NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – August 8, 2012.

A look at options for the Philadelphia Flyers to replace the injured Andrej Meszaros, updates on Shane Doan, and Cristobal Huet is linked to the Canucks and Kings.

Could the Flyers target Yandle?

PHILLY.COM/CSNPHILLY.COM: examined possible options for the Flyers to replace Andrej Meszaros, who is sidelined indefinitely by a torn right Achilles tendon and could miss the entire 2012-13 season. Sarah Baicker suggested Carlo Colaiacovo as the best available UFA option. Tim Panaccio listed Colaiacovo, Michal Rozsival, Chris Campoli and Jaroslav Spacek among the available UFA options, as well as suggested a trade for Dan Boyle of the San Jose Sharks. Sam Carchidi also cited Colaiacovo, as well as unsigned RFAs like Montreal’s P.K. Subban, Washington’s John Carlson, and Michael Del Zotto of the NY Rangers. Frank Servalli suggested trading for Phoenix’s Keith Yandle. Panaccio also reported Flyers GM Paul Holmgren said he’s under no extra pressure to make a move, suggesting he’d evaluate his young blueliners during training camp and see how it goes from there.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Ben Raby noted the Capitals have not yet re-signed RFA blueliner John Carlson, suggesting that could make him a target for an offer sheet by the Flyers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll have an article up later today on THN.com examining the Flyers options to replace Meszaros. In my opinion, the only realistic move is free agency for Holmgren. If he pitches an offer sheet to Subban, Carlson or Del Zotto, it would be quickly matched. The Coyotes were listening to offers for Yandle in June but have since decided to retain him, which is understandable considering Shane Doan might be playing elsewhere this coming sesaon. I don’t believe the Sharks are interested in moving Dan Boyle, as they’d likely wish to give Brent Burns one more season before seriously considering using him as Boyle’s replacement. I thought Jay Bouwmeester would become trade bait, but the Flames seem reluctant to move him now. That leaves free agency, and either Colaiacovo and/or Rozsival.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Pat Leonard reports the Rangers appear a favorite to sign Shane Doan if he decides not to re-sign with the Phoenix Coyotes. The Flyers, Vancouver Canucks, Pittsburgh Penguins and Nashville Predators are also believed seriously interested in Doan.

THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper reported Nashville Predators head coach Barry Trotz recently spoke with Doan, who apparently has the Predators on his short list.

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS: David Pollak reports well-placed sources told him as soon as it was clear the Doan camp was seeking a four-year contract, the Sharks dropped out of the bidding.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to GJ Berg for the Sharks link. So, apart from the Sharks dropping out of the Doan sweepstakes, there’s nothing really new to report. I would suggest the Flyers need to bolster their blueline probably takes them out of the bidding for Doan now.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Mike Halford reports Cristobal Huet told a French news outlet he’d spoken with the LA Kings and Vancouver Canucks regarding a return to the NHL. Huet was banished to Europe by the Chicago Blackhawks in order to clear the remaining two years of his contract from their payroll for salary cap purposes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll depend on whether the Canucks trade Roberto Luongo or the Kings deal Jonathan Bernier for Huet to have a shot of signing with either club as a backup.


  1. Terrible offseason for the orange and black. The free agency pool is empty….if those are the best names available I think i’d take my chances with the rookies. Yandle is a good idea but what do you have to offer up to get him?

  2. It is going to be extremely difficult to replace, as some people are saying, the likes of Meszaros and Carle…let alone Chris Pronger! If the Flyers go the FA route they simply will NOT replace those three, just get fill ins. The only real way Phillys front office will ‘replace’ these guys is to trade for one of Yandle(if available) or another shutdown d man like Boyle or Boumeester. Hopefully they can shore this d corps up because this is very frightening going into the season, especially with the Rags having a good off-season. IMO, and this is coming from a Flyers fan, they are not even contenders with getting one or two quality defenseman.

    • **without getting one or two quality defenseman**

  3. what will the pens do if they miss out on doan?

  4. Just sign the Watson Brothers . Everything will be fine

    • Watson Brothers??? Let them rest.

      They need to hire the Hanson Brothers and then they reclaim the right to be called the Broadstreet Bullies.

  5. The Ducks may soon have an extra d-man if NHL cancels the Visnovsky / Islanders gtrade so a Bobby Ryan & Toni Lydman trade to the flyers would make sense, Lydman is a decent shut down d-man and cap hit is 3 million, question becomes what comes back to Anaheim.

    • I’d be almost certain Paul Holmgren is not interested in Bobby Ryan or any other forward right now.

  6. New Flash !

    EVERY NHL team has talked to Shane Doan and each one is the FAVORITE to land him. He is being cloned as I write this to accommidate the beat writers in each city that cannot rest for one day to let Doan’s wait for phoenix play out.

    They have simply PLAYED OUT this speculation.

    • Thankfully, the Rangers will sign the real Doan and one of his clones, because they are just that special of a franchise. What a bunch of

  7. Flyers have money for Colaiacovo or Rozsival or maybe both. With Pronger out and Meszaros on IR until at least Jan. Flyers have 9M IR money and some cap space.

    I hope Doan stays in Arizona. Or signs with Predators.

  8. The Preds are going to have enough trouble paying Weber all of the bonus money ($27M over the next 11 months) without worrying about adding the top remaining UFA out there in Doan.

    If I was Holmgren and trying to replace an injured defenseman, I wouldn’t even cast a glance towards Colaiacovo. Ten games into the season, you’d be looking at replacing ANOTHER injured defenseman. Hannan, Rozsival, Spacek or Colin White would all be worthwhile candidates, as well as trying out a guy like Matt Gilroy or Cam Barker (both of whom were highly touted as younger players but haven’t realized that potential in the NHL yet).

    • I agree about Colaiacovo, he will get injured. No Gilroy or Barker waste of time I rather play Bourdon at this point. Spacek is almost done and I agree about Hannan and Rozsival. I would target both, best option for the Flyers.

      Maybe Meszaros will be ready by February or maybe mid-January if no infection.

      • I would definitely be willing to take a one year risk on Matt Gilroy. He’s a young offensive minded defenseman that has played on two defensive teams so far (NYR & OTT). It would be interesting to at least see if he can hack it in an up-tempo system like Laviolette uses in Philadelphia. If not, waive and demote him to the AHL but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  9. An idea: Any thought of whether the Flyers might have interest in Tomas Kaberle?

    Before everyone craps all over the idea:

    1. Montreal would trade him for almost nothing, especially with Markov hopefully, finally coming back
    2. While overpaid, Kaberle’s still a big improvement over Colaiacovo. If the Flyers have aspirations for this season, they need more of an upgrade than Carlo.
    3. His points per game and power play points were actually not bad with Montreal (22pts & 11 PP pts in 43 GP). Not worth the salary, but again, the Flyers are/should be a little desperate by this point. Giving up a mid-round pick for that player might a good solution.

    Ok, NOW you can feel free to crap all over this. 😉

  10. While Kaberle’s offensive numbers aren’t bad, boy is he soft defensively. That being said.. given whats out there UFA wise, and the asking prices for the Yandles of the world, I think (pray) there may be a small market for this guy. Weber (Montreals) seems to be the odd man out as well.. I can see him moving.

    Speaking of getting crapped on, how about Huet to Toronto? He’s a vet that Burke was looking for, should come pretty cheap and isn’t going to cost you any assets. Seemed to do alright in Europe as well. Not a lot of options out there…..

  11. I wonder if Philly might be interested in Hjalmarsson or Montador. The Blackhawks were shopping themat the start of free agency but couldn’t find the right deal. Hjalmarsson could be a good fit in Philly as his cap hit isn’t awful, and he’s a reliable stay at home defenseman. I don’t think it would take a ton to get him, maybe a 2nd or 3rd round pick, or a low pick and B level prospect. And they could get Montador for next to nothing.

  12. Im curious with the talk about hollmgren signing another restricted free agent to an offer sheet. Was Nashville’s David pollie as upset with. Hollmgren as Burke was with Lowe over the penner signing?

    • I don’t know but I doubt it as the reason burke was so upset with lowe was he did not attempt to make a trade first or warn him of an offer sheet coming which is exactly what holmgren did

  13. Campoli is worth looking at.

    • Campoli is worth looking at? Maybe to fill up Trenton’s ECHL roster. Campoli is not an NHL defenseman. I watched a number of his games with the Canadiens and his defensive coverage is beyond horrid, plus his decision making skills with the puck leave A LOT to be desired.

      I would take on Hjalmarsson for the right asking price. He was among the League leaders in shot blocks last year and barely missed any time. He’s still fairly young and the cap hit is reasonable, although he’s only got another two seasons of term left. I don’t know if Steve Montador carries any trade value at this point however. If Holmgren could net Hjalmarsson for a 3rd rounder, he should be all over that.

      • Yeah, I would think Hjalmarsson fetches a 2nd rounder, but perhaps only a 3rd…..as for Montador, while I think he is capable of being a good bottom pair defensman, he’s being paid too much. So that, along with the fact that he’s been injured for the last 5 months or so (finally is healthy but it’s a concussion so who knows for sure), means he probably has very little trade value. I would think the return would be some sort of very late conditional pick.

      • Campoli is horrid …

  14. maybe try developing some of your own talent..just saying! enjoy the post season -1 and done!!

  15. Hi Spector,

    It seems to me that GJ Berg receives an inordinate amount of hat tips.

  16. Kaberle…effectively played some major minutes with Luke Schenn in Toronto, and one is offense minded D, the other is Defense minded D,so it could work.

    Remember if the category is “D men getting injured” Coliacovo is the poster child.

    Kaberle has missed very few games, and I think if the coach lets him play the way he can, he can be a valuable member to the team.

    Putting on my “Crap Deflector Suit”..what about Pavel Kubina on a one year deal? One of the bigger, tougher albeit older guys to play against?

    • The Flyers already tried out Kubina at the deadline last year. To give you an idea of how well that went, he couldn’t manage to unseat Andreas Lilja as the #6-7 defenseman.

  17. I’m really amazed nobody has takin a run at taking runblad from phx , wicked defenseman hope he makes coyotes roster full time , phx defense will be better this season with big z , got gormley ready to move up , hope Doan can stay because this team is going
    To be better than the last