eller + Emelin + 2nd Rounder
      [Nsh] Fisher + Klein + 2nd Rounder
      [Det] Hudler + Kindl + 2nd Rounder
      [Phi] Talbot + Meszaros + 2nd Rounder
      [Tor] Grabovski + Franson + 2nd Rounder

      Now those are just a few examples, and there are likely a lot more teams inquiring. Now with the Detroit scenario, I know earlier I said Zetterberg straight up, but after reading what Anaheim is requesting, Detroit with their depth, wouldn’t have to give up much from their standpoint.

      • Hey Leafs advocate…. get a clue!! Do you know why there are a good deal of leaf fans at Buffalo home games vs the leafs??? because we like to take your money!!! Our season ticket base is 92%. Thats right 92% my friend. You certainly didnt think you could call up and buy a ticket at the arena did you? You see…. Toronto fans pay HUGE amounts of money to watch the Leafs lose in Buffalo. Do you know where they get those tickets from??? Buffalo season ticket holders! You see… as dedicated as our fans our… we are also economically smart… sell one game to desperate leafs fans and in return… have 20% of our season ticket price paid for by our friends from the North! Hehehe…BTW… when was the last time you seen moire leafs than Sabres fans? Im a season ticket holder for the Sabres and its 70 – 30… Sabres at the very best.
        P.S… If you are one of the fans that purchased tickets from a Sabres season ticket holder… thanks bud…. with the extra money i saved… i was able to buy the family some new jerseys and pay my car insurance while i watched one game from the comfort of my own home… reclined.. while sipping one a cold one and watching the replays!
        As for your theory above… the equation of players you have listed is a joke. Burke is worse than Regeher when pulling off a trade! There is NO WAY ON GODS GREEN EARTH that Ryan would play for the Leafs. Your team is in shambles.. no goaltending.. no defense.. no scoring. Your best player is Connelly and thats not saying too much… we couldnt get rid of him fast enough.. no team wanted the risks his carries.. he cant stay healthy.
        I am in no way sayingh the Sabres are going to the Cup next year.. but i can say with 100 percent certainty that we are eons and eons above the Leafs. Wake up and smell the Coffee bud

        • LMAO, you can think and say whatever you like about the tickets, despite them being the cheapest amongst the League average price tag. Maybe the revenue made, should be put towards fixing your garbage roads, even the moon has less craters than Buffalo. The ONLY…I repeat…ONLY posting you have any accuracy in, is with regards to our goaltending. Other than that, you should maybe edit your entire post, because your spelling is as horrible as your roads, filled with potholes. And if you think Connolly is our best player…you need to get a hockey life.

  11. Anyone who suggests that Kadri is trash hasn’t seen him play. He is going to be a solid top 6 forward in a couple of years. He needs to bulk up and I imagine he will get some consistent playing time this year. Wilson was terrible for his development.

  12. This just in, Semin signs 1year deal in Carolina.

    Backstrom would be a great fit in TO. They wont give him away but he will garner a couple of prospects and a high pick. I would think that Minnesota would be glad to be rid of the contract just so they can pay for bonus money they are on the hook for.

    • There is no way that they are trading Backstrom. They just backed up the money truck and paid out their butt for Suter and Parise. They are going for it.

  13. LeafsAdvocate..

    Your comment is insane, just like a typical leaf supporter, have another drink! No way does Detroit move Zetterberg for Ryan.

    • Although I agree that there is no way Detroit would trade Zetterberg for Ryan, what does being a Leafs supporter have to do with him making up a trade? Seems like you might have a little bit of a love affair with them 😛

    • I didn’t say that they will, because your “No way does Detroit move Zetterberg for Ryan.” automatically implies that I stated that they will. I merely suggested that they should. And I think they should, because Ryan is an up and coming talent, and Anaheim can’t keep someone who doesn’t want to play for them.

    • LOL I think LeafsAdvocate was drinking the red kool-aid when he came up with that one! Besides it making no sense.. why in the world the wings move Zett?

  14. Yeah, I guess my theory about Doan and Ryan having to be resolved first was bogus.

    So at 7 milion, and last years production of 57 points, it means proportionately someone like Kessel would be worth just under 10.1 million per year.

    I hope this works for Rutherford as he is now officially spending like a drunken sailor.

    I bet he somehow now he trades for Jay Bouwmeister so he can add another 6 or so million to the payroll.

    • I don’t think the Semin contract is a big deal because it’s for 1 year. If they have the room this year then what’s the difference. Either he plays like crap and you let him go, or he lives up to it and you re-sign him long term, likely to a smaller cap hit depending on what the new CBA allows.

  15. I am holding out hope that Darcy has some trade in the balance. Probably waiting on Doan’s decision, as it is reported the Sabres have offered him a contract. As have multiple other teams. Once that is complete, I think we will see if a trade goes down for Ryan, Stastny, ect…
    My fear is that Darcy is suffering from some PTSD from the injuries last year and will go with 9 NHL D-men to ensure that doesnt happen again.
    I would like to see a trade involving whichever Dman (excluding Myers/Erhoff) the Ducks want, Luke Adam, and a 1st for Ryan. I think it is fair, they get the #2 Center they are searching for, a solid Dman (puck moving or not – unsure what they want), and a #1. Then they have alot of flexibility going into the draft next yr w/ 2 #1’s. Especially in the draft that will bring Nathan MacKinnon (next Crosby type prospect).
    In fact I would not be adversed to doing whatever it takes to get him for the Sabres, he will be that good…
    But another yr w/o playoffs would be very painful…

  16. @ Sean_Buffalo

    Nothing’s in Ryan’s court. Ryan has no right to say yes or no to a trade due to the fact that the he doesn’t have a NTC.

    Ryan would be an awesome addition but you got to understannd that we shouldn’t give up to much for him.

    I’d do a 2nd round draft pick, Adam, Sekera or Leopold, Kaleta and Pardy. We can sacrafice the 2 defensemen, we do not need Kaleta no more with the addition of Scott and Ott, and with the additions of Girgensons and Grigorenko at center we can afford to give one of the up and coming centers.

    • Keep all this Sabre garbage, we will keep Ryan
      until someone offer quality

      • Same quality as your wording?

    • Jes.. other than the second round pick.. theres no way we would get Ryan for those players.Leopold is the only quality guy on that list. Adam has potential but his numbers dropped considerably when he was removed from our top line. IMO he is unproven and a risk that most teams won’t take… at least if Ryans in the equation