NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – July 7, 2012.

Roberto Luongo ready to move on, possible destinations for Alexander Semin, plus updates on Bobby Ryan, Shea Weber, Paul Martin, Patrick Marleau and Paul Stastny.


Would Luongo accept a trade to Chicago?

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford reports Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo told a Vancouver radio station Friday he enjoyed his six season in Vancouver, but it was time  to move on. He acknowledged his preference for Florida and praised Chicago as a great city to play in, but said it would depend on the Blackhawks interest in him as well as the Canucks willingness to move him there.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Chris Kuc noted Luongo’s comments about the Blackhawks, noting it would be a major investment to take on his big contract.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reported the Canucks and Panthers have kept dialogue alive regarding Luongo, but nothing’s imminent.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bear in mind, Luongo wasn’t saying he’d agree to go to Chicago, only called it a great city to play in, stressing the point such a move would depend on the Blackhawks needs and the Canucks willingness to move him there. I’d say at this point, there’s a better chance he returns to Florida.

SPORTING NEWS: Sean Gentille reports it’s time for a team to sign former Capitals winger Alexander Semin. He noted the Hurricanes interest in Semin, as well as the winger’s interest in signing with Pittsburgh, though on a long-term deal. Gentille also suggested the Red Wings as another potential landing spot.

OTTAWA SUN: Don Brennan makes the case for the Senators to pursue Semin, whose agent believes would be a good fit in Ottawa.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Teams which fall out of the bidding for Columbus’ Rick Nash, or fail to convince the Ducks to part with Bobby Ryan, could take a serious look at Semin who, despite the questions over his work ethic and character, has skills aplenty. I can see him getting a short-term (two-three years) deal, which he might have little option but to accept as there doesn’t appear to be many GMs willing to ink him to a long-term deal at this stage in his career.

MLIVE.COM: Josh Slagter considers Anaheim’s Bobby Ryan a trade alternative for the Red Wings, but he’d also be an expensive one.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater noted a number of Colorado Avalanche fans wouldn’t mind if Paul Stastny were dealt to Anaheim for Bobby Ryan, but figures if such a move were possible, it would’ve happened by now, pointing out the reluctance of Avs management to move Stastny.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, don’t hold your breath in anticipation of any trade involving Stastny.

USATODAY.COM: Kevin Allen believes the Nashville Predators should make a huge offer to captain Shea Weber, and trade him if he rejects it.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Weber only wants a one-year extension to take him up to free agency next summer, then the Predators should shop him right away, and use the return to help them rebuild. No point going through another situation as they did with Ryan Suter. If, however, Weber is willing to sign a long-term deal, they should do what they can to retain him.

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW: Rob Rossi recently reported the Penguins are no longer actively shopping blueliner Paul Martin, who has three years at $5 million per remaining on his contract.

 MERCURYNEWS.COM: David Pollak reports Sharks forward Patrick Marleau hasn’t reached the point where he’d consider waiving his “no-movement” clause.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to GJ Berg. I’m not expecting Marleau to be moved anytime soon.


  1. The GM DUAL…who will win !!!

    The most interesting scenario at this point that has been overlooked is that EX GM Dave Tallon and now GM Bowman are the two front runners for Luongo …..

    I would bet that each of them want to do each other in on this one and come out the so called GM winner they don’t want to loose out so the EGO factor may play a roll on who bends first and gives up the key player to make the deal firm …I really think this is a very cool underlying story especially that Luongo would prefer to live in Florida …but his will to win and comptitive nature and BEAT the Canucks in Chicago would be emotionaly overwhelming and could sway Luongo to go the arch rivals …who knows it could be that extra little something of Karma Luongo needs to win the big prize and take down the canucks at the same time and stick it in theer ass …Luongo thinks like that because hes Italian LOL…..


    If I was Fletcher Id be calling Chiraelli every day on the hour asking to aquire Tim Thomas for Backstrum ….and make it know secretly to the Thomas camp he will sign him for 3 – 4 more years to make it worth his… WILD… LOL
    This would be a HUGE factor and instantly put the wild as the Stanley cup contenders ….Fletcher has a plethra of young talent and is stocked to the brim with tradeable assets ..and if he can move Heatleys contract he can sign another big ticket with a major trade and go for broke …you have to believ that this is where the wild should be looking???

    Wander if Edmonton who coveted Heatley in the past would do a Hemskey for Heatley deal ???

    How about a Heatley and defensive prospect which the wild are VERY DEEP IN ….for Bobby Ryan as well.

    • Careful buddy someone is going to call you a racist again, this time for referring to Italians having an over active imagination of themselves (ie Luongo)… And they are still realing over the Euro loss so you might be in trouble…lol

    • Heatly probably would veto a trade to Edmonton, and personally if I was Ed’s gm I wouldn’t do that trade. Heatly has become a shade of himself

  2. One thing I never thought I would ever hear, Semin wants to come to Pittsburgh. I’m glad they aren’t trying to trade Martin, I’m one of the few people who actually liked him

  3. @SLAP
    I’m thinking we pool our money and buy a hockey team somewhere so we can actually pull off some of these trades we talk about. Let’s say a team is $400MM and half each would be $200MM, I’m just letting you know I will be about $199.99MM short so I’m hoping you can spot me. lol

  4. @ Beer Goggles

    I am in !!
    Maybe start off with a Junior team !! LOL

    As a side note not sure how close Burke is with new ownership ..but they have to be wandering at this point …what the heck is going on ???
    I know Reily is very good and has been impressive at camp so far …but the Stars signed Radek Faksa to an entry deal yesterday …this was the guy I was realy hoping the Leafs would have landed at the draft …205 pounds 6 foot 3 and only 18 years old …oh and hes a CENTER !!!!
    W…T…F !!!
    I mean come on …..Nicolas Lidstrum went 53 rd in his draft year …so I figure the ranking means shit many of great players came late in the draft!

  5. Re Luongo: the clip I heard on TSN talked directly about Florida and referred repeatedly to a “big market” team. Hate to do this but the Leafs fit that. I did not hear mention of Chicago but that could be just the clip…

    • He talked about Chicago in depth. No mention of Toronto. Again his list is:
      1. Florida (or any team around that area ie Tampa)
      2. Chicago
      3. Possibly Toronto (but he’s rather go to FLA by a long shot)
      Funny part is he talked about Florida in some depth and then turned his attention to winning a cup and mentioned Chicago basically saying Florida has no chance. Sounds like this guy lacks the passion otherwise FLA would not be on his list.

      • Luongo’s interview was pure speculation. He mentioned Florida because that is where his summer home is, so it would make sense family wise and for himself to make it a permanent home. He only mentioned Chicago as a possible fit because, as he said, as a player on the ice, he loves playing in front of a raucous crowd, and Chicago is a team that plays in front of a raucous crowd that may want new goaltending if Crawford falters again.

        Luongo isn’t just going on the air and telling a radio station about his inner most desires. The other part of that clip, he talks about Cory Schneider in great detail, and talks about how everybody in the organization has come to the realization that Cory’s time has come and he needs to pass the torch.

        The whole interview at all seems to me just to be a way of letting the public know that things aren’t turning ugly during this whole process and that he understands where the team is coming from.

  6. @ Beer Goggles

    Iam covered …Iam Italian !!

  7. @ Habs Fan 1

    The Luongo interview was at the worl Series of Poker radio interview …and was asked a series of questions in regards to rumours and he did pump up a possible Chicago destination more than any other outside Florida and said it would be an interesting pace to land …I have a feeling the Leafs are not in on this deal as Luongo also said in the same breathe he wants to win NOW!!! and tha he is not getting any younger and only plans on playing another 5-6 years anyways!

    If anything Id say Luongo is giving Burke time ti imrove the Club and if he is unsuccessful by mid summer Luongo walks …to Florida ..Luongo has final say !!

  8. I am wondering if the wild are trying to move any contracts out, they have 1.3 in cap space and a goalie who I am guessing they will not resign next year in backstrom. They have just resigned Harding and have a goalie in Hackett who could/should get some starts this year. Burke has said that with teams signing players this year they are trying to move other salaries. Backstrom would be perfect for the leafs

  9. Anahiem Ducks

    Murray says he looks to make extensions with Getzlaf and Perry and is looking to make them long term deals ….so Burke just lost his only trade partner ….LMAO

    Murray has shut the door on Burke !!

    Now what Burkie???
    Back to the NCAA ..haaaa . Iam so tired of being a leafs fan !!
    Go Pens !!! LOL

    • Doesn’t mean they will sign long term deals. They both may want out and test the UFA market to which Murray will have no choice but to trade them. IMO

  10. @ JRD18

    I posted that exact comment here the minute the Wild signed Parise & Suter !!

    Burke has always maintained that he wants a proven reliable veteran but not for long term !! Backstrum fits this mold and will save Wild 6 milliion on the books and if they can move out Heatley that 13 million off the books !

    Fletcher ties here as well ….Thats why I posted the possibility of a Tim Thomas in a Wild uni !

    • Yep and hopefully it will happen. I DO NOT want Luongo or his contract if we can help it. Hopefully we can get Halak, Backstrom, or any legit number one guy. If not I will change my post name once again this time to FIREBURKE
      I also want to see the Leafs get bigger either at center or on the wing. Guys like Bozak, MacArthur, Connelly, Lombardi, and Dupuis are a dime a dozen. Kulemin can also be added to this list if he plays like he did last year and doesn’t use his size and grit. Guys like Lupul Frattin, Crabb, Brown and Grabo aren’t big but they all play with heart and grit.

  11. Apparently Gillis made an offer to Florida at the draft but the asking price was too steep. Florida has since made a counter proposal but I don’t think it was to Gillis’s liking. Obviously Luongo would like to return to Florida as that is where his wife is from (and might I add in his six years with the Canucks she refused to leave Florida…think this had anything to do with his mental breakdowns? Just sayin) plus Florida is a team on the rise who made the playoffs last year. Is Florida a Stanley Cup team? No. Could Luongo make them better? Definitely. It is just a matter of Tallon and Gillis figuring out a suitable return. Rumor has it that Tallon would like Gillis to take back some salary in return but Gillis wants prospects and picks. I think by Luongo now speaking out he may light a fire under Gillis to get whatever he can just to be rid of him.

    • It’s just a matter of time until he’s traded to Florida. When you start hearing rumours over and over regarding the same player to a certain team it usually happens eventually. This is just posturing and using the media to sweeten the pot by each team. Gillis is saying things like “Luongo didn’t say he wouldn’t waive his no trade to go to Toronto” (trying to expand the list and get more from FLA), Then you have FLA leaking comments that Luongo will only waive to go to Florida ect. ect.

      This deal will happen it’s just a matter of time…

  12. @ Troy

    I dont think Gillis gives a fying shit what Luongo says …if anything by Luongo saying that it gives Gillis the upper hand becuas it shows Luongos frustration …as Gillis has played this to ” T ” as he has maintained that he has no issues with having both goalies on board at start of the season ….so this puts all the preasure on Luongo as he will not want to be in the GM Place around fans at the start of the season thats for sure …and it would be best for the player to know what the heck is going so he can just play where as Gillis just has to bench him and play Schnieder until Luongo bends and opens his options ….pretty simple by Gillis he could care less !!…at this point its only the money factor !

  13. If Gillis keeps Luongo to start the season 1. The fans will rip him to shreds; 2. The fans will rip Luongo to shreds; and perhaps most importantly 3. It will cause enormous friction in the dressing room. This is not a situation that they want spilling over in to the start of next season. Luongo clearly wants to move on…I’d be happy just to unload his contract but I understand that Gillis can’t just give him away.

    As a Canucks fan for 30+ years, never has one single player caused fans to react in the way he has. When he’s good, he’s good. When he’s bad, you could put a junior goalie in and they could stop more pucks. Luongo had his opportunity and now it’s time to head in another direction. The sooner they trade him the better for everyone involved.

  14. I don’t think the pens stopped shopping Martin as much as it was teams hanging up on him when he calls begging them to take Martin. The pens got their few good years to pull them out of the gutter and now they have to run their team themselves with no help. Now if he was shopping one of his two centers….

  15. @ Smielman

    Its probably that there are very few replacements right now as many temas want to keep there good top 4 D men and at 5 mill for a player that is a bottom 4 player thats a tough contract to move ..so yes right about the dial tone thats for sure !!!

    I think the paul Martin factor was that Pitt was trying to make room for Parise and Suter …but after that played out it was a non factor and decided to move on ….could be a trade deadline player to a team like Winnepeg or Dallas depedning on how things go …
    Martin is another Redden or komisarek …shouldnt be in the league !!

    @ BEER GOGGLES …..

    Burke is one foot off the ledge with a rope around his neck …I have to really wander how long this rope is with new ownership …..you cant tell me that new owenrship doesnt have a friend or quality guy they are just itching to take over so they can be a bigger part of the process with out Burke anonymity !!!

    Just can’t see how this can go on any longer teams are not dealing with him and players dont want to play there or for him !!

    Tic Toc tic toc tic toc tic toc !

    • New ownership is two separate companies that compete on a day to day basis. I doubt either would allow the other to put in their guy. Plus they are bigger companies not owned by just one person so its less likely they’ll look to have major input on player trades etc. Especially considering how much money they are going to make either way.

  16. Martin may or may not be off the market this summer, but when the free agent / trade period has settled, there will be several teams looking for veteran leadership at defense. Shero needs to give the young D a chance and look to trade deadline to make a deal for a top 6 wing. He has cash, prospects, draft picks and even some good veterans. Most importantly, he has time.

  17. I just see Martin and his contract being of the “unmovable” variety. He is getting paid top money but delivers 5-6 D play. They are stuck with him until the new buyout clause kicks in under a new CBA. Pitts handcuffed themselves to that deal.

    • Martin plays more like an 2-3 AHL D-man!!!
      Shero really screwed up when he made the offer to Paul, two years ago

      • If the Pens aren’t actively shopping martin then I wonder if Ray Shero actually watched him play like a butcher and turnover machine last year? Why stockpile all of these young d-men and not give them a shot?

  18. Martin is Pittsburghs Komisarek !

  19. As a Leafs fan, I’m still at mixed thoughts about the possibility of Lu in Blue and White. Let’s say he’s traded to Toronto and regains form as one of the top 3 goalies in the league. I think Toronto would go from a non-playoff team to finishing somewhere between 6th-3rd andcould be a tough team to beat in the playoffs.

    On the other hand, a place like T.O could be the worst possible place for a goalie that is leaving Vancouver due to criticism. The media would be just waiting for him to have a bad game or let in an easy goal so they could have a huge article in the paper. What happens if Luongo has 1 or 2 decent seasons and then sucks? Then we are stuck with a contract and a player that nobody wants. Backstrom seems like a good option if he’s available and there aren’t nearly as many “if’s” with this guy. I think 1 year left at $6 Mill. carries way less risk and much more potential upside. A Backstrom/Reimer combo would be decent.

  20. Hopefully there will some teams needing to get to the floor and will make an offer to get that extra 5 mill.


  21. @Troy

    you wouldn’t happen to be Troy from White Rock would ya. If so, miss your calls into 1040. They are classic.

  22. UMMMM
    Having just did some home work Paul Martin has a
    no trade clause!!!!

    So not sure what the deal is there …Shero must be trying to get him pisssed off so that he waives to get out of Dodge as that is a pretty good sign to say WE DONT WANT YOU ANYMORE!
    As a leafs fan at least your only stuck with one bad contract and not multiple wasrefull contracts and players that are handcuffing other moves…
    Only way is to demote hia A LA Wade Reden style ….hey you gotta do what you gotta do down to the farm or buy out …not a lot out there in the way of D man anyways.

    Pens are Managed so well one mistake is bound to happen but Shero has doen a Brilliant job and still has plenty of cap room to make a huge splash and Weber if he wants to !!!

  23. I seem to recall some “choice” words Semin had about Crosby. He publicly said he didn’t understand what the big deal was about Crosby and that he’s not as talented as everyone seems to think. I honestly can’t see the Penguins wanting anything to do with Semin, and his lack of work ethic. They’re a very hard working team and they don’t have a problem with putting the puck in the net. I believe they were in the top 3 this year, in goals.

  24. I could see pitt staying away from semin but definitely going after doan if he become available. Colarado I can’t see trading statsny he may not be living up to expectations but his high cap hit helps them meet the cap floor and he is a good 1/2 centre.
    If leafs make any trades definitely roster players are going to be moved. Maybe see a lombardi going to the devils. Maybe connolly going to a Phoenix if doan leaves.

  25. No one in Pittsburgh wants Semin. Doan on the other hand…

  26. People are crazy, semin is super skilled and his speed and great shot would really factor in well playing with Crosby. Who has he had to learn from? Ovechkin?? He could really help our sorry powerplay too with that right handed sniper rifle. Take a look at the roster nothing but left handed shooters. Malkin can take him in and Crosby is more mature then that, he’s the youngest captain in history afterall. Some stupid comment won’t effect him at all if he even acknowledged it

  27. Sabres:
    Try and sign Shea Weber to a massive offer sheet!

    Than trade Myers/Pominville and Serkera for Getzlaf & Ryan


    • put down the crack pipe, you are damaging your brain

  28. @ Pens 4 Life

    I dont see semin being a Pittsburgh type player after what he said about Crosby …thats a bad apple on a good team and would seriously be a waste of money …find a guy who plays with heart and can be a TEAM player and wants to win the cup down to his very bone,, not a douche bag big mouth, you never heard players calling out Gretzky or lemieux and telling the world they really arent that talented …maybe Crosby should put that monster of a Stanley cup ring between his teeth….Semins an ass !!

  29. @ slap

    Yeah semin is an ass, which he learned from ovi who has no respect for anyone. Once he sees a winning environment, plus getting to mingle with nhl mvp gino malkin, I have a feeling his attitude would change. We need a skill winger for Sid, he deserves it. I would love to see James Neal hook up with Sid and semin go with Malkin. Keep mother Russia together! Our uptempo style would really work good for his game and I think the pens could steal him. We don’t need him to be Mario…just the new Rob Brown lol