NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – July 4, 2012.

All the non-Parise/Suter rumors, which today includes several reports on Blue Jackets winger Rick Nash, plus the latest on the Sabres, Blues and Canucks.


Still no movement in the Nash trade market.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Pat Leonard reports the Rangers don’t want to part with Chris Kreider, Ryan McDonagh, Derek Stepan or Michael Del Zotto as part of the return for Columbus Blue Jackets winger Rick Nash. It’s possible they could agree to part with forward Carl Hagelin and prospect J.T. Miller.  Anaheim Ducks winger Bobby Ryan could be an option for the Blueshirts if a Nash deal should fall through.

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Kevin Kurz cites a report from the Columbus Dispatch claiming the San Jose Sharks have a deal on the table for Nash. It’s believed the Blue Jackets want to pry Logan Couture out of San Jose, which is a non-starter for Sharks GM Doug Wilson. Kurz speculates the Sharks might have to part with Joe Pavelski and/or Ryane Clowe, along with a top prospect and a goalie, to land Nash.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators owner Eugene Melnyk cut off his team’s trade talks with Columbus, not because they’re unwilling to spend money on someone like Nash, but because he wants players who want to play in Ottawa. The Senators reportedly aren’t on Nash’s list of preferred trade destinations. It’s believed Nash prefers the Rangers or Sharks, and Garrioch speculates he might consider Toronto.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Melnyk is still smarting over Dany Heatley’s trade demand a few years ago, and doesn’t want to acquire another expensive, big-name player whose heart might not be in playing for the Senators. As long as the Blue Jackets maintain their expensive asking prices from the Rangers and Sharks, Nash won’t be going anywhere, unless another team jumps into the mix willing to pay the price.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports several sources claim the Rangers could be in the hunt for Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan if he decides to leave the Coyotes. Doan is waiting until July 9th to make a decision if he’ll re-sign or leave, depending upon the progress (if any) in the sale of the club to the Jamison Group.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: John Vogl reports the Sabres could look to the secondary trade market after the UFA market to address their need for depth at defense. The Sabres are well-stocked at defense and on the wings.

STLTODAY.COM: Jeremy Rutherford recently reported the Blues could turn to the trade market for a defenseman if they cannot find what they want via free agency. Possible trade targets could include Calgary’s Jay Bouwmeester or Phoenix’s Keith Yandle.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Blues have interest in either guy, they’d stand a better chance of landing Bouwmeester than Yandle, as I don’t believe the Coyotes are seriously shopping the latter. The Flames need depth at center and could be willing to move “Jay-Bo” for a scoring center, though I don’t think the Blues have sufficient depth at that position to make that move.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford reports lack of quality depth for free agent centers could push the Canucks into the trade market to address that issue.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A center could be part of the asking price by the Canucks for Roberto Luongo. If you’re keeping count, that makes the Sabres, Canucks, and Flames who’ll be in the market for depth at center via this summer’s trade market.


  1. Interesting note on the Senators, one that I still think maybe a mistake. I believe that allowing Murray to go forward and highlight what is good about Ottawa to Nash would be the better choice. But at the same time I do like the way Eugene is thinking in wanting to have players WANT to be there, plus with a load of young prospects, it may turn out for the best.

    I really have a gut feeling it is going to be an out of left field team that ends up with Nash, a team desperate to get that type of player. I’d be shocked if the Hurricanes didn’t push hard for either Nash or Bobby Ryan. But wouldn’t count out a ‘surprise’ team.

    Luongo saga like Nash I believe is going to drag out for sometime, more so if rumors are true Luongo will only go to FLA. Though I don’t think Montoya is a good back up for C.S at all. They’d want a proven mentor to help ease the burden on C.S still, preferably with playoff experience.

  2. With all those teams looking for depth at centre, you’d think at least ONE OF THEM would ask about Gomez? What’s that? Hell hasn’t frozen over yet? :)

  3. Can someone tell me if Jason Arnott is basically scrap now?

    I know this is out there but if the Leafs are looking for a big center why not sign Arnott to a one year cheap deal and go after Nash. They could have (little) Grabo center (a big) Nash and (big bodied) JVR then have (a big body) Arnott center (a small) Kessel and (a medium sized) Lupul. The Leafs have nothing on the go for a big number one center so I don’t see them addressing this need. I’m assuming Arnott is basically a 3rd line guy at this point but could he posibly be a second line guy between to speedsters like Kessel and Lupul if Carlyle moves Grabo, JVR and Nash to the top line? Arnott would also add a ton of sandpaper with Lupul and open up some room for Kessel. The top line would be big enough with Nash and JVR being centered by Grabovski (heart like a lion). I would imagine the Leafs could pick up Arnott for nothing. Nash would be expensive obviously.

    Maybe I’m nuts…

    • BeerG

      I like that idea…the only question is the first one you asked – has Arnott got anything left to play with the speed of Kessel and Lupul?
      If so, it would be a cheap upgrade on Connolly.

    • I think the better question would be why? So you trade away a ton of assets for Nash (rumored asking price is off the charts), you sign a 37 year old vet who hasn’t managed a full season in 5 years and who has dwindling points.

      The Leafs MAYBE make the playoffs, take an early exit and still are no closer to getting a big center, or making themselves attractive for UFA’s and don’t even land a decent draft pick. Plus the deal doesn’t address goaltending in TO, unless of course they trade for Mason as well in the deal hoping to restart his career.

      I just don’t see the big push from Leafs fans to get in and get thrown out in the first round, the team doesn’t have the shot blocking heart of the Canadians (when they went deep) or the under performing grit and depth of the LA Kings to make a deep run either.

      Leafs should sell what they can, keep a core, stop over paying terrible players and hopefully draft a franchise center piece like Nathan MacKinnon or Seth Jones this year, then focus on getting into the market again after that.

      • Agree that another top-5 pick is in the best interest of the franchise long term… not gutting the team to add a Nash-type player.

      • While I agree drafting in the top 3 WAS the way to go, we all know Burke screwed that up. By the time this years first and next years first rounder are even remotely close to being an NHL powerhouse (if at all) guys like Kessel and Lupul will be past their prime (yes Kessel is only 24 but in 5 years he will be almost 30 and Lupul will be 33). They needed to build their picks at the same time not trade away your first rounders trying to speed up the process then turn around two years later and start drafting. That’s just ass backwards.

        I agree with Slap about rebuilding. They are at a cross roads. Either admit your mistakes and trade the players that have good value, keeping the real young core guys (19 and 20yrs old) and start over with additional picks and prospects OR start trading their recent picks to upgrade at all positions and try and make a push. This half way BS is screwed.

    • Don’t get me wrong I’m not a big Nash fan but he does make the Leafs way bigger along with Arnott.

  4. xJayce, hell froze over long ago 😉

    Seriously, the only reason I could think someone would want Gomez on the books, is that they want to make the cap floor while paying less.

    His cap hit is around 7.5, but the team is actually only paying him 5.3ish (too lazy to go to capgeek.com).

    That being said, his play has been so bad, I can’t see anyone wanting him on their farm team, let alone the big club.

    Montreal at this point is praying for a penalty free buyout from the new CBA..

  5. The Stars will be in the market for a centre for sure. The Ott for Roy trade was a nice start, but they’ll also have to move one of Ryder or Morrow for another C. Obviously top wingers Benn and Eriksson aren’t going anywhere, then there’s Jagr and Whitney, two 40 year olds who just signed, that leaves Morrow and Ryder.

    The top 4 centres on the Stars’ depth chart include: Roy, Fiddler, Peterson, and some kid who hasn’t exactly tore up the AHL.

  6. I love the idea of Arnott to the Leafs.
    I thought this was a better fit last year than Connolly, but they lost out to St. Louis.

    He has:
    1: Leadership. Nobody else on teh roster will comand respect.
    2. Experience of being a Cup winner. He also was a big part of St.Lou’s great season.
    3. Size.

    Seems like a good fit to me. he can play on the 1st line, 2nd, line, 3rd line, 4th line… he will come at reasonable price for one year.


    Bob Murray is one phone call away from destroying the franchise. As son as Parise signs and teams make moves for Nash and Ryan, he is going to see what he can get for Getzlaf….

    • Agreed about Murray. I think it’s just a matter of time before Getlaf is moved. If he tries to move him to TO Burke will have no choice then to pay a fools ransom after bamboozeling Murray the first time which could be in the best interest of the Ducks long term. Burke will have to pay more then any other GM.

    • You would half to think if Getzlaf becomes available, Burke would sell his own soul to get him. I hope perry and him go to free agency next year and both sign with the leafs. As long as Burke doesnt hand out any ridiculous long term big money deal, leafs go make a pitch to get both next year.

      • Doubt both of those guys would want to play under Carlyle again. They were number one and two at running him out of town when they stopped playing for him.

  7. i ruled out the Nash to Ottawa after they delt Foligno to CBJ and beside what they were offering up didnt seem that appealing imo what was reportedly offered by the Sharks And Rangers seems like a better deal.

    i see the Sharks striking a deal with CBJ to Get Nash
    Pavelski has a tremendous upside being in that he can play in all situations pp,pk and a solid defencive/offencive player.Clowe is a solid PWF and has improved his game so much over the years (discard most of last years preformance) he handles the puck well in the offencive zone and is able to control the play along the boards and is a solid enforcer.
    the Sharks need to do something now or i fear a rebuild might be in order.they have come up short every year and i dont think a slight tinkering is gonna help.

    i have a feeling that Marleau might be added to this deal

    to cbj
    Pavelski, Marleau, Demers, a goalie and a 2nd rnd pick
    to sjs
    Nash, Boll, 5th rnd pick

    if Niemi is added to the deal as the goalie i only see the Sharks having to take Mason in the deal aswell

    • That would be a horrible deal for Columbus … but one they would be used to under Howson.

    • Can’t really see Marleau agreeing to wave his No Trade/Movement clause to go to the CBJ. And Pavelski puts up similar numbers to Nash on a much better contract. This seems like a lateral move at best, if not a cap crippling one for the Sharks. I’d rather Wilson retool the bottom 6 forwards and try again

  8. and the WILD just scored big time!!!!

  9. I assume what is behind all of this is Nash’s wife reportedly wants him to go to the bright lights of a big city.

    It appears that is more to his liking than the team he goes to.

    No offense, but he goes to Toronto to play with Tyler Bozak, where in Ottawa he could be centred by Jason Spezza?

    He may just be left in Columbus if Howson does not get what he wants from the teams on the approved list.

  10. I would expect with the two signings today and all of detroit, Philly, pitt, NYr, not landing either we will see some more trades and big prices being paid.

  11. With all the talk of many teams looking for help down teh middle I wonder when we start hearing Sam Gagners name in rumours. While not a big physical force he is a five year vet with solid if not spectacular numbers as a 2/3 center on the Oil, there are many who think with his age and experience that he still has some offensive potential.

    With the Wild getting Parise and Suter, I have to say it’s refreshing that someone other than the usual suspects in the mix. It is getting rather mundane that every big name is associated with the Flyers, Rangers and only in Leaf fans minds, the Leafs. Carolina, Edmonton and Minny have shown this summer that things are changing, and that maybe, just maybe the CBA works to some degree.

    As for the Flames getting a center……who? I mean their best option was Jokinnen and he just signed with the Jets. Yes they would love to move Bouwmeester but with his contract they would have to take some back in return, and they already have the 2nd highest cap now, with just $4 mill in space and I think only one more contract to reach the 50 player limit. Not to go on a rant, but is there a Flames fan out there that can tell me what the hell that team is doing? You have a GM who talked all year about not doing a rebuild, that he would “retool” and still make the team younger as they got rid of contracts. Well they resigned most of the UFA contracts (Jones, Stempniak, Sarich etc), so so much for that, and then overpay for Wideman. Their big offensive additions? A blue chip prospect who may not be ready just yet, an unproven KHL veteran, and an undersized 50 pt man playing alongside Zetterberg who has big questions about his attitude, and on top of all that they draft a kid who was cut by a Junior B team……as a project. Its almost painful each day to watch what Feaster and his bosses are doing to a once proud franchise.

  12. I agree thatSJ has to do something, but with Parisi and Suter going to the Wild, I can see the Rangers going hard after Nash. I think Sj will be late to the game. The media and fan base want to see Marleau moved, but his age along with his $7MM salary might be a hard sell. While most teams are desirous of Couture – I can see a deal of Niemi, Pavelski and Clowe for Miller, Vanek and Adam or one of our many D men. I still don’t rule the Sabres getting Nick Foglino from Columbus – again trading one of our D-Men like Pardy, Weber or Brennan along with maybe someone like Tropp or even Gerbe.

  13. @Steve belive me i dont want to see Marleau moved just in this Nash deal it makes sence, point production wise and CBJ have the cap room to fit his 6.9mill contract

  14. Old Soldier, I’m with you. What Feasters doing in Calgary really is a mystery…
    Suter and Parise signings, that’s a lot of money plus a very long commitment. Minnesota better hope both can stay healthy and the cap continues to rise or they may find themselves handcuffed for years to come.

  15. Ottawa – Nash

    I would just like to announce that I am withdrawing my dinner date invitation to Scarlett Johansen.

    It isn’t that she doesn’t want anything to do with me, it is just that if she doesn’t realize I am the best thing that could ever happen to her then I don’t want her.

    Yah, that’s the ticket …

  16. Someone posted that Nash’s wife wanted the bright lights of a big city. No offense, but neither Ottawa or San Jose fit that bill. Toronto is much closer ( but not likely to dance anymore ), so that leaves the Rangers.

    I think the best bet for the Sharks would be Bobby Ryan. The problem is Anaheim appears weakest at left Wing on its depth chart, so Pavelski would not help and Clowe would be a lesser player at a lesser cap hit. Both Anaheim and San Jose need to hang on to their picks so I do not see a deal being done.

    I think Sharks need to move out a centre man and add more depth on their left side, another reason why a deal with Anaheim probably does not work. So, here comes the Leafs thread again. What about Clark McArthur, next years second rounder, and a Defense prospect like Stuart Percy for Jumbo Joe Thornton?

    Sharks get some depth where they need it, Leafs get 2 years out of Joe who is still producing. This allows Couture and Pavelski to move up, and as they are both RFA in 2014, will be due for a big raise. Leafs get a big bonifide number one centre with leadership qualities, until they can catch up with prospects or draft.

    While Getzlaf would be my preferred number one, I would take Joe in a heartbeat.I am sensing Anaheim is headed for a major rebuild.

  17. About the flames… Didn’t like the stempniak’s signing. Like the wideman signing (even more after the carle and garrison signings). Hudler adds a dynamic that the team has been missing for a long time, and he’s friends with fellow Czech cervenka (to help acclimatize him to NA and the NHL). Is it a project? Yes, but given the handcuffs left by Sutter, I don’t think anyone anticipated this much change in Calgary. Plus, I like having a whole season worth of camalleri with Iggy and Tanguay, and Hartley as the new coach. Calgary is very much a question mark this year, in a NW division that just got tougher. It’ll be exciting and interesting to see how the season unfolds. I look at this roster vs previous years and see improvement.