NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – February 2, 2012.

Should the Canucks trade Cory Schneider? Should they? Could the Sabres shop Ryan Miller? What’s the latest on Zach Parise and Mikhail Grabovski? Read on for the latest!


Should the Canucks shop Schneider at the trade deadline?

SPORTSNET.CA: Mark Spector believes the Vancouver Canucks should shop Cory Schneider in a bold move by the trade deadline, or at least listen to offers for him.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Ed Willes reports  the Canucks will eventually have to consider moving Schneider, though that’s not expected to happen at the trade deadline, given Roberto Luongo’s uneven playoff record.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Other pundits have previously contacted the Canucks about the possibility of Schneider being dealt at the deadline, and each time were told that wasn’t going to happen. Sure, Schneider could probably fetch a nice return in a package deal, but given Luongo’s recent playoff meltdowns, it’s obvious they’re going to hang onto him for this year’s post-season, then shop him this summer.

NJ.COM: Rich Chere reports Devils captain Zach Parise said contract talks with the club have not started yet, but said he wasn’t concerned about it, adding he wants to remain with the Devils and believes there’ll be plenty of time after the season to get a deal done.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Folks shouldn’t read too much into this, as GM Lou Lamoriello usually doesn’t conduct contract talks with his pending free agents during the season. That being said, the current financial woes of the Devils ownership could be a factor in determining if they can afford to keep him.

TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby reports Mikhail Grabovski’s agent, Gary Greenstin, is in Toronto for what might be contract talks with Leafs GM Brian Burke. Grabovski is slated for UFA status this summer, which has fueled rumors he could be moved at the trade deadline, despite Burke’s claim Grabovski’s free agent status has no bearing on his trade plans.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I wouldn’t be surprised if the Leafs re-sign Grabovski, who has developed into a good, all-around, second line center.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: Bucky Gleason reports the Sabres will have to decide between now and the trade deadline if they’ll trade goalie Ryan Miller, who has said he wants to stay with the Sabres, no matter how bad things get for the team, as he wants to honor his commitment to the club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless the Sabres get an incredible offer, they’ll likely wait until season’s end and decide what moves are needed to improve the club, and if Miller will be among the changes.


  1. The Leafs are in a pretty tough position with Grabovski. I’m sure he and his agent both realize that he is going to be the best UFA center available this summer, and I’m sure they are licking their lips looking back at the huge contracts Ville Leino and Brooks Laich got. Grabovski is better than Leino, Laich, Tim Connolly ect. and should get more money than any of them. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if some team offers Grabovski $5 mil per season this summer and the Leafs aren’t going to be able to match.

  2. Unless Mike Gillis gets some sort of offer that completely knocks his socks off at the trade deadline, my guess is the Canucks will hold onto Schneider until the draft. One of the bottom feeder teams who have a high 1st round pick will hopefully realize their fan base is sick of the constant rebuild and try to land the kid. I would imagine Gillis will be looking for that 1st round pick, a high end prospect and a solid roster player (top 6 forward, top 4 d-man) for a package including Schneider, their own 1st rounder and a salary dump player (Ballard?). The Canucks are in a solid position right now with two solid goalies going into the playoffs. If one falters the other is there to pick up the slack. Schneider has been showcased a couple of times now, (Boston and Chicago) and has performed very well.
    There should be a line forming soon right behind Columbus, N.Y Islander and maybe Tampa Bay.

  3. These Miller rumors are getting out of hand. Miller is NOT going to be traded. He is the team MVP. Miller got a shutout last night and the Sabres still lost. Why would you trade your team MVP and keep the under-achievers like Stafford, Leino, Roy, Ennis, Boyes, Regehr and Gragnani ?

    Also, Schneider is not being traded either. If Schneider was in net for the Canucks instead of Luongo things against the Bruins might have been different. I know its fun to discuss hockey rumors but lets discuss some rumors that have some truth to them.

  4. 1) I would keep Grabovsky, 100%. they can move Lombardi, Connoly, Komisarek etc to make space to fit him in their salary stucture. He brings it every night and fits well with his teammates, like it in toronto, deals with the pressure and media… on and on and on…. Bottom line, when a guy is a good fit, you keep him.
    2) Vancouer should actually be shopping Luongo. There are teams that would bit on him even with that contract (NYI, TB, CBJ). Maybe a Carter for Luongo kind of framework is possible giving both teams what they need? Yes Lou has a NTC and likely will not waive it to go to CBJ.
    3) Ryan Miller isnt goin gto be traded… I can’t see how Bufalo trades their most valuable asset after overpaying for everyone else in the offseason.
    4) Parise gets traded at the draft if at all. NJ needs him for the playoffs where they are a very dangerous matchup for any team in the east.

  5. Not a chance that Schneider gets traded before Summer. If he is traded now and Luongo goes down with a injury, what the hell do they do in goal in the playoffs. Also, cannot see Columbus trading the #1 for anyone considering what happened with Carter last year, if they traded the #1 for Schneider and he boomed, Blue Jacket fans would go nuts.

  6. Let me ask you canuks fans out there, would you trade roberto to the devils for kovolchuk? Not sating something like this is going to happen, but it would make sense for both teams, right?

  7. that_one_guy – I am not a Canucks fan but if I was Vancouver I’d do it. In my opinion Schneider is better then Luongo and younger. Kovalchuk would add some extra goal scoring power and the Canucks can bring up Eddie Lack who is a highly touted goaltending prospect

  8. Kovalchuk is one of the best players in the league, and I doubt NJ would deal him. If I was Gillis, I would do it in a heartbeat.

  9. If grabo really wants to stay in t.o then he needs to take a paycut, everyone in the league needs to its getting out of hand. When your team isn’t performing well and they can’t make a move because they have overpaid everyone and they want to be theresomething has to give if player want to win on a team that they want to be part of.

  10. Vancouver has to make a decision sooner or later….Schneider’s stock is high and now may be the best time to move him. Luongo’s contract will pretty much prevent him from being traded (signed until 2022 @ 5.3 cap and with a NTC).
    I do agree that if he Lou goes down, Vancouver would need Schneider. To get the highest return, the time is now for the Canucks. I’m surprised that Vancouver and New Jersey aren’t linked when it comes to that. Vancouver needs a player like Parise and given Brodeur isn’t getting any younger and isn’t the goalie he was 6-7 years ago, they need a goalie for the future. Parise would never get traded to the eastern conference and likewise with Schneider. It makes sense. I’m not suggesting an even swap here but those 2 players would be the center pieces around a blockbuster trade.

  11. 1 bad year and you trade your franchise goalie? the sabres might as well make the next 3 years as cellar dwellers and reload on picks. its NOT happening!

  12. how about this, lou and raymond to jersey for parise/kovalchuk and broduer and a 2rounder, extend broduer for two more years to back up corey

  13. The Canucks would be foolish not to trade Schneider if they can get a substantial return for him. The same goes for the Kings and Bernier.

    Schneider has played well enough to be very intriguing to an NHL team looking for a potential franchise goalie; he hasn’t played enough (55 NHL Games) to know absolutely that he’s a true NHL starter. The value to another team is what Schneider (or Bernier) might become. The risk for Vancouver is in waiting and seeing his play slip a little and his value slide.

  14. @Puckhead

    I completely agree. But I will add that Schneider has looked good thus far, but what would he do if forced to start an entire series. Besides you can always find a backup goalie sitting out there somewhere.

  15. zollie share some of whatever you are smoking, please!
    NJ is not trading two of the best players in the league.

  16. @ JDBGiGC
    The Kings should trade and will trade Bernier, You can already see if you watch kings hockey that they dont even play him anymore, They have the Best Goalie in the league All-Star Jonathan Quick, Plus they Have two solid goalies in the AHL that are NHL ready …The Kings can package a deal like Stoll & Bernier or Voynov and Bernier and get a good return someone like maybe Zach Parise, Booby Ryan, Ryan Johansen…But the kings wont trade Bernier till the summer unless they get a great deal in return at the deadline !

  17. Miller has played up to his potential the past 3 games and last night’s effort was indicative of the talent the team has. Trouble is….there doesn’t seem to be consistency and there is a “lack of” leadership. Consider the game last night and the Sabres were missing Vanek – one of their top scorers. The Sabres need to get some cap room and while Boyes, Hecht, and Gaustad will be UFAs and Kaleta, Gragnani and Ennis will be RFAs, we still need to get a solid top six center. I would like to see us do something to put us in the running for someone like Parisi – but the trade that makes sense is Miller and Stafford/Roy for Hiller and Getzloff. Gives all a change of scenery.

  18. You TRADE Miller now because he is your asset and because if you lived in the area you would realize he has a mental problem, he cares to much what fans and media have to say about him and the fact that his wife doesn’t like the Buffalo area( Ship him to the left coast, ie. Anaheim um Perry, Ryan, or Getzlaf).

    The Sabres have had Hasek and Miller and haven’t won Jack Squat, both era’s had no O-fence, I’ll take a stud Offensive guy over a Overrated head case Goalie —-MILLER = NO STANLEY CUP

  19. only problem with Grabovski is he would likely be a key ingredient going the other way when talking about a #1 pivot coming to Toronto. If Burke can obtain a number 1 center without having to deal Grabovski and get Grabovski signed then I would be impressed.

  20. Lyle, what do you think about Stewart’s (StL) availibilty? Do you think he could be moved? Who might have interest and what do you think his value would be? Thanks.

    I’m basing this on a tweet from Andy Strickland.

  21. I’m almost positive that Gillis will not trade Schneider prior to the TDL given how well he’s played and that he’s proven he can come in cold against the best teams and perform well – a big requirement come playoff time as Lu most likely will get the vast majority of starts.

    I also think any talk of trading Lu is rather wishful thinking and the resigning of Schneider will likely be in the 2.5-4M/yr region, which would be too much to cap space to hold for 2 goalies. The more likely scenario is Schneider gets traded prior to the draft for a healthy return.

  22. Scotty B I think that is waaay to much for a team to give up for Schneider. It’s hard to predict his value since this is the first year he’s getting legitimate playing time in big games too. But if I were another GM I would maybe give up a top 10 draft pick and a top 6 forward (no superstar) and that’s it. As has been mentioned, let’s see how he plays as the number 1 on a team that relies on him and especially in a full playoff series.

  23. @Diceman – that sounds like a plausible assessment of Schneider’s current value and one that the TSN panel mentioned a few weeks back. If he does well in the playoffs however, that value will obviously rise.

  24. This is not fantasy hockey or a video game. Miller is NOT going anywhere. Getzlaf is NOT going anywhere. Schneider is NOT going anywhere. You guys want to talk realistic trade possibilities talk about Ruutu, Hemsky, Carter, Semin and Roy.

  25. Spector, Did you just refer to yourself in the third person and then disagree with yourself afterwards? or is there another Sportsnet.ca Mark Spector who you disagree with about Schneider? …. that’s just weird!

  26. @Dom I don’ think Schneider is nearly as crazy an idea as Miller and Getzlaf. I agree I don’t think he’s going anywhere until the offseason, but if the Canucks decide to go for a legitimate top 6 or top 4 d man, depending on the team they may want Schneider in return. And since they have Luongo it’s not completely off the wall to think they would consider moving him. Now Miller, Getzlaf, yeah no chance they’re being traded.

  27. @NikK – It’s not that simple to just get rid of guys like Komisarek to make cap space for Grabovski. No other team in the league is going to trade for those guys and Komisarek can not be sent to the minors since he has a NMC.

  28. I really like Jimmy Howard, but would really like Miller better. i know Howard is going nowhere, but its fun to dream. So here it is Howard, Hudler,Emmerton and a Second for Miller and Connolly.Again would probable never happen but fun to dream.

  29. GEEEZZZZ Dom thanks for the insight. With all that knowledge you should have your own website.Something like a site that would be the anti-christ to Hockey-buzz. Oh wait a minute. That already exists. I hear its run by some guy named LYLE. lol

  30. Just so you guys know, lou has been shopping kovolchuk, that’s why I asked

  31. As one of those bottom feeders who have lots of holes to fill still, I hope, whether now or the draft, that the Oilers pass over Schneider and focus on Ben Bishop in St. Louis. And I have heard that the Oilers are working hard on a package for Subban. I would love to see Subban in Oiler silks, and we have the pieces to move to make Gautier look good. Hopefully move a couple of the young swedes.

  32. Scott Mark: I’m not Mark Spector. “Spector” is my nickname. Hope that helps!

  33. Durt: Would be a surprise if Stewart were dealt considering they acquired him a year ago. Still, stranger things have happened. Would depend on when Steen and McDonald return, then they’ll assess their offense.

  34. What about the Canucks holding onto both goalies and buying out Luongo in the offseason if the new CBA allows for that one buyout like it did previously?

  35. what Vancouver needs isn’t necessarily more scoring but size. Calgary is looking like they’ll be out of the playoffs by the deadline so a player like Tim Jackman who’s on an expiring $550,000 contract would be an affordable depth pickup for the 4th line. if the Canucks are going to make bigger deals it would likely have to be a package including Ballard or Booth to make the numbers work and with Hansen and Raymond being the same type of players likely one of them would go as well. Stewart would be an intriguing possibility but there’s no love lost between Gillis and Davidson so it’d be unlikely.

  36. Lyle, I think his point was that with a few free agents to lock up (notibly Perron, Oshie and Colaiacovo) being a budget team, it’s a remote possibilty they could afford to lose Stewart for the right price. Then again Langenbrunner and Arnott could be deemed expendible freeing up an extra 4.5 mil or so. Either way, interesting fodder. You are right, stranger things have happened….Jokinen anyone? Lol!

  37. @that_one_guy Where have you heard lou is shopping Kovalchuk? He’s finally fitting in with the team so it would be pretty shocking to me.

  38. If Gillis was dumb enough to trade Schenider for Kovalchuck, I’m done…………………..

    It was a stupid contract to sign and it will never be anywhere other than NJ. I geuss Lou forgot to negotiate the “defense” portion of the contract. Great offensive player, bit of a joke as an all around, and certainly not the type of player that will ever get you over the top. What’s he accomplished so far?

    I think Loungo is going to be the odd man out, NTC and all. The cap hit for him is really not all that bad considering the cost of good quality starting goaltenders, and if there is ever going to be a dump of salary, there is one right there. Send him to Tampa for Steve Downie, a box of tape and weekend at the timeshare.

    But for all those NJ fans out there, how about Loungo and Ballard for Volchenkov and Clarkson

    Seems that would address the needs of both teams now and going forward.

  39. nucks should trade luongo to tampa bay. he can be closer to his american family. i think its a deal that can be made to work. i also am not sure if stevie y would trade for luongo.

  40. NJ should move Parise
    I see the odds of him resigning in NJ at about 15%.
    Grab the best deal you can at the deadline.
    Even if you could resign him trade him then sign him on July 1st.
    Then you still get him and the package.
    NJ isnt gonna win the cup this year so do it.

  41. No one’s taking Luongo.
    Pretty sure Schneider for Kovalchuk would be robbery by Vancouver. Kovalchuk’s not great defensively, but he’s a winger not a center. As dominant as he is on offense, teams would be okay with his defensive shortcoming as long as he was with a reliable center. Schneider is a solid goalie and maybe will be great some day, but he is not elite. He’s not gonna take over a game the way Kovalchuk can.

  42. First, there is no scenario where Kovalchuk will come to Van. That is absolutely ridiculous.

    Second, Schneider will only be traded at the deadline for an incredibly good deal. But, that goes for everyone else too. If there is a significant upgrade, virtually anyone is tradable. Now, thinking that through, improving on back-to-back ross/hart trophies and a selke means there are few in the league that would be an upgrade on certain positions. For example, there is zero chance of Pitts trading Crosby/Malkin for the twins. Stamkos/Lecavalier? No chance. Few teams could do it. Now would I trade Kesler for Toews? Well, that would be closer but doesn’t make sense for either team. Kesler for Datsuyk? Again no.

    Would we trade Schneider/Ballard and Manny for Corey Perry? In a heart beat. No chance of Ana trading their franchise player away. Would I trade Schneider/Ballard for Getzlaf? Yeah but again no chance of Ana doing it.

    Third, for all the blow hards out there saying they would rather keep Schneider than Luongo: Serious, grab a brain. No question Schneider has been great but it’s a huge unknown as to how well he can shoulder the main load of games for a season plus playoffs. Luongo can. Luongo has a gold medal. He single handedly won 3 games in the finals of the Stanley Cup. The Canucks offense and defense sucked in the games we lost and while Luongo stole the other games, there were maybe 3 soft goals in the other games we lost. He was the best goalie in the league by stats from Sept through the finals with the exception of Thomas outplaying him in the four games the Canucks lost. Those games were more of an embarrassment for our D. So why the F would you want to trade Luongo away? He’s proven. He’s under contract. The only goalie I’d trade him for is Carey Price. Luongo goes home. We get, what I consider, one of 2-3 goalies in the league as solid and consistent as Luongo.

  43. Kovalchuk is a cancer in the dressing room and not worth the $. Not close. There are at least 20 other teams that would take Luongo in a heart beat. Probably more.

    Stevie Y and most other GMs would trade for Luongo in a NY minute. Question is, why would Vancouver do it and how much would it take.

  44. There is no way the Leafs trade Grabovski unless it is for something very very good. Everyone knows they need more elite offensive talent but Grabo is a great number 2 or number 3 centre for any team, and really, $4 million a year is not bad for a guy who can put up 60-70 points every year. They might have cap problems eventually, but remember, the new CBA needs to be negotiated and I believe there is an amnesty period like with the NBA where teams can get rid of bad contracts without having it count against the cap (they still have to pay the salary though). In that case, Komisarek and maybe even Armstrong will be let go during that period to free up cap space.

  45. Luongo is far from one of the most consistent goalies in the league. If anything he is one of the most inconsistent. He takes months at a time off, then gets hot, then flops in big games when the pressure is on. With his contract, there’s probably 5 teams or so that would be interested, not 20. Take a team like Detroit, is Luongo better than Howard? Probably but not for sure. IF he is better, it’s not by 3 mil or however much more a year he makes. So basically Detroit could have Howard and a top 6 forward, or Luongo (cap wise). Most teams would have a situation like this, so I don’t see everyone lining up to take Luongo who is one of the most psychologically unstable players in the league, who plays the most mentally challenging position.

    This is why Van would be smart to keep Schneider, as I am willing to bet after Lu inevitably gets pulled in a playoff game, he takes off and runs with the starting role.

  46. @ Old_Soldier seeing as how the oil will net a nice high pick hopefully they just draft griffin reinhart. I went to the top prospects game and he looks like the kind of dman te oilers could use. Forget about subban.

  47. I agree with NiKK and Jro.

    grab has to stay but should take a paycut. the leafs are close to having a winner, but will need to manage their contracts well….leafs players, take a look at the Wings franchise!

    Corey is better than Lou! I would trade Lou in a heartbeat!!! he would waive his ntc…his ego would be too bruised to stay!

    Back t grabo…i think he is more exciting to watch than kessel!! if grabo was playiing with lupul all year, he probably would have more points than phil! i am not suggesting it, but i would trade kessel if an unbelievable deal came around.

  48. Lol Danno, cant believe you compared Kesler to Toews and Datsyuk!!!! More like Sharp and Frazen… I also dont think the Nucks get too much more than a pick and a prospect, they cannt afford to committ that much in goal.

  49. come on moester, why would you even suggest trading Kessel, the kid is starting to blossom into a superstar. I truly believe Burkie is gonna land him a stud center. Phaneuf looked great playing 27 minutes last night matched up against Malkin. I know it sounds crazy, but with a hot goalie and momentum, the Leafs can make some noise with the right trade… Buckle up

  50. Grabovski take a pay cut from 2.9 are you guys kidding me ? he is in his prime he’s a 55-60 pt player & players usually only get 1 or 2 chances as a UFA in their prime to cash in. The players who give home town discounts do it because they are near the end of their career or playing on a team that has had success ( won the cup ) & home town discounts are a rarity in general. Being one of the better centermen in next year’s UFA stock, I’d say Grabo and Ruutu are the top 2 UFA centers , it’s his time to cash in and I am sure his agent reminds him every other day. I’d bet it will take at least 4.5 to keep him in a Leaf’s sweater . They are going to point to Connolly’s 4.75 and say he is worth as much or more. When was the last time you heard of a prominant Russian player taking less money to play in the NHL?

  51. We all know Van can’t keep both goalies past this season. Schneider will not be happy playing backup when he’ll be a legitimate #1 goalie. What happens if Van loses in the finals with Lou between the pipes, 0 trade value. I would trade Lou now. Call me nuts but I think Mtl-Van will swap Price and Lou someday. Price/Gill or Moen for Bobby-Lou/Mason?

  52. @Diceman…. umm where have you been the last 3 years? Are you kidding me? Other than Oct and a couple of weeks in Nov, Luongo is massively consistent.

    Look at the game by game stats man! Or is your argument based on your buddies’ comments after a few beer?

    Wake up guys, Schneider is unproven over a season. If Luongo wasn’t a top 5 goalie, you’d at least have a marginal argument.

    @amog89 oh, no…. I completely agree with you. There’d have to be something significant added to Kesler for Dats or Toews. No argument. And let’s face it, Detroit or Chicago would never, ever do that anyways.

    The Canucks would just be stupid to give up the reigning Selke winner and not getting a top flight player in return that isn’t just a goal scorer but a great 2-way player. That was my point.

  53. I’m a huge sSabres fan and I’m hoping the Sabres can get rid of Miller sometime this year. Enroth is mre than capable of handling starting role. And thus far he has out done Miller in every statistical category for goalies. Obviously Miller’s got more starts and more wins other than that Enroth is making Miller look like a back-up.

    And that game last night against the Rangers ya Miller got the shut out but NYR had pretty bad shot selection. Bob Essensa could have got a SO. On the otherside Lundqvist now he faced a barrage of great attemtps.

    Players IMO that need to go:

    1) Miller – Nows the time, he’s getting up there in age so I wouldn’t hold onto him for too long and teams like Tampa and Isles would overpay to get him in there uniform.

    2) Stafford – I was against the idea of resigning him as an RFA and I’d like to see him out of our uniform even if it’s for a bag of pucks.

    3) Roy – Last seasons point per game was nothing shorter than a fluke. I hope this guy is gone either by deadline day or sometime in the offseason

    4) Sekera + Leopold – Both can be let go due to the fact pretty much all our defensemen can skate and play on our PP and that’s all these 2 bring to the table.

    5) Gaustad – I know people love the Goose but to keep him here after this season will see us overpay another 4th liner. Love when Carey Price said in an interview that Gaustad’s got a big mouth but we don’t worry ourselves with him cuz he doesn’t really do much…. besides the occasional faceoff win Carey Price was spot on with that reference about Gaustad….

    6. McCormick – The guy sucks lol

  54. @moester would you be willing to bet your job that Schneider is better than a top 5 goalie? It would be a stupid move. Don’t get me wrong, I love Schneider, but everyone here seems to just want to ignore stats and totally discount Luongo. Friggin’ nuts. I mean, look at his stats from mid-November to April for the last three years. He’s the best goalie Vancouver has ever had and likely the best we’ve had over the next 10-15 years. I’d listen to you more if you had stats to back it up.

  55. We all know that Vancouver can’t keep both goalies beyond this year. Another collapse in this year’s finals with Lou in nets and that will leave Van in the position where they can’t trade Lou and teams will offer less for Schneider because they know Van has no choice. So what’s the best for Vancouver? Call me crazy but I’m convinced a package deal between Montreal and Vancouver is in the cards, and probably best for both organizations. It may not happen this season but Lou for Price. Montreal gets a hometown goalie to be the franchise player, Vancouver gets a BC goalie in return.

    To Mtl: Luongo/Raymond to Van: Price/Moen maybe throw in a pic or prospect and Gomez?

  56. Good Lord, after watching tonight’s debacle in Edmonton, the Hawks should trade about anybody they can for Miller. Of course, it would still be a shooting gallery with that defense, but they would at least have a puncher’s chance. After that game, you thought the Oilers had a guy wearing 99 instead of 89. C’mon Hawks!

  57. Why would the Canucks move Schnieder? And lets be honest what could they get back? They have no cap space and Schnieder only makes 900k, that means they need to move other peices, lose depth to trade a goalie which they will get more for at the draft. Give your heads a shake!

  58. @Sukh , you’re right on !

  59. Leafs should re-sign Grabo and trade for Carter. They should be able to land Carter easily with a package of one of their 3 young defensemen (probably Ransom to make outgoing salary match), McArthur and Kadri. Columbus should bit on that in that they get a young forward in McArthur (26) who has been comparable to Voracek, a high ceiling prospect in Kadri comparable to Courtier and a solid blueliner.

  60. @ Danno, you critisize others’ comments for not haveing read the stats and then you come out and Say Kovlachuk is a cancer in the dressing room…. Ask his former teammates (including Ray Ferrraro) and he will tell you that the guy is loved by his teammates.

  61. sorry nikk you misunderstood it was either or not both parise and kovy

  62. @ Danno

    Ask yourself if Luongo would be in any hurry to pick his game up with out Schneider making a case for himself. I don’t buy the whole gold medal winning goalie argument. He was mediocre at best , and your back stopping arguably one of the best teams on the planet. Games are stolen in places like Florida, less so when you have one of the top teams in the league. Now Thomas, Thomas didn;t steal a game, he stole the series. With-out him it would have been a different story, but it;s just my opinion.

    I don’t think Lou or Schneider are going anywhere now, but I do think with the Cap, tough choices need to happen, and I;m not convinced the return for Scheider would be a better choice than a lesser return for Lou. I understand there is a NTC in place, but that doesn’t always matter. Like I said in a previous post, to Tampa, for Downie, some tape and weekend at the timeshare. Sign Schneider…a younger goalie with a more consistent style of play and move forward. Great goalies don’t just come along all the time, but the question of consistent requires an opportunity to play, from what I;ve seen so far, he;s been pretty damn steller.

    I do agree with your Kovalchuck comments, and I’m sure the guys in the room love him as a person, but I doubt very much they appreciate his lack luster powder puff style of defense, and that is a recipe for disaster . I;d hate to go to battle with a guy I knew wasn’t likely to be there in the crunch

    He is going to be the next Gomez, hell’ he;s half way there.

  63. “The Leafs are in a pretty tough position with Grabovski. I’m sure he and his agent both realize that he is going to be the best UFA center available this summer, and I’m sure they are licking their lips looking back at the huge contracts Ville Leino and Brooks Laich got. Grabovski is better than Leino, Laich, Tim Connolly ect. and should get more money than any of them. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if some team offers Grabovski $5 mil per season this summer and the Leafs aren’t going to be able to match.”

    Funny thing is, the Leafs don’t absolutely need Grabovski at all. I’d be absolutely pissed if Burke handed Grabo a Ville Leino-type contract considering it looks like he may not break 30 this year, and the Leafs have looked decent for chunks of the season while missing various centermen for periods of time. Both Connolly and Bozak can play second line center as well, plus they have Joe Colborne who by all rights should be on the Leafs right now. Even if they decide not to bother going after a top center, something’s got to give here, and Grabovski seems to be the logical candidate, especially if his contract demands are outrageous. If Burke resigns Grabovski, either it’s because he’s going to trade Connolly or he’s going to trade Bozak, and neither of them are likely to return what Grabovski can.

  64. I have to side with Fergy22 on this one..

    A Haircut for Grabo? no way!

    Currently at 2.9, he will state he wants to stay with the Leafs, and ends up agreeing to a deal at no less than 4.0 per year. He started off slow, but is coming back to form. He is a genuine # 2 centre, and while there are many #2 centres in the league, he is among the very best. The expendable centres ( for a bonifide # 1 centre) are Bozak and Connolly.

  65. Luongo wasn’t the reason the Gold Medal game went into overtime Niedermeyer and Weber left Parise alone in front of the net and he put in a rebound after Luongo made a great reaction save on a deflection off of Langenbruner’s skate. as for last year’s Finals the Canucks were so beat up by the time they finally got there they were a shell of themselves. they only scored 8 goals in a 7 game series and Luongo STILL won 3 games ( 2 by shutouts). for all of those saying the Canucks should trade Luongo you should know he has a no trade clause and can veto any attempt to move him.