NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – July 18, 2012.

Updates on Shane Doan, Alexander Semin and Rick Nash, dismissing a “Luongo-for-Bolland” rumor, and more.

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Sarah McLellan reports Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan may be receiving contract offers from other clubs, but isn’t in any hurry making a decision where he’ll play this season. Coyotes GM Don Maloney suggested it might take weeks for Doan to reach a decision, but the Coyotes don’t mind waiting.

TVA SPORTS: Louis-Andre Lariviere reports the uncertainty over the sale of the Coyotes might force Doan to consider moving on by next week. His agent listed the Pittsburgh Penguins among the front-runners. Lariviere also suggested the Montreal Canadiens could be a plausible option, as Doan and Habs goalie Carey Price are cousins.

Semin seeking too much money?

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance examined the reasons why it’s taking so long for Doan and former Washington Capitals winger Alexander Semin under contract. For Doan, the obvious reason is his desire to re-sign with the Coyotes, which one unnamed NHL GM feels 90 percent certain will happen once the ownership situation is resolved.  As for Semin, the problem appears to be he wants too much money. It’s possible his fate could be tied to Doan’s, as it could take the latter coming off the market to increase interest in the former Capital.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Essentially, nothing’s changed. There’s considerable interest in Doan but he appears willing to wait on the Coyotes, while there’s some interest in Semin, but he’ll have to lower his contract expectations. Doesn’t appear there’s any end in sight for these two.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports a source claiming the Detroit Red Wings made ” a hell of an offer” to the Columbus Blue Jackets for right wing Rick Nash, but it failed to generate a conversation, leading to speculation Blue Jackets management don’t want to deal Nash to a division rival like the Wings. It’s unknown what the Wings offered, leading Khan to speculate  either Johan Franzen or Valtteri Filppula might have been part of it.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It could be the Blue Jackets simply didn’t get an offer they felt warranted a response. Whatever the reason, this is expected to drag on into the fall, and it’s anyone’s guess which of the six teams on Nash’s wish list (the Red Wings are on it) he’ll be dealt to.

ESPN.COM: Jesse Rogers recently dismissed a rumor out of the Vancouver media claiming the Chicago Blackhawks offered up center Dave Bolland for Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo.

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Kevin Kurz reports the San Jose Sharks still lack secondary scoring, and believes it’s “increasingly unlikely” they’ll land either Rick Nash, Shane Doan or Alexander Semin.


  1. Give me a break Doan..just pick a team already and move on.Annoying as hell.

  2. The Penguins??? Please don’t go there.That entire State in a joke! You’ve got the flyers – dirtiest team in league and idiotic fans – see winter classic idiots on youtube, you’ve got Penn State and the molestors – see “Joe PA”. And of course you’ve got the cheating Penguins – see Mario

    • Good argument, really shows your maturity level. Because of the Sandusky situation the whole state is bad? Yeah, I guess that is fair. And honestly, the Pens don’t cheat, and there are plenty of more annoying fans than the Flyers (that is as nice as I will get). You probably live in Detroit. I’m not even going to comment on that city.

      • Yeah ok Jose, you preach maturity and then go down to bash Detroit…real mature and classy yourself there guy…

    • As a resident of PA, I take offense. This state has many great hockey fans, and yes, some people cross the line. I know countless Flyers, and Penguins fans and they are all extremely passionate about their teams like any Canadian would be. Yes, their are some drunken numbskulls that spoil it for all, but they are no way indicative of the whole of the fan base. The Hershey Bears are the greatest AHL franchise in the history of the league, and part of the reason they have been so great is because of the fan support. You can take your petty hate and crawl back under the rock you crawled out from.

  3. Giroux in Philly needs a winger!

    • Yes he does! Bobby Ryan’s a perfect fit. Four centers on the team right now..make Schenn/Couts a center piece for a trade with the Ducks..but obviously not both

    • Yes he does! Bobby Ryan comes to mind, imo, a perfect fit in Philly. The Flyers are already deep at center with four on the roster in Giroux, Briere, Scheen, and Couturier..you could even add Talbot in there. Use one of Scheen/Couturier in a trade with Anahiem along wither other pieces and the deal works for both.

  4. Why don’t those teams that want to reach the cap floor, snag up Semin? Sure he isn’t the most consistant goal scorer, but he sure as hell do just that…score. Give him what he wants, and if it doesn’t pan out, next years off season, can be had for a good UFA. So teams like Nashville, Phoenix, Islanders, Florida, St. Louis etc., should try to land him. They don’t have anything really to lose. And he could pose as a good trade bait if it pans out well.

    • As long as the CBA expired, there is no cap floor until the new CBA is implemented and should be 1 of the issues to be resolved.
      Pennsylvania is a beautiful state and their people are passionate about sports.

      • If you think Pennsylvania is a beautiful state, you haven’t been to Oil City, Pa.

        • One city is “bad” and it makes the whole state bad? Makes perfect sense.

    • Trade bait? Why would a team ‘trade’ for Semin when they can sign him for nothing right now???

  5. 1) 7.5 million for 4 years for Shane Doan??? That published number can’t be true. yeah he’s a good player/leader, but thats Superstar money!
    2) Semin’s problem is his percieved(corectly) lack of consistency, AND his agent being Mark Gandler. I’m surprised he hasn’t signed on for a 1 year deal in the KHL to wait out the inpending lockout here

    • He doesn’t need to. If he signs in the KHL now, then you can’t sign in the NHL if there is no lockout. If he signs in the NHL now, he can sign in the KHL if there IS a lockout.

  6. Sure Doan is Careys cousin… does that mean he picks up his familly and drops them in a huge hockey town where everyone knows u when u go out?

    Does that mean he wants to finish his career with a team that just finished close to the bottom of the Eastern conference?

    Hey I would love to have him.. but no way he comes to Montreal.

  7. I understand Doan taking his time and his desire to sign with the Yotes. What he should do is sign a conditional contract – that if they are to be moved, he would be traded to certain teams of his choice. On the other hand, as a GM, if my team is a person’s 2nd choice and it took a while for them to come to that decision – do I really want them? Do they really want to join my team or are they sloppy seconds? I would rather spend the $7.5MM and find someone who is really gonna impact my team and who would be happy to commit to the team as much as the team is willing to commit to them.

    Anyway, I say let him mull over where he wants to play and if he wants to take the chance of staying in Phoenix – then sign with them.

    I think there is something else brewing and it is not going to involve Nash or Doan – but other playing pieces. Its pretty quiet on the Ryan front, there are multiple teams that are looking for secondary scoring, and a couple of teams are still looking for goaltending. And personally I think the two PA teams need to add at least one D-man.

  8. Doan
    If his main concern is staying in Southwest then

    1) Phoenix
    2) Anaheim ( lots of cap room)
    3) Los Angeles
    4) Colorado
    5) San Jose

    If he wants to stay in Southwest and is willing to give up money to have a shot at Cup
    1) San Jose
    2) Phoenix
    3) Los Angeles*
    4) Colorado
    5) Anaheim

    *Sorry LA but the track record for teams that just won the cup to repeat the next year is not good.

    • If Doan wants to win the CUP……then
      he will want to sign with the PEN’S!!!!

  9. Jesse Roger’s entire article hinges on the premise Luongo is “washed up” and the Canucks know this and don’t want him anymore. That’s not the case. Luongo has been outplayed by Corey Schneider. You can’t have two #1 goalies. You can have none, however, like Chicago. Neither Crawford or Emery are legitimate #1 goalies in this league and that’s why Chicago didn’t make it past the first round of the playoffs.

    • Rogers article is not based on Luongo being washed up. It’s based on the fact that it makes ZERO sense for the Blackhawks. They are already thin at center, why would they give up Bolland without getting a center, or at least a forward, in return?

      He also goes on to say that Lu crumbles under pressure (most Canucks fans I’m sure would agree), and that if he came into Chicago he would get ripped apart after the first soft goal went in. Not exactly a great environment for a goaltender (Bryzgalov in Philly comes to mind).

      Lastly, what exactly has Schneider proved that Crawford hasn’t? Craw has played 2 years in this league, one was great one was bad, yet he’s already deemed not a legitimate starter? This year will tell the story there.

      Finally, Rogers does mention that contractually the deal does not make sense either. Bolland has a fairly low cap hit (I think 3.5 mil or so)for 2 more years? Not certain, but we all know Luongo is a risk.

  10. Doan won’t go to Mtl after what the Quebec Government tried to do when Doan, allegedly had that slur towards a french referee.

    That’s probably the last place he would go.. not because of the Habs.. but because of what happened.

    • ^^ that

      Still think the Habs hunt down Shea Weber, though.

    • @Sandy Point of Information: it wasn’t the quebec gavernment, it was one politician. Still totally agree with point.

  11. How can people just write trash. Doan won’t be goIng to Habs no money left. They still need to sign Suban and Molson won’t trade Gomez. If TSN writes what will happen then it will.

    • Gomez won’t be on the team next year. Possibly, neither will Mr. Kaberle. Thats a extra 7.3-11.5 million in cap room. That’s why it would appear the Habs were in on everyone.

    • i don’t know of molson ever saying the team wouldn’t trade gomez.

      they’ve said they won’t buy him out, and they’ve said he’s part of the team right now, but that’s all i’ve heard.

      maybe molson did say that but i was too busy proof-reading my comments to hear it.

  12. i really don’t believe the wings are players in the nash ordeal. i don’t see how they have the assets to match the supposed offer the rangers have made (which wasn’t enough for howson). and all reports suggest howson won’t send nash to san jose unless couture is in the deal. from my perspective detroit simply doesn’t have the type of very good young assets that columbus is demanding.

    • Agreed completely. Even Franzen doesn’t seem like a centerpiece for Columbus to build around, the way Couture or even Pavelski would be if they were part of a deal for him.

  13. It it me or is everything just so boring right now. Yaaaawwwwnnnn.

  14. As far as the wings go columbus won’t trade nash to detroit in the same division, doan will want to go somewhere west were he can still ride his horses so i think they should focus on semin,ryan or wait and try to grab weber somehow.It is time for detroit to use some of their young talent mixed in with their veterans and i think semin would learn to be a team player on detroit. If they grab him now they will not be in a bidding war once doan decides to go somewhere else.

  15. I’ll take Bobby Ryan and Shea Weber. Let everyone else fight for Nash, Doan, Semin, etc. Go get them Ken!!!!

  16. I think the Wings are a perfect fit for Semin. They can afford him and they have the history of success with Russians. Should be a good linemate for Datsyuk, who could also teach him a thing or two about backchecking…

  17. fool.def:people who make comments about a state they only know by what they hear on tv.(mattstake).please let us know what state you are from and ill bet i can find some dirt on it.just because you dont like the hockey there dont bash the whole state.every team in every sport has its share of idiot fans(i think we found your teams village idiot).

  18. I can see Semin doing well on a team like the wings but more than likely he will sign with a team like the Flames and just fade away.

    I’m hoping Doan just makes up his mind and signs with the yotes, they need him! He is to phoenix what Mario Lemieux is to Pittsburg

  19. i can’t believe how people are building up Bolland, he’s not an all-star … far from it actually. Bolland has had one good year and a decent run to a Cup on a VERY deep Chicago team, since the depth on the Hawks has declined so has Bolland and let’s not forget his concussion history. Luongo on the other hand is a proven allstar with multiple Vezina nominations and a Gold Medal to boot (only 3 goalies in the league that can claim to be the starting goalie on a Gold Medal team).

  20. According to Darren Dreger of TSN Philly gave Weber an offer sheet of 14 years 100+ million with 26 million for the first year