NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – August 1, 2012.

The latest on Shane Doan (yes, again!), the Flyers don’t need Bobby Ryan, several ex-Capitals remain on the free agent market, Cristobal Huet hopes for an NHL comeback, and the Blues are shopping for a defenseman.

KTAR Phoenix’s John Gambadoro reports via Twitter Doan is currently in Vancouver to meet with Canucks management.

NHL.COM: Dan Rosen lists Vancouver, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and the NY Rangers as five possible landing spots for Shane Doan if he decides to leave the Phoenix Coyotes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: What do those five clubs have in common? They’re all considered potential Stanley Cup contenders heading into this season. If Doan leaves the Coyotes, it won’t just be for money, but also for the team which would provide his best chance to win the Cup. That’s why I don’t take seriously any talk of Doan going to Montreal or Buffalo. No offense to Habs and Sabres fans, but your teams aren’t remotely close to being Cup contenders.

By the way, for those of you whining about all the coverage on Doan in recent weeks, what the hell did you expect? He’s the best available free agent, 16 teams are reportedly chasing him, and of course there’s the uncertainty over the sale of the Coyotes. If you don’t want to read about Doan, just skip past anything with his name in it and read the other stuff.

Do the Flyers really need Bobby Ryan?

CSNPHILLY.COM:  Tim Panaccio doesn’t believe the Flyers need to add another scoring winger like Bobby Ryan, believing the real need is to bolster their blueline depth. He feels GM Paul Holmgren’s pursuit of Shea Weber and Ryan Suter indicates Chris Pronger (post-concussion symptoms) won’t be returning, further weakening a blueline which also lost Matt Carle to free agency.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree, the last thing the Flyers need is another scoring winger. They’re already very deep at forward and with promising players like Couturier, Schenn, Read and Simmonds, they’re only going to get better in that regard. Losing Pronger and Carle hurts, and will keep hurting until Holmgren can find someone to fill that void.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley notes several former Capitals – Jason Arnott, Brendan Morrison, Eric Fehr, Scott Hannan, Milan Jurcina, and Brent Johnson – remain available in the UFA market.

NHL.COM: Kevin Woodley reports former Chicago Blackhawks goalie Cristobal Huet is hoping to make a comeback to the NHL this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: He’ll probably have to accept a training camp offer to prove himself before he gets a serious contract offer.

ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH’s Jeremy Rutherford reported via Twitter the Blues are still shopping for a defenseman via trade. No word on who they could be targeting.


  1. I don’t expect Holmgren to do too much more this off season. I’m expecting him to promote within on defense and maybe add one of two unrestricted depth players. Guessing he uses the cap money to make a huge splash in FA next year…Anyone else have any ideas about what Holmgren might have up his sleeve? Haha

    • Bobby Ryan for Wayne Simmonds and Meszaros plus a pick amd I would make that trade.

      • you would if u were a flyer fan.no wway in hell the ducks would

        • Simmonds makes less money, is 3 years younger and had 3 less goals then Ryan last year. Although in the second half of the year he enjoyed great success on the pp he still bounced around from one line to another. I think you are undervaluing him. Stick him on the Ducks first line and he would at the very least match that total.

          Both are not great in the d zone and tend to lose focus at times.

          Mesz was the Flyers best dman two years ago. He came back from injury in the last playoff game last year, but most of last year was a wash. If he is healthy Simmonds and Mesz for Ryan is plenty.

          Sincerely doubt Homer will give up more than that. That’s a fair trade, especially considering what Columbus got for Nash.

      • At this point, why wouldn’t Holmgren offer a one year deal to 1-2 guys like Rozsival, Hannan, Colin White, Spacek? I totally agree that the Flyers’ forward depth is pretty darn good right now, even with losing Jagr and JvR, but talking about trades when the need is only for a 2nd/3rd pair depth defenseman is ludicrous. I’d even consider signing a guy like Jason Arnott for a year to help get them over the hump.

      • Troy has been in the koolaid.

  2. Simmer shouldn’t be going anywhere…..he had a break out year last season. Why not try to trade Briere and his gross 6.5 cap hit? Sure, he shows up during the playoffs but he’s terrible in his own end and takes the worst penalties…mostly stick infractions. I’m not going to lie, I like Danny Briere, he’s clutch but at 6.5 the Flyers could live without him. I know he has a NTC but I’m sure he’d be open to waiving it to the right club. His cap hit is 6.5 however he’s been paid most of the money already….I believe he’s to be paid 12 million over the next 3 years. Could easily trade him for some D help and Homer can continue to try to get Bobby Ryan.

    • but he is the most productive playoff forward since the lockout in the entire nhl. the guy is beyond clutch.

    • Would the Sabres take him back since they need help at center and the Flyers need D, which the Sabres have an abundance of?


      • Yup sure would maybe leopold pardy and a second for briere

    • All your reasons you list for trading him are the same reasons why other teams will have no interest in him at that price.

  3. @Spector

    In my heart, I know you are so right about the Sabres and the Habs, but after 30 years of disappointment, Sabres fans need to have something to cling to.(sniff sniff,lol)

    Now that our owner is willing to spend the money to get guys like Doan our level of hope jumps to an unrealistic level.

    Until the wins start, nothing changes for both teams. Another playoff miss and heads will roll. This rebuild in Pegulavilla will take longer than he expected.

    The Habs stand a better chance because of their history, to grab a difference maker. Where the Sabres are going to have to over pay someone or have someone work their way up through the system.

    It wouldn’t suprise me if the Sabres are the team that offered him $30 over 4.

  4. RE: Flyers

    Do the flyers really need anything more?

    They have a terrific 3 lines of forwards who are a great mix of skill and grit, not to mention youth and veterans. Their defence (even without Pronger returning) is still 7 NHL quality deep: Grossman is probably going to be a 3rd pairing D… that’s pretty good… with Gervais or Lilja as his partner. Plus you can probably expect Bryzgalov to rebound after his first year fumbles.

    The Flyers made it deep in the playoffs last year; if it wasn’t for the craziest playoff series in recent history tiring them down then they probably would have walked on to the finals.

    I guess that I’m just tired of hearing the Flyers in on every trade rumor this off season. They will be a juggernaut in the east even if they just stand pat for the rest of the off season. With only about $3.5 million salary left on their cap, it would probably be wise to hang on to that so they could upgrade any weaknesses that may appear during the season.

    • Do the flyers really need anything more?

      Yes. A goaltender. Also could use a top 4 D man. Just because they have 7 NHL caliber defensemen doesn’t mean you have a good top four.

  5. LOL Spector…I think it is amusing that people go to a site to learn about what Doan is possibly doing and then complain that they are talking about Doan.

  6. They are tired of Doan and want to stop hearing about him?

    Doan’t count on it 😛

  7. Never here as much Doan talk on TSN or Sportsnet. Only smaller sites who copy what others are saying.

  8. Would love to see Huet back in Montreal. I’m not sure he’d want a back up role though, and with the amount of games Price is given a year, MTL is prolly the last destination on his list.

    Would also like to see Arnott in a Habs uniform, although I’ve been hoping for that for a few seasons now.

    • Agree about Arnott but Huet? Budaj is a solid backup and needs a few more starts this coming season. Huet is not needed this year, IMO.

  9. i still think wings are out of it for doan. to much money for age. still need defense as number one.

    • Agreed, this wings are kind of like a better calgary team. They are starting to age and with age comes a decline in talent. I’m not saying they will miss the playoffs or aren’t a contender but they need to go after players like jamie benn, or bobby ryan, not ageing past their prime players like doan, modano, or arnott.

  10. Bobby Ryan for Wayne Simmonds and Meszaros plus a pick amd I would make that trade.

    you’re an idiot troy! ducks wouldnt do this.

  11. I would hope Ray Shero is trying to get Bobby Ryan from the Ducks. Tyler Kennedy, 2 first round picks and a 2nd, then try and include Paul Martin or trade him to another team (alot of teams are trying to find experienced d-men) And include that assert aswell which could be a 2nd round pick or a decent player. That would leave Pittsburgh defense young, but I would rather Crosby get a winger to play with for a few years and I also would like to see guys like Morrow Harrington. I would consider putting Bennett in the package. 2 1st rounders, 2 2nd rounders, Kennedy…….

    • I wish Shero would go after Bobby Ryan but everything seems to be very quiet from the Pens this offseason which is disapointing. I can’t understand why the Pens have not tried to trade Tyler Kennedy by now, he is a BUM and doesnt even deserve to be on the 4th line. Havent we put up with enough seasons with is lousy performance and subpar talent.

      • So that bum in one package or another you expect to bring back a return of a top six scoring wing?

    • Read what you wrote and then ask yourself if you really believe Shero would do that.

  12. Montreal needs a big young rw this is what the team really needs anyone that follow the habs should know this it’s not center they need legit rw players they have all LW players playing RW … No right handed players only gionta and he was hurt plus need big body so come on down B.Ryan … I’d target him hard if I was Montreal and make Subban the main focus on the return Montreal have beaulieu and tinordi coming they could give up Subban a top 2 dman with great upside plus a 2nd line center pleckanec plus a pick if Anaheim plays hard ball but I’d ask for a 1st in return as well since everyone knows Ryan isn’t happy in Anaheim and wants out … Then Mtl should send an offer sheet of 6.3 mill for 10 years to Subban since he’s RFA if Anaheim matches then send one to Jaime benn in Dallas

    • Frank has gotten in the koolaid.

  13. Dream world… Subban is going no where and either is Benn why mention such crap ,only Van fans could come up with this crap .To land Ryan it will take a boat load and hes a better player than Nash!!! Doan doesnt want to win ,why else would he want he stay in the desert so you may get a player that aint that motivated so save money for someone that is.

  14. Kennedy, 2 first’s and 2 seconds and then some. Wow you really think highly of Ryan. Granted he is a good player but not worth that, any GM giving up that would be fired on the spot.
    I guess Montreal isn’t all that certain Soupcan is going to be the defender of the future. Offering him a 2 year deal isn’t what I would call a vote of confidence.
    Signing Benn to an offer sheet would be a waste of time. Dallas would certainly match anything.

    • RDS reported the 2 year 5.5 million stuff. Hockey Inside/out is reporting Subban’s agent denied that offer was made and are still in talks.

  15. The Bobby Ryan trade talk is ridiculous. All these rumors yet nobody asks the obvious question. Why would Anaheim trade him? He went 2nd overall behind Sidney Crosby, he’s big (6’2″, 218), durable (missed one game in the past three seasons), affordable ($5.1 million cap hit for THREE more years), and consistent (scored 30 goals in all four of his full NHL seasons). You build winning teams with building blocks like this, you don’t trade them for “Simmonds, Meszaros, and a 1st rounder”.

    Perry and Getzlaf are potential UFAs after next year so why would Murray get rid of Ryan right now for any of the $0.30 on the dollar trade offers that have been discussed in the media? Also, if Anaheim keeps Perry, Getzlaf then there’s still room for Ryan financially. Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, New York and Chicago all have three high paid forwards and they’ve done just fine.

    It’s almost laughable that Holmgren would try to get Ryan for something other than one of his own high picks. Ryan lacks a NTC so Murray can shop him anywhere. If Murray actually does trade him it will probably for a package that does include a top prospect or a proven young player. Nobody’s going to pry Ryan out of Anaheim with a collection of spare parts and a draft pick. If you were a GM, would you trade a 25-year-old former 2nd overall pick with four consecutive 30-goal seasons for a pile of crap? Especially one that your franchise drafted and developed successfully? Didn’t think so.

    Interesting to see that both Nash and Ryan have scored 192 points over the past three seasons.

    • Correct
      Don’t see Ryan traded unless someone offers a too good to be true offer. Getzlaf and Perry are different story. If Anaheim starts off slow again like they have the past 3 years I can see them trading either Getzlaf or Perry maybe both if they are out of the playoff race and if they can’t sign them to long term contracts before Christmas. October and November will be very critical months for Ducks they have shot themselves in the foot the past few years in those months.

      • I have to disagree. Unless they are swapping him for another first line center, Getzlaf is going nowhere. Granted their team has had a few up and down seasons. But who on that team can fill Getzlaf’s spot? Same goes with Perry.

        I believe the Ducks will work out extensions for those two. The only way I see them traded is if like Staal they won’t re sign.

    • I can see Ryan being traded for Stafford and Leopold or Sekera – maybe even throw in Pardy. I can also see him being traded for Vanek and Adam. They both have scored over 50 points the past couple of years – this without really having a “1st line center”. Sabres have some really good assets they can offer in order to make a deal. One thing about Stafford is that whoever gets him – has him at $4MM for the next few years and he’s only 26. Ideally I would rather trade Stafford and a combination of other assets to get Pavelski, Getzlaf and/or Bolland.

      • well, then you are the only person who can possibly see this … Ryan to Buffalo for that trash ain’t never going to happen homer …

        • One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Don’t think anaheim had the injuries that Buffalo did, I also don’t think they went through the transition that the Sabres did. What they did do is swap out Lubomir Visnovsky, Sheldon Brookbank and George Parros with Sheldon Souray and Bryan Allen, Daniel Winnik and Brad Staubitz – not sure if I would call any of these players “Gems”. I like Winnek, but he is far from a top 6 player. At least my “trash” has scored +40 points the last 3 years and that was without having a “bona fide” center. Add to that a d-man like Sekera and the potential of Luke Adam and you have a pretty good deal. Thing is, we don’t need a Ryan – we need a Getlaf.

    • Ryan is getting traded 100 percent mark my words the kid said he doesn’t want to play with Anaheim anymore he doesn’t even feel like going to the rink when he hears his names in rumors and is fed up with anaheims always shopping him around and do you blame him the team will be in rebuild mode and Getz and perry might jet after that who do they have selanne theycant continue signing him to 1 year contracts forever and koivu washed up gone they need to trade Ryan and receive a good center and a good defenseman if your telling me subban a 23 year old that lead his team with 23 or mor minutes per game played against top lines from other teams and still finished in the plus category plus pleckanec a #2 center locked up for 4 more years for b. Ryan then u guys are smoking crack how can anyone say that’s not a good deal … Pleckanec is a good Ayer had a bad year and subban is 23 and is already pegged as a top 2 defenseman what more do u think anaheim will get when Nash went for garbage Ryan will go for a young good player a 2nd line center and if they want a 1st round pick then remove the 2nd line center or the young good player

  16. Huet would be a solid try out contract for the Leafs. Affordable vet with experience to come in as a mentor and split the season, if he still has it.

  17. Paul Martin could flourish in a D system like St. Louis – Chris Stewart could be good in an open O system like Pittsburgh. St. Louis has plenty of cap room – Stewart has one year before RFA. Both are struggling in their present systems and need a change of scenery.

    • If the Blues were willing to do that I think Shero would jump on it. I like Stewart. I just think it is a little too crowded in St. Louis as far as forwards go. Sooner or later I expect them to trade some of their depth up front to fill other needs.

      Stewart would like nice along side Crosby.

    • Shero would have made that deal if on the table … he is either sleepwalking this summer or lying in the bushes waiting to pounce on something … trading Staal made the Pens weaker … and that’s not good for a team that got bounced in the 1st round … where is the grit and toughness coming from other than the #6 d-man? get to work Ray!

  18. Love to see Arnott in a Bruins uniform,but I believe they are capped out or close to it.Maybe Huet in for a tryout just in case the Rask, Khudobin marriage is rocky.Otherwise I like the squad,weakest division in the league.

  19. I love how all these people who think these trades are crap are so quick to jump on everyone, but never offer a better option.

    The Sabres had a horrible year last year, but everyone has to admit they were dangerous down the stretch when they wanted to be.

    The point is right that Ryan isn’t being traded for spare parts. Its going to take a better deal that the Nash deal. Cause the Jackets got screwed, big time.

    BTW I’ll offer Sekera, Stafford and Foligno for Ryan. In that Foligno is the one I would consider swapping out for a different up and comer. Maybe Tyler Ennis.

    • I can’t see the Sabres offering Foligno to anyone because he is their future. Perhaps Tyler Ennis if he can’t come to terms with the team. But again – I don’t think we need Ryan – I would rather offer up players for Getzlaf or Pavelski or Bolland.

    • Wow why trade folIgno he’s what we’ve been needing for a while, a guy who plays with an physical edge and can score to boot. If its Ryan then I’m m

    • Wow why trade folIgno he’s what we’ve been needing for a while, a guy who plays with an physical edge and can score to boot. If its Ryan then I’m moving stafford Adam sekera and a first. Staff and Ryan could replace each other on their new teams, Adam could be that no2 center sekera had a solid worlds and the first is what it is.

  20. all this talk about doan is respectable. he is the most coveted at this time. better than talking about carlos colaiacovo….now that j schultz is off the market…best signing of 2012!!! go oilers!!