NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – July 25, 2012.

The latest on Shane Doan, speculation over the Flyers next move, Bruins likely done summer shopping, and an update on Mike Knuble.

SPORTING NEWS: Mike Sunnucks of the Phoenix Business Journal reports Shane Doan is giving Greg Jamison, the potential buyer of the Phoenix Coyotes, until Friday to see if Jamison can make more progress or get close to finalizing his purchase of the club. If Jamison cannot provide any assurances, Doan will look at signing elsewhere and narrow down his large list of potential suitors.

Doan will reportedly meet with Canadiens management.

CANOE.CA: Louis-Andre Lariviere reports a source says Doan will travel to Montreal next week to meet with Canadiens management. He has also apparently contacted the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames to tell them he won’t play in Alberta, and is also expected to meet with several other teams.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s a good sign for the Canadiens if Doan is willing to meet with them, as it would appear to put them on what’s expected to be his “short list”, but it’s also not an indicator he’ll join the Habs. Doan has already met with the Rangers and Flyers, and is expected to meet with the managements of the Red Wings and Penguins, among several others.

CSNPHILLY.COM: A look at some potential options for the Flyers after their offer sheet to Shea Weber was matched by the Nashville Predators. It appears a trade, rather than an offer sheet, could be in order to replace the injured Chris Pronger on the blueline. It’s also possible they could continue their pursuit of Shane Doan and Anaheim Ducks winger Bobby Ryan. GM Paul Holmgren is reportedly unwilling to move forwards Sean Couturier and Brayden Schenn. It’s rumored, however, he was willing to offer up Matt Read and Andrej Meszaros in  a trade for Weber prior to sending him an offer sheet. They could pursue Phoenix’s Keith Yandle or Vancouver’s Alexander Edler, but the asking price would be steep.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Coyotes were listening to offers for Yandle during the draft but weren’t actively shopping him. It would take a significant one to get him, and you can bet Couturier and Schenn would have to be part of the deal for the Coyotes to seriously consider it. I don’t believe the Canucks have any interest in moving Edler, as they’ll likely try to re-sign him. Doan would be merely dollars out for the Flyers, so I can see them staying in the bidding for him. As for Ryan, the Ducks wanted Couturier and Schenn, so forget that unless they’re willing to lower the asking price.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley reports former Capitals winger Mike Knuble is finding life as a free agent this summer “eerily quiet”. Knuble said he’d like to finish his career where it started, with the Detroit Red Wings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The 40-year-old Knuble had his worst season in years in 2011-12, which is likely why things have been quiet for him this summer. It’s still possible a team might take a shot with a one-year offer, but he might also face having to try out with a club this fall (or whenever the season starts) if he hopes to play one more season.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggarty reports Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli suggests there’s a good chance he’s done shopping this summer.


  1. Looks like Philly might make a play for Bouwmeester. He’s like Weber without the hits and the offense… you know.

    Bruins are one of the few teams that could acquire Bobby Ryan if they made a play for him. Don’t know why he wouldn’t give it a shot. Flyers don’t need him, Rangers don’t need him, and after that twitter thing, I don’t think he’ll be in Jersey anytime soon.

    Why would Doan consider Montreal? This one is a head-scratcher. What was this about someone talking about over-the-hill stars last year? Lyle, how would you feel about Doan in Montreal?

    • Doan certainly wouldn’t hurt the Habs, provided they didn’t pay a ridiculous price for him. Given his age, however, he’d only help for a couple of seasons, and isn’t the big body they need at center.

    • What twitter thing with Jersey?

      • He made fun of New Jersey (the state, not the team) with a twitter buddy and was later forced to apologize after getting into an exchange with a bunch of twitter people from Jersey.

    • Bobby Ryan is a player that all 30 NHL teams need. Wanting him and being able to afford him (both contract and trade assets) are different things.
      For the Flyers, they need to replace Jagr’s 19 goals and Van Riemsdyk’s 11 up front. They also can’t count on Hartnell to pot nearly as many as he did last year, so let’s say they have to find a way to replace about 35-40 goals in the forward ranks. If they move Matt Read and his 24 goals to help bolster the blueline, that total grows to 60-65ish. Some of those could come from Couturier and B.Schenn being given greater roles on the team, but are far from sure things. If any of Giroux, Briere, Hartnell, Simmonds, Voracek, Read, etc have down years, the Flyers offense could be seriously lacking. They’ve also lost Carle on the back end. Say what you will about him, but he provided some offense from the blueline as Timonen’s numbers dwindle with age.

      Depending on the trade value, Bobby Ryan makes a great deal of sense for the Flyers and saying that they simply don’t need him is an incredibly fallacious statement.

      If Shane Doan goes to Montreal, Price will be the one and only reason, but I think the chances of that happening are slim to nil at best. Not that he necessarily harbours any bitterness towards French-Canadians, but you can bet that the NHL official’s ridiculous allegation about Doan using a slur against him hasn’t been forgotten in Quebec. Plus, I doubt Shane Doan speaks French fluently so that immediately seems to take him off of the Habs’ radar.

      If Doan doesn’t re-sign in Phoenix, he’ll likely go to whoever he thinks stands the best chance of winning a Stanley Cup in the next couple of seasons. The Rangers, Penguins and Flyers could all be options if Doan ventures East, or he could sign with LA as they already have 24 roster players signed up and still have nearly $8M of space under the cap.

      • It really depends upon what Philly wants to focus on “NOW” or the Future. It appears it is now since they were willing to trade 4 future #1 draft picks for Weber so if that is the case it does appear that they are willing to give up at least part of the future for now. A Ryan & Lydman trade gives them goal scorer and a steady d-man.
        Lydman will not score but he will play a lot of minutes and he will play good defense and face it top 4 d-man are hard to find even ones that don’t score much.
        The 8 million would fit under Philly’s cap with the players going back to Anaheim. So what is the future going back to Anaheim ? Try Read, Couturier, #1 2013 and 2nd round 2014. Philly gets instant results and Anaheim gets future prospects / picks. The price might seem high but Ducks will have to wait a few years to get full payback on this.

  2. I’m assuming Price (Doan’s cousin) asked him to give Montreal a chance and he is. That being said, Doan is apparently a stand up guy, so I don’t think he would go there just to please his cousin alone.

    I do agree with you MJR as it is a head scratcher. While I do like the steps my team made in the last while, we aren’t contenders, so why Doan would want to finish his career in Montreal is odd.

  3. .. and Lyle, you can be sure with the market for Doan right now, whomever gets him will pay a ridiculous price for him. Especially if he goes to Montreal, Quebec’s taxes are the highest in the league (or so I hear).

    I’m thinking he get 7 million a year over 4 years, crazy but someone will pay that.

    • Personally, I think $7MM a year is too high for someone who is on the down side of their career. I understand the tangibles that Doan brings, but I think you can get the same from someone like Arnott, Knuble, Rolston, Moore and Holmstrom for a much cheaper price. They may not score as often, but they do have leadership and good work ethics.

      • Totally agree Steve.. regardless I just think someone is going to pay that.. teams have holes to fill and money to spend.

      • All those players combined don’t put the same amount points as Doan did last year.

  4. Hey Philly fans

    We Leaf fans are willing to give you Phaneuf to fill your gap on defence. In fact you don’t have to give us anything back for him…

    • im not willing to…

  5. Did anyone else hear that ridiculous rumor that Heatley was being traded to the Pens for Martin, Kennedy and a 1st? That deal actually makes sense for both teams. But it still won’t happen

    • I’d do it without the 1st involved … otherwise, forget it, Heatley right now isn’t worth a 1st alone …

  6. Philly needs a D-man real bad and they do have the forwards to make it happen. Who would have ever thought Calgary would be in the driver seat with Bowmeester. Philly may need to pay the piper. Detroit also need a couple of D-man but think they will promote from within.

  7. @Habs_FTW: I think you are right about Price playing a role in Doan considering Montreal. I think when you get an endorment from someone you trust, it carries weight. That and I’m sure MB has had some for of chat with the Doan camp and made an interesting impression…at least enough to give Montreal a once over. Still doubt he signs here though.

    And yes, Quebec has the highest tax rate. Hockey inside/out had an article on the subject (or at least a link to one) comparing the tax rates of all hockey towns in the league and Quebec was at the bottom by a significant amount.

  8. As a Habs fan, Doan to Montreal makes no sense to me. I’m a fan of the guy, but:

    1. That’s tying up too many dollars in an old guy on a team that, while improving, is no contender

    2. Where does that leave Bourque? I think he’s a bum, but he can’t be getting 3rd line minutes to start the season. They have so much $$$ invested in him, I think they have no choice but to try him as a top 6 and hope he works, and let Eller try and work on the 3rd line with the kids (Leblanc, Geoffrion, etc)

  9. The thing with the habs is they need strong leadership, hard workers, and a second line winger who can provide THE example of how to play hard hockey. This guy is loyal to a fault and if he puts that drive behind your team then you have a huge piece of the puzzle. I’m pretty sure it’s appearing as though Gomez is not in the equation for next year if the habs are in on trades/FA talk because the last 6 mill in cap space is going to vanish with Subbans contract. Bergevin is trying to land a outstanding leader who plays wing and fills the gaping hole on the second line. So we know there’s some movement that he can do if he can acquire the right guy. Gio, Gomez, and Markov are all FA’s in two years. You add Doan for 4-5 yrs (if he plays that long) you have secured some of the best leadership in the league in one player. That’s why he costs so much.

    I’m ecstatic he’s visiting Montreal to listen to the gameplan Bergevin, molson, and Therrien have in place. I think most people agree that the Canadiens were better than their record (not 1st or anything but 7-10 seed) and hockey people may think the new direction is a good one. I’ll take Shane Doan for 6-7 million for the next 4-5 years over Gomez at 7.3 for the next 2. Doan plays with heart.


  10. Bruins are done shopping for the summer? Wait, they started?

  11. Any Chance Boyle Ends up In Philli is it’s true SJ was shopping him?

  12. Anychance Dan Boyle ends up in Philli ?? what would they be able to get back that they need?

  13. Sorry didn’t mean to post it twice different ways. The first time I tried to post it, it said “duplicate post”

  14. I wonder what Jamison could honestly say between today and Friday to be of any influence. Doan is probably as informed about the situation as anybody. So what changes by Friday?

    If he’s available, there is absolutely no comparison between Bouwmeester and Yandle, I believe any team would take Yandle in a minute. Probably even Edler. Bouwmeester built his career early on with his skating and offensive ability, now that has dried up and people talk about his TOI as a plus. Who else on that defence was going to play those minutes? And remember they were in front of Kipper.

  15. @Spector

    I think the only reason why Doan’s considering Montreal is because him and Price are cousins. But in the end I think he will end up not going to Montreal.

  16. Bruins do not need to do anything there team is set. They have to stay healty and Rask needs to show what he is made of.

  17. When did the Bruins go shopping?

  18. Ducks still need to make the salary floor, great time for Burke to acquire Ryan for Connelly, Komisarek and 3rd rounder. I wouldn’t suggest if Anaheim had anyone other than Murray running the show.

    • even Bob Murray isn’t that stupid …

  19. I am glad B’s didn’t dip into the UFA market. Still believe they could/should put something together for Bobby Ryan. I have been hoping for a Ryan trade to Boston with Krejci, a 1st, and if needed Caron going the other way. Don’t think I would offer up much more than that if I was Chiarelli.

  20. Way to much for Ryan his name maybe Bobby but its not Orr. If I were them I would see how things go and if need be improve at deadline. Everyone says build through the middle why trade your top center or close to it.

    • Boston has 3 guys that could all be #1 pivots (either presently or very soon) in Bergeron, Krejci and Seguin, plus Peverley isn’t a bad option as a potential #3 should either of Bergeron or Krejci get dealt.

      The Ducks aren’t in any kind of hurry to move Ryan and have the luxury of being able to move him anywhere, unlike Howson and Nash, so you can bet that the return for Ryan will be (or at least should be) quite substantial.

  21. Doan is old and overated,Ryan is not going anywhere and Knuble is retired;period what is left out there can go to the KHL, at least they will be playing next year.

    • best post of the day, short and spot on …