NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – December 10, 2011.

Updates on Zach Parise, Ales Hemsky,Derick Brassard and Ethan Moreau, plus the possibility Chris Pronger’s indefinite absence could push the Flyers into the trade market.

Nothing new regarding Parise's contract status with Devils.

ESPN.COM: Pierre Lebrun reports New Jersey Devils GM Lou Lamoriello laughingly declined to discuss Zach Parise’s contract status. Parise will be eligible for UFA status next summer, and according to CBA rules, Lamoriello and Parise’s agent technically cannot begin contract talks until January 1st, owing to Parise being under a one-year contract for this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Don’t expect the two sides to discuss with the media how contract talks are going once January 1st passes. The longer Parise goes unsigned, the more trade speculation about him will increase as the February trade deadline nears, but unless the Devils go into free-fall in the standings around that time, I don’t believe Lamoriello will shop him at that time.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio and Jay Greenberg wondered what the Flyers will do if Chris Pronger is sidelined for a lengthy period by his concussion symptoms, including the possibility of shopping a young forward for a good number two or three defenseman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For now, we’ll assume Flyers GM Paul Holmgren will be patient and see how well the club performs in Pronger’s absence, as well as how long Pronger could be on the shelf. Holmgren does have depth in forwards to make a move if it becomes necessary, but he doesn’t have to act right away.

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger recently responded to reader e-mails regarding the trade status of Edmonton’s Ales Hemsky and Columbus’ Derick Brassard. He suggested the Oilers could shop Hemsky near the trade deadline if his salary demands are too expensive, or if he wishes to test the UFA market this summer, while the Blue Jackets could hang onto Brassard unless they get an offer too good to refuse, or they determine he’s simply not a fit with their roster.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I share Dreger’s analysis. Can’t add anything to what he’s said about those two.

LA KINGS INSIDER: Teams will have until 9 AM PT today to put in claims on forward Ethan Moreau, who was placed on waivers by the Kings yesterday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Not a trade rumor, but I felt it was worthwhile noting here. Moreau was once highly regarded as a heart-and-soul physical leader and checker, but age and injuries have caught up with him in recent years. Should be interesting to see if a rival team picks him off the waiver wire today.


  1. So you are speculating on the possible future speculation of trade rumours…

    I think its nuts that new jersey went all in with kovalchuk and its left a bad taste in the mouths of Parise camp. He will be traded.

  2. Anyone think Philly would be willing to move van riemsdyk ? He hasn’t really preformed well so far and with the younger forwards such as read, couturier and scheme there now along with giroux clearly the #1 there now, they could use jvr to get a top d?

  3. I think they’re happy with JVR and I wouldn’t say he hasn’t performed. No chance they trade him after committing to him just this past summer.

  4. The Flyers are playing at a pretty high level even without Pronger in the lineup. Highly doubtful they’re shopping a forward for a defenseman. Or anyone for anyone, realistically.

  5. Hemsky for JVR….maybe dreams can come true…

  6. sorry retract that….Hemsky for some defense…Boychuck and a pick maybe?

  7. @ Bickleton
    I stand corrected. The word is unfamiliar to me and I always assume the worst with announcers, cause they often seem linguistically challenged.

  8. @Diceman – “No chance they trade him after committing to him just this past summer.”

    Ask players like Mike Richards and Jeff Carter about how much the Flyers commitment to a player is really worth. If the Flyers could get the right return for JVR they’d move him in a heartbeat. I just wouldn’t discount a move based on the fact they extended him, as the track record shows that hasn’t stopped Holmgren before.

  9. @LeafsNationUS

    Agreed. As a life long Flyer fan, you hit the nail on the head. If the return was right I think they’d move him. As for Pronger, the last 2 seasons have been rough and I believe he’s starting to show his age. This is strange though considering he was OK until recently. Concussion-like symptoms aren’t always concussions but one has to wonder if the puck to the eye caused more than just a cut that resulted in a few stitches and time off. Pronger says he’s never really felt like this before in his interviews and I have to wonder…in the 15+ seasons he’s played pro hockey, is this the first concussion he’s ever had? Hard to believe that it would be. The Flyers are finding ways to win without him but there’s no denying that he leaves a huge hole, not only on the blueline but also in the locker room. But somehow, some way, the Flyers always find a way to ice a competitive team, it will be interesting to see what they do if Pronger’s status is long term.
    Just to the stir the pot here, is it me or does it seem like the word concussion has been used way too much in the sport. It seems like every time a player gets a headache, they shut them down and call it a concussion.

  10. DT, I’m not saying I think Parise will be traded, but I’m with you on Parise not being a Devil next year. I just can’t see them spending what he’s worth, and last year showed he has little interest in giving the “hometown discount”. I see him testing the free agent market and getting 7.5 long term or 8 short term.

  11. I think it depends on what happens with the Devils this season. If they do not make the playoffs then I’d lean towards a Parise departure. If they do, then obviously I think he will sign there.

    What needs to be noted is that the Devils are also in a tough financial situation. Will owners be willing to invest five years, at least, on Parise for a very high salary?

    Will he be traded? Tough to say. I think teams will not commit to trading significant assets for Parise if he then chooses to test the UFA market.

    I think his rights will be dealt prior to July 1.

  12. I agree with Spector on Parise. He’s a mega talent not likely going to hit the trade market unless the Devils season falls apart badly before the trade deadline.

  13. If Pronger does need to shut it down hows Matt Read + Matt Carle + 1st & 2nd for Shea Weber sound.. Saves the cost conscious Nashville 3 mill and they get some good prices to move forward with.. and for philly it’s a huge addition for anther cup run!

  14. I think Philly is in a great position right now, no need to make a trade. Closer to the deadline if Pronger is still a question-mark, then sure they will make a move, but not right now. They are a fun team to watch!

  15. getting shea weber for read+carle and picks is a pipe dream. they’d want one of cooter/schenn + hartnell/simmonds/voracek + carle/mezzy + pick. Hes easily a top 5 dman in the NHL and maybe the best now, its gonna cost kings ransom to get him