NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – January 30, 2012.

The latest from the Ottawa Sun and ESPN.com, plus updates on Ryan Suter, Ryane Clowe, the Jets possible trade deadline plans, and more.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports not to expect Tim Thomas to be traded, even though his “no-movement” clause expires this summer…Canadiens GM Pierre Gauthier hasn’t decided yet if he’s a buyer or seller, but he’ll be seeking a big center. The Canadiens were linked to Buffalo’s Derek Morris, but at 5-8, 190 lbs, he’s not going to resolve that issue…Since it seems the Predators won’t trade Shea Weber or Ryan Suter, the Flyers will have to look elsewhere for help on defense, perhaps to Carolina, where Tim Gleason,  Bryan Allen and Jaroslav Spacek could be available…There could be interest in Columbus Blue Jackets center Jeff Carter, but his big contract likely means a trade won’t happen until the off-season…There’s talk the Maple Leafs could make a move for a big center within the next 48 hours. Carolina’s Tuomo Ruutu is available but the asking price is steep.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Tim Thomas trade rumors were absurd…Roy definitely won’t help the Canadiens need for a big center…I’ve said for months the Preds won’t move Weber or Suter if they’re in the playoff race…I agree if Carter is dealt, it’ll likely be in the off-season, but I’ll go one further and suggest it might not happen until after a new CBA is implemented…Ruutu is a right winger but he can play center. His physical style could interest Leafs GM Brian Burke.

Clowe not available.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports Tuomo Ruutu could be moved as early as this week…San Jose Sharks GM Doug Wilson denied reports forward Ryane Clowe might be available, saying Clowe isn’t going anywhere…Habs GM Pierre Gauthier isn’t ready to trade yet, but if he does, right wing Travis Moen could attract interest…Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson may be ready to move Jeff Carter, in part because Carter doesn’t want to be there, but that contract (11-year, $58 million) could prove difficult to move.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: David Pollak of Mercurynews.com “tweeted” the following on Clowe: “Sjshark source advises “zero chance” Ryane Clowe is available before trade deadline no matter what appeared in today’s Ottawa Sun.”

Pierre LeBrun also reported Nashville Predators defenseman Ryan Suter wanted to make it clear his comments Friday about not wishing to re-sign a new deal with the Predators in no way means he intends on testing this summer’s UFA market. “I was watching TV this morning and one guy said I was definitely going to test the open market,” Suter told ESPN.com. “I never said that. So I just want people to know that I’m focused on helping our team win and I think that’s the most important thing right now.” Suter also spoke with Predators GM David Poile to clarify his comments, saying that he simply didn’t want contract talks to become a distraction, preferring to focus on helping the team make the playoffs right now. The defenseman also said he hopes he isn’t traded, saying he wants to remain in Nashville.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given how well the Predators have played (12 wins in their last fourteen games heading into the All-Star break), I don’t believe Poile intends to trade Suter by the trade deadline.

WINNIPEG SUN: Paul Friesen reports the Jets, who’ve preached the patient, build through the draft, approach, probably won’t be in the playoff rental market by the trade deadline, but could become “sellers” if they fall further behind in the playoff race leading up to the deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If they do become sellers, don’t expect Andrew Ladd, Dustin Byfuglien or Evander Kane to be on the trade block. Those most likely to be shopped include UFAs like defenseman Johnny Oduya and center Kyle Wellwood.

NEW YORK TIMES: Chris Botta recently “tweeted”, in response to a reader’s question about possible Islanders trade talks, that there’s “nothing major or even moderate right now.”


  1. The Leafs will probably show a bit of interest in Ruutu but realistically they aren’t going to be willing to give up as much as contending teams will be willing to give for a rental player. I get the feeling some contending team is going to significantly overpay for Ruutu…I just hope it isn’t the B’s.

  2. I think that Pierre LeBrun, Bruce Garrioch and Eklund are stealing each others notes!

  3. Given the way that Burke has dealt for players who were on the downswing but who had potential and big contracts: (Phaneuf, Lupul, Kessel, Giguere) I would not at all be shocked to see him deal for Carter once he is closer to returning from injury. Despite the fact that Burke has played the cards that he doesn’t want a crazy long-term contract, I think that he is just looking for a better price. Mason could figure into this too, as he is young enough to bounce back with a good defense in front of him and a good goalie coach.

  4. I’m not sure I agree that Carter’s contract is a problem. He has a cap hit of $5.2M. Granted it’s long term, but you’re getting a potential 30 goal scorer who is only 27 years old. Consider that Nash’s is not quite as long but it’s average is like $7.2M, and Ovechkin’s is almost $10M.

    I can’t help but think that the Kings are toying with the idea of bringing in Carter. He has history with Richards, and from what I read on LAKingsInsider, Gagne isn’t close to returning. It also makes sense that Penner will be dealt just to clear cap space. The Kings also had Richards playing wing along side Kopitar, which suggests that the Kings are toying with potentially bringing in another center.

    That said, I can’t imagine why Columbus would trade away Carter. The cap hit isn’t that bad. If anything, Nash has the undesirable contract. Carter and Nash could be a nice combination for years to come.

  5. Lecavalier to Montreal for Moen, Eller, Desharnias and a second.

  6. Well i see the Habs making moves and dumping some salary for draft picks,i dont think they will be in the playoff hunt.The Bluejackets must be looking at trades but Carter and Nash are the only big names i think anyone would want.I think alot of teams are happy with what they have and dont want any big contracts till the new CBA is agreed on.If the Bruins make any moves it will be to add depth players like a Ruttu or Gleason.Tim Thomas will not be traded at least till off season but even then its only one year left on his deal and could be valuable if Rask stumbles at all as i see him getting most of the starts next season.Maybe the Leafs go after Derek Roy for a center i think he would be a good fit for them and the sabers may dump some salary.

  7. Carter and Nash could be good together but that would mean they would have to have a play making right winger to complement them. The problem here of course is the fact that a play maker should be the centreman in my opinion. The cap hit for Carter is somewhat reasonable I guess, that is if you think he is worth that kind of money. I don’t, he has had a couple of good years with someone with skill passing him the puck but truthfully he just doesn’t seem to be that go to guy to help carry the team.
    Its easy to say that Penner will be traded to free up some cap space, but who in the hell wants a big, slow, I’ll show up when I feel like it left winger. He is like the Gomez of the west. Good luck with that. The kings need a different GM.
    Ruutu is an interesting case. He is about to turn 29, by no means is he on his last legs. He is actually a centre who has been playing the wing. He could be good between Kessel and Lupul but does he have the playmaking skills required. To be honest I haven’t seen him play much so I don’t know. I think the leafs could use him elsewhere but at what cost.
    The ultimate goal is to win the cup, so the Winnepeg Jets should be sellers because four and out is not optimal. Their fans will forgive them this year. Problem is who to trade and who will garner any interest. Trading future team stars like Kane doesn’t make any sense. Guys like Antropov, Oduya, Hainsey, Pavelec would draw some interest but I don’t think they would get much in return.
    I like Clowe, so does San Jose. Thats why he won’t be moved. He isnt having a stellar year but he is the type of guy you need in a long playoff run.

  8. James – Penner, the Gomez of the west? You win the almost-making-me-spit-out-my-morning-coffee award!

  9. James, I would consider Ruutu a winger who can play center. He’s not a true center, but certainly capable. He isn’t really a playmaker, so I wouldn’t inherently slot him in the middle of Kessel and Lupul (not that he’s going to Toronto but hypothetically). He’s more of a hard nosed grinder with some skill, similar to Andrew Ladd who he was traded for from the blackhawks. He does a little bit of everything but I wouldn’t categorize him as a playmaker, or a sniper really, or as one style of player.

  10. Trade Penner to Toronto (Burke won a cup with Penner in Anaheim ) So he might turn his game around like Lupul did and they need a big guy in the playoffs ….So trade Penner for MacArthur and then trade for Cater and Bassard from Columbus for Stoll, Beriner & Voynov works out for every team Toronto gets a big guy, Columbus gets a goalie and D Man and kings get a real scorer !

  11. @VanCanFan, glad I could help you start out your week on the humourous side. Hope none came out your nose.
    @Diceman, I didn’t think he was a playmaker, but would definitely add some grit to that line. Your right about he probably won’t go to TO because he isn’t that big time centre Burke seeks. I think Carolina would be foolish to move him. Maybe that big Carolina sell-off isn’t going to happen now Gleason has signed.

  12. Vancouver would like to add some toughness but will likely have to give up at least one quality player instead of just shipping away a problem. ideally the Canucks would like to get a power forward who can slot in on the 2nd line but be able to move up if need be ( if they could trade Booth to get him that would be great as he’s a perimeter player with a big contract), and a tough guy to play on the 4th line. a guy like Iginla would be perfect but 29 teams are looking for a guy like that, Ryan Malone, Shane Doan, and Brendan Morrow would also fit the bill but i’m not sure Gillis would give up what he needs to acquire those guys, i hope he realizes that the window for winning with the core of this team is maybe 3 years and it would be a shame to not get it done for the lack of a role player. for the 4th line i would want players like Tim Jackman or Brandon Prust. i don’t see the Canucks trading Schneider but Raymond, Booth, Ballard, and perhaps even Edler could all be had for the right price along with prospects and or draft picks.

  13. Looks like Eklund is posting on here using multiple names. LA were the only ones to pay the stupid high price for Penner last year (a 1st plus Teubert, a former 1st rounder). The Leafs don’t have room to take him on and I’m sure that Burke’s opinion of Penner has changed between 2007 and now.

    Lecavalier to Montreal for Moen, Eller, Desharnias and a second?

    So Tampa Bay will move $10 million a year for a pending UFA and two other 3rd line guys? Or in reverse, Montreal is going to be able to add a $10 million per year cap hit by trading only those three guys? Highly unlikely.

    Burke won’t hand out contracts longer than 5 years but he’s gonna trade for an injury-prone sulker with 10 years left on his contract? Right before the current CBA expires? Right.

  14. Richards for Carter, Columbus needs a playmaker for nash, Kings need someone to put the puck in the net !

  15. The leafs could land a big center in the next 48 hrs. That sounds like something is imminent?! What are some names involved in this possibility?

  16. In fairness to Garrioch, here are his exact words RE: Roy to Montreal:

    “Should the Canadiens go shopping at the deadline — and they haven’t decided whether they’re a buyer or seller — then GM Pierre Gauthier is going to be looking for a big centre. The issue: There aren’t many on the market. There was talk of the Habs having interest in Buffalo’s Derek Roy, but at 5-foot-8 and 190 pounds, he’s not an answer to the problems”

  17. Garrioch has no credibility anymore after escalating the false Clowe report.
    Oh and Lyle, Derek Morris is not a 5-8 forward or playing for the Buffalo Sabres.

  18. Suter is putting his team in a tough position here. He may have good intentions but the Preds must be concerned about losing him for nothing if he doesn’t sign before the trade deadline. I think the Preds should hang on to him but if they know that they want to sign him now they should send Suter a respectable offer and Suter should in turn dignify that with a serious consideration of signing before the deadline. If he doesn’t want to sign now than at least the Preds can make a more informed decision on his future.

  19. Oh, and if Suter doesn’t want to sign than the Preds should ship him to Philly for JVR and Kevin Marshall!!! Boooya!

  20. Jeff Carter’s best season came when he played between Hartnell and Umberger; two guys who can win puck battles in the corner and cycle down low. Carter doesn’t need a playmaker, he needs big wingers and Rick Nash is just that. The problem for the Carter and Nash combo so far has 100% been the fact that Carter has endured every injury known to man this year! That’s it! Those guys will be given another chance next year so I wouldn’t expect a trade until Columbus has actually had a chance to see if that experiment will work.

  21. @gameon63 Raymond is the perimeter player likely to be traded, not Booth. I have to say I think Booth has played really well in the last few weeks, I don’t see him going anywhere.

    The market for power forwards is pretty thin, Malone is overpaid for a 40-50 pt guy, getting long in the tooth, and still has a good chunk left on his rather large contract. No thanks.

  22. @gameon63 And you’re on crack if you think Gillis is ever going to move Edler. Seriously, are you just a TO fan making up Canucks wishlists? 😉

  23. bill waters has tweeted a potential deal betwwen the blue jackets and leafs. To leafs NASH and huelius for schenn, komiskerk, grabovski, and kadri.

  24. ziffles: Darren Dreger quoted Brian Burke as saying he’s never, ever spoken with CBJ about Nash. Bang goes that rumor.

  25. The Grabovski part of that deal doesn’t make sence anyways. Why would the Jackets want a guy that’s a UFA unless they are 100% sure they can sign him. Otherwise they are giving up Nash for Scheen and Kadri. Lets face it Komiserik and Huselius are a wash and don’t give any value to the deal other then salary swap. That leaves Scheen and Kadri as the only part for Nash. Doesn’t make much sence the Jackets giving him away for an unproven small winger and a Dman having a bad year.

  26. Lets face it folks….. The leafs are not going to get the big center they are looking for. I’m a big leafs fan but I’m also realistic. Without selling the farm we don’t have the pieces for a Nash or stall or whatever. Burke took a lot of flack for the kessel trade and I would guess he will not want to go through that again. Free agents don’t like to sign in Toronto. Not big ones at leased. So we have to wait and draft and develop out center. Bottom line! Stop with all the crap. See how it plays out.

  27. thanks lyle thats why i come here

  28. It made sense to me as huelius is a ufa as well and the money going both ways is almost the same as the leafs save 1/2 mil. to me bj are going to rebuild and nash would be probably over 30 when the rebuild would show any results.I’m just repeating what bill watters tweeted thats it.

  29. The salary all works out fine but the thought of Nash for Kadri and Scheen doesn’t make a lot of sence. If Scheen was having a banner year and Kadri had been playing from the start of the season and showing he isn’t going to play anywhere but the NHL then I’d say this deal had a chance. As it stands now I just don’t see the Jackets doing this one.

  30. ya but we are talking about blue jacket management.

  31. When did Toronto sign Charlie Scheen?

  32. @james,
    the humor of it aside, there’s two big differences between Penner and Gomez. salary, gomez makes over 3 million more a season. and term, LA will be rid of Penner this summer while Gomez’s contract runs another 2 years.

    It wouldn’t be difficult for Lombardi to move Penner for cap space since most of his salary has already be paid by the Kings and any team that picked Penner up could simply walk away if they don’t like what they see from him. Not that the Kings would get much back in return for Penner, but he wouldn’t be hard to move if need be.

  33. Just think about, Jeff Carter’s contract is small. It may seem not-so right now, but look at how the salary cap has been moving up. Within the next couple of years, Carter’s contract will be small compared to those in his grouping. Production-wise, Carter and Kessel are similar. But once Kessel is nearing the end of his contract, watch him fetch around $7-$8M/yr. Now does Carter’s contract seem big? But the one thing that is bugging about Carter’s contract, it’s the length, and all of the ‘if’s’ around his health issues. Maybe Burke might want to take a look at acquiring Carter, because he is known for picking up those who have previous history of injury, and who maybe heading into career years. Carter could be tht guy, or maybe not. I just hope Burke can pull of more of his trading magic.

  34. Moving Carter, although he has so much upside and is highly skilled… would more than likely cost the Blue Jackets. That ten-year contract is far too long; and would end up CBJ paying by taking additional bad contracts their way, or losing some draft picks.

    If a team plays their cards right, they could really unload on that miserable franchise known as the Columbus Blue Jackets.

  35. You would have to think that howson wouldn’t be allowed to make such move. I mean say miokid is right and no team will take carter unless Columbus takes a bad contract back, howson would have the cost Them couturier voracheck carter and whatever amount of money he has to take back on the bad contract. I don’t see them moving either Nash or carter as howson is on a leash

  36. Penner and Gomez also differ in another way. When Penner sucks he is still big. How bout Penner for Booth nuck fans?

  37. While Penner is a big guy he plays like he’s 5’8″

  38. Move Penner, Stoll, Lewis and Bernier.
    The Kings have too many centers, Bernier is losing value sitting on the bench and we have other guys that can stand in front of the net.
    Get Nash or Carter from Columbus and bring up a goalie from Manchester along with Ethan Moreau.
    Send Hunter and Westgarth back down.

  39. LAKings88:

    There is no way I would trade Carter for Richards.
    Are you crazy?
    Trade Loktionov, Stoll or Bernier for Carter not your second best face-off man and the guy who should be the Captain!!
    While you’re at it move Penner and get another quick skater.
    Parise will be available this summer.
    I’d love to move Doughty for Ryan and Fowler, but Lombardi has hitched his horse to Doughty until he gets fired!!!

  40. Trade Doughty, Scuderi, Mitchell and Penner for Weber, Suter and Tootoo.
    Sign Suter for 4-5 million per and Weber for 6 million per.
    You’d have the best young core of defensemen in the NHL.
    Weber, Suter, Johnson, Martinez, Greene and Voynov.

  41. Trade Doughty, Loktionov, Penner and Bernier for Chara, Raaske and Seguin.

  42. Jason, Chara is way better than Doughty, Seguin is way better than Loktionov and Rask is way better than Bernier oh and Penner is a complete waste. Why on earth would Boston ever consider. I am actually embarassed that I am responding to this ridiculous suggestion. Lyle is there not a stupid trade idea filter on this forum?

  43. Chara is way better?
    Doughty is also about 13 years younger, Chara won’t play out his contract.
    Doughty has 3/19=22, 99 SOG, Ice Time 24:52, Chara has 7/20=27, 135 SOG, Ice Time 25:02.
    Loktionov is a natural center that can pass, Seguin is a shoot first center and they are both young players.
    Bernier and Rask are pretty equal, but thinking Penner would be a good front of the net presence for the powerplay and playoffs.
    If Penner doesn’t pan out let him go after the season.
    It’s called reloading on the fly, I admit Seguin is better right now than Loktionov, but has he peaked?
    I think trading a defenseman 12-13 years younger who is signed long-term and picking up a playoff veteran like Penner and a 1st round goalie that is considered to be a eventual starting goalie is pretty good.
    I guess we don’t share the same opinion.

  44. By the way Kc, other than calling my trade idea stupid you did nothing to disprove my idea!!
    You probably voted for Obama and don’t care about facts either!!!!

  45. Jason , your trades are a bit far fetched and unbalanced. You put way too much value on Doughty. He has shown potential but also that he has a bad attitude , shitty work ethic and held out for money he is not earning this season. If I were a GM I would not go near him , his agent or his contract.
    Penner has power forward size but does not use it to his advantage.
    You must be a Kings fan to have conjured up those 2 trades. Maybe you got too much sun yesterday

    & leave the poiitics out of the hockey talk