NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – July 21, 2012.

Updates on Shane Doan, Alexander Semin, Roberto Luongo, Patrick Kane and Milan Lucic, plus other options for teams which failed to land Shea Weber.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Pat Leonard reports Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan, in New York this week attending the NHL-NHLPA labor talks, made his first official visit as a UFA to the New York Rangers. He also reportedly has offers from “Los Angeles, San Jose, Vancouver, Detroit, Buffalo and Pittsburgh – one of them reportedly at four years, $30 million.”

NEWSOBSERVER.COM’s Chip Alexander reported via Twitter Carolina Hurricanes Jim Rutherford considers it “unlikely” he’ll sign Doan, based upon some of the offers he’s getting.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Doan also has ties with several members of the Rangers coaching staff, including head coach John Tortorella. Still, one shouldn’t read too much into the visit, as he was already in town for the CBA talks. Doesn’t mean he’s not interested in joining the Rangers, but there are lots of other clubs who’ve made formal offers, and his priority remains re-signing with the Coyotes if their ownership situation is sorted out soon.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan responds to readers’ questions wondering if the Detroit Red Wings might consider signing former Capitals winger Alexander Semin. He claims pursuing Shane Doan is the Wings priority, but that (and Semin’s bad reputation) doesn’t mean they won’t make a pitch for Semin. If they do, however, it’ll be a short-term contract of one or two years.

Hurricanes still interested in Semin.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM’s Chip Alexander reported via Twitter Carolina Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford said he’s ” still looking to add a top-6 forward. Says still interested in one-year deal with Semin”, adding “Rutherford has had several discussions in past week with Semin’s agent.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Hurricanes have been consistent in their interest in Semin, though they don’t want to offer up more than a one-year deal. Given the opportunity to play with the Staal brothers and Jeff Skinner, on a club with some promising talent on the roster, Semin should seriously consider giving the Hurricanes a shot for a season.

NBCSPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane admitted trade rumors about him have  at times troubled him. Still, he’s getting plenty of support from his teammates and head coach Joel Quenneville.

CSNCHICAGO.COM: Chris Boden reports Corey Crawford and Niklas Hjalmarsson, who’ve appeared frequently in Blackhawks trade rumors of late, shrugged off the speculation when interviewed during the team’s recent fan convention, while center Dave Bolland (linked to Vancouver and Roberto Luongo in the rumor mill) laughed off the question.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  The rumors about Kane seem to come from pundits calling for the Blackhawks to move him. As for Crawford, I believe they want to stick with him, and saw pursuing Martin Brodeur as bringing in a short-term mentor for him. Hjalmarsson was reportedly available but things have gone quiet on that front of late. I don’t believe Bolland is being shopped, to Vancouver or anywhere else, as that would further weaken them at center.

MIAMI HERALD: George Richards, reporting on the Florida Panthers stocking up on goalie prospects, noted a potential trade with the Vancouver Canucks regarding Luongo hasn’t gone anywhere, though it still could as training camp doesn’t start until September.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggarty dismissed trade rumors regarding Bruins winger Milan Lucic, believing they make “zero sense”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: An opinion I share.

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance recently looked at possible targets for clubs who failed to land Shea Weber, suggesting Phoenix’s Keith Yandle and Calgary’s Jay Bouwmeester as trade options, or Vancouver’s Alexander Edler, Winnipeg’s Tobias Enstrom and the Islanders Mark Streit as UFA options next summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It would prove costly to pry Yandle away from the Coyotes. The asking price for Bouwmeester could be a top-six forward. Given the trend in recent years of teams re-signing their key UFAs to long-term contracts, Edler, Enstrom and Streit might not be available next summer.


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  2. @AssMoses
    Now you should work on “Bright” and early… LOL

    • After my night last night, no, there is nothing bright about me this morning. :)

  3. Does anyone else think it’s VERY unusual that some desperate GM hasn’t signed Semin to some “over-the-top” mega-million, mega-year contract yet??
    …maybe with all the smoke (ie rumors) there’s little fire? eh?!!!!!

  4. Would you trade Lucic if you had him? Such a silly rumour.

    Semin should man up and take a 1 year somewhere with good line mates.. and show all the talk is BS

    • Semin just doesn’t seem to have that “drive”…heart…compulsion to ALWAYS EXCEL!!
      When he feels like it, he can be very good…
      but sometimes… not-so-much!!

  5. to put that rumor to rest once and for all Vancouver has no interest in Dave Bolland. even if you were to dismiss the abuse he has dealt out to Vancouver players in the past as gamesmanship, his play has declined since his concussion. Bolland has had exactly ONE good year and a decent Cup run on a VERY deep Chicago team and as the Hawk’s depth has gone down so has his level of play.

  6. Tommorrow rumor the same that has been all week. Never see any of this on any of the Canadian sites.

  7. shane doan visited the flyers today. flyers could get both weber and doan!

  8. or Philadelphia could get neither Weber or Doan, it’s extremely unlikely that they’ll get one of the two never mind both but then again nobody thought the Wild would be able to convince any UFA who had other options to sign there never mind the top two. i wonder why nobody is taking advantage of the Flyers being distracted and signing Voracek to an offer sheet, he’s a big body who got 18 goals last year. you have to wonder what plan B is for the Flyers if Nashville matches the offer? do they try and get Bouwmeester then as their defense clearly wasn’t good enough last year.since then they’ve lost Carle and Pronger doesn’t look like he’ll be back any time soon if ever.

  9. Flyers need dmen in a big way if pro get doesn’t come back that’s two of their top four guys gone for nothing. Trade briere to sabres for regher and a pick 😉

  10. I think Spector whiffed a little on this one. WIN has Bogo up as a RFA and VAN has 4 D men making over $4 million a year. Thats bad for them esp if the cap goes down. Enstrom will be a UFA because WIN doesn’t want to pay him $4m+ and Edler will too because they can’t afford him.

    • James, if the cap goes down, the expectation is existing salaries will be rolled back. As for Enstrom and Edler, they might go unsigned by their respective teams, but it’s also possible they’re re-signed.

  11. Weber isn’t going to Philly…Nashville will match the offer sheet…their franchise survival depends on it…if not Rinne will be next to bolt. Holmgren did this for two reasons; to show the fans of Philly he tried to make a big move to land a top FA…but more strategically by putting the offer sheet in play, he successfully blocked him from being traded to the Rangers…which will prove to be something Philly fans won’t appreciate in terms of one of the smartest moves of the off-season…even if it’s essentially a “non-move”. Love Doan but he’s not going anywhere…and $30M for 4 yrs is absurd for him….but shows the lack of true grit and character on some NHL rosters.

    • Maddo305 you clearly know what you are talking about. After Weber trade talks between Philly and Nashville hit a stalemate Holmgren essentially made the offer sheet to ensure that either Philly got him or no one else did which is a strategic move for sure. While I love what Doan brings to the table, I also agree with your assessment of Doan…$30M over 4 years is absurd. As a Canuck fan I certainly hope that offer is merely a rumour.