NHL Trade and Free Agent News – July 27, 2012.

Latest on the Shane Doan watch, plus updates on the Predators and Sharks.

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Sarah McLellan reports Phoenix Coyotes UFA Shane Doan is expected to meet with prospective Coyotes owner Greg Jamison to gain some insight into his efforts to purchase the club. If Jamison cannot provide the assurances the Doan camp seeks, they could turn toward seriously weighing offers from rival clubs.

Wings out of the bidding for Doan?

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports a source are likely out of the bidding for Doan, citing the high asking price. One Eastern Conference club has reportedly offered Doan a four-year, $30 million contract, while the Wings were hoping to ink him to a three year deal worth between $4.5-$5 million per.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford reports Doan’s agent said his client won’t be visiting Vancouver, not because he’s uninterested in joining the Canucks, but because he’s already very familiar with the city.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If a recent report suggesting Jamison’s bid for the Coyotes could be “on thin ice” due to lack of investors and funding, that could finally push Doan from his hope of re-signing with the Coyotes toward serious consideration of offers from other clubs. If the Red Wings are truly out of the bidding, it’ll only heighten the anxiety of some Red Wings fans unhappy over the club’s inability to land a significant free agent or two this summer.

EXAMINER.COM: Jim Diamond reports the Nashville Predators could be eyeing a trade to add another experienced defenseman to their blueline.

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Kevin Kurz, responding to readers’ questions, believes Alex Stalock and Antti Niemi would have the most trade value (hypothetically speaking), and believes there’s a place on the team for center Dominic Moore if he’s interested in returning with the Sharks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to GJ Berg for the Kurz link.


  1. Doan is an excellent player, but because of his age, I wouldn’t give him a long-term contract.

    • I believe the Eastern conference team that the article is referring to is the Buffalo Sabres. Last weeks Buffalo news reported a contract offer to Doan however the terms and financial info was not disclosed.

      • Sean, I also think it was Buffalo and maybe the thought is – if the team can sign Doan, then that frees up Stafford for a trade.

        • Steve… if thats the case… im on board!!

  2. If Doan gets the big contract in the east which I think will be with the Penguins, I say good for him. Doan is a class act and has served his time without complaining or bailing out on his previous contracts. He is a no flash, talented player who does what is best for the team. I don,t think he is worth the money they are offering but if there is a guy who deserves to cash in on the overpriced contracts owners are throwing around it is him!

  3. Please… Doan has more money than Jamison. That meeting will be more about Doan buying a share of ownership than about anything related to on-ice play.

    That whole Phoenix situation is a complete joke

  4. If Doan doesn’t sign with the coyotes they will have a little over 12M to spend before they reach the cap floor!!!

    We in Montreal, may have a solution for you…Gomez! On the house, cuz we’re nice like that!!

    • How about Redden?

    • I’m pretty sure if Montreal wanted to move Gomez anywhere they would have to pair him with a 2nd or 3rd rounder just to get him off the books. No team in their right mind would want him…Maybe Bob Murray of the Ducks would make the deal but nobody else in the league would.

  5. Hopefully it isn’t Buffalo offering up $30 million for 4 years. I’d rather just offer up a few players and picks to get Ryan in a Sabres uniform. Anything over 4.5 is pure desperation which we shouldn’t be desperate to pay that much. We will be a better team next year without all the injuries plaguing us. If we do sign him to a contract like that we definately have to rid ourselves of Leino and that contract.

    • Jes, I would rather trade a Stafford and Adam for someone like Ryan. I would say Leino, but I think at this point we wouldn’t get anything for him – he needs to step up this year and I think with Roy and Boyes gone, that is a first step to getting him back into the game versus continually whining. With the 2 G’s looking for a spot – I think it makes Adam expendable. While I like Doan and the leadership he brings to the table, I think we can sign someone like Arnott and get the same leadership at a lesser price. May not get the points, but I think we have some real sparkplugs, energy players and talent on this team.

      • Doan needs to sign by the weekend already- how do you not know whom you want to play for by now?? 4mil for 2 years.
        Agreed on Arnott proved strong no bullshit type of player. STL top young guns attributed their leadership to him. Hitch had fallout with him because Arnott because he agreed with LA reporter the lines were not being run right- and then LA steamrolled them.
        Washington needs him back because he can keep Ovi in line.
        Leafs need him for some iron clad guidance and he could provide 20 goals.Not bad for 2 a year.

  6. I would think Doan could play until he’s 40, messier/chelios style. I would offer 5 yrs at 9, 6, 5, 3.5, 2.5. Avg: 5.2 million. I Doan’t think he will be done at 40, but at least he club has had his valuable leadership for 5 yrs an helped the younger players.

    • Nice on “Doan’t” haha.

  7. While 4 years at 30M is certainly a lot of money for anyone, and no doubt an over-payment for Doan… it might be a shrewd move! You’d have to think Doan would help any team in many ways, and it wouldn’t cost any player loss. I’m hoping he stays in the west…

    • imo Doan is worth 4 years at 17m to a contending team. 4.25/ year is a fair price for a guy of Doans caliber.

  8. I believe it was the Pens or Canes that put that deal on the table, Pens were willing to spend to grab Parise/Suter, why not Doan? The Canes also have a ton of money to spend as they said they were going after the top guys this year. If either of those two teams can land Doan … that makes for some truly devastating top 6s.

    Kunitz – Crosby – Doan
    Neal – Malkin – Dupius


    Staal – Staal – Semin
    Jokinen – Skinner – Doan

    • I see where Carolina paid a boatload of their money to spend on Semin. I can see the Sabres throwing an offer out there to Doan, but it it isn’t them it won’t phase me because I think $7MM is just too much. One thing though – if it were Buffalo, it is a great place to raise your family and you get more bang for your buck.

  9. I think the Sabres would be better off with Doan than Ryan. Doan can provide that stability the kids need, plus show them what veteran leadership is all about.

    Ryan has talent, but he appears to be a whiny kid who complains too much to the media. Everyone has talent. It’s what’s between the ears that counts.

  10. Yeah Holland has done it again. I can tell you one thing we are going from the most talented team to the team with the most money to spend. This guy is a joke. No need to overspend on doan or semin we have bertuzzi on our first line, which officially gives us 1.5 lines. Thats gonna be a blast to watch 3 friggin grind lines.

  11. Sabres don’t have a center that anaheim wants in return for Ryan. Just because you add up a whole bunch of scraps doesn’t make it valuable. Just continue building on the draft and add when you can don’t break the bank to chase a winger of his caliber

  12. Initially I was going to say something similar to those above, $30 mil over 4 years, for Doan? Way too much….

    But, then I took a second to look at whats going on this summer and realized I would probably ask for the same thing the way things are going….

    Asking is one thing, but who I question is the team who actually signs him to that.

  13. This whole salary being offered Doan is ridiculous. He brings the same qualities and point production as Ryan Smyth and he only gets $2 mill. I’m sorry, but you don’t pay big bucks for leadership and grit. You pay for production. If you’re the Pens or whoever, save your money and go after guys next season like Perry and Iginla, who will cost about the same amount and are 100 times better than Doan.

  14. No one speaks of the Dallas Stars ,Doan is friends and partners in bussiness with Dallas ownership and would be a great fit in big D. This would allow Dallas to trade Morrow for a much needed d man.

  15. The Red Wings aren’t offering that kind of cash because they can use the flexibility plus do not want to over spend on player salaries. What if the salary cap drops with the new CBA? Atleast then they can capitalize on the other teams. But then again, it isn’t like the crop of FA’s this year is great. Maybe next year.

  16. For anyone that cares, it sounds as if the Pens are out of the Doan sweeps because of the high price. It sounds like that the Pens are trying to trade for Setoguchi. I’d be fine with that, as long as he doesn’t slip during the shootouts again.

    • Setoguchi would be a real good pickup. He has some grit and I just don’t think the chemistry was there in MN, maybe it is now with Parisi.

  17. 7.5 million may seem a lot for Doan, and while his 50 points this year is less than others ( ie Semin who just signed a one year at 7 million)he brings intangibles to the table that many other doan’t ( sorry, I stole that ). Add his leadership, grit,consistent intensity and the ability to drop the mitts when they need to be, to his point production. He is one of the few complete players in the league, and that’s why his agent is demanding, and he will get,exactly what he is asking. I believe Philly, Pittsburgh, Rangers, Carolina, the newly rich Buffalo Sabres, and perhaps Nashville might do the deed. But not my Maple Leafs. Only God, well, maybe not even God, knows what they are up to.

  18. Sorry, yes add Dallas too, as they seem to be trying to reincarnate as the Detroit Redwings, signing the leagues most Senior Citizens, and their is a personal financial connection there too.