NHL Trade and Free Agent Rumors – June 11, 2012.

Latest on the Maple Leafs, Lightning and Red Wings.


Could the Leafs shop Schenn for the first overall pick?

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons reports the Maple Leafs want to move up in the draft and the Edmonton Oilers may want to move the first overall pick, suggesting a deal – which could involve defenseman Luke Schenn – isn’t out of the question.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs have the fifth overall pick, and the Oilers are in need of a good, young defenseman. Schenn has been a fixture in the rumor mill for some time, so I wouldn’t fully dismiss the possibility. Still, it remains to be seen if the Oilers are keen to move the pick, and one shouldn’t rule out a rival club making a better pitch.

TAMPABAY.COM: Damian Cristodero reports Lightning GM Steve Yzerman is no fan of offers sheets. This comes following speculation the Lightning might target Vancouver Canucks RFA goalie Cory Schneider with an offer sheet.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Offer sheets have become an exercise in pointlessness, as they’re almost always matched (Dustin Penner being the sole exception). Given the uncertainty over a new CBA, I don’t expect Schneider to get an offer sheet.

DETROIT NEWS: Ted Kulfan reports the Red Wings could turn to the UFA market to find a suitable replacement for Brad Stuart, whom they dealt yesterday to the San Jose Sharks. Possibilities include Nashville’s Ryan Suter, Washington’s Dennis Wideman, Philadelphia’s Matt Carle and St. Louis’ Barret Jackman.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports the Red Wings are prepared to make a contract offer to winger Jiri Hudler, but he’s likely to test this summer’s UFA market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: One thing the Wings have going for them this summer is they’ve got over $26 million in available cap space, and have no problem with investing it. What remains to be seen is who they find to spend it on.


  1. Some might suggest Schenn’s value has dropped significantly after sending his name through the rumour mill time and time again. To those people I say remember Kaberle? His skills continued to diminish and his name swirled over a three year period and he still was a hot commodity on the trade block so I can see Schenn still fetching a good return such as Simmons suggests in a package with the Leaf’s 5th over all for Edmontons first. I just don’t know if Edmonton really wants to move that pick. Very hard to say but that package would be a good enough to start talks.

  2. I wouldn’t trade Schenn and the 5th for the 1st. Just too much, Schenn could be used in another trade for other assets that are needed

    • This is called over valuing your team. I don’t think there’s a GM in this world that would move down 4 spots for a pylon worth 4 million a season.

      Edmonton wants a top 2 pairing Dman if they even consider touching that #1 overall. Not a 4-5 in Schenn.

  3. I like schenn, he has a lot of upside, plays a hard hitting game, the oilers could really use a guy like that on D, but i don’t think Schenn plus our 5th gets us that number one overall.
    I think a less expensive alternative, would be a trade with Columbus, in which the leafs send the 5th and reimer, schenn and possibly lupol and get nash and 2nd overall and go after gally with the 2nd overall pick.

  4. @ BeerGoggles

    Schenn is only 23, his value won’t drop like that of Kaberle’s, because Kaberle is significantly older than Schenn. Schenn will fetch a nice sum if there are ever to be any actual trades that involve him. He is obviously not a scorer, rather a hard checking d-dman, who can get the puck out of his zone. If need be, he can also drop the gloves with the best of them. He fits Edmontons bill (Youth, now-player and upside). I am not saying that the following is rational or near that, but if Burke offers Schenn and Tambellini accepts, I can see something like this going down:

    To TOR: 1st Overall Draft Pick (2012)
    To EDM: Schenn + Gunnarsson + 3rd Round Draft Pick (2012)

    You got to remember, Schenn was selected 5th overall. Gunnarsson has turned out to be a great puck moving dman, with huge potential. He is also young, and can develop well with Edmonton’s youth movement. Schenn alone can fetch a 1st rounder, while Gunnarsson can bump that 1st rounder fetching of a 1st rounder to get that 1st overall. While the 3rd rounder can give Tambellini a little more ease of mind.

    Sure that 1st overall will turn out to be a good/great player, but Edmonton’s at the stage now, where they and their fans done rebuilding, and are in need of a few pieces to be a solid playoffs team. A prospect without any NHL experience, will not take them there any time soon, especially with the talent they already have at forward position. Gunnarsson and Schenn will dramatically help their d-corps, which is Edmonton’s main lack. Sure you can also say it is their goaltending, but there are a few good goaltenders that can be fetched for the time being and that can take them to the playoffs, and until they can find a legit No.1 tender.

  5. i can see Edmonton making the schenn/draft pick trade, but i’m not sure if it’s really what the leafs need. then again, i guess everyone could use the 1st overall pick.

  6. I know Schenn’s young, not a terrible player, but definitely not any kind of a stud. He’s a second pairing guy on most teams and his contract is already pretty bloated for some reason. He’s among the bottom dwellers of the defensemen drafted in the first round in his draft, that have actually played a role at the NHL level (even though he went ahead of some REAL studs in Pietrangelo, Myers, Karlsson, Sbisa(kind of same area as Schenn), Carlson).

    I think Toronto’s best chance was going to be taking advantage of Philly’s real need of a defensemen last year, and grabbing JVR.

    I also hate Toronto rumours so much, simply because not even their local media knows how much any of their players are worth. Schenn & Kadri for Malkin right?

  7. To move up 4 spots in the draft to take the first over all by trading away this years 5th overall and Schenn (taken 5th over all) seems like a no brainer for the Leafs with their abundance of Dmen but if I was Edmonton I’d rather have Franson then Schenn. I think Franson hasn’t been given the opportunity to step up and could turn into a top pairing guy in the right situation.

    • Franson is fantastic. He is big and uses his size on D and very strong offensively.

      The sad part is Carlyle isn’t giving him a chance so he will succeed elsewhere as a UFA now.

      • Franson is an RFA

  8. I am a frustarated and jaded Leaf fan, but I do remember a time when Schenn was a solid top 4 defensive dman with upside. If Schenn could regain that form and the Leafs 5th(which could be turned into one of the draft eligible dmen: IE Murray or the giant) that would represent a big step in their development. As it is the Oilers are going to have trouble retaining their big three at managable salaries. Also I don’t see anyone drafting Yakupov/Hall to be a 2nd liner on any team lol.

    On the Leaf end I would view this as Burkie’s final play. As it is he will never get another GM job again. He talked a big game full of truculence and all we have to show is a soft Kessel.

    I had heard a rumour of the Leafs trying to get 2 early enough picks to pull a Sedin Draft by picking linemates Yakuppov and Galynchuk. As a Leaf fan that would excite me and give Burke some rope. Other than that thought it is difficult to be optimistic.

    I could see the 1st pick = Schenn+5th pick, but the additional early pick is definately going to cost us something special. I would imagine a Gardiner. Also how far up the rankings has Galynchuk gone up? We might need to get the 2nd/3rd to confirm we get him without getting blocked.

    On the Leaf

  9. @Brandon

    I can’t see Burke pulling that off because that probably means either giving up veteran depth which Burke doesn’t want to do and Montreal, or the Jackets don’t want or giving up a guy like Gardiner++. I think the Jackets would take a hard look at Gardiner but after his very poor Marlies playoff performance they may want more then just him (ie Kadri) for their 2nd overall pick. Same goes for Montreal so emptying the the cuboard of mature draft picks to get guys that may need to spend a year with the Marlies isn’t what Burke is looking for at this point. He won’t be around next year if they don’t make the playoffs this year.

  10. Plus if Gardiner gets traded they have no shot at signing Schultz as a UFA.

  11. I would use schenn in a trade for jvr, not for yakopov. The 5th overall and schenn just seems like a lot to give up to only get back the 1st. I know its a high end player but its still a gamble, when the 5th could end up being just as good if not better.

  12. Schenn’s started out in the NHL as a pretty good young D-man.

    Was he rushed into the league?

    Has his confidence been shaken after several years under Wilson? Schenn was playing not to make a mistake.. fearing being benched or scratched.

    Maybe he does need a change of scenery.. or maybe Carlyle will give him a chance to play without fear of making a mistake.

    Young players, especially defensemen, take time to develop. Teams have to have patience and the right coaching staff that can develop young players.

  13. I think it would be great for Schenn to get out of TO. They have done just about all they could to ruin him making him play his wrong side and having him drop his gloves for his teammates as an 18 year old. It would be good for Edmonton too. A dman ready now and if they draft ryan Murray he can season and not be rushed like Schenn was.

  14. I think it would be a welcome trade to try and land Yakopov for Leaf fans even though he is another winger. Yakopov would look good on Grabo’s second line this year. Grab’s can teach him how to play two way hockey like he did with Kulemin. With the surplus of Dmen and potentially having two more Marlie Dmen ready to make the jump plus the possibility of signing Schultz, it’s time to start moving a few D to get better at other positions.

  15. If Burke can SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY etc. get the No.1 and No.2 overall draft picks, he is going to have to give up a boat load. And to work with the Blue Jackets, and them likely not retaining Nash, I’d say Nash will likely be in the talks with that No.2 overall pick.

    To TOR: 1st overall pick (2012)
    To EDM: Schenn + Gunnarsson + Rynnas + 5th round draft pick (2012)

    To TOR: Nash + 2nd overall pick (2012)
    To CLB: Kadri + Franson + Gardiner + Bozak + Grabovski + 5th overall pick (2012) + 2nd round draft pick (2012)

    In these trades, Edmonton gets 2 good young dmen and a draft pick. Then Columbus gets a load of good players and a top 5 draft pick. Bozak is a great faceoff-man (and young), Gardiner is becoming the next best puckmoving dman (and young), Franson would get top line minutes and would excell (and is fairly young), Kadri is a former 7th overall draft pick and hasn’t reached anywhere his potential (and is young), Grabovski is a nice gritty goal scorer who is becoming very reliable and a great 2-way forward. Then Columbus will get that 5th overall pick, where they can still draft a very talented prospect.

    • Why do you think that more players is better? They look for quality, not quantity. They won’t trade the 2nd overall pick for anything. Keep dreaming

    • Toronto gets everything, for a bag of pucks. Of course.

      Remember that bag of pucks you gave up for Kessel? Oh wait, it turned out to be the first line center and stud Dman your team needs now.

    • Hey, we’ll take Rick Nash and the 2nd overall for all of our overrated young players … and we’ll even throw in Rick Dudley’s little black book …

    • Thats an insane trade!

    • BeyondBeleaf

      who plays center or d for the leafs after these horrible deals and what kind of drugs will burke have to slip howson and tambelini to get them to do this?

      “Gardiner is becoming the next best puckmoving dman”
      in the league or on the leafs? really? why would you trade him in this deal then?

  16. So why do we always see Toronto wants first round. How about the rest of the league. they have more to offer them just a defenseman. Again all summer all we will here Toronto wants this Toronto wants that

  17. Toronto, New York, Montreal, Detroit = Hockey Capitals of the world. Be prepared to hear a ton about them at all times, very much so Toronto!

    Anyway, I think too many people undervalue Schenn. The kid is only 23 and he has had some spectacular seasons. D-men take longer to mature, he constantly leads the leagues in hits and hasn’t had a good coach or role model around him. Phaneuf, Schenn, Franson, Gardiner should be with the Leafs and not moved.

    Anyone else feel free on the defensive side. I think Gunnerson can land a solid return and I wouldn’t rule out Komisarek being moved this year to a team struggling on defense + cap floor or just in need of veteran leadership on the back end.

    • Yeah, Luke Schenn has had a ton of spectacular seasons … homer

      • Ed Van Impe

        toronto fans are great! is eklund a toronto fan?

  18. One thing I would have to say is you have to look at how the leafs would replace someone like Schenn on defense…you simply don’t move a piece just for the sake of improving one spot and downgrading another…the leafs would be willing to move schenn as they have other shut down D-men in their farm system(holzer, blacker etc) that are worth looking at and not to mention the still large possibility that the leafs land Justin Schultz because of jake gardiner…so the real question now is whether or not the oilers are willing to become the leafs dance partner…give or take i don’t think the leafs would offer a package with including their 5th overall pick i think it would be more likely the leafs would do something more along the lines of a conditional 2013 1st round + schenn + prospect + 2nd rounder of this year

  19. Suter, widman and praise are coming to Detroit

  20. I’m a Leaf fan but keep dreaming about all these trades. You are giving up 4 d man with nobody to replace them, come on and who in the blue hell wants grabo, bozak, kadri bla bla. useless hockey players with no grit. I have a idea, trade them to Montreal, they’ll fit in just fine, gutless with limited skill, like 90% of the garbage the habs have.

    Toronto has to fire Burke, build through drafting and smart deals, enough already. Quick fixes only work in basketball and baseball, nough said

  21. Schenn is in the bottom of the pairings because he doesn’t have a lot of offencive abillity but don’t forget he has been in the top 5 for the last 3 years in hits with only 15mins of ice time!!!

  22. I also think Schenn is undervalued, and will become a better player (similar to when he first started)under Carlyle.I would rather trade a defensive prospect, than a player who has already developed and played NHL minutes, is still young, and is now playing for a defense minded coach.

    I am probably the only person who thinks it unwise to trade up for first pick overall. If you believe the hockey insiders, none of the top 3 players, while all very good, are on par with a Stamkos, Hall,or Nugent-Hopkins etc.None of them are likely to play in the NHL for a few years. So if Leafs want to make playoffs next year, and Burke wants to save their butt, the only reason they should be using assets to move up in the draft, is if they intend to parlay that first overall pick into a trade for a top 3 NHL player right now. Otherwise keep the pick you have and develop him properly.

  23. What about this?

    Schenn, Gunnarson, 5th overall pick
    1st overall pick

    Leafs may be overpaying a bit but it’s worth it for Yakupov…

  24. Schenn still holds a fair amount of value. He’s young, plays a hard hitting, defensive game, lots of potential still, as most defensemen don’t peak until much later than 22. I still have hopes that he’ll turn into the player Leafs fans thought he would, but any player is tradable if the price is right.

    Grabovski seems to get written off as disposable a lot in these forums too, but he’s been pretty damn good the past 2 seasons, with 58 points in 2010-2011 (29 G, 29 A) and 51 points last year (23 G, 28A). I’d like to keep him for a solid secondary scorer if possible.