NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – July 8, 2012.

Updates on Rick Nash, Shea Weber, Shane Doan, and Matt Duchene, plus the latest on the Flyers and Blues.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline has the latest on the Rick Nash trade saga, where a large gap remains between his value to the Blue Jackets and the rest of the NHL. Of the six teams (Boston, Detroit, the New York Rangers, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and San Jose) believed on Nash’s list of preferred trade destinations, Porzline believes the Rangers and Flyers have the depth in assets to get a deal done.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blue Jackets management are hoping the reduction of quality talent in the UFA market would increase the chances of getting the return they seek for Nash from teams still seeking a first line scorer. They’re willing to play the waiting game, but so are the clubs who have interest in Nash. I’ll be very surprised if this situation is resolved by the end of August.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes Nashville Predators captain Shea Weber would be a great fit with the Rangers, believing he’s more worth of a king’s ransom than Rick Nash, and speculated upon what it might take for the Rangers to pry him away from the Predators via trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Weber would be a great fit with every NHL team, and it’s possible the Predators could shop him if they’re unable to re-sign him to a long-term deal. For now, however, he’s not on the market.

Doan’s days with the Coyotes drawing to a close?

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Paola Boivin feels Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan deserves better than to have his sixteen year association with the club end via free agency due to ongoing uncertainty over its sale to the Jamieson group. Doan has given the Coyotes until July 9th before he being seriously entertaining offers from other teams.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Doan doesn’t want to leave the Coyotes, nor does management want to lose him, but he doesn’t want to risk re-signing with a club which could be playing in another NHL city in a year, one in which he wouldn’t want to play. You can’t blame him if he does decide to sign elsewhere.

DENVER POST: Mark Kiszla believes the Colorado Avalanche should trade Matt Duchene, as they currently have three outstanding center in Paul Stastny, Ryan O’Reilly and Duchene, meaning one of them has to go. Kiszla duly notes Avs fans would prefer Stastny be shopped, but believes Duchene is the better choice as trade bait, perhaps to land someone like Anaheim’s Bobby Ryan or Columbus’ Rick Nash.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s an intriguing suggestion, as Duchene’s potential and affordable salary would certainly make him attractive trade bait. That being said, Avs management doesn’t appear to be seriously considering that possibility.

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi reports the Flyers have been linked to Shane Doan and Mike Knuble, but the former hopes to re-sign with the Coyotes if they remain in Phoenix, while it appears Flyers management intends to stick with their younger players. They won’t pursue Nash or Ryan unless their respective teams lower their asking prices.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It wouldn’t surprise me if the Flyers stick with their current lineup heading into training camp and gauge from there if they need to address any weaknesses.

STLTODAY.COM: Jeremy Rutherford reported the Blues did have interest in Matt Carle and Jason Garrison prior to their signings with Tampa Bay and Vancouver respectively. They’re believed to have interest in Calgary’s Jay Bouwmeester and Phoenix’s Keith Yandle.


  1. The flyers have lots of young players that should get a shot at more ice time this year. Especially if they can stay healthy.
    I’d think doan will either take a chance and resign in Phoenix or go to a team like Pittsburgh, Chicago, or Detroit. Would be kinda cool if he went to the jets.
    They were blaming the signings or lack there of to be holding up the rest of the trades/signings well it’s almost a week later and not much is happening.

  2. This is a weird year in free agency. And Isn’t EVERY good player a good fit with the rangers? I’m sick of hearing that statement. I’m also sick of hearing every big name is going to the penguins….like Crosby, Malkin, Neal, Kunitz, letang, flurey ain’t enough “big names” they were saying Parise, Suter, nash, ryan semin….may land in pittsburgh…COME ON MAN!!! Who’s reporting this garbage?

    • Throw Philly, Toronto, and Detroit in there too. Everyone seems to be going to them as well.

      Do other teams in the NHL exist?

      • It’s just like the yankees/red sox in baseball ..those teams don’t mind spending right to the cap and locking players up long term, so they are the teams mentioned. I’m a flyers fan and am glad to actually see them showing some fiscal restraint this year ..only guy I’d open the check book for and let him write it himself is Weber.

        • um, robert, you might want to look at some of the signings thus far this off season..it isn’t the rangers this time driving up the prices or up against the cap.. might want to look at your own team as well..pronger? what a joke he’s turned out to be huh? bryzgalov?? 6 year 30 mill??? ok kettle..

  3. @ Jrd18

    I’m not sure if Doan is willing to go to a big market team. For all accounts he may follow suit and go to another “quiet” team.

  4. DOAN

    You can look at this two ways ..he can play with two of the best players in the world in Pittsburgh or he can stay as close to home ( Pheonix ) as poosible and go to the Stanley Cup Champs in L .A . who have a powerhouseand will compete for the next few years !!!
    I would have to think these are his two options at this point if he decides to leave! Id give the edge to L A !

    I am really at a loss about some of the GMs decisions over the last year it baffles me …..The Devils lost major assets for a return on Parise ….Nashville lost major assets on a return for Suterthe Coyotes have lost on a trade for Doan …the Ducks lost out on Selanne last year at the trade deadline …

    All these GMs are throwing unreal money at some of the top UFAs so why wouldnt you go to UFA if you are a star hockey player I mean really …these GMs gotta get the act together and cut the emotional ties here and send the assets packing and re tool when they have the chance and if you dont have a star player signed by JULY 1st …out the door you go and get a return ….I mean WTF really!!

    In the next CBA what are the Owners going to complain about …seriously ..they are at a Christies auction House for goodness sakes aon some of these players and its gone right back to before the lock out scenario where as the strong teams have all the cash are the highest bidders …just open the market and get on with playing …I mean what are they going to do cap a deal that only allows a player to make $8 million a year for 7 years and thats the best contrcat tha can be offered to anyone player in the league and cap it …..NO ..Ok well then whats all this talk that owners arent making money any more ..I mean 20 teams just offered Suter and Parise between $90 and $110 million….and will do it with other players as well if given a chance so get on with it !!


    To all the Pitt fans who post here Iam a Leafs fan but Pitt is a team that is my fall back team ..and I have to say that it would be terrible to see Semin on that team ..he is not a Pitt player and would be a bad apple on the team after what he said about the Captain …no need for an bad apple on that team ..Pitt has cvlass and designs its team with class and Semin has NO CLASS!!


    ….after Game 7 Rangers – Caps this spring I posted for every one here to go over the highlights of Semin in the final minutes and watch his sorry ass back check to loose the game for the Capitals …if you did not YOU TUBE GAME & highlights Rangers Caps 2012 playoffs and watch the last goal scored on the Caps and watch Semin back check …he has no heart what so ever to win a cup …sorry guys !!!

    I have season tickets to the Sbres and have seen the Caps here a number of times and Semin is so gifted with size and skill …but his attitude SUCKS just like Ovechkin …I saw the game when Boudreau got fired that night in Buffalo and they played terrible and was a disgrace to watch Semin and Ovechkin the Sabres fans were yelling thank you to them for how they were playing so bad !!

    Semin is not worthy of a Pitt uniform …and will be a Kovalev type player as he was in Ottawa !!!

    Go Doan or bust or even Hemsky for that matter!!


    They Flyers should only make small deals at this point they have a good club and should only add some fringe players and look at a major D man for a Briere or Hartnell trade scenario …but they should keep Schenn Coutorier and Simmons and find a player to play with Giroux better !


    Stastny should be the one on the way out saves them some money and he can be easily replaced with a UFA next year that may be an Upgrade !! move him for multiple pieces this year and save cash then make a move after evaluating his departure next year or at trade deadline this year !


    I would be looking at a Kessel and Phaneuf deal for disgruntled Evander Kane and disgruntled Zack Bogosian ….this would be good for both teams moving forward …maybe wishful thinking but there is some issues with Jets and those players sop I may not be to far off !It would be a good eal for both IMO

    • @SLAP Leaf’s Jets.
      If I was a Jets fan or GM I would never do this deal unless you changed Phaneuf for Gardiner. At that point as a Jets GM I would have to take a hard look at doing this deal.
      Kessel & Gardiner
      Kane & Bogosian

    • Pittsburgh has class?

      Yeah saw that with Crosby and his “I hate them” statements after losing to the Flyers.

      and Malkin’s head shots after an 18 year old schooled him in the first round.

      or Neal’s hit on Couturier and Giroux…the Couturier hit was bs, and I still ask, what is the difference between his hit and the Raffe Torres hit?

      Sorry bro, but the Pens where classless against the Flyers this past spring. I know Philly has the rep, but it is unjustified at this point. They are the polar opposite these days, small and skilled as opposed to large and dirty.

      Your other comment..the Flyers should stand pat..just minor things like a major dman, and a top line winger for Giroux..yeah, just minor things.

      Your trade proposal between the Leafs and Jets is so one sided, it isn’t funny.

      Kane is a stud..and still in his early 20’s, and Bogosian will get huge money next year….

      trading Kessel(way over rated, even Leaf fans acknowledge this), and Phaneuf(not what he was the first 2 years in the league) for 2 of Winnipeg’s best players is not going to happen. That would be a horrible deal for the Jets. They could get more from say the Flyers, who as you say need a dman and a top line winger…

      Semin would be perfect for Pittsburgh.. whiny and disappears when the going gets tough.

      • I would think Kane would be up there with Nash and Ryan in terms of how many teams would be interested and what the jets would want in return.

        Bogosian 21 years hold with huge upside Phaneuf is 27 and still had huge holes in his game.

        If they Jets ever made that trade they should just back up and go back to Atlanta!

      • They sure disappeared in 2009 winning the cup something the flyers should focus on instead of just beating the pens every year.

      • I think Semin has left a bad taste in Gary’s mouth …

        • Yeah he seems to have left him a little salty.

    • We can talk about all sorts of trades but TO fans fail to realize that the Leafs r NOT making the playoffs until they get an exceptional goalie like LUONGO. Why is Burke not in Vancouver knocking on Gillis’s door every day I dont know.
      Not only is Luongo good but he will mentor the younger goalies in the system THIS is what SCHENIDER said about LUONGO:

      I will speak about what he has meant to this team over the last six years, I know he’s been the best goalie in team history and holds a lot of the records and he’s almost become iconic

      “For me personally to have played with him and to be a teammate has been a tremendous honour and I really owe a lot to him in terms of how I developed and the player I’ve become.

      “I’ve learned a tremendous amount and kind of honed my game and taken a lot of things from his game that I’ve emulated.”

    • Agree with the Doan assessment, I have been saying for a while that he will likely sign in LA and they aren’t hiding the fact that they are VERY interested in signing him. Wow they could repeat if that happens, and what a third line this would be:

      Gagne Stoll Doan

    • Is this a small excerpt from your latest novel? Your fingers must be tired. haha

  5. How about Kessel for Duchene? Burke would never do it because that would admit his mistake but how good would Duchene look centering Lupul and JVR? If the Grabo, MacA, Kuli line could catch fire again like two years ago suddenly the Leafs only need a goalie and a few more gritty players for the 3rd line. They also have Ashton, Frattin, Kadri, Colborne to either take Kuli or MacA’s spot if they falter or dangle some of them for a goalie trade.
    I would think the Av’s would be all over this trade considering they get a 40 goal 90 pt winger to compliment Stastny.

    • Don’t forget Duchene is also a GTA (Greater Toronto Area)boy

      • He is from Haliburton. He played in Brampton for 3 years. Figure it out, self-proclaimed hockey guru.

    • Of all the trades i have read from leaf fans this one actually makes since and Burke might be able to save face if the team caught fire early in the season.

    • Kiszla is an idiot who only covers the Denver Broncos and then every once in awhile pops over to Av-land and sprinkles all kinds of B.S. I’ve been reading the Denver Post for 25 years.

      To make a long story short, if the Avs trade Duchene, it would be one of the greatest mistakes the Avalanche/Nordiques franchise has ever made. It is not going to happen and the kid is FAR too talented.

      Stastny and O’Reilly (O’Reilly is easily the steal of the 2009 draft) are more expendable, if you ask me, but I don’t see a reason to trade any of them until the deadline this year (if the Avs are sellers). Being deep at center is, as we all know, a very good thing.

  6. @ BEER GOGGLES ..

    I would do the Gardner and Kessel deal for sure …Iam not sold on Gardner as of yet ..yes hes got unreall skating ability but he is a winger by trade and was only a defenceman in College hockey then right to the pros …so Iam not so sure with him and I would include him in on a deal if it were to mean that I get my stud young centerman …YES for sure !!!! Especially E Kane …DONE!

    As for Phaneuf I just dont like his plsying style on either side of the puck especially on the power play
    ( never hits the net ) and sucks in front of his own net!
    Good leader so I thought that could help a youg Jets team !!

    • I’m sure the Jet’s would have the same concerns with Phaneuf. Gardiner could be in for a soffmore jinx this year. He didn’t play well on the Marlies in the playoffs. He looked very average which I’m hoping was just due his incredibly long season for a rookie. Guess we will find out this year.
      Bogosian hasn’t played very well so I would think the Jets would do this deal in a heart beat. I love Bogo’s skating ability (much swifter than Gardiner) but Gardiner has patience with the puck you just can’t teach and I don’t see Bogosian with that ability.

  7. @ Beer Goggles ….AKA ….FIRE BURKE ..LOL

    Love Frattin and I would have given Kadri a shot all year on the Leafs last year for sure …Like I say he could not have been any WORSE than Connolly in any way possible , dont care what Wilson says ….do not like Colborne no aggressiveness for his size saw him play on multiple times last year …or Ashton ..terrible trades by Burke on both !!
    I have to say that I truly feel this was all Ron Wilsons doing!

    • Totally agree on Colborne. He hit’s like Bozak (more of a soft rub into the boards if at all followed by a tickle. lol) which is why I don’t like Bozak either. Burke got swindled on the Colborne deal once again by the B’s. Can you imagine if Burke had of taken the first deal he was offered? Kessel for Kadri and Kaberle… We would have still retained those two first rounders and would have still gotten Segin. Ahh would of, could of, should of…

      My fall back team is the Oil (because every Leaf fan needs a fall back team).
      I wish the Oil would go after Weber. Offer up Yakupov and Gagner.

  8. Both the Jets and Av’s trade talk does make alot of sense to me. I posted this past year that Kessel, Gardiner, Kadri, 1st and futures for Wilson, Landeskog, McGinn & Duchesne. evryone said I was on crack, probably true but it does have some merit. Being a leaf fan, i can only hope for some good news, this trade is pssoible if u take out Landeskog, sure alot of people can see that, really.

    As for JVR, they finally have a big winger or center, wherever he fits in. Scheen was a pilon, no mobility what so ever. Good trade for both teams, fresh start for 2 young kids.

    As for Luongo, I’ll take a pass unless u unload Grabovski and Komisarek in the deal, then it would make sense.

    In the new CBA, I hope there is a clause that if these overpaid vixens do not want to play for there existing teams any longer that they tear up there current deals and move on. Lets see then if they will ask to be traded to get out of there deals. These F—– guys make me sick. They make millions playing a game, we all treat them like there are heros, say they took a home town discount to sign for 4 million p/season. How will they ever survive on that? Everyone who reads this article should do the math on what they make and see how long it would take to make what these f———-s make per season or game for that matter. Most of us have hard working jobs that after we get home from work, all we want to do is lie down, rest and get ready for the next day. These guys have no appreciation of money, where they came from and to the true fans who have a hard time if they can to catch a game.

    Last year I went to a leafs game for the first time in my life. $320 for a ticket X amount for plane ticket and hotel room, 1 off the bucket list.

    Salary cap was brought into help keep cost down, REALLY. I do not know the true numbers but didn’t it not start around 45 million per team, now its 20 million higher. POOR POOR HOCKEY PLAYERS. How do they support there families on those minimla salaries?

    i love watching hockey, unfortunately for most fans never really get to see a real NHL except for the QMJHL which in own is not bad hockey. Well priced for a family to go see a game, not the same caliber but still it hockey played with passion for 16 to 20 year old kids wanting to hopefully see a big pay day or get a free education down the road.

    Sorry for ranting but I wish that all true sport fans all boycott the games we love for 1 full season. Football, hockey etc. Maybe then prices will start coming down, these guys will have to take modest money, not these figures. Maybe then and only then will a sports family be able to go to a game without it costing a full weeks or more to see there favorite teams compete.


    • Good Rant.

      I would hate to loose Grabo in a deal for Luongo. Komi yes but I wouldn’t throw in a good player to take on that insane contract even if Lu retires in 7 years.

      As for Weber, I think he is another Chara and we all know what getting him did for the B’s. At the time Chara was first signed his contact seemed insane so I’d take a shot at landing Weber. Every good team needs a Z.Chara/ Al MacInnis/ Scott Stevens/ Nick Lidstrom to mentor guys that are up and coming young future stars like Stevens did with Niedermayer, and MacInnis did with Pronger.

      Weber will be worth a boat load but worth every penny.

  9. If the Avs trade duchene after they got him to sign on the cheap they would be imbeciles. Duchene is going to be a top player in the league for a long time. Stastny is the one who has to
    go. If the Preds have an indIcation that Weber won’t sign then they should be striping a team of more than half it’s quality assets in a trade. Look at the interest generated by Suter. Times that by 3 for Weber as he was the guy who made everyone look better.
    Is Doan looking to leave because he doesn’t want to end up playing in Quebec? Or is it do he has a owner who is going to go to bat for his team and show solidarity?

  10. “so he has” not “do he has”. iPhones….

  11. Gary you forgot Cooke on Savard.
    Slap agree with this GM thing about losing players for nothing.
    I’ve been saying this for awhile if a player is leaving trade him for a nice package.Losing big name free agents for nothing is killing your franchise.Think of the return Parise,Suter,Weber and Brad Richards could’ve got.
    Howson will have to lower his asking price knowing who ever takes on Nash is also taking on a huge contract.He isn’t looking at that part of the trade.Im a Bruins fan and don’t want that contract unless he’s willing to take back a bad contract.
    Krejci,Knight,first rounder and take Thomas’s contract off our hands.He’s asking for Hamilton or Seguin no way.

    • Cooke on savard? Ya it happened… 2years ago! Did you not see how te guy cleaned up his act?

      Ya the pens lost their cool against Philly, but it’s a far cry from classless. Clearly youve never played sports and had emotions boil over when it’s all on the line.

      Oh and I love the retarded proposals today even more so.

      Phaneuf the pylOn and little Kessel for Kane a big power forward and bogisan good looking young d. Ya sure…

  12. Beergoggles:
    Agree on Burke how can he still have a job after so many bad trades.
    When you are rebuilding you don’t trade your picks away.
    Look at what Edmonton is doing that’s how you build a dynasty.
    Kessel was a quick fix that cost you 3 good players 2 potential great players.Seguin,Hamilton and Knight.I bet Boston wouldn’t trade any of them for Kessel straight up maybe Knight.

    • Agreed.

      I would like to see the Oil take the next step this year. They can’t pin all there hopes on Schultz taking care of the back end because there is a good chance he will be a bust without a stud to mentor his progress for a year or two. Weber is the guy they need. He is also a Western Canadian boy so if ever Edmonton had a chance to keep a RFA and sign him to a long term deal this could be the guy. The Oil have the assets to do the deal and still retain most of there top talent. It’s still a long shot but worth exploring.

  13. Dont count the Sabres out of the Duchene/Stasny sweepstakes…they are looking for a center and have some nice defensive and forward prospects and/or veterans to get the deal done……

  14. Wow, do we ever have a high opinion of Kessel and Phaneuf. A one-dimensional small forward with stage fright, and slow footed defenceman with a reputation for being a cancer in the dressing room (and a huge cap hit). In exchange for a young power forward with upside and perhaps a bit of an ego, and a solid young 2/3 defenceman with size and big upside.

    If Cheveldayoff made that trade, he should be drummed out of hockey, and he would definitely no longer be welcome in Winnipeg.

    The Leafs aren’t going to fill their problem areas with trades that involve their sad sack collection of vets. What will be attractive are players like Gardner, Murphy, Kulemin, Frattin, JVR and maybe Ashton.

    I would only consider moving Duschene if it was part of a package for Ryan, otherwise with such a premium on offensive centers, you cant afford to take chances. I do think some team will take a shot at Statsny, perhaps a cap floor team like Florida or NYI.

    • I agree about the Phaneuf comment which is why I said to SLAP you would have to change it up and include Gardiner instead of Phaneuf. Don’t forget Kessel and Gardiner are sign for two more years while Kane is a RFA now and Bogo is an RFA next year.both due for healthy raises. Gardiner is a better player then Bogosian at this point in their early carears and Kessel a proven 40 goal 90pt man if surrounded by a big center and big winger would be every bit as good or better then the current 30 goal 60pt Kane. I don’t see this trade benefiting either team since its a wash and could disrupt what little chemistry each team has, especially the Kessel Lupul chemistry. Both GM’s would look stupid making this trade for different reasons.

  15. If Doan’s first choice is to stay in Phoenix I really don’t see how teams like Philly, Pitt, NY, Detroit and all those others really have any chance of signing him. If he doesn’t sign with the Couotes he will sign with the Kings, the Stars, or outside chance with the Sharks.

    • try opening your eyes …

  16. Old Soldier: I believe you nailed two of the reasons why good free agents do not want to come to Toronto. Kessel is known around the league as a one dimensional player who is afraid of being checked and Phanueff is the wrong guy to be captain. Who in their right mind wants to play for a team that will not mount an honest challenge for the cup during their playing career?
    Burke is responsible for bringing in both of those players and as such is responsible for players not opting to come to the Leafs.
    Toronto is a good goalie away from making the playoffs but 3 or 4 players away from being a serious contender with nothing to offer to get those 3 or 4 players into a Toronto uniform. Burke lives by the sword and it is time he died by it. It’s time he went back to work for his buddy at the NHL head office.

  17. things definitely changed in Nashville last year when Poile rolled the dice and brought back Radulov, then he upped the ante by bringing in Kostitsyn and then he traded a heart and soul guy like Smithson to make room for those 2. to me it wasn’t surprising that they lost to Phoenix as they were a more complete team at that point, they were all united for a common goal while Radulov & Kostitsyn were in it for themselves and showed it by staying out all night in a nightclub the night before a pivotal game in the series. Poile blew it by not believing in what had got Nashville to that point and now he has to convince Weber that they’ve still got a chance of getting that back when they’ve lost his defensive partner in Suter and the sparkplug that got the fans going in Tootoo. poile has to start figuring out how to get the absolute maximum he can for Weber as he has a better chance of winning the lottery than hanging on to him. everyone knew the Predators were all in last year when they brought back Radulov but the flipside of that was when they didn’t win Suter saw the writing on the wall and decided to try somewhere else. with Weber he has to know the money is going to be there no matter where he goes so it becomes a matter of picking a team with the best chance to win now and that’s not Nashville. so whether it’s before the season starts, at the trading deadline or at the draft Poile has to get the most he can for Weber because he can’t risk ending up with nothing again.

  18. @ Gary.

    That’s OK because Philly doesn’t even know what Class means. After all you guys think it’s so classy spitting on visiting fans and teams coaches and players. I really don’t know why more players want to play for you all. The perfect poster child for your team ever was Hextall. The best move the NHL could ever do is pull the team out of Philly and give it to some fans that know how to act at games.

  19. @ Old Soldier ….

    I like all your posts never a strecth always with in the boundries of the brain !!

    However the only reason I said that dal would be good is becuase Bogosian is on the last year of his 2 year deal and has been unhapppy with things as it has been rumoured Evander Kane is unhappy as well …both teams can benefit from that deal …Jets need leadership and a more ohysical presence with Phaneuf and they are looking for scoring ..Kessel will get 40 goals this year as he has gotten 30 plus every year in the league ….and the Jets could look for 40 goals they have a faster team than the Leafs ….leafs can benefit by getting a legit franchise player in Kane and a big young d man in Bogosian …just a scenario that would work well for both teams between Kessel had almost as many points total than Kane and Bogosian put together so its a good deal ….

    Poile may be a great GM at the draft ….but he has been terrible at maintaining assets …In a very HOT Goalie market he next to nothing for Lindback …He got nothing for Suter which shouls have been at least 3 guys and a draft pick ….and now hes testing the situation with Weber ….its soooo obvious you HAVE TO TRADE WEBER ….NOW!!!! and retool and set you team up for the future …the ship has sailed ..its done Weber is not going to play in Nashville …ask him wher he wants to go and make it happen and move on …these GMs are getting to emotional with there assets ( players) its a business …

    Pocklingtoin looks like a genius these days for trading Gretzky for CASH!!!!and players …still won the cup witout him 2 years later !!!

  20. @ gameon63: I agree with you. I think, though, the real mistake was keeping Radulove and AK out the second game. They were brought in for a reason, you taught them a lesson and should not bring them back for this year, but they do have a talent. It was a mistake to keep them out two games IMO.

    @ Slap: The Devils made it to the Cup final and would not have done so without Parise. How can you say Lameriello was wrong to keep him at the deadline?
    As for Suter, again, how was it wrong to keep that squad together for a run at the Cup? Hindsight is 20/20 but at the deadline should has really have been a seller? No way. He is ultimately paid to chase the Cup and you can not say the Preds did not look pretty good at the start of the playoffs.
    Doan is the face of the franchise in Phoenix. They are trying to get a buyer in place. If they had traded Doan at the deadline, kill the deal and loose move the club %100 guaranteed. Keep Doan, you got a chance the club stays and gets stability. As the Gm, you take that chance especially if you also have a chance of keeping Doan. (As an aside, I think Doan takes a one year deal with Phoenix and if this chaos/move does happen he will go. A move will probably mean they stay at least the year before relocation, assuming the NHL season starts on time.)
    Selanne is a Duck with a NMC! The Ducks would have been seen as douches for asking him to waive it, he would have refused, and his return (if any) would have been minimal as all the GM’s know there is no way he would have re-signed with their team.
    July 1st is opening of free agency. Why would anybody trade anything for a free agent? Unless you mean July 1st of the last year of a contract. So you would have GM’s artificially shorten all contracts by a year rather than take the year, see how it goes, and try to sign the guy? So you want GMs to have a small window (cause you do want players forced to be distracted over the season) to re-sign immediaafter tely the playoffs?
    What is most likely to change in the next CBA for GMs and the cap is that teams will be able to keep part of a player’s cap hit in a trade. I agree that this will only encourage GM’s free spending ways. The only real fix is revenue sharing between all teams a cap.

  21. Duchene is not a GTA boy. Colorado would want cheap quality back if they ever traded him.Kessel ia also a UFA ia a few years. Not happening.

    • Matt Duchene #9 DOB: 1991/01/16
      POB: Haliburton, Ont, Canada

      Haliburton is as close as you’re going to get to Toronto. I’d consider him a GTA boy but if you want to get technical then fine he’s an Ontario boy which still means he probably grew up wanting to play for the Buds. Same thing

      • BTW he also played Junior for the Brampton Battalion so if that doesn’t make him a GTA boy then I don’t know what does. I will assume your other comment’s don’t matter since you got this one wrong.

  22. Doan may end up just signing a one year deal with Phoenix and give a list of teams he’d be willing to be traded to if they are out of the playoff hunt by the trade deadline. There, I resolved that problem. 😀

  23. There are a lot of teams still in the mix for a top 6 forward. Shane Doan won’t play in Quebec if that’s where the Coyotes end up, and if they do end up in Quebec what does the league do with the alignment for the Northeast Division? Don’t be surprised if the Habs make a play for Semin, 3-4 year deal at a lower pay scale with bonus incentives might be the right thing for the player and the club.

  24. Doan would prefer to play along side Whitney, who is already in Dallas. The new Dallas owner, Gagliardi and Doan are friends, and co-investers in the Kamloops team…

  25. LOl now that’s funny BeerGoggles. Do you actually know where Haliburton is ? So all of central Ontario is GTA ? As for the Battlion comment, your saying anyone who grew up in Ontario and plays OHL in the GTA is a GTA boy. And since he was born in Ontario he must be a Leafs fan !
    Your funny…….

    Better look again at my post about Kessel and tell me what I got wrong .

    Cheers !

    • Brampton is the GTA my friend. You know what GTA stand for right? and Yes, I have a cottage in Haliburton so I’m quite familiar with it’s location.

  26. Brampton GTA yes. Haliburton no. Kessel a Leaf yes. Duchene no. And while we are at it what happened to Walts place in Haliburton. I hear it closed.

  27. Good suggestion by the Denver Post. Duchene straight up for Nash would be a perfect trade for both sides. Colorado fixes their redundancy at center and simultaneously strengthens their wing. And Columbus gets a young established forward with franchise potential, and who is still an RFA when his contract is up in two years.

    The only catch is that Colorado isn’t on Nash’s list.

  28. 2nd liner and a late 1st round prospect (or NHL up-and-comer) and a 1st round pick is what Howson can expect to get for Nash.

    NYR: JT Miller/McIlrath/Erixon, Callahan/Girardi, 1st rounder
    Philly: Wellwood, Reid, 1st rounder
    Detroit: I can’t see who they’d give up for him; they’re thin.
    San Jose: F. Hamilton, Vlasic, 1st rounder
    Toronto: Frattin, Kadri, 1st rounder

    These are deals that’ll make teeth grit on both sides, but let’s face it, Howson’s looking to rip someone off and he’s dealing with 5 of the best GMs in the league. Good luck.

    • Sorry, 4 of the best GMS in the league and Glen Sather.

  29. Not sure, my cottage is in Bobcaygeon.

    My whole point was Duchene’s family and friends are probably scattered in and around the GTA and yes, Haliburton which is 1.5hrs from Toronto which makes it damn close compared to anywhere else in North America so in my mind it makes him a GTA boy. Again the point here being he would be back in his neighbourhood if he was playing in Toronto as opposed to Colorado or Florida or anywhere else in the NHL (except for maybe Ottawa which is still a long drive from certain friends he may have in Brampton or the GTA). Yes, Kessel’s contract is up in two years so what. That’s not a reason for the Av’s not to do the deal. I also said Burke would never do this deal because it would admit his mistake but I would think Colorado would take a hard look.

  30. After reading these posts, I have to throw my 2 cents in:

    Absolutley not going to be traded out of Colorado. Stastny is the one who *might* be dealt. But even that is an unlikely scenario.

    Might trade Kane and Bogosian becasue those guys seem unhappy there and are likely to make contract extensions/resignings difficult. They will nto hesitate to move those guys for the right deals that bring in quality, young players.
    The deal proposed (Gardnier/Kessel) would be a steal for the Jets. Kessel is a better player than Kane ever will be, and the long-term trade off of Bogosian and Gardiner is neglegable.
    this deal will not happen, becasue Kessel will NEVER resign in Winnipeg… so they are jsut deferring their “Kane” problem by one more season.

    Cut the kid some slack. He is among the best scorers in the league. Most scorers are selfish and one-dimentional. Pavel Bure was the same thing.
    I think the Leafs are going to move thim this season. He will nto resign here. There will be a huge lineup of teams looking to get him if he becomes available. This is a mid-season deal after Nash and Ryan are dealt so as to maximize Kessel’s value.

    Burke isn’t interested in Luongo becase 1) Luongo isnt interested in the Leafs, 2) that contract is an anchor, 3) The guy’s off-ice family stress isnt going to go away unless he goes to Florida… so they’re going to stay away from him unless the asking price gets realistic for a salary dump (i.e. a 2nd round pick).

  31. So let me get this straight. An article is written by a sports writer who suggests Duchene should be traded. All of a sudden he is on the trade block??? And of course all the Leaf fans think they got the trade to bring him to Toronto.

    He was just re signed to a contract that is a bargain for the team, but they are going to trade him because a sports writer says they should?

    By the way this kid was a Joe Sakic and Colorado fan growing up. He had Sakic jerseys and posters all over the place. Never heard of him being a Leaf fan ever.

    I know it may be fun to dream. But take off the beer goggles and come back from fantasy island. Try looking at things in terms of reality. A little common sense can help you from sounding like a funzanoon.