NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – February 3, 2012.

The latest on the James van Riemsdyk, Jeff Carter, Ryan Smyth, Brenden Morrow, Zach Parise, Chris Stewart, Kyle Brodziak and more.

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger recently reported Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke is desperate to make a deal and will take a run at Flyers forward James van Riemsdyk.

TORONTO STAR: Bob Mitchell examined the pros and cons of the Maple Leafs acquiring Jeff Carter from Columbus.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:Interesting that Burke might still have interest in van Riemsdyk, who remains on IR with a concussion. As for Carter, the biggest stumbling block is that hefty contract, as Burke tends to shy away from deals which are longer than five years. Carter still has ten more seasons remaining on his contract at $5.25 million per season, plus a no-trade clause that kicks in on July 1st. Acquiring that kind of contract would be out of character for Burke.

STAR-TELEGRAM.COM: Mac Engel interviewed Dallas Stars owner Tom Gaglardi, who acknowledged his team lacks top-six scoring, and is willing to spend to get one. Engel believed Gaglardi gave the impression he would leave such an acquisition up to GM Joe Nieuwendyk to create a trade and would approve it. Gaglardi also gives the impression he’d be building for the long-term.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika, responding to reader questions, believes Nieuwendyk could retain pending UFA defenseman Nicklas Grossman and then shop his rights in June if unable to re-sign him, though if he got an offer for Grossman which blew him away, he’d take the deal. Heika also suggested if Nieuwendyk approached Brenden Morrow with a trade offer which would be beneficial to his career, he’d accept it.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to GJ Berg for the DMN link. The feeling is Nieuwendyk wants to win now, so he’d be looking for deals which would make his team better, not just in the future, but also this season. Thus, the Stars could be in “buyer” mode by the trade deadline, looking to bolster their offense.

Smyth to Broadway?

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports a “well-placed source” claims Edmonton Oilers winger Ryan Smyth would be willing to accept a trade to the NY Rangers, who would have to clear cap space to take on his salary.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Keep an eye on the Edmonton media over the next twenty-four hours to see what reaction, if any, there is from the Oilers or Smyth to this report.

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Tom Gulitti reports Devils captain Zach Parise doesn’t expect the team’s financial troubles will impact his future with the club, plus he isn’t paying any attention to rumors he might be dealt by the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to Dave Lasko. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: The Devils won’t trade Parise while they’re in the thick of the playoff chase.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater reports of a rumor former Colorado Avalanche forward Chris Stewart, now with the St. Louis Blues, might be available again, and suggested the possibility of the Avalanche bringing him back.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Remains to be seen if Stewart is in fact available, but I doubt the Avs bring him back. To me, that ship has sailed.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo reports contract talks between the Wild and free agent center Kyle Brodziak could start soon, and is in line for a significant raise from the $1.3 million he’s making this season, which he’ll either get from the Wild, or somebody else.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Wild probably won’t trade Brodziak while they’re still battling for a playoff berth, but it remains to be seen if he’ll be re-signed this summer, especially if the Wild should miss the playoffs, as management could decide to shake things up.

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Ray Ratto reports the San Jose Sharks are once again expected to be buyers at the trade deadline. Ratto believes the Sharks need scoring depth.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to GJ Berg for the link.

BOSTON HERALD: Stephen Harris believes a trade might be needed to snap the Bruins out of their current funk.

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Damian Cristodero reports Lightning GM Steve Yzerman believes the club’s performance in its next two games at home, plus possibly their three-game road trip after that, will determine if he becomes a buyer or seller at the trade deadline. Forward Ryan Malone and defenseman Pavel Kubina, who both have trade clauses and have been mentioned in trade rumors of late, said they haven’t been approached about accepting a trade.


  1. I know Brian Burke doesn’t like really long term contracts like Jeff Carter’s but where else is he going to find a #1 center? It doesn’t look like Paul Stastny will be available so I think they need to at least try to work out a deal for Carter.

  2. I’m not understanding…. wait….. hold on….

    Sorry about that, Gagner just scored 2 more goals… I digress….

    I do not understand why the Flyers would toy with trading JVR. If a player that young with that much upside is available, you have to ask yourself, “why?”. Jagr is old and JVR would be the logical replacement.

    I have a hard time believing the Smyth to the Rangers rumor. He told the Kings that he wanted to go back to Edmonton (which I think had everybody scratching their heads), and now suddenly if he accepts a trade (I believe he still has a no movement clause) that would be suspect. Perhaps it’s just for a chance at a cup. I suppose I couldn’t blame him.

    Maybe Smyth just wanted to go back to Edmonton to help Gagner have an 8 point game….

    Smyth (Looking at To Do List): “Help Gagner get an 8 point game… check… Okay on to New York. Where’s Wolski?”

  3. Smyth isnt going anywhere.

    Why are lions kings of the jungle?

    Sam Gagner allows them to be.

  4. Burke

    Let’s see if I understand this correctly, he is desperate to get JVR who also has a very short track record of performance and who has a concussion and yet is not interested in Carter ( a center where their biggest hole ) and who has a much better and longer performance track record, because he has a long contract ?
    Who thinks up these things ?

    If San Jose is looking for scoring depth don’t be shocked if Selanne ends up there just before the deadline.
    1) It will soon become reality to Selanne that Ducks are toast this year and if he wants another cup ring
    he needs to move on.
    2) San Jose is a one hour plane ride to Orange County
    3) As I recall he played in San Jose before, could be wrong about that and too lazy to look it up.
    4) If he wants another cup, this just might be San Jose’s year.
    5) On the San Jose side, they are getting older, time is now.
    6) If they want a short term rental at a reasonable price and someone who can score now,
    hard to find someone better than Selannne

  5. I love how Gagne went from zero to hero over night. Lol! I expect a bronze statue will be made of his likeness sometime soon.
    I would litterally bet $1000 that Carter does not end up in a Leaf jersey anytime soon.
    Who’s going to blow Newy’s socks off for Grossman?…..ya he’ll stay in Dallas.
    Stewart and Morrow interest me the most this coming trade deadline. I’m pretty sure they won’t be traded, but as a fan of all things hockey, I’ll be keeping an eye on their status non the less.

  6. Jeff Carter is a mistake for the Leafs. He is overrated and you are stuck with him for 10 years. He is also a shoot-first centre not a playmaker that they need to feed Kessel. And certainly you are not going to acquire him at MORE cost than they gave Philly (young player + pick). His value has decreased since last season due to injury and sulky “I dont want to play here” attitude.

    JVR is not an answer for any NHL team as he hasn’t proven a single thing yet. A 40pt player doesn’t impress me, esspecially if I have to give up my best young d-man to get him.

    So now Dallas lacks top-6 forwards, but they traded away James Neal and couldnt get their act together to resign Brad Richards. Yes, you very much lack top-6 forwards. And, to solve this problem you are going to trade Morrow. Well done, Dallas. Well done.

    @ allforducks: I see a fit with Selanne in San Jose as well, but the decision is his. I also see a fit in Pittsburgh. I think he will be dealt (it is only 3 months of his life, and then he can return back to the golden coast to be with his family.

  7. NikK
    Also see Selanne is Pittsburgh if Crosby returns. Kuntz / Crosby / Selanne would be a hell of a line
    Vancouver also and LA KIngs

  8. From a Flyers fan standpoint, I’d hate to see JVR go. He’s inconsistent but when he’s good, he can dominate a game. Giving up on young talent has been a Flyers bugaboo in the past. We gave away Umberger, Sharp, and Fedotenko for nothing because of cap hits for overpriced aging veterans who can’t stay on the ice. Those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Do the Flyers have a surplus of young talent on the ice right now, indeed. I’d rather see them somehow try to trade Briere and his enormous contract. The Flyers just need a piece or two right now instead of the homerun deal. As much as I’d like Schenn, Weber, or Suter there’s just not that kind of room on the team without mortgaging quality young pieces. PS. Homer, just say NO to NO SKILL GILL.

  9. Burke may want to consider trading Komisarek and Lombardi for Dustin Penner. With only one year on Penner’s contract and his current low performance, this may be an opportunity for a win-win for the Kings and Leafs. This trade would free up cap space, give the Kings scoring up front (or at least what they have now), and give them more depth at D for a playoff run.

  10. Berglund and Stewart to Colorado for Stasny is a possibility. St. Louis will have a log jam once McDonlad and Steen return and getting a top notch center would make their wings that much better.

    Carter’s deal is th ekiller, not his playing. The deal is a baragin for the next 3-5 years in relative terms seeing what guys like Ville Leno and Tim Connoly are playing on but the last 5 years of the deal are the killer.

    I’d deal JVR plus some other salary to Dallas if we could get Morrow and Grossman back or to the Ducks if we could get Visnozky back. Flyers have plenty of wing depth once Briere comes back (Hartnell, Read, Briere, Jagr)

  11. Ny has traded Eric Christensen and a conditional 7th rounder to the Wild for Casey Wellman.
    Lyle, who the F is Casey Wellman?

  12. Minnesota would be wise to sign Brodziak. He has become a very valuable asset as a third line center under Mike Yeo as well as a VERY valuable replacement to Koivu or anybody else who wants to get hurt on the Wild. Plus, Brodziak is a Yeo kind of guy. Hard working, gritty, smart, plays with energy. Brodziak comes cheap for what he can bring.

  13. Boston just needs Nathan Horton back first, and possible some depth on D and maybe an upgrade to Paille and/or Pouliot.

  14. All Boston needs is a veteran D-man for depth, talent they have is fine, but not deep, one key season ending injury and they are going to really feel it. Frankly as much as people don’t like them a Andy Sutton or Hal Gil would do it

  15. Johnny-

    You need to brush up on your Flyers history.

    Fedotenko was traded by Philly to TB in 2002 (for the 1st round pick that become Joni Pitkanen), and despite scoring a few key goals has manged to best the 20-goal/40-pt. level ONCE in his career.

    Sharp wasn’t let go for cap reasons, it was because there was no hint–during his parts of 3 seasons with the Flyers (15 pts in 66 regular season games, 1 pt in 12 playoff games)–of the player he would become in Chicago. Sharp wasn’t even a PPG player in the AHL.

    Umberger was indeed traded for cap reasons, but Holmgren got a good return and he was dispensable given the Flyers’ depth. Remember that he was playing on the 4th line before that playoff run in which he demolished the Habs.

  16. Cater will end up in San Jose or Calgery Watch ….Also I think the Kings should go after Stewart of the Blues and Boyes or Stanford of Buffalo ….Trade Stoll for Boyes and Than Trade a draft pick or prospect and D man for Stewart or Staford !

  17. im gonna say what i always say. the leafs dont need a first line center as much as they need a solid 3rd line. they need players who can play defense. the leaf score 3 goals a game but also allow 3 goals a game. they need a line of players who can grind down the stars of the other team, take over their space, stay outta the box, and score a combined 30-35 goals a season. how many leads have the leafs lost because they dont have solid defensive forwards to protect their zone from attack. we see it all the time. last 5 minutes leafs up by 2-3, lose in shoot out.

  18. Wow! As a Stars’ fan, I am curious to see what Nieuwendyk does with some money behind him. However, whatever he is planning as a buyer, he’d better do it soon. This month is without a doubt, the toughest schedule the Stars have. Last night’s game indicated that the big dogs are still more than capable of taking a big bite out of the Stars’ hopes for a playoff spot, and if JN waits until the deadline to buy, it might be too late for this season.

    Oh yes…Morrow looks like he wants to leave to a contender. Thanks for the memories of 2008.

  19. van Riemsdyk + little Schenn for kuly +Gunner and we can give them connely for free

  20. jeff carter isnt going anywhere with his dipietro contract. jvr to the leafs for schenn? pretty realistic considering his brother is already in philly.

  21. I’m trying to decide what it will take to get Carter out of CBJ.

    He’s a top talent, there’s no doubt. He’s a big forward with a lot of skill. The issue is that contract. Columbus doesn’t want it, and I’m not sure if they’d be willing to take less just to shed it along with a pick or prospect.

    I.E would they take a Matt Stajan back, because he has much less time on his contract? or would they only want picks? A pick/prospect combo… Or are they just wanting to shed that number for the next season.

    You know if Carter goes to almost any team, he’ll be back to his Philly condition.

  22. @ejh I would not give up on Chris Stewart he has had success ( w/ Colorado ) and proven he is a true power forward , that being said the same could have been said about his brother Anthony. I’d give the kid a chance ( keep in mind he is only 24 ) , teams will line up for his services if he comes up for grabs. If he ever got in the grove with Backes that would be a scary duo. The positive thing about him having an ‘off’ season is that he can’t justify as much money in July next year as he would have fetched say 1 – 2 years ago

  23. Totally agree with one of the comments above about the Leafs’ needs. Yes, in an ideal world, they would have an elite centre to play with Lupul and Kessel, but that isn’t their biggest problem. Look at the stats. They are like 5th in Goals per Game but 6th last in Goals Against Per Game. That is terrible and it obviously means they need to seriously improve their defense. They need some more 2nd and 3rd line players who can check and chip in here and there with some scoring, better play from the defensemen and goaltenders. Hell, better defense from everyone. I would look at moving guys like Armstrong and Lombardi, moving Crabb down to the 4th line with Brown and then bringing in a few guys who are better checkers. Even trying to get a guy like Morrow from Dallas for MacArthur whose stock is very high would be a good move. Or getting a veteran defenseman who can still play and sending Gardiner to the Marlies for the year. But selling in the farm for a guy that can score doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense when you consider what their biggest needs are.

  24. What people aren’t understanding about the Ryan Smyth rumors is that he is a UFA at the end of the year. Although he has a no trade clause, you can’t tell me he wouldn’t be willing to wave it for a chance at a cup. All he would be is a rental player for a team looking for a work horse and guaranteed he would get reassurance from the Oilers brass that he will be resigned in the off season. This helps everyone……Smyth gets a chance at a cup, the Oilers will get back an asset in the trade that could help the rebuild, and a cup contending team gets a rental player that could help them in there cup quest. As a diehard Oilers fan, I don’t see any negatives here.

  25. @murlin,
    I could see Penner going to the Leafs for the reasons you mentioned but that deal just doesn’t work for LA. The Kings are carrying 8 defensemen as it is and have a number of good call-ups in the AHL so no to Komiserek. Lombardi is interesting but isn’t really the top six scorer the Kings need. But the biggest stumbling block is the extended contracts coming over from TO. Dean Lombardi will need the cap
    space from losing Penner’s contract and likely Stoll’s to chase a real sniper FA this summer.

    @kyle, clearly you’re a Leafs fan as that’s a horrible deal for the Flyers. Two great young players for two young spare parts with questionable upside? No way Holmgren makes the deal.

  26. I disagree with the comment earlier regarding the leafs don’t need a forward . Yes there goals against are terrible . Have u seen the depth they have on defense ? Have u seen some of the goals both goalies have let in . It was a mistake to believe that Reimier or the monster were going to carry this team into the playoffs . We need a coach that will use his timeouts . Settle the team down when there leading a game in the third period . How many games have they lost carrying the lead in the third period .Wilson never calls time outs what is his problem .ex . The game in Pittsburg when the leafs were winning 4-1 in the third . The penguins called a time out when the leafs were winng 2-0 . They came back to tie it . Than win it . All Wilson had to do was call a time out settle things down . Game over . We do need a top six centre not a third line , we already have that. And a new coach .

  27. I guess I should not include myself as a leaf I know I’m not a leaf player I’m a fan . But they have been a part of my life for 44 years . So when I use the term we I mean the leafs . My bad

  28. Ah yes, tis the season for armchair GM’s. It’s a good thing the real GM’s don’t make these deals, well once in a while they do but they usually have a good grasp on the quality of players they have in their system. Cap system aside trades are not easy to make. Some GM’s can’t stand the sight of another GM and wouldkn’t deal with him if his job depended on it. If they have been fleeced in a deal they would be loathe to deal again. They usually don’t deal in the same conference never mind same division. The reasons go on and on but you get the point. So even though you may think a deal may work out that you propose, think about it first before posting then perhaps you won’t get ridiculed. I am a leafs fan and no other teams fans have been in the speculation business as much as theirs. I know all teams fans over value players on their fav team but please use some common sense because as a leaf fan I am absolutely embarrassed by some of the ridiculous speculation. Have a great day hockey fans.

  29. Nerither Brayden Scehnn nor JVR are “Great” young players.
    One is an OK young player and the other is still a prosepct with the least games played for a forward drafted at the top of his draft class.

    JVR is a 40pt player so far….. sure there is some potential there, but I’m not paying the price for a 30 goal scorer until he is a 30 goal scorer. Look at his draft year.. he is not even better than Couture, Pacioretty, Perron….

    B. Schenn has played less and produced less than any forward drafted in the top-10 of his draft class… and that includes Kadri.

    So yes…. Brian Burke is definatley going to send real NHL defenseman and productive NHL forwards for a never-has-been and a nobody!!!

    I understand you have to buy potential, but not at the cost of your best roster players.

  30. It is coaching . Iposseseactuallhockyknowledge. Obviously that’s not true. It is the coach they play the system the coach wants them to play or they don’t play . Maybe you should brush up on your knowledge . Some people watch hockey , and some people see it .

  31. Nobody is going to touch Penner with that contract, work habit, weight /conditioing problem, back issues. Even Komisarek is better than Penner at this point- and that’s not saying much. Komo plays a decent 12-15 mintues a night while Penner plays…. zero good minutes a night.

  32. NikK I don’t think it’s fair to just look at the stats especially for developing players. Some players are drafted to teams that want them to play in the minors for a year, two years, or not at all, etc. At the same time some players style of play makes them best suited for a defensive role on the 3rd line, or as a top 6 winger getting power play time, etc. It’s not as simple as to just say JVR isn’t a 30 goal scorer. There is a lot more to look at for a developing player.

  33. @NikK

    Penner has been picking it up as of late. Also he’s a UFA at the end of the season, so the contract isn’t a huge risk. I suspect that the Kings will trade Penner for something like a 6th round pick in order to clear up cap space. This woudl only happen if they are planning on bringing somebody in. If they don’t have any major deals in the works, Penner probably stays and is not re-signed during the summer.

    As has been noted above, the Kings do not need defensemen. I don’t see any realistic scenario where the Kings could even upgrade their defense. We have healthy scratches (Martinez and Drewiskie) that would be a 5th or 6th defenseman on other rosters. We have the 5th overall pick of the 2007 (Hickey) draft still playing in the AHL because he can’t crack the lineup.

    The only way the Kings need a defenseman is if it follows a blockbuster trade that sends Doughty or Johnson out of town, and I don’t see that happening.

  34. Carter’s contract will limit him going many places.

    He would be the #1 centre that the Leafs are lacking… but if it did not work out.. that’s a 10-yr contract they could be stuck with.

  35. Despite Carter’s 10 year contract I have a feeling he will get moved. His cap hit (I think 5.2 mil?) isn’t too crazy. I see someone taking a chance on him, could be someone no one expects though. There’s always a few major surprises at the deadline.

  36. I think it’s funny how many people say teams are looking for top 6 scorers, like,, duh – who isn’t??? Not many people are looking to find a non-top 6 forward, they have plenty on their own rosters.

  37. @ Dice

    I am not saying that JVR doesnt have potential to be more productive, but I wouldnt trade away a young and proven player (ie: Kulemin) who has a history of 30 goals for a guy who might get there. For the Leafs, that would be a sideways step, and backwards if that costs you other good, young assets.
    JVR is not going to be a top-20 NHL scorer, so you can’t pay for him as if he is one. He would be a better fit for a team that is looking to re-tool and build around a new core of young players. I would put Mtl, TB, NYI, Dal, EDM, Cgy, Wpg, Car in that group. Teams looking to “add” should not be looking at JVR. You get JVR if you are a seller, not a buyer by giving Philly something that adds more immediate value.

    If JVR was so great, then Philly wouldnt be moving him at this point and would rather keep him to grow with their other young, good players.

  38. maybe if phaneuf was in the deal the leafs could get JVR and Lukes lil bro, but the hole on the leafs defence would hurt their playoff chances . like Dion or not he is a horse who eats up minutes but i would trade him for this kind of return.
    to make it work it would have to look something like this Phaneuf gunnarsson 2nd rd pick for JVR Schenn and matt carle ( salary dump ufa at july 1st)
    this would strenghen phillys d in a big way and they could bring gusafssonn along slowly , gunnarsson under contract at a cheaper amount than carle helps .
    leafs get two young guys to continue to build with and dont have to resign carle if they wish
    philly would contend right now and in the future and leafs would contend in the next couple years

  39. ipossessactualhockeyknowledge + James. I disagree with both of you, yes the leafs need there forwards to play better defense and maybe more physical but I think if you bring in a true number 1 centre the rest falls into place. You take 1 of bozak, Lombardi, grabovski and make them your second line centre, one of the others is your 3rd and you trade the other or find a spot on the wing. The leafs have a good 4th line from what I’ve seen the last game with Armstrong, Steckel, and brown. I say if you bring in someone who is actually a first line centre it takes the pressure off of the others and they can play where they are ment to which is not the first line.

  40. @ dice man I agree that if carter is available and CBS isn’t asking a ridiculous price he is moved. One team that might fit into your scenario could be Nashville. They defiantly have the cap space and it would be a sign that Sumter and weber would be looking for to resign. What do you think?

  41. Ugh I hate auto spell

  42. @ Jrd18 Nashville has the cap space but there’s a few reasons I don’t see them being a real option. Like you mentioned they need to resign Suter and Weber, and while bringing in Carter might entice the 2 to resign, it also might hamper their ability to do so. Nashville has never been able to spend to the cap because of their own internal “cap”. IF they have the green light to spend to the cap then it’s possible, but I still don’t see them taking on a 10 year contract for a forward given their financial instability.

    As a fan I don’t wanna see this, but the Blackhawks could explore the Carter option as they need a real no. 2 center. Minnesota is another option in my mind.

    @ NikK I get what you’re saying, but one of the points I was trying to make is that maybe JVR helps out in other ways besides scoring. I haven’t watched him closely to truly know, but for instance if he was a physical force, great along the boards, hard for checker, penalty killer, and put up 20 goals. and 30 assists, I’d say he’s worth his contract and potentially more desirable than some 30 goal scorers who are one dimensional. Again, I’m not saying that this is the case, just that their are other factors to consider than simply statistical production. Also I am not convinced that the flyers are actively shopping him. Before this year they seemed to have made a big commitment to him (aside from the contract) so I don’t see them wanting to give up on him already, but perhaps he is the most desirable piece that other teams are asking about when Philly contacts them for a good d man.

  43. Columbus salary cap this year is 63 million (more or less at the roof). Next year Columbus has 15 million in cap room. 5 free agants and say 3 RFA’s . 8 players with 15 million is not a lot. When Blue Jackets have over pay for above ave. players 15 milions not going to go far. So Right now as it stands
    Columbus is going with the same team next year or a little less talented.

  44. @ Diceman seems you haven’t heard (and if i wasn’t on my phone I’d give you a link) but nashville ha been given the green light to spend up to the cap by ownership

  45. @NikK
    i’ll agree that much of JVR’s value is based around potential, but just to address a point you made, thing is i’ve never heard of Holmgren or anyone in the Philly media talk about actively shopping JVR. Anytime you hear his name being tossed around in rumors it’s from some out of town media who think he’s moving to their team. so really the if-he’s-so-great-why-are-they-moving-him argument doesn’t hold water, and could actually be counter with the if-he-isn’t-so-great-why-does-every-team-want-him argument.

  46. @ Dice and Bick

    Its not a matter of how good JVR is or isnt. Its a return on your investment (what you deal to get him).

    If you deal Kulemin (example) for a guy with potential to be as good offensively, is he really an upgrade in terms of defense and boards play, physicality etc? At this point, no. I just don’t think the asking price for that player is worth it to a team like Toronto where you would be giving away valuable core pieces.

    Now would he be attractive to a team like Montreal where they can deal anyone (except Price, Subban, Pacioretty, Plekanec) ? Then yes, that deal makes sense for both teams.

    I’d love to see my Ducks get JVR, but I’m not about to propose a deal to give Cam Fowler.

    Holmgren isnt shopping JVR, but he is certainly expendable when you are looking to acquire a key piece… so that means that at his position (2nd line winger) there are better options available around the league- or that you can parlay him into a solid 2nd pairing defenseman. But he is not worth multiple players, picks, prospects. That’s my point.

    To use rumors as an example:
    Why would you trade Luke Schenn and Kadri and a pick for JVR? Or even for that matter for a player like Bobby Ryan? Or Jeff Carter? The Leafs would get fleeced in a deal like that. I love my Boby Ryan, but he isnt a premier player yet to be worth mutliple, young assets. He isn’t in the category of Parise, Staal, Getzlaf etc… the elite players.

    My honest opinion is that a deal of JVR for Luke Schenn straight up will esentially be a wash as their careers progress. JVR will never be Shanahan, and Schenn will never be Pronger.

  47. @ DS,

    Agree with a lot of what you said except when you got to Jake Gardner. He is NHL ready, and he has proven it game in and game out. The guy has calm and poise that I used to see in a younger Tomas Kaberle, and see also now in Carl Gunnarsson. Barring a serious cap player situation, Gardner never sees the Marlie’s again.

    As for JVR , Penner, Malone etc, I am not interested in wingers for the Leafs. There is one big gaping hole, and that is a bonifide number one centre for Kessel and Lupul. Carter fits the bill, but the contract is sketchy.

    Getzlaf, or either Eric or Jordan Staal fit the bill, but I am not holding my breath. Connolly and Bozak are to be commended for their contributions, but the Leafs might just have to hold on a little longer for a genuine # 1 Centre to come their way either by Trade or Draft…

  48. if Malone is available i’d love to see the Canucks offer Booth for him, they’re about the same Cap and Booth’s speed would help the Lightning while Malone would provide the grit needed in Vancouver.

  49. quote:

    alforducks | Friday, 03 February 2012 at 3:27 pm
    Also see Selanne is Pittsburgh if Crosby returns. Kuntz / Crosby / Selanne would be a hell of a line
    Vancouver also and LA KIngs


    Best typo EVERRR!!!!! rofl