NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – July 14, 2012.

Latest on Rick Nash, Jonathan Bernier, Shane Doan, Alexander Semin, Bobby Ryan, and Shea Weber.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson is still trying to trade Rick Nash but things have been quiet in recent days. Howson has, however, reportedly contacted the LA Kings regarding their backup goalie Jonathan Bernier, who has requested a trade.

TSN.CA: Howson told TSN’s Gino Reda he’s seeking a couple of NHL-ready forwards in return for Nash, and denied speculation he’d contacted the Kings regarding Bernier, pointing out he recently acquired Sergei Bobrovsky from the Flyers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So for about a day, it appeared there was a bit of trade rumor excitement regarding the Jackets and Bernier. It’s apparent, however,  Howson will go with Bobrovsky and Steve Mason as his tandem next season. As for Nash, there’s no rush for Howson to move him, nor any pressure on the interested teams to meet Howson’s asking price. This could drag on into September.

Big money offer for Doan from Eastern team?

CBSSPORTS: Brian Stubits cited a report claiming Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan has received a four-year, $30 million offer from an Eastern Conference team.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Chris Kuc reports Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman confirmed he’d inquired about Doan. Bowman also declined to comment on speculation he had interest in Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo, as he cannot comment on players under contract with other teams lest he violate the league’s anti-tampering rules.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It remains to be seen if there’s anything to that reported offer for Doan, but it certainly stirred up reaction on the Twittersphere. Sure, it’s too much money for a 35-year-old player on the downside of his career, but honestly, it wouldn’t shock me if that offer was legit. Never underestimate the ability of an NHL GM to overpay for free agents, especially in a thin market like this summer’s.

NATIONAL POST: Michael Traikos on the bad reputation which dogs former Capitals winger Alexander Semin and its impact upon his free agent value.

EXAMINER.COM: Jim Diamond suggests the NHL’s opening proposal in CBA negotiations with the NHLPA can’t be good news for Nashville Predators captain Shea Weber, for their implementation would seriously affect his next contract.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty believes there’s plenty of reasons why a David Krejci and a first round pick for Bobby Ryan trade (as suggested by another reporter) would make sense for the Boston Bruins and Anaheim Ducks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Ducks are shopping Ryan, they could get better offers from other clubs. I think this deal would favor the Bruins.  Things have been quiet of late on the Ryan trade rumor front, though that doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t any trade discussions going on. The perception now is teams are waiting to see what happens with Shane Doan before proceeding, but of course, we heard the same thing about how the Zach Parise and Ryan Suter signings would open up the trade market.


  1. I sure hope someone signs Doan for 7.5 per…that would be the best contract ever!

    • For him yes, for the team dumb enough to do it. I would say worst signing ever.

      • Not even close to be the worst signing ever if it happen.

  2. Doan will stay in Phoenix now that things are more settled.

    If Nash wanted to leave CBJ so badly, then he shouldn’t have signed such a long-term deal. He could have been a UFA by this point.

    Krejci and a 1st is fair value for Ryan.

    The first thing I thought of aboot the new CBA is that Weber had better sign now and not later.

    • While a Bruins #1 and Krejci for Ryan might seem fair it makes no sense for Ducks. Ducks need goal scorers not set up centers. They have one in Getzlaf. Once Selanne retires they will be left with only two top six goal scoring wings in Perry & Ryan. If you have Getzlaf centering for Perry, who will Krejci be centering for ? Keep Ryan. Resign Perry and trade Getzlaf for a decent passing center and a First round pick and a second round pick. Ducks will have to over pay to keep Getzlaf, DON’T – Trade him now and start the rebuild

  3. Krejci and a 1st is more than fair for Ryan.

    • That’s a joke … the #1 pick will be very low … plus, a bottom 6 like Krejci? Even Bob Murray isn’t dumb enough to do that deal.

  4. As a Leafs fan, I really hope it was the Leafs who offered Doan that huge contract. Were way below the salary cap, dont have too many guys in line for large raises within the coming years, and need to overspend because nobody will come play for our shitty team. So in sight of reality, it would take a contract offer like that to get Doan to even consider Toronto… and I hope they make that offer, and ship out some wingers/centremen for goaltending or center help.

    • The problem with Toronto is the media. You guys rag on every little thing that’s hockey. It puts to much pressure on the players there. And if your a player and you slump or aren’t playing well you don’t want to read it on every news stand. It effects your moral. And your team. Some players don’t want that kind of pressure and I think avoid Toronto and Montreal because of it.

      • Well said Manuel, have to agree. The organisations are ine and so are the ans (for the most part) but the media and in Quebec the politicians, are horrendous.

        • Wow, What happened to my ‘F’ key? fine and fans…

    • I would like to say Toronto also, but I have a feeling it might be the Sabres – signing Doan would bring to the Sabres a few of the qualities we have been missing since Drury, Briere and Grier left – leadership and grit. Interestingly, I think we could find the same qualities in a player by making a trade of Vanek or Stafford for someone like Pavelski, Penner or Cammerelli.

  5. NASH

    There is something deeper than just a simple trade request from Nash at that time ..something happened that we arent privy to ..the Carter deal went sour the team has only played 4 playoff games in exsistance, they have gone through to many coaches in a short span of time, different systems all the time…..the goaltending has been horendous… half the team has now been traded away…for the better I might add…I think Howson promised to much other than money to Nash as to building a contending team and didnt deliver …and Nash had just had it and I have a feeling the Carter deal saga caused a big negative blow up between Nash and Howson and Nash just came out and said heck with it …Iam out…whcy iam doing this wasting away my career!!
    He will get his wish in the end and most likely will be a hold out if he doesnt get traded!


    This is a scenario that really breaks down to who are you a bigger fan of ….literaly …. as both players are sooo similar in style of play..Kreji was a huge standout to former NHL stars who watched there run 2 years ago..hes a very smart player gifted and plays a well rounded game …

    Ryan is pretty much a carbon copy except for MAYBE a slight degree of better hands infront of the net all alone ….Id dare to say out loud (here )….that I would not give up a first and Kreji for Ryan …you would essentially loose a first rounder for the same player back IMO
    Unless you are looking to change the dynamics of the dressing room …I see no major holes with the BRuins ..they will compete for the Cup this year again and be back with a vegence …and should be one of the Cup favorites IMO once again …however they dont have Tim Thomas which is a HUGE hole to win the cup again IMO
    Not sure Rask has that capability!
    Hes good ….but he has to be the best in the league to make it happen!


    I think this is an awesome underlying story and chess match between three great GMs Bowman Talon and Gillis ..they are playing a GREAT game of poker here and you have to wander if there is a 3 way deal in the works once thye have the team in place they want to move forward with and add Luong as the cherry on top !!
    Each team has a myraid of players to swap to make the deal work out including 5 really good Goalies to move around and young stars and prospects!
    In the end Luongo will get what he wants!


    Money is not the major issue here its location and a desire to play for a stable franchise & at some point in his career ( SOON ) have a crack to win the cup …simple !

  6. @ SEAN….

    Hi Sean …Iam a L:eaf fan as well and have posted nothing but negative comments about the Leafs here which IMO is pretty much how I see it …….BUT I hate to say this to you my friend ..DO NOT expect any UFA signings with the leafs ….they arent any where close to being a contedning team for anyone of quality to want to join that patch work of a hockey team …Burke has blown it at every level and missed out on a great crop of gritty quality players in this years UFA pool and is having a hard time attracting anyone to play there …except for maybe Dominik Hasek …at last resort …LMAO !

  7. I don’t get how people are saying Doan is on the “downside of his career” of his career when he’s still putting up numbers pretty close to his best years. He’s getting close to retirment yes, but still putting up good numbers.

    He wouldn’t be the first player to finish his career strong. He’s always in top shape come training camp.

    But 7.5 is way too much. I would say he gets 4.5 – 5.5. And thats because he brings so much more to the table then just points. A team that is starving for his type of leadership should pay top dollar on a two year contract.

  8. I’ve been the main preacher of Doan staying with the Coyotes. But that contract (if true) is a $3 million/year raise over what he was getting and I think the ‘Yotes maybe able to offer $5.5 at max. $10 million over the course of 4 years is a pretty big salary difference and that is if the ‘Yotes can even offer him a four year deal! I know money isn’t everything … but damn that is a lot to turn down. (Carolina or Pitts are my guesses on who offered it).

  9. Doan for $30 million won’t be the Habs as they still need to sign Suban and there won’t be any money left to do anything. Unless Gomez contract is gone

    • or Bourque and Kaberle….

  10. If that Doan offer was legit, it wouldn’t surprise me if the team involved was one that might not be looked at as a desirable destination for players at this time. A lot like the Souray splash Edmonton tried to make in order to show a big named player willing to sign in a perceived undesirable local.

  11. Will Philly pull the trigger on a top pairing D-man this offseason? They need one…forget Nash…it’s not a need

  12. I don’t think Krejci and Ryan are the same type of player. I would not do that trade if I was Anaheim.

    When the rumoured trade for Ryan from the Flyers is:

    Voracek, Read, Bourdon and a draft pick, Krejci and a first is not even close.

    Ryan does not have the injury history that Krejci has, and in my opinion, is far more consistent

  13. @ Slap & Shot


    Nash isn’t the type of player to hold out to be traded. He will get his wish before the new CBA comes into effect. Hopefully there is a season this season otherwise the trade talks could go well into November December areas. Howson has really two options

    1) Trade Nash for the price that he wants. Someone in the NHL will cave and pay the price that Howson is seeking. A player like Nash is pretty rare these days. (If the price does become lower it won’t be by much.)

    2) Keep him and ultimately get the 1st overall or 2nd overall pick in next years draft.


    I believe that Ryan has more offensive upside then Krejci. 1st and Krejci for Ryan seems pretty fair IMO.

    Tim Thomas sucked donkey balls last season. And isn’t the same player he used to be while winning those 2 Vezina trophies. Tim Thomas is simply done. If he does comeback best case scenario would be if becomes an average goalie. At his age he won’t be doing to much. Rask is much better and will take the Bruins to playoffs and they still will remain contenders.




    He did have the opportunity last season but fell short to the hot LA KIngs. If Whitney would’ve stayed in Phoenix I’d say that they’ve still have a chance but not no more. If they can get ownership sorted out he will stay in Phoenix no matter what. Steady ownership can bring in some good players. I’m just waiting until July 16th to see if that date does have any signficance. If it does he will be playing elsewhere. He doesn’t have to much “impact” left in him but he’s a great leader and would bring great qualities to any team that signs him.

  14. It’s been rumoured that the offer to Doan came from the Islanders as they have to get to the cap floor.

    If Howson does not get what he wants from the 6 teams on Nash’s list — then Nash has the option of playing in Columbus until those teams give in… or he expands his list. This is going to drag on and on and on.

    • I think if it is legit it came from the Islanders as well.

      I see Nash sitting out until he is dealt.

  15. @ JES

    Tim Thomas has had amazing NHL career and may have solidifide his place in the hall of fame with the records he has broken save percentage his vezina and stanley cup ..he has been the top 3 goalies in the world since he has entered the NHL and can carry a team to the cup with a strong performance again with no issues if he is healthy!
    you cant take that away from him and he has not shown that he is on a slide by any means …hes just a little older than most thats all!


    Kreji and Ryan are only 15 points apart and dont see how giving up a first for Bobby ryan would be beneficial and loosing out on a highly sought after commodity in a very talented Center man for a winger and also loose a first rounder …if anything …right now teams are willing to give up a 1st rounder and a second line center for a top 2 center man not the other way around !!!

    If anything id keep Kreji and try and move out Nathan Horton and a prospect like Knight or Hamilton or Caron for Ryan and keep a gifted center who plays a very well rounded two way game to play with Ryan ..

    A top Center with Krejis ability is a harder postion to fill after he is gone !!


    This is a player that can help a team on the cusp of being a 100% legit stanley Cup contender make it all the way …this guy has at least 3 solid years of giving you everything he has to push a team over the hump ..hes declinimng in numbers over the last 3 years but his leadreship and timely goals and heads up play all over the ice are invaluable to a team such as Detroit …Los Angeles ….San Jose or even better The Minnesota Wild ..special players do speacial things when called upon …when you stick him into the mix of quality it takes the preasure off him to be THE MANN all the time and spread around the goods ..and this is where he can be a huge asset!!

    • @ Slap

      Tim Thomas won’t make the hall of fame. He only has 196 career wins.

      He was almost traded 3 years ago and replaced by Rask.

      He has had stellar years but not a stellar career.

      • He’ll be at the back of long line of goalies waiting to get in with his career numbers. Thats what the hall is based on , career numbers. Not 1,2, or 3 good years.

        Mike Vernon
        Tom Barrasso
        Andy Moog
        Ron Hextall
        Chris Osgood

        And thats the goalies fromm the last 10-15 years.

        I think he’ll never get in.

    • you like krejci way too much… i rather have a healthy savard then krejci… and krejci is better then most of the people on philly. all you guys have is claude thats it.. Hartnell was only good because of claude…. AND GIVING UP HAMILTON IS THE STUPIDEST THING YOU HAVE EVER SAID!!!!!

  16. @ JES

    Teams are looking to give up a top 2 winger and a first rounder for a top 2 center man not the other way around …my mistake !

  17. I agree they all say build your team down the middle. I dont think you can have too many good young centers. I do like Ryan but I would wait to see how Hortons head makes out. Dont give up two hockey players for one.

  18. On Krejci and Ryan – What Alforducks said +1

    On Doan 30 million $ reported offer. To Leafs – I would love to see it. If deal is 7.5 per year with 7.5 cap hit over 4 years it could be them.(LOL) Can you think of a better leader to bring in to a team that has expressed a need to surround their young captain with other strong leaders? They need to save any trade bait they have (none to good depending on who you agree with)to help land a goalie or a top flight centre.As for a contending team for Doan to join, a 4 year deal means it does not have to be this year.Who knows what any team will look like in 4 years, or what can happen.Most people had gift wrapped the cup for the Penguins this past season.

    Doan to Islanders? – Could be. Buffalo? They need size and grit up front, and Pegulis loves to empty his wallet, so maybe.

    However if I had to make a wager, I say the offer came from Philadelphia. They need to replace Jagr, and if Pronger does not return you have a new Captain for 4 years to mentor and guide both Schenns, Reid, Giroux etc, which allows Giroux or whomever to grow into the role after Doan is done. No need to push him.They have the cap space right now, and even more if Pronger goes on LTIR.

    All of these destinations are far from Phoenix. But 7.5 million a year represents a 3 million dollar raise that he can blow on private Jet rentals to fly the family to his games.

    Besides, if he plays for my Leafs, the season ends in April…(LOL)!

    • Murph, I understand what you are saying, but I think Philly needs a D man more than they need leadership and grit – they already have that with Briere, Hartnell and Giroux to name a few. Plus don’t they only have $7-8MM in cap space – doesn’t leave much wiggle room unless Pronger is coming off the books.

      Buffalo has over $10MM in cap space and I hear they have been courting Doan. Bflo is a good place to raise your kids, you get more bang for your buck and he would fulfill the attributes that Bflo has been lacking – leadership, grit and the “will to win”. Also, if Doan signs with Bflo, it will give the Sabres the opportunity to trade some of our other asset.

  19. @ Murph

    The Ducks shouldnt need more scoring ..Selanne… Perry Getzlaf …Bobby Ryan… Koivu ..Cam Fowler added Souray to the power play …plus Kreji is almost a point per production as Bobby Ryan they are only a few points from each other in there respective careers…They shouldnt be subtracting but rather adding …something like a Hemsky ..Semin ..they passed on PA Parenteau which would have been excellent …I agree on the Getzlaf trade to re tool for sure if you can get prospect and a proven player and draft pick out of the deal 1 guy via trade can help long term ! I just doent see what happened here Stanley Cup Champs ..league MVP …Selanne and Koivu for leadership and very good point production for there age!

    I thought last week a good scenario for the Ducks might be:

    Trade Bobby Ryan for Pat Kane straight up

    Saku Koivu , Smith Pelley and Smaby and a second for

    Gagner, Smid and Hemsky .

    Re unite Kane and Cogliano with Gagner Kane and Gagner (scoring) younger faster team

    Hemsky with Perry and Getzlaf

    Edmonto gets Leadership a young stud and a big body on d that they want and need .

    Chicago gets Ryan to play with Toews and Sharp

    win win !

    • Saku Koivu , Smith Pelley and Smaby and a second for

      Gagner, Smid and Hemsky .

      I threw up in my mouth after reading that proposal …

  20. I also think the krejci for Ryan swap sounds fair.
    But being a bruins fan wouldn’t do that deal also wouldn’t move Hamilton.
    Bruins are stacked at center and Seguin needs to be a center.
    Would move Krejci for Nash but not Ryan.

    • nash is too much money where as ryan is younger and makes the same as krejci…Hamilton isn’t being traded.

      every one in boston would do krejci and 1st for bobby ryan except you

  21. Tim Thomas in the Hall Of Fame? I’m a Bruins fan, but he won’t get in. He really only had two great seasons, that’s about it

  22. I would say Thomasd gets in ..for what he did in such a short span of time …his numbres are some of the best ever to play the game ..that says loads ….plus he won everything he could to warrant that …Sundin is going and didnt win a cup a hart or anything else except has the most points as a leaf all time good accomplishment but not close to Tim Thomas and his efforts especially as a Goalie hardest postion to play in the game!

    Most goalies in the Hall only really had a couple of good all time great seasons any ways it was what they accomplished with in that window not the whole body of work as it may be not great at one end or the other …but Thomas is definitely worthy ….truly believe that regardless of his antics …
    he played some of the most unreal goaltending ever in history in a short period of time ….I am a goaltender what he did was unreal !

    It looks easy from here but only 60 goalies get to play in the NHL most every year and only 10 or less are true #1 starters and almost 99% never break records like an unbelievable win percentage and save percetage vezinas and stanley cup and conn smythe ….that statistic is stagering world wide where the pool of goalies comes from ……….really it is !

    • Hextall isn’t even in the hall.

  23. I think the reason we are hearing the Krejci for Ryan trade scenarios are based on the fact that pundits have Ryan on the block and the Bruins need a scoring winger. The bruins also are log jammed at center and can afford to move one. Add the fact that rumors have been saying the ducks are looking for a 2nd line center and it makes even more sense.

    I’m a Bruins fan and I think Krejci and a 1st for Bobby Ryan is fair. It addresses a need for both teams, if the ducks are indeed looking for a center. The Bruins need a scoring winger. Ryan has plenty of upside and can fill that role. krejci is a proven performer at center, although I feel Ryan has more long term potential, hence the addition of the first round pick to the deal.

    I am not sure I agree with the person who posted Something about Krejci being injury prone. He did have a hip injury which require end of the year surgery one year and broke his wrist in the playoffs another. But he came back strong after both.

  24. Panthers could of been the one’s who offered Doan the large contract. For all of the hype that surrounds GM Tallon, he’s hasn’t been shy when it comes to handing bloated contracts to veterans.

  25. While Tim Thomas is a good goaltender, don’t forget he had a really good d in front of him. Put him on a weak defensive team and I believe he would be only average. Yes he has accomplished much and doesn’t have anything else to prove so I don’t think his head is totally into the game anymore. He knows this and thus is taking the year off to decide whether he wants to keep playing. Though I appreciate his convictions and willingness to carry them out I’m not convinced he wouldn’t be a distraction as he doesn’t sem to be a 100% team guy.

    Kreji is a good player, but if I had my choice I would pick Ryan over him hands down. Perhaps it was due to injuries but Kreji seemed to drop down several notches last season and even though he is only a year older than Ryan doesn’t appear to be on the upswing of his career like Ryan is. If Anaheim was to trade Ryan to the Bruins they would need more in return than Kreji and a first. First because of what I said above but also because the first round pick would most likely be in the 22, 23 to 30 range. Anaheim would most likely be looking at Marchand, Thornton, and a 2nd or 3rd. Boston would most likely balk at this. So sorry bruin fans Ryan is not coming to bean town. Also, IMO the ducks wouldn’t give Ryan straight across for Kane and neither would I if I ran the ducks.

    The team offering Doan that contract could be almost any eastern team, though I doubt it would be the penguins, bruins, leafs, … The team who could really use him would be Washington. Even though they have high caliber forwards they are in dire need of some charcter in the dressing room. There is no way in hell he is worth 7.5 mil a season but for a team in need of a leader such as Washington they just might be willing to pay.

    Slap & Shot me thinks you need your own blog,lol

  26. Krejci and a 1st for Ryan more than fair value. Points totals are similar but obviously two totally different kind of players. I also wouldn’t say after this year when/if Selanne retires there wouldn’t be any decent 2nd line wingers on the team to play with Krejci if he went to the ducks. Etem is going to be a good goal scorer maybe a couple years away but he’ll get there. Anaheim needs a 2nd line center more than anything else right now here it is Bruins can serve that up for them. And I can enjoy watching Seguin centering Ryan for the next 10 years. Make it happen Chiarelli.

  27. if the ducks and bruins were to make a trade, krejci is not a bad return ,but the bruins would have to sweeten the deal to outbid other offers. maybe a dman like mcQuaid would get them to accept that deal .
    mcQuaid could take on more minutes in anaheim and krejci slots in as 2nd line center.
    bruins move sequin to # 1 center in between lucic and horton( if he ever gets healthy)and free up more playing time for hamilton . bergeron marchand and ryan could end up as the 1st line

  28. I just hope it’s not my Rangers offering him that kind of money. he’s freakin 36..not 26

  29. The NYI are the ony team that would be foolish enough to offer Doan that kind of cash. They are so close to the cap basement it would actually benefit them. Doan will be a great pickup for a cup contender in 3 yrs for 1-3mil. (like recchi to Boston). Until then…pass.

    Anaheim won’t move Ryan for Krejci and a 1st. No chance. 30+ goal scorer every season in the league. Krejci has tremendous upside too so Boston would also be taking a risk. Anaheim wants a second line center to play behind getzlaf though, maybe if Boston threw in Caron as well, a young defensive forward it might get done. Boston needs to focus on improving that league worst ad embarrassing power play. Singlehandedly put them out first round last year.

    • Dave-

      That would be fine by me Krejci a 1st and Caron for Ryan I’d do that deal in a heartbeat also. Don’t believe Caron will end up to be much.

    I agree that the Ducks should trade Getzlaf for a boatload and start (start now becasue Murray has destroyed the team) the rebuild. I’d hate to give up my best player, but you can still build around Perry, Hiller, Fowler and some decent youth they’ve brought in. I’d deal him for higher end prospects and picks.

    Krejci is an excellent player, so him and ryan are essentially a wash- but totally different players. I think it becomes irrelevant to trade Ryan if you trade Getzlaf (who will not resign in Anaheim next summer). I really don’t see Ryan as having more value than Krejci.. he’s a centre and has had good point totals, esspecially in the playoffs. Good centres are hard to find, and he is a very good #2, decent #1 guy.

    This story is getting old. Make a trade already. everyone is sut posturing at this point, and I think a deal is going to be made before the start of the season with the Panters.

    See above, this story is getting old. I have said for a couple of weeks now that I don’t think he will be dealt bfore the all star game in Columbus. Howsen will definitaly not get what he wants (not now, not in August, not in December, not in February). In my opinion, they should move him now.. they can probably get two roster players and a prospect. That’s far more than fair. You don’t want this story line distracting your team from day-1 of camp. It’s not a good team situation.

    I said that he **might** go to an Eastern team if they significatnly overpay. $7.5M a year is overpaying- and we all know it. If this team is anyone other than Toronto, it’s a huge mistake. It would be a great move for the Leafs if they overpaid to bring in Doan who adds leadership and credibility to a team in desperate need of both. If this deal was offered by them, this is a smart move to turn the culture of the team and hopefully be able to attract other free agents.

  31. Hmmmm..Doan is 35..going on 36 in October..got maybe 2 years left in the tank and then done like dinner..Sign him for only 2 years at whatever market will bear..after that..who knows

    • that is also what they said about Selanne, 7 years ago

  32. Too many people think they’re Bob McKenzie these days.