NHL Trade and Free Agent News – October 4, 2011.

Shane Doan wants to remain with the Phoenix Coyotes…Petr Sykora to stick with Devils…Should the Oilers pursue Carl Gunnarsson.

 In no hurry to leave Phoenix.


ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Paola Boivin reports long time Coyotes forward Shane Doan isn’t in any hurry to leave the club next summer via free agency. Doan said his goal is to finish his career with the Coyotes, an idea which has the strong support of GM Don Maloney. Both sides agreed this summer to hold off on contract negotiations until the team’s ownership situation is resolved. Boivin suggests once that is sorted out, Doan could re-sign a three or four year contract which would commence next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It remains to be seen if this season will finally see a resolution to the Coyotes ownership saga, but if it is resolved before season’s end, it’s likely Doan will sign a new contract with the team shortly thereafter.

NEW YORK POST: Mark Everson reports it appears forward Petr Sykora and defenseman Anton Stralman have made the Devils following training camp tryouts. It’s believed Sykora and the Devils are negotiating a one-year deal likely worth less than $1 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No surprise there. Sykora played very well during training camp and preseason, and the Devils need an experienced puck-moving defenseman, especially on their power-play, which explains why they’re likely to keep Stralman.

TORONTO SUN: Mike Zeisberger reports Leafs defenseman Carl Gunnarsson is a likely candidate to be shopped in hopes of landing more depth at forward, believing Gunnarsson is being showcased by pairing him with team captain Dion Phaneuf.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson recently wondered if Gunnarsson would be the answer for the Oilers depleted blueline or if management might instead contact free agent blueliner Bryan McCabe.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Cult of Hockey’s Jonathan Willis believes Gunnarsson should be a candidate the Oilers should consider. The issue here is the Maple Leafs are reportedly seeking an established, physical impact forward. The only two who come close to meeting that description on the Oilers are Ryan Smyth and Shawn Horcoff. The Oilers aren’t going to move Smyth after bringing him back via trade this summer, and Horcoff’s expensive salary ($5.5 million per season), NMC and injury history takes him out of the running. I’m not convinced the Oilers want to part with Ales Hemsky at this point in the season. 



  1. McCabe is not going anywhere. He is done playing hockey!

  2. The only players I would want from the Oil are the ones that shouldn’t/wouldn’t be traded. Unless they where going to throw a first for Gunnerson (which isn’t going to happen) then what’s the point? If we’re packaging young players in a trade to any team, I want a top 3 forward or a great goalie coming back. We already have two great second lines, no more need for depth.

  3. I wouldn’t have minded getting Cogliano for Gunnarsson, but as Cogliano is now in Anaheim, maybe grabbing the Oilers 2nd round pick, as they have Anaheims 2nd to fall back on. Alot of talent to be had in the high 2nd round. Plus, 2nd rounders can be included along with prospects to help oil the gears in a trade for top three forward, if needed.

  4. Gunnar is going to be a good steady number 3 or 4 defenceman. If the Leafs trade him for anything less than a first rounder from the Oil they will be sorry.

  5. No way we will get a fair deal from tambelini…….
    I’m not saying he is a bad gm. He will try to get the best deal possible for the oil.
    The price for any form of talent on the oilers will be too high.
    Turris makes sense in the Burke style of things, as he fits with the young, talented influx of new leafs on the roster.
    Let’s hope that the defense can hold and Reimer can stand his ground while this whole thing gets sorted out(again………)

  6. Seems like every year the Leafs have a new idea of how to do things, trade picks for players (Kessel) trade players for picks (Kaberle). this franchise is going NOWHERE until they decide on a plan and stick with it.

  7. I’m no Leaf fan by any stretch, but I’d argue the franchise IS going somewhere. The Kessel trade was trading maybes (very very likely and good maybes) for an already established young star. You can argue that all you want, but you must consider the trade as it happened and not as it stands today with Seguin on Boston (Who could easily have turned into another Daigle btw). If someone comes to you and offers a couple of first rounders to help you get a head start on your rebuild (The leafs had mediocre prospects at the time as well), then you either do it and gamble it works out or you don';t and stick to slow and steady. Kessel has been a solid NHL ever since and by getting a better supporting cast, he has and will show improvement. They then dealt a couple of the older guys who won’t be helping the team in the future like Kaberle away for draft picks (Isn’t that what your supposed to do during a rebuild?). Same thing bringing in Franson, Luca Cupti from the Ponakrosvky trade, etc. Considering that they were going around in circles 4-5 years ago and are actually moving in one direction now, I would very much disagree that the franchise is going nowhere.

  8. Agreed AJ
    Just another dumb post from a leafs hater.
    The club is building out from the goal, vastly improving the defense and introducing good young talent and getting rid of all the toxic contracts that killed any hope of regular season success.
    No plans there, right Dave York?????

  9. When did Petr Sykora become a defenseman? And an experienced one at that?

  10. Martin, I was referring to Stralman, sorry about that. I’ve added to that post since your comment.

  11. On the issue of Gunner being showcased alongside Phaneuf, maybe Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is being showcased as well. With the surplus of young top rated talent in Edmonton, he may be expendable for a cornerstone defenceman – someone reliable that will anchor their defence. Whether it be from the Leafs or elsewhere they (Oilers) might be playing RNH with the big club for the reason of acquiring a solid D-man. Now to dreaming as leaffan – Gunner, Komisarek and a draft pick to the oil for RNH. :)

  12. Let’s just hope Sykora doesn’t stop playing at the end of the season in crucial times because he’s threatened by his coaches age!

  13. kez master are u sniffin glue?….and u wonder y the hockey world thinks u have to be retarded to cheer for the leafs….a future 1 center and first over all pick is being showcased to trade for a soild??? defensemen….do u really think that tambellini would trade the center man that gets taylor halls 50 goals for ANYTHING….especially for what u mentioned….i know ull say its just dreaming but thats y we strongly dislike you leaf fans because you put no thought into ur retarded posts

  14. @ Kezmaster Wow Gunner AND Komisarek AND a draft pick for RNH. I can’t see why the Oilers wouldn’t take that deal in a second. They get an overpaid plug a 3r or 4th paring defensemen and a prospect for a future superstar. Leaf fans are so realistic and fair in their trade proposals. How about Ben Eager, Gilbert Brule, Khabibulin and a draft pick for Schenn, Phaneuf and Reimer?

  15. Glue? Wonder why that came to your mind right away? hehe Wow! …so many haters on here.
    Mulenuts (name suits in so many obvious ways), Taylor Hall is a centre. Shows what you know. Geez, just cuz I like the Leafs, some idiots assume I don’t give any thought to my posts. That’s fair. Now, if only some people would think before they emotionally post replies on here, we’d all be better off.

    Even if you don’t like the suggested D-man names I mentioned, you have to admit that the idea of showcasing him for a player in a position they really need help in, does makes sense. If not go spew your mindless venom on somebody else’s post.

    Sean are you related to or maybe married to Mulenuts? You two seem to think very much alike. “Let’s hold hands and jump on this Leaf fan together …weeee!”.

  16. @Kezmaster As a fellow leafs fan I ask you to please shut up. Taylor Hall is NOT a centre and if the oilers wanted a defensemen instead of a centre in this years draft they would have drafted one. That trade is ridiculous, the only place RNH is going besides the Oilers lineup is back to junior. Although I am doubtful that will happen.

    I don’t see anything happening with the Leafs roster for at least another month. Personally I feel that we should wait to see what happens with Lombardi and Connolly. I feel that the Connolly signing was a stupid band aid solution. I would feel a lot better if that contract was only 1 year. As much as I would love to see Komisarek shipped out he needs to actually play good for a couple months before anyone will be willing to take him. And even still we would probably need to take another terrible contract in return. Although at least we have the cash to bury those contracts with the Marlies a la Jeff FInger.

  17. @ KEZMASTER…see u r retarded….i must say tho that at least there is one leaf fan who makes sense willds…..thank u for pointing ot the obvious that hall is a winger….mine is not mindless venom it comes from reading retarded post after retarded post from leaf fans who put stupid crap on there and then defend it….that kessel trade will haunt the leafs for a long time….ur club is goin nowhere (still) and when the oilers win the cup i will try to take the high road but it will be hard not to say i told you so….

  18. also kezmaster….a number one center is their most glareing need….just look at the flames who havent had a number 1 center in how long now….much easier to trade for a defenceman than a number one center….sheesh ur dumb…lol…