NHL Trade and Free Agent News – May 12, 2012.

Updates on Ryan Suter, Shea Weber, Alexander Semin, Matt Carle, Zach Parise and Scott Clemmensen.

Will they stay, or will they go?

THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper on the effects Ryan Suter’s potential departure would have upon the Predators’ roster, especially upon the contract talks with RFA blueliner Shea Weber, who has some contract options facing him this summer, including re-signing a multi-year deal, or possibly signing an offer sheet.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Eric Duhatschek on why Suter’s rumored departure from the Predators isn’t the certainty some observers seem to believe.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Duhatschek noted, and which I’ve been pointing out for several days now, the Predators are expected to offer him a lengthy contract worth his market value. Money and term aren’t the issue, as their ownership is committed to retaining their best players (hello there, Pekka Rinne), so it could well come down to how comfortable Suter feels playing in Nashville and if he feels his best chance for winning a championship lies in Nashville. If Suter stays, that could certainly have a positive effect upon Weber’s contract talks.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons believes this season is Alexander Semin’s last with the Washington Capitals, noting his low point production and seeming indifference in this year’s playoffs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Capitals were to re-sign Semin, it would be for considerably less than his current $6.7 million salary. Whether you agree with Simmons’ opinion of Semin’s attitude, it’s an opinion apparently shared around the league. Not that he wouldn’t land with another NHL team, as you should never underestimate the willingness of NHL GMs to over-pay for free agent talent, but he probably won’t get any long-term deals. And of course, there’s always the KHL, which would be more than willing to pony up big bucks to bring him home. Should be an interesting summer for Semin.

PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS: Frank Seravalli recently speculated on pending UFA defenseman Matt Carle’s future with the Flyers. GM Paul Holmgren would like to re-sign Carle, who could receive up to $5 million on the open market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Holmgren is willing to pay Carle a raise, he could stay. If not, I believe he’ll test the market, and considering how thin it is in quality talent, he could land a lucrative new deal elsewhere.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Cited a recent interview by ESPN.com’s Craig Custance with agent Wade Arnott, who represents New Jersey Devils captain Zach Parise. Arnott hinted the Devils recent playoff run “probably bodes decently” for his client’s potential re-signing with the team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If they march to the Stanley Cup, that could clinch Parise’s return, unless the ownership’s rumored money troubles makes it impossible to afford him.

SUN-SENTINEL.COM: Harvey Fialkov recently speculated over whether the Florida Panthers re-sign pending UFA goalie Scott Clemmensen, or promote Jacob Markstrom next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless Panthers GM Dale Tallon pulls a swerve and either trades Markstrom or Jose Theodore, or stuns everyone by bringing back Roberto Luongo,my guess is Clemmensen departs via free agency, clearing the way for Markstrom as Theodore’s backup next season.


  1. Would it be a good idea for the Pens to sign Semin and put him with Geno? He would come cheaper because he sucked last season (like 50 points and 4 in playoffs). Just imagine, a Malkin-Sid-Semin scoring line.

    • imagine a ovie-backs-semin scoring line?

      • A line of Malkin-Crosby-Semin is better then Ovi-Backstrom-Semin….yet a line of Malkin-Crosby-Neal is still better as Neal can score and also hits, plays d and is just way better at pretty much everything then Semin…and he plays every game.

  2. Dallas, Florida or Colorado should offer Semin a contract. All of these teams have a decent amount of grit and a good work ethic. Semin has the offensive flare they could use. In a sane world, he would only get about 5 mil a season, but I can see either one of these three teams offering closer to 6.

    • COL doesn’t want players like Semin. Look who we’ve traded away in the past couple of years: Wolski, Stewart, Quincey, Yip, Galiardi, and to a lesser extent Winnik. I follow Yip’s, Galiardi’s, and Winnik’s twitter feed, I know they like to party. We’ve picked up hard workers like McClement, McGinn, and Downie. Semin won’t even get an offer.

      • That’s exactly why I think they could use Semin. They have a ton of grit and players who can hit. IMO Semin would add some offensive flare and his defensive liabilty would be masked. Better Colorado then a team like Montreal who needs to get bigger, not more skilled.

  3. I don’t think Steve Simmons has been paying attention. Semin has played hard and shown as much skill as playoff hockey will allow. I think his stock has risen and the Caps will re-sign him.

  4. BCLeafFan, I would say Simmonds never pays attention period. His ability to stay employed baffles me. Even when I agree with him, I’ll immediately change my opinion lest I look like a semi-litterate retarded monkey. Sorry for the mini rant…he boils my blood.

  5. Enough with the offer sheet ideas! Weber will not get an offer sheet! This is when journalists are hungry for something this big to happen and every year is the same story. They pick a key RFA player and think that an offer sheet is probable.

    NO, it’s NOT!

    Nashville choked and i think the Radulov scenario broke team chemistry. Big mistake by management. The Preds could use more scoring talent, but there is not much available in the free agency market. A trade? It is possible. Nashville has traded free agents before July and it will not be of any surprise if the Flyers once again express their good rapport with Nashville.

    Semin is KHL bound.

    It’s not a matter of wanting to stay in NJ for Parise. His asking price will be so high that for the financially troubled Devils it may be too much. They have a big investment in Kovalchuk. They need to come up with a plan to land a quality goaltender to back-up Marty next season (if signed) or start. They also need to fill six forward slots.

    A lot of money needs to be spent for NJ to ice a competitive team not just next season, but for the next five years. I think it will be financially impossible to re-sign Zach.

    Clemmensen will not be re-signing with the Panthers.

  6. I think for NJ they need to find a quality backup goalie – there are several available – Montoya, Harding, Peters and even Gustavasson. I also think that with NJ’s push into the Playoffs – Parisi cannot use the “I want to go to a contender” excuse. Either he wants to stay or not and with today’s creative “financing” I don’t think NJ would have a hard time coming up with “signing bonus” etc. With the coaching change in NJ – they are more aggressive and not playing D all the time – the games against Floriday and Philly were exciting and in my mind that is what has been lacking from NJ.

    For the Preds, I think adding Radulov to their roster at the end of the season was kind of a slap to the face of the team. They didn’t stick with what got them to the playoffs and the chemistry of Radulov and A. Kotitsyn was more successful for partying than team balance. I think the Preds are missing one piece. I would like to see them add a Penner, Kelly, Mitchell or a Downie. I really like Trotz and think he is a good coach – I like how he handled the Radulov and Kotitsyn situation putting the team before the “Cup”. It could have been very easy to look the other way – but, it sent a good message.

  7. I too believe that Semin is KHL bound. Who as a GM in their right mind, especially now that Gauthier is gone from Montreal, would want him on their team. Just think about the Pens and imagine him on a line with Crosby and Malkin, now you have two players who wouldn’t or couldn’t back check and only play when they are in the mood for it. Sure they might be able to score some goals (who couldn’t with Crosby’s passing)but the downside far, far outweighs the pluses. Everyone watched him suck huge money out of Washington for very little gain and even though he might one day start showing the talent he has for a full 60 minute game, in this day and age of fiduciary restraint, every dollar spent is weighed on the scale of return for investment. Unless he signed for no more than $3 million he wouldn’t be worth the gamble.

    Suter as well as Weber will be in Nashville for years to come. They fell short this year but showed what could be in the future if the main core stays together. Once the new CBA is finalized quite a few teams will be able to make the moves they want and sign their players to long contracts.

    I don’t see Luongo going to the Panthers. Even though he lives in Florida doesn’t necessarily mean he will play for one or the other of that state’s teams. There will be a demand for him if he is shopped (I can’t see that not happening now that Schneider has usurped his throne)and where he lands may surprise a number of so called experts.

  8. i doubt Suter stays in Nashville when opportunity beckons elsewhere. as Duhatschek says the money will be the same no matter where he goes so it would seem to be more about opportunity. Nashville loaded up for the playoffs this year adding offense (Radulov & Kostitsyn), grit (Gustad), and defense (Gill) and fell on their faces to Phoenix a team they would seem to be better than in every category except the one that matters most team chemistry. i thought they were making a mistake when they got rid of a heart and soul guy like Jarrod Smithson for a perimeter player like Kostitsyn and Gustad was never really able to replace Joel Ward who came up so big for them in the playoffs the year before. finally after 7 seasons with the Predators and Barry Trotz during which time they made the playoffs 5 times but only won 2 series he might just decide it’s time for a change and if he does expect Weber to follow as if Nashville didn’t succeed with Suter it’s not very likely they will without him.

  9. As some have pointed out here, teams like the Predators and Devils might be able to give the the money that players like Suter and Parise want, but if that prevents those teams from filling out the rest of their rosters with Cup winning type talent, they’ll just be trapping themselves into long term contracts with teams that always fall short come playoff time.

    I also agree that adding Radulov the way the Preds did was always bound to be more of a negative than a poistive. You can’t claim to be a team first type of organization and then bring in some one who is the complete opposite of that mentality. Poile’s obssession with bringing back his wayward draft pick cost his team from advancing in the playoffs, IMO.

  10. Maybe Lou ends up in NJ with Marty on the way out.

    • I wouldn’t rule that out.

    • They’d more than likely have to lose Parise if they brought in Lou.

      • Salary wise its kind of a push. It really depends on ownership and if they have the money or if it has been a smoke screen.

  11. Do u think that The genaral manager of The Florida Panthers will re-sign Garrison aka G-52? We would love for him to stay in South Florida. Do u also know if Garrison did surgery on his lower back? Can u let me know by responding back. Please and thank u.

  12. 1. Elias comes off the books after the 12-13 season (6 mil cap hit, 5 mil salary), so there will soon be plenty of cap space for Parise.

    2. To the person claiming that Malkin doesn’t back check: he back checks and plays defense as much as Crosby.

    3. Radulov and Kostitsyns are just convenient scapegoats. The entire team played poorly against Phoenix and if a couple guys staying out past their “curfew” has THAT much of an effect on team chemistry, than Nashville has some serious leadership issues.

  13. is what was Chris, then Slap&Shot now Micki the same person? Either way… adding random caps and exclamation points doesn’t make you right. Just because at some point you had a cup of coffee in the juniors, doesn’t make you a GM. Please have your opinions, but at least do us all a favor and not act like a ….

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