NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – July 12, 2012.

Updates on Rick Nash and Shane Doan, plus the Detroit Red Wings might not be part of any major deals this summer.


NHL.COM: Dan Rosen “handicaps” the six possible trade destinations for Columbus Blue Jackets winger Rick Nash, based upon his supposed short list of clubs he’s find acceptable to be dealt to, including what it might take for offers to land him.

Nash to Bruins a pipe dream?

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty dismisses the possibility of the Bruins acquiring Nash, citing the Blue Jackets high asking price and his high salary as the biggest deterrents.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Just because the Bruins are on Nash’s “wish list” doesn’t mean they wish to bring him aboard. As for the other possible destinations, if those teams are interested, they’re also currently under no pressure to acquire him. It’s the off-season, after all, so there’s nothing on the line for those clubs right now.

Sure, it’s possible those clubs could look toward a less expensive option, like Anaheim’s Bobby Ryan (provided he’s available), but only one of those clubs would land him, forcing the others to revisit their interest in Nash, look elsewhere, or stick with their current lineups and hope for the best this season. Don’t expect the Nash situation to be resolved anytime soon. 

USA TODAY: Kevin Allen reports Terry Bross, who represents Phoenix Coyotes UFA winger Shane Doan, claimed 16 teams have contacted him inquiring about his client, while “four or five” have submitted formal offers. He’s also been negotiating with the Coyotes, who are keen to re-sign Doan. There were reports of the Coyotes captain waiting until July 16th to reach a decision on his future, but Bross said “there’s no relevance” to that date.

FOXSPORTS ARIZONA: Craig Morgan, however, reported Bross said on Tuesday, “”I would say if we don’t have an answer by the 16th (of July) it may be time to get serious about listening to other teams’ offers”. He also said Doan isn’t interested in a one-year deal.

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Damian Cristodero reports the Lightning have contacted the Doan camp to express interest, but haven’t received a call back.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If there’s confusion over the July 16th date, it appears to have originated from Bross, though to be fair, perhaps things changed from his comments on Tuesday and those from the following day. The recent news the league is pushing ahead with the sale of the club to the Jamison group, and the Glendale city council’s rejection of an attempt by some locals to have the lease agreement with Jamison put on the November ballot as a referendum could also play a part in Doan’s plans.

DETROIT NEWS: Gregg Krupa reports Red Wings GM Ken Holland is “moving on” after failing to land Zach Parise and Ryan Suter via free agency, and any big moves this summer might come slowly, if at all. It’s possible there could be fewer blockbuster signings than fans expect, but Holland remains confident at some point his club’s tradition, history and commitment of ownership could entice a player of significance to sign with Detroit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I find the perception by some critics the Wings unsuccessful efforts to sign Parise and Suter as a sign they’re no longer a preferred destination for top talent a puzzling one. This year was an unusual one in the UFA market, as the top two free agent players had an opportunity to play together for a team closer to home for big money, a team which has never been a major player in the free agent market until this year. If the Wild hadn’t jumped into the bidding for those two, it’s possible one or both might have signed with the Wings.

It may be premature to point to this summer as the year when the Red Wings went into decline. Sure, the loss of Lidstrom to retirement hurts, and they still need to bolster their offense, but this could be more of a “blip” than the start of a long decline. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the Red Wings over the past decade, it’s not to write them off when a star player retires or departs via free agency.


  1. NASH

    SJ, NYR, or PHI feel like the places that Nash has the best chances of landing out of his 6 teams. I don’t think Pens have the assets that they can/should give up, Detroit would be mostly roster players and they’ve lost too much, and Boston doesn’t want him. I think they clear cut favourite is which ever of those teams is willing to pay the most to get Nash, I believe it could play out like this.

    SJ gets Nash if: The Jackets would like to acquire NHL ready players that help re-tool and keep them competitive.

    PHI gets Nash if: The Jackets want some great projected youth, but is willing to accept less than asking price to get it.

    NYR gets Nash if: The go into desperation mode and are willing to pay a combination of roster, prospects, picks.


    He is staying in Phoenix, I’ve said it since the start and don’t see it changing. Phoenix MAY have to pay more than expected as I am sure the open market is driving his price up.


    I believe Semin will be signed to an NHL club in the next 7 days. Detroit, Pittsburgh, Carolina, or Ottawa are my bets to where he signs.

    • So I am wondering why Ducks aren’t looking at Semin as they are 6-7 million under cap FLOOR, and even if Selanne comes back they need another top six forward.

      Did Semin get along with Boudreau ?

      • Shouldn’t Anaheim be in the running for Doan? They may be further down on his list of preferred destinations, but they should at least be in the conversation purely because of location.

        I’ve also been meaning to get a Ducks fan’s take on the Visnovsky trade. What urgency was there to move out Lubie, especially given the knowledge that they were going to lose Schultz for nothing?

        Regarding Semin, I would think he would want a clean break from Boudreau, just because there were multiple opportunities for Washington to take the next step with that core of players and it never materialized. I still see Detroit as a favourite there, given their need to replace Hudler in the top 6 and losing out on Parise/Suter. Pittsburgh would be the only other viable option I see for Semin to land in, unless they are focusing more on defense and physical forwards.

        • THewes
          The Visnovsky move was just another sign that Boob Murray doesn’t get it. This trade reminded me of the James Wisnowski trade.
          Wisnowski was a decent d-man but wanted too much money, Two years ago in August the Ducks signed him to a 1 year deal at 3.5 to 4 million and BOOB MURRAY immediately traded him to Islanders for a 3rd round pick. Islanders used him for several months and then traded him for a second round pick. Question – why didn’t Murray use him for 1/2 season then trade him at deadline and get more value at the trade deadline ? I see the same thing happening with Visnovsky, Islanders will use him for 1/2 season and when injuries happen and a team needs a d-man or at trading deadline when teams overpay for players – no doubt Islanders will get a#1 OR a #2 and a #3 or something like that.
          Once again Boob screws the Ducks. As for Justin Schultz here is the deal, from what I heard he told Murray that he wanted to play for Ducks as soon as Wisconsin’s season was over. Once that happened and he didn’t sign Murray should have realized that he had been had. Justin would have been paid $$$$ for just playing a few games with Ducks and why would a college kid throw away his first big payday unless he had the bigger picture in mind ? Murray should have realized in APRIL that he had been TAKEN by a college kid and start shopping his rights. Remember a few years ago Tim Exrion would not sign with Calgary and 24 hrs before being a FA he was traded to NYR for (2) #2 picks. Is Boob Murray telling us that he could not get even a third round draft pick from Vancouver or Edmonton or Toronto for a two month exclusive window to try and sign the most hyped up scoring d-man in years ?
          Also the 3rd round pick would be in what most people consider to be a weak draft.
          I could go on and on about good ole Boob and the mistakes he has made.

          • Not to defend Murray to any degree (I agree that he doesn’t seem that competent as a GM), but maybe he WAS shopping Schultz and nobody bit since they knew they could have a chance later without parting with any assets?
            I really question the Visnovsky trade, as I fully imagine any Ducks fans are, since it seems like he could have fetched a much better package from a team like Detroit (to help fill the void left by Lidstrom/Stuart). Now the Ducks are considerably under the salary floor and need to make moves to get within compliance.
            Has the ownership given Murray an internal payroll, or have they been bleeding money as seen in Phoenix or Florida?
            As frustrated as I am with Philadelphia right now, I can only imagine the frustration felt by Ducks fans at this point.

        • We’ll being Doan plays right wing and the Ducks already have Perry and Selanne at right wing…I don’t see the fit.

  2. Reportedly, Howson wants either Seguin or Hamilton included in the package and that’s not happening. I think the Bruins would be interested, but only at the right price. Another confounding situation is that Rask, Seguin, Lucic, and Marchand all have contracts up next summer, so getting Nash would eat too much into next year’s cap space.

    The Bruins are at the limit now, but they could save $9 million by trading Thomas’ rights and putting Savard on LTIR.

  3. Ya I doubt the Bruins would even want Nash anyways (at least at the rumoured prices). They have a pretty solid team (dammit) and I see no reason they would need to go after a player like Nash, specially with like you say DaBroons, all those contracts coming up.

  4. unfortunately the media has nothing to report so every top team available is going to get these free agents. If you look at parise and suter they both have hometown ties in minny plus minny offered them the world and shultz said he wanted to play for a canadian team ONLY, so i am getting tired of hearing noone want’s to play in Detroit when at least 20 other teams tried for the same guys with no luck.

  5. I still see Nash going to the Rangers and a part of me sees Burke doing a deal with Semin because TO needs to make a splash. In my mind, any team that signs Semin will need to do an incentive based contract to see how it goes before locking him into something long term. It might be beneficial to sign a 2 year deal and just extend every other year or so.

  6. For those who grow tired of all free agents/trade bait being linked to Pittsburgh – neither Nash or Semin are players that the Penguins would/should pursue. Doan, however…

    • I disagree about semin. It seems like he wants to really show that he is a great player committed to winning. I hope he signs with the pens, I think it could work out well. CrOsby and Malkins work ethic could help him be reinvented.

      • I disagree with your disagree on Semin. I don’t believe the Penguins would want anything to do with him unless Crosby endorsed him. I don’t see that happening. They are better off saving the cap space for the trade deadline.

        Doan on the other hand would be a nice option for a few years. He would be a fit similar to Guerin.

  7. NASH
    I think Nash stays in Columbus until after the All-Star Break… the game is in Columbus. No way Howsen gets his asking price. Not from any team. I wouldnt trade Seguin straight-up for Nash. I would deal Hamilton, but not Hamilton + a handful of other assets.
    Howsen is smoking crack.

    Will sign in Pittsburgh. I think he would be a great fit with Malkin and Neal on the 2nd line, and he wouldn’t have to play in the corners.

    Ok.. this is getting frustrating. The team is 2 solid players under th floor. How do they want to get there? Allforducks is correct in his evaluation of Boob Murray and his terrible decisions that have rid the team of all defensemen (except for Fowler). This guy needs to go. Who is he ging to go out and get now?
    To get to the floor, he is going to make a stupid decision (to trade a valuable piece like Ryan or Getzlaf) and have to take on a crapload of salary (takin gon no-good players).
    I am afraid of something like:
    To Tor ($5.5M):Getzlaf ($5.5M)
    To Ana ($18.5M): Bozak ($3M), Connolly ($4.5M), Komisarek ($4.5M), MacArthur ($3M), Kadri ($2M), Franson ($1.5)
    (salaries are approx)

    Before you jump all over me:
    -I’m a Ducks fan, not a Leafs fan.
    -Yes this deal is significantly lopsided since Anaheim gets back a bunch of scrap
    -this is why I am afraid… It is the only way to add $10MILLION to your team… maybe not this deal exaclty, but some ridiculous combination of garbage going to the Ducks

    Either that, or he has to trade away picks for guys like MacArthur that will up his team payroll. And… for a team looking to get a top-10 pick again this year, that would be even more stupid than the proposed trade!

    This really scares me.

    • NikK
      Well there is always the hope that the Kings will move to Anaheim ( Sacramento Kings of NBA)
      Can’t believe I said that

    • If the Ducks Boob Murray is really that bad, here is an easy way to get $10 million (and pay less in actual cash)….trade some broken stick to Montreal for Gomez and Bourque….problem, solve! Get that second line center the Ducks need and a replacement for Blake….LOL

  8. This Nash situation is silly because everyone knows Scott Howson overvalues the player; he may as well keep him. Face it, he got screwed the same way Heatley screwed Ottawa. He bolts for a forward on a massive decline and a fringe second liner, and what Nash will go for to the Rangers or Philadelphia won’t be that much because the other teams don’t have/won’t give up the players that Howson wants.

    I remember all this horse doodoo about Howsen getting more at the draft/off season. Clearly that wasn’t the case! I think he could have taken advantage of New York at the deadline but didn’t and now New York is offering less. Howsen’s sinking in quicksand and he’s not going to win this one.

  9. 1) Steve: Semin is too young to get an “incentive” contract. Only for rookies and over 35. Besides his agent, Gandler won’t accept anything but top $$ for Semin who can get 10 mil to stay in Russia to play
    2) Doan is not going anywhere!
    3) Nash to the Rangers is probably the most liklely scenario. As soon as Howson realizes his prices are too high the deal will get done
    4) Ryan goes to the caps for Mike Green+ other asset(s)

    • Faux:
      1) Agreed that Gandler will get top dollar for his guy, wherever he goes, but isn’t that his job? Apparently, Semin would like to stay in the NHL, but we’ll see if there’s mutual interest in him.
      2) We’ll see with Doan. If there aren’t any assurances that the Phoenix organization is staying put by his self-imposed deadline, I fully expect that he will start seriously considering offers from other teams in the West, with a great deal of leaning towards teams in the Southwest US.
      3) Who knows where he’ll land, but I too highly doubt that Howson gets his asking price.
      4) I’ve heard this before, and I could definitely see it happening, but… didn’t Anaheim just trade an offensive defenseman for considerably less than market value? *Waits for alforducks to chime in…*

      • OK Al for Ducks will chime in.
        History of a Boob Murray trade.
        Wants a younger d-man to help take over for soon to depart Chris Pronger and Scott Nedemeyer so he Trades Chris Kunitz and a hot prospect ( at time )Eric Tangradi for Ryan Whitney. Opps
        I need more offense so he trades a young Whitney + 7th round pick for a old Visnovsky.
        But wait two years later Visnovsky is too old, wants to get more defense on back line.
        He trades Visnovsky for 2013 2nd round pick

        So he really traded Chris Kunitz and Eric Tangradi for Islanders 2013 2nd round draft pick. Don’t be surprised if he trades the Islanders 2nd 2013 draft pick to Toronto for Leafs 2020 seventh round pick and tosses in Bobby Ryan just to be nice.

    • Ryan for Green????? I am waiting for the Duck fans to rip you a new one. As much as I would love to see the Ducks get taken in that deal, there is no way Murray is that stupid to take an injury riddled one dimensional d man for Ryan is he? If the deal does go down I would hope that the ++ is huge.

      • But Green is Boudreaus boy?! They were meant to be together… it’s the Caps/Ducks connection! Duh?!

    • Even though Semin is too young, I think if he wants to stay in the NHL, he will have to give up something and I can see him giving in to incentives for a year in order to raise his value. Yes, he can play in the KHL, but there is somethin to be said of playing with and against the best and having the potential to hoist the SC. Thing is, if Semin’s value was high, he would have signed with someone by now – perhaps all teams are holding off to see where Nash and Doan end up, then we’ll hear that things will happen after Wellwood, Moore and Arnott, et al sign. Thing with Semin is that there are real questions about his effort or lack thereof and I think he’s gonna have to have a “show me” year.

  10. Sportsnet.ca has an article on bernier demanding a trade. Saying he wants to be closer to home by training camp. Could that be edmonton, toronto? Don’t see columbus or tampa being interested as they just picked up young high potential goalies.
    Nash- I’m starting not to care anymore. Its dragged on so long its kind of lost its lusture.
    Ryan – haven’t heard anything on him being traded for a couple weeks but anahiem does need to take on some more salary even with selanne’s signing. I don’t see the trade being as bad as proposed above but yes something to that extent.

  11. The Bruins need to do something or are they just thinking getting bounced in the first round was a fluke? I’m not saying give up the farm for Nash I would rather see Ryan anyways but to sit back an do nothing while the rest of the east is improving means probably another first round exit

  12. Not only did the Bruins get bounced, they got bounced by the team that got bounced by the next team that got bounced by the next team that got bounced by the Stanley Cup winners.

    That’s like the ultimate playoff embarrassment right there.

    In all seriousness, they’ll be back in it next year. They’ll probably bring in a rookie or two and test them out. They don’t need to make any panic moves.

  13. Scott Howson really looks like the dullest knife in the drawer at this point.I believe Nash begins the season in Columbus and will not go anywhere until next February when the Jackets are out of the playoffs again.That is if there is a season to begin with.

  14. @ MJR 1: Agreed in general…tha real question for the Bruins is how Rask plays (assuming Thomas stays out).

    @Wensick: Agreed…although he could end up looking even duller if Nash gets really sick of this delay and decides to sit out to force a trade. At that point will be deperate and really have to drop his ask.

  15. Agree with the comments above.
    Howson isn’t getting any young rising star for a overpriced declining veteran.
    Seguin will be better agree wouldn’t swap them straight up.
    Hamilton would be the #1 overall this year if it was his draft year.So I wouldn’t trade him for Nash straight up either.
    From Boston he would have to settle for Krejci,Thomas to take our cap hit away,maybe Horton and a first rounder or top prospect like Spooner or Knight.
    But I wouldn’t even do that.
    He won’t be moved until Howson realizes this.

  16. Habsfan1
    Nice thought he could pull a Thomas and say he’s sitting out.
    Not sure he wants to lose out on millions though.

    • he will only looses money for the time he is out and can come back at any point, so he does not necessarily have to loose millions…but I take your point.

  17. I think your going to see a trend that will continue for some time and that is overpaid players will not bring much back in return when traded. A good hockey trade is one thing but Nash and Luongo are prime examples of what happens when someone is overpaid. People who think Nash is dominant better look again as he hasn’t been in CBJ and he wasn’t as a member of Team Canada. Maybe thats why Howson isn’t getting what he is asking. GMs with overpaid players over value them ( goes together wouldn’t you say ) and no one else will pay that much for them. You think Kovy will be moved from NJ anytime soon ?
    Also with everyone over valuing their prospects, a Nash type deal is hard to make. Seguin is not Gretzky ( even he was traded I know ) and Hamilton is not Orr. Seguin plays out to be a Ron Francis type and Hamilton is unknown. Someone said he’d be # 1 in this draft, I don’t think so. Top 5 most likely but not all of the top 5 work out. ( Thomas Hickey we are waiting )
    I would love to see things happening but it’s tough to sell these guys esp. in a cap world.

    • I agree. I think GMs are going to start asking for consideration for lost cap space, either getting picks bundeled in or as you say, lower asks.

  18. Problem with Boston for Nash is that they already have a solid first line (Marchand, Bergeron, Seguin) that was a +how much last year? 34, 36, 31. They don’t need a first liner and getting Nash (trading away pieces) would be overkill. They could pretty much use a 20 goal scorer maybe, not Rick Nash magnitude.

  19. the wings needs to add another dman , not sure who is available on the market . i think kronwall will have a huge year not playing in lidstrom s shadow .maybe they might go the trade route . gunnarsson of the leafs would be a good fit and i think he could flourish in their system ( wouldnt hurt playing with many countrymen, comfort zone would help his development ) .
    leafs arent that deep on defense now that they traded schenn but if they could pickup a guy like abdelkader who plays with some grit and more like carlyles style they might make that deal . abdelkader would look good with grabo .
    this is no blockbuster trade thats for sure but these two 25 yr olds could both benefit with a change .

  20. How come so many people on here seem to think that a team looking at Nash should be getting him for a bag of pucksm a third liner and a couple of almost stars. I want Shea Weber and I’m willing to give you Dave Semenko, Mike Liut, Rob Ramage and a 3rd round pick. Give me a break. Gretzky for Stan Smyl straight up.


    nobody is saying they want Rick Nash for a bag of pucks. What everyone is saying is we wouldnt trade our gold or silver for Rick Nash… so we would rather not take him at all.

    He is a good player- not a great player, and at a $7.8M cap hit, not worth dismantling your whole team for.

  22. They are out there…………..ISLANDER FANS.

  23. Last of the TRUE dynasties. 4 in a row back a lonnnnggg time ago. We will rise again from the ashes in a short while if we can rid ourselves or DP.

    As for Nash, he is a great player not just a good player. I would choose him over any of the free agents of this past year and a couple of them signed for more than Nash did.